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Spring outing is just the time, and this kind of people need to be vigilant!

In the spring of March, spring blossoms, and it is the right time to enjoy the spring. However, in this good time to enjoy the scenery, people with allergies have such a trouble: they often have itchy eyes, tears, sneezing, stuffy nose and runny nose. In fact, this is mostly hay fever.

Since beginning of spring this year, due to the relatively warm climate, the spring pollen season in Chengdu, Sichuan and other places is one month earlier and lasts longer than that in the northern region. A beautiful spring will be a disaster for pollen allergy patients.

According to the monitoring of the Allergy Response Center of West China Hospital, the amount of airborne pollen in recent years is 19 times that of 30 years ago, and some of them are 80 times that of 30 years ago, so the number of people with pollen allergy is increasing.

Every spring from February to May, especially in March, the pollen quantity reaches its peak.

What is hay fever?

Pollinosis is caused by patients’ allergy to plant pollen, which mainly involves eyes, upper respiratory tract and skin. In spring, poplar, willow, sycamore and other trees are the main pollen, and a few patients may be caused by fungi, dust mites or other inhalants or foods with obvious seasonality. The types of allergens are complex, and many people are allergic to them repeatedly, which may be because they are repeatedly exposed to allergens without knowing it.

The clinical manifestations of pollinosis include symptoms and signs of different parts such as eyes, upper respiratory tract and skin. Pollen allergic rhinitis can be characterized by itchy nose, sneezing, runny nose, blocked nose and poor breathing. Pollen allergic asthma is characterized by paroxysmal cough, dyspnea, white foam-like mucus, sudden asthma attack and gradual aggravation, which is no different from normal people after remission; Pollen allergic conjunctivitis can be characterized by itchy eyes and swollen eyelids, often accompanied by watery or purulent mucus secretions; Allergic dermatitis can be manifested as systemic or local erythema, papules, small scales, itching or burning sensation.

Cold knowledge

What makes most people allergic is not flowers, but trees!

Which of the following four ABCD plants do you think is the most likely to cause pollen allergy?

Do you think that the above two kinds of flowers with high face value and bright colors are the "killers" who cause everyone to cough and snot Qi Fei? Wrong, in fact, it is more likely to cause allergies. It is the pollen of the following two seemingly ordinary and harmless trees (C: cypress) and weeds (D: humulus)! Tree pollen is the main cause of allergy in spring, while weed pollen is the main cause of allergy in autumn.

In nature, plants are divided into wind-borne flowers and insect-borne flowers according to the different modes of pollen transmission.

anemophilous flower

"Wind-borne flowers" are flowers that use wind as a pollination medium. These flowers are generally small in size, not bright in color, and even many of them are in a degraded state, with no fragrance and nectaries, so that you can’t see or smell like flowers.

However, wind-blown flowers produce a lot of pollen, with smooth surface and light dry texture. When the wind blows, they can fly to very high and far places, such as the height of 2 or 30 floors.

Representatives of this kind of flowers are: poplar, elm, cypress, birch, ginkgo, phoenix tree and so on.

entomophilous flower

"Insect-pollinated flowers" are flowers that are pollinated by insects such as butterflies and bees. Most of these flowers are bright and beautiful, with fragrance or other smells. The pollen grains are usually relatively large and the yield is relatively small. In addition, they are often stuck together, which is not easy to be blown away by the wind, and it is even more impossible to blow high!

Therefore, in comparison, trees and weeds that are odorless, colorless, tasteless and even do not look like flowering plants are the main culprits of human allergies because of their large pollen yield+easy to be blown high and far by the wind.

Understanding of hay fever in traditional Chinese medicine

There is no name of hay fever in TCM, which can be classified into sneezing, coughing, wheezing, wet sore, addiction rash and other categories according to different clinical symptoms of hay fever.

aetiological agent

Hay fever is essentially an immediate allergic reaction. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hay fever is due to deficiency of the essence and excess of the essence, and the qi of the lung, spleen and kidney is insufficient, and the exterior of the body is unstable. Once exogenous pathogenic factors such as wind-cold or wind-heat are induced, the lung loses its function, the spleen loses its transport and the kidney loses its function, then the stagnation of qi and water stops phlegm, and pathological products accumulate, either in the eyes, nose, skin or respiratory system.

Pollen, as an allergen, can be regarded as the inducement of diseases after human body feels exogenous diseases, so pollinosis can be classified into the category of exogenous diseases and treated according to syndrome differentiation.

Chinese traditional treatment

The treatment principle of hay fever is to treat the symptoms when it is urgent and the root cause when it is slow. In the acute attack period, expelling wind and evil spirits are the main factors, supplemented by strengthening the body resistance; In the remission stage, strengthening the body resistance and consolidating the exterior are the main methods, supplemented by exorcism. The specific treatment prescription varies according to the disease.

When allergic reaction occurs, in addition to oral decoction, some traditional Chinese medicine methods can be used for treatment, such as acupoint injection, acupoint catgut embedding, acupuncture, ear acupuncture, umbilical therapy, bloodletting at the tip of the ear and so on.

For patients with acute allergy and excessive toxic heat, bloodletting therapy at the tip of the ear is suitable to dispel heat and detoxify. The specific method is that after routine disinfection at the ear tip (both sides), puncture the ear tip with a triangular needle and squeeze out 2-3 drops of blood.

Umbilical therapy refers to making medicine into ointment, pill, and powder, then applying it, taking it, smoking it, moxibustion it, steaming it, ironing it on the navel (called Shenque point in Chinese medicine), then fixing it with gauze or adhesive tape, and uncovering it after 2 hours.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that umbilical medication can act on the whole body through the connection of the five zang-fu organs, the twelve meridians and the eight strange meridians, so it has a wide range of effects. Fumigation and washing method is to fumigate and wash with decoction of Folium Artemisiae Argyi, Kochia scoparia and Senecio scandens, or fumigate nose, mouth and eyes with medicinal vapor, which has good effect.

Daily precautions

I would like to remind you that people with allergies are easily troubled by pollen when they go hiking. We should take corresponding measures in time to prevent allergies from happening, and we can start from the following aspects.


Avoid contact with pollen

In the pollen spreading season, you should wear a mask, a windproof eye mask and a nasal filter if necessary, and use a pollen blocking agent.

Reduce outdoor activities, especially going out at noon and afternoon. It is best to go out for a walk after the rain, when the air is fresh and the pollen is the least affected.

In windy weather, it is best to close the doors and windows to prevent pollen from entering the room when opening the window. An air purifier or fresh air equipment with pollen filtering function can be installed indoors.

Change and clean clothes worn in outdoor activities in time, and dry clothes in a clothes dryer instead of drying clothes outdoors.


Principles of daily diet

Strengthen nutrition, eat more light and vitamin-rich foods, and try to eat less high-protein, high-calorie and spicy foods. Preventive medication

Before the pollen stage comes 1~2 weeks, preventive medication can be taken under the guidance of a doctor, which can prevent the onset of hay fever or relieve discomfort. After the symptoms of pollen allergy such as itchy skin, cough and dyspnea appear, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

(Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Comprehensive China Traditional Chinese Medicine, west china hospital)


The national standard of Lantern Festival is still being worked out, and the shape of "perfect circle" is not stipulated.

    CCTV.com News (Reporter Shi Jia reports from Beijing): On the 20th, some media reported that China’s first standard for Lantern Festival would be issued, and the appearance stipulated that it should be a proper garden with thin skin and thick stuffing. Confirmed by the person in charge of the Standards Division of the Industry Development Department of China Business Federation, the national standard of Lantern Festival is still being worked out. As for whether it is "perfect circle", "there is no strict regulation".

News data map

     [Time] Will the first industry standard for Yuanxiao products be issued before the end of the year?

    The person in charge of the Standards Division of the Industry Development Department of China Business Federation said that there is indeed a matter of formulating the standards for Lantern Festival, and the first national standard for Lantern Festival has been included in the work plan of China Business Federation in 2008. At present, the draft regulations and the draft for comments have been completed, and then it will be reported to the relevant departments for approval. After the validation meeting is held in June and July this year, the contents of the regulations will be gradually determined. However, it is clear that the draft will be submitted to the National Standards Committee for approval this year, and it is planned to introduce the national standard for Lantern Festival at the end of the year.

     [Appearance] Does the state stipulate that the Lantern Festival must be "perfect"?

    According to insiders, in the new regulations, some sensory requirements are put forward for Yuanxiao, including uniform thickness of cortex, no stuffing, no cracks and so on, but there is no mention of the term "perfect circle", "as long as it is round", Mr. Cao said.

     [Specification] At least 20% of Yuanxiao fillings?

    It is understood that the new regulations clearly stipulate that the proportion of Yuanxiao stuffing shall not be less than 20%. The main purpose is to standardize the production of Yuanxiao products, to prevent the merchants from cutting corners, so that ordinary people can eat the stuffed Yuanxiao.

     [Question] At present, there is a national standard for dumplings, but there is no national standard for Yuanxiao?

    Although there are certain industry standards for glutinous rice balls in the market at present, including the production requirements, hygiene and safety, etc., accurately speaking, the standards for glutinous rice balls have not yet risen to the national standard, but this time the standards for Yuanxiao can be called the national standard, which clarifies the requirements for the production, packaging and transportation of Yuanxiao products, and both enterprises and individual merchants should abide by the regulations.

Background information:

 -the definition of yuanxiao

   The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is called Shangyuan Festival. This day? It’s called Yuanxiao. Also known asnight of the 15th of the first lunar month"?Yuanxi". Since the Tang dynasty, there has been a custom of watching lanterns, so it is also calledLantern Festival". Yuanxiao is also another name for glutinous rice balls. It is old custom to eat dumplings on Lantern Festival, so it is called Yuanxiao.——Chinese online dictionary


 -the origin of the Lantern Festival


    According to legend, there was a maid-in-waiting named "Yuanxiao" in the palace when Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty lived in seclusion for many years, missing her parents and spending all her days in Lacrimosa. Dong Fangshuo, the minister, was determined to help her, so she lied to Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty that Vulcan was ordered by the Jade Emperor to burn Chang ‘an on the 15th day of the first month, and the only way to escape the trouble was to let the "Lantern Festival Girl" make many dumplings that Vulcan loved on the 15th day of the first month. [detailed]

 -The difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan.

    One of the differences: different production methods.

    Yuanxiao, made in the north, is made on the basis of stuffing, which is generally mechanical.The dumplings in the south are completely different.But no rolling pin.It’s a bit like Bao jiaozi. [detailed]

    The second difference: different water content.

    The water content of dumpling stuffing is more than that of Yuanxiao.Wet glutinous rice flour is extremely sticky, and the surface of the well-made dumplings is smooth and shiny, and some of them still have a tip like a peach. The skin of the dumpling contains enough water, which is sticky and difficult to preserve. It is better to cook it now and eat it now. Now with the quick-freezing technology, dumplings appear in shops. [detailed]

    The third difference:Different processing techniques

    Good glutinous rice balls are difficult to produce industrially.There is also a saying in the processing technology that it is necessary to useWater mill powder". [detailed]

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 —— National standard of Lantern Festival

    China’s first national industry standard for Yuanxiao products will be officially promulgated before the end of this year. The standard will clearly require the stuffing, total sugar and moisture content of Yuanxiao products, and it is proposed that the stuffing content of Yuanxiao products should not be less than20%. [detailed]

 ——steamed breadGB standard

    The national standard of "Wheat Flour Steamed Bread" is jointly issued by the National Standards Committee and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and implemented by the State Grain Bureau. It is only a recommended standard, not a mandatory standard, and does not require enforcement.

    The standard not only regulates the production of steamed bread from the aspects of raw material formula, quality control index and detection method, but also describes the appearance, interior, taste, taste and smell in detail.Sensory quality requirements"The range of health indicators such as heavy metal content and microbial content was also determined. [detailed]

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News analysis: Why did you suddenly get a "national standard" after eating steamed bread all your life?

Steamed buns are round? Steamed bread? Detonate netizens’ "slobber"

During the Lantern Festival, watching the Lantern Festival queue for dozens of meters is extremely hot.

The first Lantern Festival industry standard must be white and basically round before the end of the year.

China’s first national standard for Lantern Festival will be issued before the end of this year.

China’s first lantern festival standard will be issued, which must be thin-skinned, thick and even.

Editor: Tian Shijia


Gome notified and punished employees who "fished" at work, and announced videos, music-listening apps and traffic.

"Source of this article: Jiupai News"
On November 16th, a "Notice on Punishment for Violation of Employees’ Code of Conduct" issued by Gome triggered a heated discussion on the Internet, and it was posted on Weibo Hot Search on the same day.
According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, Gome’s response is true at this time.
On November 17th, the topic was ranked first on the Zhihu Hot List, which once again triggered a hot discussion among netizens.
According to the report of national business daily, according to the data, from August 30th to September 3rd, 2021, Gome notified and punished employees who watched videos, listened to music and brushed news during working hours.
The bulletin lists the things that employees in various regions are engaged in in in the office area that have nothing to do with their work, such as computer games, chatting online, listening to music and so on.
This penalty book contains the departments and names of employees, and even the non-work traffic in the background. The situation shows that most employees spend the most time "fishing" on Tencent Video and Tik Tok. The most conspicuous one is the employees of the Planning Audit and Asset Safety Center, who listened to 22.5 G’s on Netease Cloud Music, which is more than the traffic of watching videos on other floors.
According to the relevant provisions in the Code of Conduct for Employees and Management Standards for Office Places, the document stated that 10 non-outsourced employees were given a warning and 2 administrative penalties; For outsourced personnel, clear the field and do not outsource the site for the second time.
Reviews from netizens
Most netizens believe that it is difficult for normal people to achieve long-term high-intensity concentration, and it is normal to relax and adjust appropriately.
"Normal humans will be distracted and absent-minded when they do something. You can’t ask employees not to be people. "
"It is not a false demand to touch the fish at work. Even if it is the screw of the assembly line, it can’t produce high-intensity and uninterrupted work."
"Employees use company equipment to engage in non-work entertainment during working hours, which is definitely a violation of the relevant provisions of the company’s employee manual. The way the company publicly exposes names and traffic violates the procedures of personal information collection, processing and publicity. The handling method of this big-character poster is actually to hit the face of Gome managers. "
Some netizens also believe that fishing at work is a mistake, and it is correct for enterprises to punish according to rules and regulations.
"When did fishing at work become justified?"
"Enterprises hire people to create profits. It is normal to go to work and fish in violation of rules and regulations."
[Source: Jiupai News Synthesis]
Copyright belongs to the original author, paying tribute to originality.

Weekly Events of Sports Industry (5.6-5.10) | Kryptonian Weekly

  Sports Week: On May 7, Beijing time, the German Football Professional League held a meeting to confirm that the Bundesliga will restart on May 18 this season.

  One week e-sports memorabilia

  A week’s e-sports industry memorabilia (5.6-5.10)| ECO e-sports school

  A week of ice and snow memorabilia

  Ice and Snow Think Tank | A Week of Ice and Snow Cold Knowledge (5.6-5.10)

  Weekly sports marketing memorabilia

  Sports DreamWorks | Weekly Sports Marketing Information (5.6-5.10)

  Hot spot focusing

  The 2019/20 Bundesliga officially restarted on May 16th.

  On May 8th, the Bundesliga officially confirmed that the remaining schedule of this season will be officially restarted on May 16th. After the restart, the Bundesliga and Bundesliga will continue from the 26th round, and other rounds will continue in the originally set order. The final round is scheduled for June 27th and 28th respectively.

  Chen Yuyuan and Yao Ming were interviewed by CCTV.

  Recently, CCTV news channel program "News 1+1" has connected the President of the Football Association Chen Xiaoyuan and the President of the Basketball Association Yao Ming by video to interpret the football and basketball related issues in China under the epidemic. Fans can learn about the recent information about football and basketball through TV, especially about the preparation of national teams and the restart of professional leagues, and they have received accurate responses.

  China Football Association issued a pay cut proposal.

  On May 8th, the China Football Association published on its official website "Proposal on Reasonable Salary Adjustment between Men’s Football Professional Clubs and Their Players and Coaches to Overcome the Difficulties", indicating that after communicating with FIFA and conducting many investigations and discussions, it issued a "Proposal on Salary Reduction" to clubs, players and coaches at all levels to overcome the difficulties.

  National Development and Reform Commission: The second batch of central budgetary investment in public sports popularization project in 2020 was issued.

  On May 9th, recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" public sports popularization project with an investment of 750 million yuan in the second batch of central budget in 2020.

  Jordan Sports plans to acquire Umbro’s China business for $62.5 million.

  On May 1st, it was reported that Iconix Brand Group Inc, an American brand management company, reached an agreement with Hong Kong Qiaodan Investment Co., Ltd. to sell all its shares in China, Umbro China umbro’s brand intellectual property rights in Greater China (including Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan Province and Macau).

  According to the announcement, the transaction is expected to bring 62.5 million US dollars in cash income (about 443 million at today’s exchange rate) to Iaconis, and the transaction is expected to be completed on September 15, 2020.

  Use dynamic core graphics for the first time! Beijing Winter Olympics Core Graphics and Color System Released

  On May 8th, the "Design Scheme of Color System and Core Graphics for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games" was released. The color system includes three parts: main color, intermediate color and auxiliary color. The core graphic is the first dynamic core graphic in Olympic history.

  The construction of the second batch of football fields in China promotes the determination of cities

  On May 6th, the National Development and Reform Commission, together with the General Administration of Sport and the Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Football Reform and Development in the State Council, recently identified Harbin, Xiapu County, Pingxiang City, Yichun City, Rizhao City, Nanyang City, Jingzhou City, Xiangyang City, Loudi City, Yueyang City, Hezhou City, Guigang City, Chengdu City, Zigong City, Weiyuan County, Yuxi City, Honghe Prefecture and Pu ‘er City in Neijiang City.

  Chengdu Releases New E-sports Policy: Building "E-sports Culture Capital"

  On May 9 th, recently, the General Office of Chengdu Municipal People’s Government officially issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of E-sports+"Industry. It is intended to build Chengdu into a creative place for e-sports content producers, a place for e-sports professional clubs and athletes to fight, a place for e-sports culture lovers to communicate, and a "e-sports culture capital" that meets the needs of people’s better life.

  Star company

  IAAF requests IOC to pay Olympic dividends in advance.

  On May 7th, it was reported that recently, the IAAF took the lead in asking the International Olympic Committee to pay part of the Olympic Games income in advance on the grounds that it was "under great economic pressure".

  F1 reduces fleet budget cap to $145 million per year.

  On May 6th, it was reported that Ross Brown, general manager of F1, Chase Carey, CEO, and FIA held an online meeting to discuss the budget cap amount previously set by F1. After the meeting, Brown said in an interview with Sky Sports that F1 had lowered its budget cap from $175 million a year to $145 million.

  ATP and WTA will set up over $6 million rescue fund.

  According to the Associated Press, ATP and WTA will announce this week the establishment of a relief fund project of over US$ 6 million to ease the financial pressure of about 800 low-ranked tennis players during the suspension of the tournament.

  Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium Project was spent in China Construction Fourth Division.

  On May 7th, according to the official disclosure of China Construction Fourth Bureau, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium, which has the largest scale, the highest grade, the most complete supporting facilities, the highest technology content and the largest number of seats in the world, was awarded to China Construction Fourth Bureau, with a contract value of about 4.3 billion yuan, which is the whole EPC construction mode.

  Yin Tiegang, a senior sports marketer, joined CAA China.

  On May 6th, CAA China announced the appointment of Tiger Yin, a senior sports marketer, as the general manager of sports marketing and resource planning, reporting to Gao Xiang, president of the Ministry of Sports. Yin Tiegang will be responsible for CAA China sports sponsorship sales, brand strategic planning, media copyright distribution and integrated marketing of sports resources, and accelerate CAA China’s further cultivation in the sports field.

  Investment financing

  "One trillion Wade" received hundreds of millions of yuan in loans.

  Recently, according to GymSquare, one trillion Wade, a domestic chain fitness club, has been supported by loans totaling RMB 100 million from several banks, with loan terms ranging from 1 to 3 years.

  Haosha International has been cancelled by the Stock Exchange.

  Recently, it was reported that the listing status of Haosha International (02200) has been cancelled by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Since the beginning of 2019, Haosha International has been transferred and closed one after another, expanding from Fujian swimsuit manufacturing to Haosha brand of fitness-related business, and the listing process has gradually ended.

  Peloton Q3 sales surged by 66%

  On May 6th, Peloton released its financial report for the third quarter as of March 31st, and its total revenue increased by 66% from $316.7 million a year ago to $524.6 million.

  The Clippers bought the Grand west forum Arena for $400 million.

  On May 7th, it was reported that Ballmer, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, had bought the Grand west forum Arena. He bought it from Madison Square Garden Entertainment Company for $400 million, clearing all obstacles for the Clippers to build a new home near Inglewood.

  Peng Fitness completes a new round of financing.

  Recently, it was reported that Yi Jian Technology’s Internet fitness brand Peng Fitness completed a new round of strategic financing, with Zhongcheng Capital as the investor, and the specific financing amount has not been disclosed.

  Cooperative sponsorship

  Huayou Group became a catering and accommodation service provider for the Winter Olympics.

  On May 9th, it was reported that China Huayou Group Co., Ltd. was recently awarded by Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee as the catering service provider and accommodation operation service provider of Beijing Winter Olympic Village and Paralympic Village for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games. This is the first important international competition of "Bright Sword" since the reorganization and integration of Huayou Group.

  BOCOG collects official biodegradable tableware suppliers for the Winter Olympics.

  On May 6, 2010, BOCOG issued an announcement to solicit official biodegradable tableware suppliers. The target of this solicitation belongs to the fourth-level official suppliers, and the consortium application is not accepted. Interested enterprises should submit a letter of intent on May 19, 2020.

  The appearance design scheme of uniform equipment collected by Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee

  On May 8, 2022, the solicitation of visual appearance design for uniforms of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games was officially launched. The collection time is from May 8, 2020 to June 10, 2020. The top ten finalists will receive bonuses ranging from 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan.

  Obtained the exclusive rights to broadcast a number of events, Huya reached a strategic cooperation with UCC, the organization of e-sports events.

  Recently, U Can Company(UCC), a Russian e-sports competition organization, announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Huya. From March 2020, Huya Live will obtain the exclusive rights to broadcast 8 sub-stations CS:GO and 4 sub-stations DOTA2 held by UCC.

  Taste King became the official partner of 2020WUCG.

  On May 18th, the most influential college e-sports competition in China, the World University E-sports League (WUCG)2020 Spring Competition will start soon. As the official partner of WUCG2020, Taste King, a well-known brand that leads the technological innovation and healthy upgrade of China Qingguo Areca, will join hands with WUCG to present wonderful events for college e-sports enthusiasts.

  Star broker

  Jeremy Lin became the spokesperson of Coach men’s product line.

  On May 8th, the international fashion brand Coach Coach announced that Jeremy Lin was the spokesperson of the brand men’s product line.

  Haoran Liu became the first spokesperson of the green orange brand.

  On May 6th, Didi Chuxing’s Green Orange brand officially announced that Haoran Liu had become the first brand spokesperson, and at the same time released two new functions related to Haoran Liu. After joining the Green Orange, Haoran Liu initiated the call-up order of Dibiker, a green orange rider, calling on the chasing teenagers to start a fresh and sunny city exploration journey. In the future, he will also participate in the research and development of Green Orange in many aspects, such as riding experience and product design.

  Self-raised funds for the league, Tianhai players are willing to give up all their remuneration.

  On May 9th, after the news came out on the 8th that "the negotiation between Tianhai and Vantone broke down, and the team will go into bankruptcy liquidation", Tianhai coaching staff and players today offered to the Football Association and Sports Bureau "willing to give up part or even all of their remuneration and take over the club to complete this year’s league. 」

  Inside and outside the stadium

  NFL cancels London and Mexico this season.

  On May 6th, the NFL officially announced that the five regular games scheduled to be held in London and Mexico City this season will be held in the United States.

  NBA: The rematch decision will be made in June.

  On May 9 th, according to The Athletic reporter Shams Charania, in today’s conference call, NBA President Adam Xiao Hua told the players the following contents: Even if the season resumes, no fans are expected to enter the stadium, which means that the NBA will lose 40% of the league income from the fans on the spot; It may not be decided until June.

  The French government granted France a loan of 224.5 million euros.

  On May 7th, after the announcement of the cancellation of the season, a few days ago, the French official confirmed that it would receive a loan of 224.5 million euros from the French government to make up for the loss of TV broadcast income caused by the cancellation of the season for major football clubs.

  The Winter Olympics men’s ice hockey qualifying tournament will be postponed until August 2021.

  On May 6th, the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) announced that due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the IIHF Council had agreed to postpone the men’s ice hockey qualifying tournament of the Winter Olympics to August 26th-29th, 2021, which was originally scheduled to be held from August 27th to 30th, 2020.

  The 2020 World Volleyball League was cancelled.

  On May 8th, the International Volleyball Federation FIVB announced in the Chinese official Weibo that it would cancel the 2020 World Volleyball League.

  FIFA revised the number of substitutions in a single game during the epidemic to five.

  On May 9th, FIFA announced yesterday that in order to help teams cope with the intensive schedule that may occur during the COVID-19 epidemic, it will temporarily implement the new rule that each team is allowed to change up to five substitute players in each game, while under normal circumstances, only three players are allowed in each game.

  World Basketball Coaches Association will launch a series of online courses.

  Recently, it was reported that the World Basketball Coaches Association (WABC) will provide a series of basketball teaching videos in the next period of time, providing fans with an opportunity to learn from the world’s top coaches, including basketball teaching principles, concepts and basic knowledge.

  Administrative policy

  Jiangsu Province will issue 50 million yuan sports vouchers.

  On May 6th, according to the official announcement of Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, in 2020, the province will issue a total of 50 million yuan of sports coupons. At present, the distribution plan of the coupons has been determined. It is divided into six categories and distributed in the form of "National Fitness Card" and "Public Points".

  Hebei continues to carry out the pilot reform of investment approval for the Winter Olympics construction project in Zhangjiakou Division.

  On May 6th, the State Council issued an official reply about Hebei Province continuing to carry out the pilot reform of investment approval for the Winter Olympics construction project in Zhangjiakou Division. According to the document, the scope and main measures of the pilot are implemented in accordance with the "Pilot Program for Investment Approval Reform of Winter Olympics Construction Projects in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province" approved by the State Council. The pilot period is 2 years, counting from the date of the State Council’s approval.

  The water and electricity subsidy scheme of Beijing skating ski resort was announced: the total subsidy was 18.27 million yuan.

  On May 9th, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau released the water and electricity subsidy scheme for the skating ski resorts in Beijing affected by the epidemic. According to the public announcement, on the basis of the preliminary examination and confirmation of the relevant district sports bureaus, 30 skating venues and 21 ski resorts that meet the subsidy conditions were confirmed by the Municipal Sports Bureau. The subsidy standards are: the skating rink subsidizes 120 yuan per square meter and the ski resort subsidizes 5 yuan per square meter. The total subsidy funds are about 18.27 million yuan.

  Yunnan issued implementation opinions to promote the high-quality development of sports industry

  Recently, the General Office of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting National Fitness and Sports Consumption to Promote the High-quality Development of Sports Industry" to stimulate the enthusiasm of national fitness and sports consumption, promote the high-quality development of sports industry in the province, and boost the construction of a strong sports province and a healthy Yunnan.

  The third batch of cultivation list of sports and leisure towns in Zhejiang Province was announced

  Recently, Zhejiang Sports Bureau officially announced the third batch of provincial sports and leisure towns cultivation list, and seven towns were listed as the third batch of sports and leisure towns cultivation units in Zhejiang Province.

  Hebei accelerates the development of ice and snow industry into a key breakthrough area.

  Recently, Hebei Province issued "Opinions on Accelerating Key Breakthroughs in the Construction of" Two Districts "in the Capital of Hebei Province", in which the goals and directions for the development of the ice and snow industry were put forward in the "key breakthrough areas" to accelerate the development of the ice and snow industry.

This article first appeared on WeChat WeChat official account: Sports Industry Ecosphere. The content of the article belongs to the author’s personal opinion and does not represent Hexun.com’s position. Investors should operate accordingly, at their own risk.

(Editor: Ji Liya HN003)

Coconut Video | In the fierce battle of volleyball match in Dongge Town, Wenchang, who won the championship tonight?

Original title: Coconut Video | In the fierce battle of volleyball match in Dongge Town, Wenchang, who will win the championship tonight?

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On the morning of February 19th, the 2024 Spring Festival "Anti-drug Cup" nine-a-side men’s volleyball match in Dongge Town, Wenchang City was launched.

Xie Zhong, the "King of Hainan Stories", appeared in the stadium to explain the event and brought a brand-new experience to the audience with the familiar local accent.

The reporter learned that the competition was jointly organized by the village neighborhood committees of Dongge Town and the relevant departments and units of the town. There were 17 teams including Dongge Juxizai Rice Team, Liangfeng Shrimp Team, Baofang Village Wenchang Chicken Team, Qunjian Sandworm Team, Fengshan Village Passion Fruit Team, Xiafu Black Goat Team and Tianlun Tilapia Team. These team names are very distinctive, highlighting the famous "specialties" in Dongge Town, Wenchang City.

At present, the 9-a-side volleyball competition has been held many times, and the champion and runner-up will be decided tonight. Subsequently, an award ceremony was held, in which the first prize was 5880 yuan, the second prize was 4880 yuan, the third prize was 4880 yuan, and the third prize was 3880 yuan.

New Hainan Client, reporter of Nanhai Net Text/Shooting: Wu Yuewen Editing: Chen Yuanneng (Wu Yuewen Chen Yuanneng)


The Ministry of Education issued the early warning information of the 2023 college entrance examination to remind the majority of candidates to beware of being cheated in the integrity examination.

Cctv newsAccording to the Ministry of Education, the college entrance examination is a big test in the life of college students, which is related to the vital interests of candidates and has attracted much attention from the society. The college entrance examination in 2023 is approaching, and the majority of candidates are actively adjusting their status and preparing for the exam calmly and orderly. However, some lawless elements are driven by economic interests to spread false information about the exam, sell and create anxiety, and even commit fraud and induce candidates to cheat in the exam, which seriously disrupts the enrollment order of the exam. To this end, the Ministry of Education, in conjunction with relevant departments, combined with some typical cases in recent years, solemnly reminded the majority of candidates and parents to be vigilant, beware of being deceived, and do the integrity test.

  First, organizing cheating in the college entrance examination can’t escape the recovery of the French Open.

  [Case] Before the college entrance examination in 2020, the candidate Zhu Moumou and Wen Mou (handled separately) negotiated to organize cheating in the exam. Zhu Moumou provided the test questions, and Wen Mou was responsible for finding the "gunner" and jointly paid the "gunner" for the test questions. During the examination, Zhu Moumou brought his mobile phone into the examination room, photographed the examination paper and handed it to the "gunner". After the "gunner" answered, he sent the answer to the candidates for plagiarism. Participants and organizers were quickly captured. Candidate Zhu Moumou committed the crime of cheating in organizing exams, was sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for five years, and fined RMB 6,000.

  【 Regulations 】 The Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) clearly stipulates that it is illegal to "organize cheating" and "provide examination questions and answers to candidates" in the national examinations prescribed by law. The Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Laws in Handling Criminal Cases, such as Organizing Cheating in Examinations, clarifies that those who organize cheating in national education examinations, such as college entrance examinations and graduate examinations, will be directly identified as "serious" acts, and will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and fined.

  [Reminder] In recent years, local public security organs, together with the education departments, have continued to maintain a high-pressure and severe crackdown on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities involving exams. Remind the majority of candidates that they must enhance their legal awareness, know the law and abide by it, and don’t be confused for a while and regret it for life.

  Second, "Gui Li" will eventually become "likui jy", and it is not feasible to challenge the law.

  [Case] In the unified entrance examination of art and design major in colleges and universities in a province in 2020, two fraudsters found a college student to take the test for a candidate and were arrested by the police. Two cheaters were sentenced to three years and eight months in prison and three years and two months in prison respectively. Taking the test for college students was sentenced to five months’ criminal detention and suspended for one year.

  【 Regulations 】 The Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) clearly stipulates that it is illegal to "organize cheating" or "substitute others or let others take the exam instead of themselves" in the national examination prescribed by law.

  [Reminder] In recent years, some new technical means have been gradually used in the management of national education examinations to prevent fraud such as taking exams. Although the exam is valuable and the price of honesty is higher, don’t believe in the temptation of criminals, so as not to be deceived, and don’t be lucky enough to take the exam for others or let others take their place. Trying the law will eventually "eat the consequences".

  Third, avoid the security check and bring your mobile phone, and cheating in the exam will ruin your future.

  [Case] During the college entrance examination in 2022, a candidate avoided the entrance security check and illegally brought his mobile phone into the examination room. After the exam, he took a test paper and sent it to the QQ group for an answer. According to relevant regulations, candidates who violate the rules are dealt with seriously.

  [Regulations] The college entrance examination is a national education examination prescribed by law. The Measures for Handling Violation of National Education Examination clearly stipulates that anyone who uses communication equipment during the examination shall be deemed as cheating in the examination, and his scores in all subjects registered for the examination at that time shall be invalid. The Education Law of the People’s Republic of China clearly stipulates that candidates who carry or use cheating equipment and materials in national education examinations, if the circumstances are serious, shall be ordered by the education administrative department to stop taking the relevant national education examinations for more than one year and less than three years; If it constitutes a violation of public security administration, it shall be punished by the public security organ according to law; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

  [Reminder] In recent years, the Ministry of Education, together with relevant departments, has deployed a special treatment for mobile phone cheating in the college entrance examination, so that mobile phones can’t be brought in, used or sent out. During the college entrance examination, students from all over the country will fight for their dreams under the standardized examination room and full video surveillance. After the examination, the video and video of the examination room will also be played back in a centralized way to determine whether each candidate has violated the rules and regulations. Candidates should consciously abide by the requirements of the rules of the examination room, obey the management of the examiners, refuse to carry illegal and prohibited items such as mobile phones, and abide by the examination discipline. Losing an exam is not important, but losing your life is really not worth the loss.

  Fourth, false propaganda is not credible, and there is no "pie" with "trap"

  Exam proposition experts teach, strengthen the package, and so-and-so students are admitted to a famous school … … Such propaganda copy and enrollment advertisements often appear in the enrollment propaganda of various examination and training institutions, which makes many parents believe it. Judging from the typical cases of false propaganda and advertising violations in public education and training institutions, there are problems of diversification, popularization and price fraud in different degrees. Fictitious education teachers’ ability and level, excessive exaggeration and propaganda on the effect of education and training, and false propaganda in the name of students and beneficiaries have become the usual tricks for training institutions to implement fraud.

  【 Regulations 】 The Advertising Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) clearly stipulates that advertisements for education and training shall not contain the following contents: (1) Make an express or implied guarantee commitment to entering a higher school, passing an examination, obtaining a degree or a certificate of qualification, or to the effect of education and training; (two) express or implied that the relevant examination institutions or their staff and examination proposition personnel participate in education and training; (3) Using the names or images of scientific research institutions, academic institutions, educational institutions, trade associations, professionals and beneficiaries for recommendation and certification.

  [Reminder] The college entrance examination questions belong to the national top secret materials, and their storage and transportation have extremely strict management measures. It is impossible for all kinds of training institutions to ensure that candidates "package", nor can they provide "real questions", let alone spend money on diplomas. Candidates should not listen to false propaganda and be deceived, causing property losses and delaying valuable review time.

  Five, "Zhankeng Post" is a gimmick, and the "prank" involved in the test cannot be touched.

  [Case] After the math subject test of the college entrance examination in 2022, some netizens posted some pictures of the test papers and were suspected of leaking the test questions. After investigation by the public security organs, it was found that it was a malicious editor who "occupied the post". Before the exam, it posted irrelevant posts on the relevant platforms, and then replaced the original content with the content of the test paper after the exam. The post time was still displayed before the exam, which caused the illusion that it was suspected that the questions were leaked before the exam. In addition, some candidates posted on the Internet claiming to be "taking the test questions before the exam", which also belonged to the "occupation posts" maliciously edited after the exam.

  [Reminder] Lawyers and experts remind that if candidates maliciously publish such information, they will be suspected of breaking the law in addition to violating the examination discipline, and if the circumstances are serious, it will constitute a crime. If a training institution or other personnel, for the purpose of illegal possession, fictitiously obtains the information of test questions or "real questions" before the exam by publishing "posts occupying pits" to defraud a large amount of public and private property, it is suspected of fraud. Candidates should not "fool" themselves in order to entertain others.


Issue 121: Didn’t you have breakfast at work? Eating snacks is also healthy.

Nowadays, urban congestion is serious, air pollution is getting worse and worse, coupled with staying up late, working overtime and frequent socializing, children living in cities are beginning to have a serious crisis and become high-risk groups of obesity, fatty liver and hyperlipidemia, and they are getting younger and younger. Young people in their thirties are suffering from these diseases everywhere.

As teachers, we have been thinking about how to solve this problem. From the perspective of dietary structure, we find a very serious phenomenon, that is, the "unbalanced proportion of three meals a day" of office workers. Today, less than the teacher, I will discuss with you how to balance nutrition for office workers’ three meals a day.

First, breakfast

Taking Beijing as an example, in the face of traffic jams and long-distance troubles, office workers rarely cook their own breakfast, but most of them buy it at street breakfast shops. The ingredients are mostly convenient and fast, and nutrition collocation is rarely considered. Most people hold an attitude of "eating" even "eating a good morning", and a large number of office workers do not eat breakfast in the morning. As a result, the most important meal of the day is "made do" in this way.

Second, lunch

Most office workers choose take-out or fast food for lunch, and the ingredients are generally rice and meat. Even if there are plants, they are basically high-calorie cooking foods such as oil eggplant, fried beans and shredded potatoes. Moreover, because breakfast is not eaten well, the amount of lunch will increase, and the calories will increase inadvertently. After eating a lot of lunch, under the thermal effect of food, people will feel seriously sleepy after meals, which not only affects efficiency, but also does great harm to health.

Third, dinner

I finally got off work. After enduring a long traffic jam, you got home very late. For office workers, this is the most relaxing time of the day. When we thought of cooking two "decent dishes", we unconsciously got close to you with high heat. After dinner, tired and not exercising, falling asleep with a feeling of fullness has become an important hidden danger of obesity.

Having said that, how to solve the nutritional balance problem of office workers? Less than the teacher to give you a few tricks.

First, choose several foods to take to work in the morning.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, kiwis, apples, carrots, pomelos, pears, pineapples and other fruits and vegetables are all good choices. You can take one or two kinds every morning and eat them between 10: 30 and 11: 00 in the morning. Pay attention to changing varieties frequently.

Second, buy some healthy snacks and put them on the table

In the drawer of your desk, you can put some snacks such as nuts, jujubes, yogurt, air-dried beef, milk, etc., eat some properly when you are hungry, or mix them with the fruits and vegetables above for 1 hour before lunch (before work).

Third, choose a good lunch and eat slowly.

There are many choices for lunch around the office, but the ones that are applauded are basically meat covered rice, etc. If you want to eat healthily, don’t choose meat lunch, and don’t choose high-calorie cooking such as eggplant and shredded potatoes. You can choose some fungi, leafy vegetables and aquatic products. In addition to food choices, you should also pay attention to the speed of eating. You should keep telling yourself to slow down and slow down again. Don’t underestimate slowness, but it has a great effect on health.

Fourth, dinner should be simple and exercise more every day.

Dinner should be simple. Drinking some soup, eating some, steamed fish and boiled shrimp are all good choices. In view of the fact that office workers have little exercise, it is suggested that you can go to the gym for moderate exercise after work, which will not only make your muscles more elastic, but also relieve your work pressure and give you a good one.[Review of past highlights]

The author introduces:Yu Liang, self-media nutritionist, columnist of Health Channel "Less than Nutrition Knowledge Hall", member of Beijing Nutritionist Association, top ten national gold medal nutrition lecturer, member of Baidu Encyclopedia Academic Committee, and special guest of many domestic mainstream media such as CCTV.

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Important reminder! Going to work



The eight-day Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end.


While enjoying the holiday life


Don’t forget.


February 18th is a working day.


According to the general office of the State Council.


Notice on Some Holiday Arrangements in 2024


The Spring Festival is on holiday from February 10th to 17th.


A total of 8 days


February 18th (Sunday)


Have to go to work



That is to say, after the eight-day holiday,


I have to work for six days.


Friends who usually set the working day alarm clock.


Don’t forget to set the alarm clock.


In case of being late


Source: China Government Network, Hebei News Network WeChat WeChat official account


Editor Liu Wei



The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championships kicked off.

Original title: The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championships started.

The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championship opened in Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province on the evening of the 8th. 496 players from 41 countries and regions competed for the world championship in the eight-day competition.

As a billiards project with independent intellectual property rights, Chinese billiards has developed rapidly in China and even the whole world since 1980s. In 2012, the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration officially announced that the project was named "Chinese Billiards", and in accordance with the relevant standards promulgated before, the unified standard table and ball were selected, and the sport began to get on the right track.

In 2015, China Billiards Association initiated the CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship, which accelerated the internationalization of Chinese billiards and made Chinese billiards gradually accepted by billiards players and fans all over the world. In recent years, with the rules and skills of Chinese billiards spread around the world, the booming Chinese billiards has gradually become an important part of the world billiards.

The number of participating countries and the number of participants in this World Championship of Chinese Billiards reached a new high, making it the largest Chinese billiards competition in the world. In recent years, Yushan, Jiangxi Province has made every effort to build a county sports brand featuring billiards, successfully held five Chinese billiards world championships, four Chinese snooker world open tournaments and Chinese billiards international professional leagues, and gradually embarked on the road of high-quality development of county sports from resources to products, from products to events, from events to culture, and from culture to brands.

"The Chinese Billiards World Championship is not only a simple sports event, but also the achievements and honors of all athletes. It is a platform for billiards people all over the world to communicate and enhance their friendship, and it is also a platform to show the charm of Chinese billiards." Gan Liantong, vice chairman of China Billiards Association, said. (Qiu Jianhui, Ma Jing)


On New Year’s Eve, why should we keep our birthday?

Why should we keep our birthday today?

Xiaobian first tells you a story.


Said it was a long time ago.

There is a monster named Chong.

It has a dark body.

But the hands are white.

Every spring festival and new year’s eve

"Precious" came to the world.

Touch the forehead of a sleeping child

Any child who has been touched by "special"

You’ll become a demented fool.

In order not to let "Chong" hurt children.

Every new year’s eve.

Everyone lights the oil lamp all night.

Play with children

Keep them from sleeping.

At that time, it was called "guarding the special"

And then?

People think

It’s unlucky to mention the monster "Chong"

And because "old" and "precious" are homophonic.

So I slowly put

"Shou Chong" is called "Shou Sui"

So here comes the question

On New Year’s Eve

I won’t sleep unless you sleep.

Who is the little baby who stays up late?

Xiaobian knows that staying up late is not good for the liver.

But on second thought,

If I stay up late tonight,

So tomorrow

Will netizens call me darling?


Sweetheart, I can’t talk.

Can I call you a big-faced cat?

Xiaobian: We need a turn here.

in fact

On New Year’s Eve

It is not difficult to stay up happily.

We have a lot to do.

for example

Put up a pair of new Spring Festival couplets.

According to the public photo library of WeChat platform

Spring Festival couplets are also called

Door pairs, couplets, pairs and peach symbols

This is a unique literary form in China.

According to research

This custom originated in the Song Dynasty.

It has been popular since the Ming Dynasty.

Couplets are an expression.

Be able to use short words

Express profound meaning

can be compared to

"Never drive after eating, drinking and drinking"

"It’s time to walk, leave the past behind and never look back."

Another example

Have a New Year’s Eve dinner.

Even if you respond positively

Netizens of the "On-site Chinese New Year" policy

Don’t let your stomach down.

Be sure to order hard dishes on the whole.

Reward yourself

According to Guangxi News Network

But believe

No matter where you are

New year’s greetings

Greetings from seven aunts, eight aunts, two uncles and two grandmothers.

It must be indispensable.

"Is there someone?"

"Why don’t you get married?"

"Why don’t you have children?"

"How much do you earn a month?"


The moment I saw these questions.

Do you feel cold in your back?

"evil wind" bursts

don’t worry

Xiaobian has helped you figure out how to answer.

"There are objects,


Ready to have children,

Earn more than you. "

Words here.

Successfully completed the "escape from the Chamber of Secrets"

in fact

On New Year’s Eve

Whether you can be with your family or not.

As long as the heart is together.

You will feel full of happiness.

This spring festival

There are also many people.

Stick to the front line

Pay tribute to everyone

Netizens who are staying together tonight.

Xiaobian has another sentence

I don’t know when to speak improperly.


Don’t melt into different circles.

But tonight,

We all have the same circle.

That’s dark circles.


It’s time for Xiaobian to compose poems again.

Ah ~

Spend one night on New Year’s Eve.

Grab a red envelope for 99 cents.

Pinch your fingers and pay 200.

I see who is so tiger.

Just kidding.

Xiaobian will still bless everyone.

Everything you want is what you want

The road to success is smooth

Everyone meets a good person.

Everything is fun.

It’s good news to hear.

at last

Xiaobian wants to say

The new year is coming.

Everyone sent a lot of messages to bless you.

It basically represents what I mean.

It’s good that you know it.

in addition

Little cute people who want red envelopes during the Spring Festival.

Remember to talk to me privately.

So I can delete you.

Don’t affect my Chinese New Year.

Eat and drink well!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Original title: "New Year’s Eve, why should we keep the year? 》