Volvo (China) Investment Co., Ltd.


Volvo (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Volvo Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo Group, is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world. Volvo Group is the world’s leading manufacturer and service provider of drive systems for trucks, buses, construction equipment, ships and industrial applications, and provides complete solutions for finance and after-sales service.

Volvo Trucks always adheres to the core concept of "quality, safety and environmental protection" and is committed to providing professionals and customers seeking high-quality products with a full range of truck solutions from medium to heavy. Volvo trucks have set up assembly plants in 13 countries around the world, and their products are sold to a business network consisting of more than 2,300 dealers and service outlets in 130 countries around the world, providing all-round services for customers’ fleet operations.

Volvo trucks continuously improve the safety, handling and fuel-saving performance of trucks with innovative technology. Volvo trucks, which are famous for their safety, need to pass the world’s most stringent "anti-collision test" before leaving the factory. Their cab and advanced active safety technologies have won a reputation in the industry, and they are well-known in the world for their excellent fuel efficiency and attendance. Volvo FH/FM model is suitable for long-distance trunk transportation, favored by many fast transportation enterprises, and is the best choice for high-speed freight flights. Volvo trucks are equipped with D11-D13 inline six-cylinder diesel engines, as well as advanced I-Shift system and Volvo patented technology VEB (auxiliary braking); In addition, Volvo trucks have adopted many advanced electronic systems, such as VDS (dynamic steering system), AEBS (collision prevention system for emergency braking), ACC (adaptive cruise system), ECS (electronically controlled suspension), LCS (lane change support), LKS (lane keeping system) and DAS (driver warning support), which all represent the advanced level of Volvo truck safety technology.

At present, Volvo trucks have a strong after-sales service system all over the country, equipped with "Volvo Emergency Service Center 4008188999" running 24 hours a day, and equipped with spare parts central warehouse in Shanghai to ensure the timely and effective supply of spare parts. Volvo Trucks provides tailor-made comprehensive transportation solutions for logistics enterprises and provides strong support for the continuous upgrading of enterprise competitiveness.

In addition, Volvo Trucks pays attention to the ability training of truck drivers and social welfare undertakings. The Volvo Truckers Challenge has been held for eleven consecutive years in China. Since its opening in 2014, the Green Driving Academy has trained hundreds of outstanding truck drivers for the society and industry. In 2015, Volvo Trucks joined hands with Lingshan Charity Fund Library to donate reading rooms to poor primary schools in remote areas of the country; By December 2020, 22 schools had received donations from Volvo trucks, benefiting nearly 1,000 students.


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