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Dog’s blood cheating is a spy war style. After 12 years, it’s impossible. Will Huang Lei’s wife still play it?

The return of the fairy sister ignited the retro craze of Chinese drama.

Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man is not only a fairy in Liu Yifei, but Zhao Linger’s mother, Empress Wu, was also the goddess of that year.

Sun Li, who has been in the cinema for many years, returned to the screen and performed a "Wife’s Choice".

There are spoilers in this article.


Sugar cube is not happy recently.

Mao Mao, Shiba Inu, who has been with him for many years, is lost. This puppy is an important family member to Fang Tang who has not given birth after ten years of marriage.

After posting the dog-seeking notice for several days, the sugar cube began to accept the reality.

Today is very important for her husband, Gao Jiawei. She must cooperate with her husband to attend the event, and there is no way to delay any longer.

Gao Jiawei is a self-made entrepreneur from the media. As an opinion leader on emotional topics, he often competes with another emotional expert Qi Miao to explain emotional issues from different perspectives of men and women.

Looking at the speech on her husband’s computer, I couldn’t help but quietly polish the itchy sugar cube.

In fact, after becoming a full-time wife, Fang Tang has been working as an amateur detective novel writer, thanks to her good writing style.

When Gao Jiawei recited his wife’s wonderful ideas on the stage, Fang Tang also dressed herself up and prepared to go to her birthday party, the most important occasion today.

It was supposed to be a couple’s world, but after Gao Jiawei founded the company, the sweet wife-pampering day was also added with more performance factors. After all, a good leader who cares for his family can better win people’s hearts.

Out of support for her husband’s work, Fang Tang has never been dissatisfied with this. She attends as a model wife every year and enjoys the "surprise" arranged by her husband.

But when Fang Tang saw Gao Jiawei coming out of the bathroom, the lipstick mark on her husband’s shirt collar caught her alarm.

Gaos thought for consternation explained that it may be a drunken woman at the door of the bathroom.

But how close does a stranger have to be to leave lipstick in such an ambiguous place?

As a wife’s vigilance, sugar cube walked carefully every step. She smiled and walked to her husband’s preset stage, while carefully observing the red number of every lady present.

She knows that something must have happened, and a woman’s perception can’t be wrong.

In fact, Fang Tang had seen the luxury goods receipt in her husband’s pocket before. As a detective novel author, she had long been wary.

Did the husband cheat? Who is the third party?

Following the clues, Fang Tang became a detective of her marriage and began to deal with her husband in a seemingly peaceful pregnancy life.


Spy war, suspense and family ethics drama, a drama contains the above three popular elements, and Wife’s Choice may be the first one.

From the professional setting of Fang Tang, it can be seen that "Wife’s Choice" wants to fight hard. In the serial novel "Fatal Gentleness", she replies to the reader as an author, which is like a big V gesture.

Sugar cube found her husband reading the novel, but when asked about the work, the other party said that the author’s writing was not as good as sugar cube’s.

Obviously, the husband doesn’t know his wife’s pen name, and he doesn’t know her writing style well enough.

And husbands hide more secrets from their wives.

However, a good play needs a good rhythm. "Is the husband cheating" has become the biggest suspense at present, and the director has made the audience think that all the girls swept by the camera may be a third party.

Seeing Qi Miaobei’s luxury bag, Fang Tang confirmed several times where the other party bought it, because she suspected that it was her husband’s bill.

Seeing the lovely earphone left in her husband’s car, Fang Tang teased which young girl’s belongings it was, but her husband used jokes to avoid it.

Seeing the necklace of a young female subordinate, Fang Tang pretended to be enthusiastic and asked about the brand and added WeChat. After all, everyone was suspected.

His wife quietly investigated, and Gao Jiawei, as an emotional expert, also knows the appeasement policy and the push-pull relationship, candlelight dinner, surprise gifts, wedding anniversary plus pregnancy preparation, and even created a more loving husband and wife life than before.

However, the Smiths’ performance will eventually reveal the truth. When Sugar Cube finds out that she has been betrayed, it is the wife’s choice whether to destroy her husband’s name as an emotional expert or sacrifice herself to whitewash it, which is also the prelude to the next catch me if you can.

When betrayal and doubt begin, marriage has come to an end.


As an important work of Sun Li’s return to the small screen, Wife’s Choice has a good script design and is adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Wang Xiaoqiang.

The subtlety is that it knows how to analyze women’s psychology with the cloak of suspense, including the breakup of life.

There are full-time wives represented by sugar cubes, strong women in the workplace represented by Qi Miao, and women with love anxiety represented by heavy rain. Around the wall of marriage, women’s joys and sorrows are presented one by one, and everyone’s growth arc is also displayed.

What’s more, there are only 12 episodes of "Wife’s Choice". To complete the three things of husband and wife’s battle, truth and self-growth, the director needs a strong rhythm to control.

In the first half of the series, many suspenseful and necessary details are added, but whether we can take into account the detailed proportion of several lines still needs further observation.

The intrigue of the husband and wife from the details also has higher requirements for the actors. Just how to lie without changing color requires performing at all levels.

Sun Li removed the label of "Huang Lei’s wife", and fans wondered whether the real housewife who returned to the screen after 12 years had regressed.

It must be admitted that there is a certain age difference between the 44-year-old Sun Li and his wife in her early 30 s, but her relaxed and relaxed interpretation still makes people believe that she was not only lucky when she debuted.

Yuan Wenkang, the supporting husband, has played many roles in love rat before, but this time, the hypocritical liar is set up by everyone, and he is also good at it.

In addition, Zhang Yao, Wang Zhen, Ma Yinyin ("Hunting Crime Picture Book"), Zhao Da, Liu Yiwei and Wu Bi joined in, which also accumulated some interesting points for the team.

"Wife’s Choice" turned the middle-aged dog blood drama into a suspenseful twist, but there are inherent type barriers. Whether this unconventional transformation can be completed is far from being revealed.

It can only be said that Sun Li, who came back, and Wife’s Choice, who jumped out of the genre framework, are brave adventurers, testing the water for the whole industry, first to see if the spring of middle-aged actresses has recovered, and second to see if sincere creativity can be recognized, and the standard for testing everything is always in the hands of the audience.

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The "Hot Search" roadshow in Xi ‘an was praised by the audience as "the sense of reality hits the soul directly"

1905 movie network news The film directed by, starring, and starring is being shown. The film was released for six days, with a cumulative box office of 53.95 million, with 9.2 points for Cat’s Eye Platform and 9.3 points for Taobao Film Platform. Yesterday, "Hot Search" opened the second round of national roadshow of "Sound All the Way" and came to Xi ‘an. Director Xin Yukun and actor Song Yang came to the roadshow to communicate with the audience after the show. The director said that Xi ‘an is the place where his movie dream started, and this time he came back here to have a kind of "feeling of going home with a movie".

"After watching the movie, my heart rate soared to 130", "I was very worried by the weakness of reality" and "I was moved by the power of women’s mutual help" …… After watching the movie, the audience praised the movie and said that it was "a direct stab at people’s hearts". Han Xiaojiu, a media practitioner, shared his experience of receiving malicious comments at the scene and said that he felt "empathy" after watching the movie. There are also audiences who sent their own wooden seals to the main creator, saying that "the film is very good and I want to engrave it in my heart". The director said frankly: "I hope to tell you the complexity behind public opinion through a movie, so that when you return to life and become a part of the network, you can look at these problems more rationally."

The realistic topic resonates "moved by women’s mutual help"

The audience praised the film: it presented the dilemma and strength of women.

The realistic topic in the film aroused the discussion of the audience. Some viewers said that "as a girl, she has special resonance with the events in the film" and encouraged girls to "bravely say no when encountering sexual harassment and take legal weapons to protect themselves". The director admits that he has paid attention to the injuries suffered by some underage women in recent years, and hopes to tell everyone through movies that "there are many different women’s dilemmas that need to be paid attention to in different classes of our society, and some women’s mutual help needs to be passed on."

At the scene of the road show, female entrepreneurs came to support the film, saying that "the film hits the soul directly". In Chen Miao’s body, "I was very moved to see that women in the new era are not afraid of power, are not instigated by interests, and speak for justice". The director said that Zhou Dongyu tried a "role with a sense of age and strong energy output" this time, and Chen Miao had the power of women. "She was not influenced by family of origin, and she worked hard to achieve her career. When she encountered problems, she had the special strength to help more vulnerable victims."

The public opinion confrontation is shocking, and the role contrast is surprising.

The audience praised the film and woke themselves up "to make a brave voice of justice"

In the movie, Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin launched a fierce public opinion game around the "industrial chain of choosing a concubine on campus" caused by a girl’s jumping off a building. The audience called "the bloody reality is shocking" and "the public opinion confrontation is very enjoyable again and again". Among them, He Yan, played by Song Yang, is hard to distinguish between good and evil in the film, and the audience lamented "being cheated by acting", saying that "it was a special surprise to see the reversal after shaking with anger". When it comes to He Yan’s role design, Song Yang said frankly, "We should put him in the social animal state of middle-aged crisis", and even sometimes the audience will "ignore He Yan’s existence", which is exactly what is needed to shape the role, so as to "hide the last gorgeous turn".

The film not only unveiled the back of public opinion, but also brought more rational thinking to the audience. Some viewers said that the movie woke me up, "let me rethink the current network reality and social phenomenon", and "make a brave voice of justice" when facing similar incidents. The director said frankly: "In this era, the Internet is all around us. In case of any injustice, online public opinion may help everyone." Song Yang also said: "It is not Chen Miao’s team that finally defeated Peng Yue, but countless everyone. Everyone stands together and a single spark can burn out."


The 2023 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show will be held in Shenzhen from June 16 to 24, with thousands of models unveiled and car purchase subsidies.

Shenzhen News Network June 12, 2023(Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Yuan Weibin) 2023 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Automobile Expo and New Energy Automobile Expo will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from June 16th to 24th.

It is understood that this year’s auto show plans to open all exhibition halls and outdoor areas of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center No.1-No.9. For the first time, the organizing committee has built a circle-type, interactive and shared exhibition hall in all directions, and the utilization rate of the exhibition hall has set a new record for domestic auto shows. A number of scene experience areas, such as conference forum area, intelligent technology exhibition area, test drive area and unmanned intelligent driving area, will be opened on site, with an exhibition scale of 150,000 square meters. About 100 Chinese and foreign automobile brands with more than 1,000 models participated in the exhibition, and a number of new car concept cars will be unveiled.

The theme of this year’s auto show is "going ahead to the future". Most participating brands have brought new models with intelligent applications, and almost all vehicle brands have brought models with new energy technologies, realizing the overall intelligence and new energy of vehicle brands. It is worth mentioning that on the first day of the opening of this auto show, the "2023 Future Automobile Pioneer Conference and Global Intelligent Networked Automobile Commercialization Innovation Conference" will be held again, with the theme of "CoEVO Synchronization First". It aims to explore the frontier topics of intelligent networked automobile commercialization innovation and lead the future automobile development trend.

This year’s conference is dedicated to creating an influential and authoritative comprehensive industrial public service platform for high-end dialogue and exchange, industrial policy release, forward-looking demonstration application and product display experience, and becoming the highest-standard "automobile+technology" event in the future automobile and travel industries. The conference will also focus on the cutting-edge technology applications and future development trends of high-tech cross-border innovations such as intelligent networking, intelligent sensors, unmanned vehicles and robots, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.

In addition, this year’s auto show site will link Hong Kong and Macao cars for in-depth exchanges. The auto show will also provide L4 self-driving vehicles in conjunction with enterprises such as Yuanrong Qixing, a "future travel partner", so that citizens can experience the global self-driving team’s travel test ride and feel the scientific and technological charm of intelligent networked driving. It is reported that the car purchase subsidies that the majority of car buyers care about and look forward to will also be released during the auto show. 


Photos: The strongest handsome bodyguards from all over the world in history

Special topic: picture channel


China bodyguards are more charming than stars.
  Of course, the first person to appear is our elite man in China. Military standard crew cut, straight black suit, alert eyes, serious expression, plus young and handsome. It is said that the appearance of these Zhongnanhai bodyguards on the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China has fas cinated the Hong Kong female journalists who are used to Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai, and they are constantly glancing at these "ouchi masters".

Israeli bodyguards who don’t like suits
  In the war-torn Middle East, there is no doubt about the business or appearance quality of Israeli bodyguards. It may be because of the hot climate and the supremacy of practicali ty. Unlike other countries, these handsome Jewish men usually don’t wear black suits when performing tasks. Jackets and cuffs are their favorite, but they can better show their strong figure.

Compatriots of God, Spanish bodyguards
  If you don’t say that God is Spanish, it really makes people feel that there is no way to explain why there are so many handsome guys in Spain. Handsome bodyguards produced in Spain are de finitely among the top three in Europe if they are better than appearance. Charming eyes, sharp edges and corners, even the wrinkles exude charm. Without being an entertainment star, the small universe really feels a little greedy.

Cemetery generator Russian bodyguard
  This eldest brother is said to be the personal bodyguard of Putin, the most attractive man in Russia. Although a little bald, there is only one word to describe his appearance: handsome. A small white face, especially those sparkling eyes, is definitely a "graveyard generator". If I hadn’t been told that this eldest brother was a bodyguard, which star would I have seen?
Bodyguard entertainment edition

Kevin Costner
  In the movie "Bodyguard", he plays a gentle and gentlemanly bodyguard who is full of love everywhere, and the image of a warm-blooded tough guy who is sincere and calm. He reveals a warm life atmosphere from time to time in his strength and courage. He is willing to be accused and snubbed in order to protect his children and a happy family, and stands up in a critical moment, which is touching.

Jet Li
  At the peak of his personal work, the movie "Zhongnanhai Bodyguard" showed his charm to the greatest extent. Lightweight posture, extraordinary skill, and restrained feelings have left a deep "tough guy" image for China’s bodyguards.

Tak Chung Ma
  Before I entered the entertainment circle, I actually worked as a bodyguard, and I was also a member of G4, a Hong Kong police protection VIP group, to protect visiting dignitaries. When Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew and British Crown Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Hong Kong, he was one of the bodyguards.

Editor: Li Erqing


Chen Kun and Zhou Xun, who didn’t walk the red carpet, lived the best friendship in the entertainment circle.

The 18th and 19th China Film China Watch Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. Half the entertainment circle gathered at this ceremony, and male and female stars competed on the red carpet, trying to show their best.

Zhang Ziyi, the first-line flower, Chen Kaige, the top director, and a number of traffic stars from the bottom came to the event. It is reported that there are more than 600 people from all walks of life in the entertainment circle. It’s not the weight of the China Watch Award that brings so many people together, but it can be regarded as the biggest event of China movies since the epidemic was unsealed.

Red carpet stars came one after another. Unexpectedly, Chen Kun and Zhou Xun didn’t walk on the red carpet, but quietly waited for the award ceremony in the infield. A group of photos of two people in the cinema released by the official studio are full of stories.

Soon, these photos went viral on the Internet. Isn’t this better than a star competing with concave shapes outside the red carpet? The two of them just sat there quietly, as if telling a story. This is the movie star, and this is the world of light and shadow.

Subsequently, the two men jointly awarded the Best Actor Award, a black suit and a white evening dress, and they walked leisurely to the center of the stage, with the film texture that mature actors naturally have, and the fireworks that seemed to be visible and captured; They also have a sense of relaxation in the vanity fair in the entertainment circle, and they feel so relaxed that Chen Kun and Zhou Xun are really pleasing to everyone. Moreover, there is no utilitarian taste of bundling CP with each other, and there is no humility between men and women, for fear that bundling together will affect the generosity and nature of each other’s fans, which explains the best appearance of friendship in the entertainment circle.

I have known each other for 20 years and cooperated for more than a dozen times.

From "Fog Like Rain Like Wind" to the latest film "Serve the Gods", from TV series to movies, both of them have left each other the most beautiful years.

Zhou Xun and Chen Kun met for the first time, and it was also the first time for everyone to see the appearance of two people in the same box. One was a charming little girl with a pair of ponytails, and the other was a young girl whose eyes were full of tender cream. After so many years, they seem to have changed, but they seem to have not changed. As beautiful as those two pairs of eyes, there are more stories in the eyes and more each other.

In the past 20 years, they have never stopped cooperating with each other. If they want to play a couple, they will play a couple. If they want to make a guest appearance in each other’s movies, they will make a guest appearance in each other’s movies. Compared with later, many people like to say which pair of immortals CP has lived for a long time. In fact, how good the private relationship is, but for those who have no chance to cooperate, they have always been able to cooperate, and they have never deliberately promoted two people in the same box. It is really a good relationship.

Start a company together to find new actors.

In addition to their own cooperation, both of them have become bosses. There are many actors in the entertainment circle who have jumped from star to capital. They all want to make money and squeeze a new generation of actors after becoming capital.

However, they are not the same. After Chen Kun and Zhou Xun started an entertainment company together, they also set up an acting training school called Yamashita School, hoping to explore the possibility of more new actors and explore the limits of actors.

Chen Kun rented a five-story villa to start this school at the foot of the mountain. The overall decoration style is as simple and natural as the name of this school, and everything is simple. Their powerful artists, such as Dahong Ni, naturally became the teachers of this acting school. To give a more successful example, during this period, everyone said that Chen Douling, whose acting skills took off on the spot, studied in the school here. It seems that it was fruitful, and his facial features did not fly around, and his eyes also changed.

Obviously, this school is really different from some stars who go back to their hometown to open a local art test training institution, just to get money from their own star brands, with their mouths full of ideas and their hearts full of business. Chen Kun and Zhou Xun just want to start over and dig up more good new actors.

Not a real couple, but they can grow old.

From their private lives to interviews, both of them have decided that they will grow old together.

A casual search of Chen Kun and Zhou Xun’s private lives shows that they have lived upstairs and downstairs for many years. As long as you move, I will move and wear my own slippers to go across the hall.

When interviewed, it is even more straightforward to say that the other party is their own friendship. Chen Kun is complex and sensitive, with a little emotional change and reaction. Only Zhou Xun can detect it for the first time, and Zhou Xun can give him the most comfortable comfort, which seems to be their innate tacit understanding and trust.

The relationship between Chen Kun and Zhou Xun, I’m afraid, is not just a model state of the entertainment circle. For ordinary people, I also hope to have such good friends.


Game addiction is a disease? The standard of diagnosis is actually quite "strict"

  Game addiction is a disease? Recently, a news from the World Health Assembly has sparked heated public opinion.

  At the 72nd World Health Assembly held in Geneva, Switzerland not long ago, the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) was adopted. Among them, "game disorder", as a disease, is included in the classification of "disorder caused by addictive behavior".

  Equating game barriers and game addiction with diseases has caused controversy all over the world. There are some supporters waving flags and shouting, and the opponents with clear-cut flags are equally huge. Why do game obstacles become diseases? How to treat it? Discussions around these topics are still going on.

  Not even playing for a few days is sick.

  To what extent do you become addicted to games? The standard of diagnosis is actually quite "strict".

  In ICD-11, the identification of "game obstacles" mainly includes three behavior modes: the control over game behavior is weakened; The priority of playing games is higher than daily life and other normal hobbies; Despite the negative consequences, continuing to play games has caused serious damage to individuals, families, society, education, work or other important fields. In addition, the above behavior patterns need to last for at least 12 months before they can be used as a basis for diagnosis.

  "Because the game has affected daily life and lasted for more than one year, only in this way can it belong to ‘ Sick ’ 。” In this regard, Hao Wei, one of the drafters of ICD-11 "Game Obstacles" and the deputy director of the Institute of Mental Health of the Second Xiangya Hospital in China, said that the so-called "Game Obstacles" are not even sick after playing games for several days in a row, but have a detailed diagnostic standard.

  This means that either playing games is a "game obstacle". Who has previously issued a document saying that research shows that only a small number of people who participate in digital or video game activities are affected by game obstacles. Dr Vladimir Pozdnyak, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse of WHO, also said, "Most people who play video games will not be affected by this obstacle, just as most people who drink alcohol will not be affected by ‘ Alcohol use disorder ’ Influence, but excessive use in certain circumstances will lead to adverse effects. "

  Nevertheless, why has the game alone become the target of public criticism? Behind the "game obstacle" is actually a response to people’s health concerns caused by electronic devices.

  WHO pointed out that the inclusion of "game barriers" in mental and behavioral disorders is aimed at solving a series of concerns about the impact of excessive use of electronic devices on public health. However, in the process of evaluating the existing evidence and research, the participating experts did not find enough evidence to include any technology-driven behavioral addiction such as "smartphone addiction".

  Comparatively speaking, the scientific research results of "game obstacles" are more abundant. Hao Wei said that medical research has found that game addiction has "withdrawal symptoms" similar to chemical addiction. For example, the brain images of some people who are addicted to games are similar to those who are addicted to chemical substances.

  Give priority to with psychotherapy.

  Since "game obstacle" is a disease, how should it be treated?

  Previously, there have been some treatment institutions for "internet addiction teenagers" in many places, and they have adopted extreme methods such as corporal punishment and electric shock to "treat", which has caused great controversy. Experts said that although WHO did not provide specific treatment guidance for "game barriers", for medical institutions, this move made relevant diagnosis and treatment well-founded. Health professionals can pay more attention to this obstacle and promote more research on the prevention and treatment of game obstacles.

  It is reported that in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places, some professional hospitals have carried out treatment and research on game obstacles.

  A few days ago, Beijing huilongguan hospital Behavioral Addiction Ward was officially opened, which is the first behavioral addiction treatment ward opened by public mental health medical institutions in China, and mainly treats patients with behavioral addiction such as game disorder and gambling disorder.

  Yang Kebing, deputy director of the hospital, said that the current treatment cycle of game addiction is 6 weeks — 8 weeks, divided into two stages. The treatment method is mainly psychotherapy, and there are 10 cognitive behavioral therapy modules, including interpersonal relationship management, family therapy, self-emotional management and so on. The first 4 weeks — In 6 weeks, patients should completely abstain from internet and mobile phones. During this period, the hospital will carry out outward bound training, and replace the game in various ways. For the next two weeks, patients were taught to use the internet healthily by limiting the use time.

  At present, the addiction ward is an open ward, which is equipped with a single bed, a writing desk, a sofa and green plants, and family members can also accompany the treatment. In the group therapy room, a mini KTV has been specially set up to help patients have fun outside the game.

  "If the patient seriously affects social interaction because of the game, he should go to the hospital for evaluation in time." Yang Fude, president of Beijing huilongguan hospital, said that the addiction ward can ensure the continuity of treatment, patients can easily build up the trust between doctors and patients with the help of fixed medical staff, and continuous evaluation can better follow up patients’ illness. At the same time, the hospital can provide more comprehensive treatment methods, which will help solve the problem with serious symptoms.

  Advocate healthy ways of playing games.

  Although it has been officially included in ICD-11, the "quarrel" around game addiction continues.

  Just after the adoption of the resolution, game organizations from Europe, North America and Australia, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil and other countries and regions jointly issued a statement, hoping that WHO could re-examine the resolution. The statement said: "‘ Game obstacle ’ It is not based on strong enough evidence, and it is not enough to be included in the most important standard of ICD. "

  Many practitioners in the game industry said that the key to game obstacles lies in "obstacles" rather than "games", so the positive role of games and the development achievements of the game industry should not be denied. At the same time, game companies should strengthen and improve the anti-addiction system of games, avoid teenagers’ excessive games, and create a healthy development space for the game industry.

  Some medical staff said that game obstacles are classified as mental illness, not to oppose games, but to oppose games that are harmful to physical and mental health. Medical institutions should help patients with game disorders get rid of out-of-control game behavior, establish a correct game use model, and regain sound social functions.

  "The key factor of game addiction is family education." A parent who once sent his children to an internet addiction rehabilitation institution said that the family should give their children enough love and attention, accompany them to grow up, guide them to play rationally, and help them enhance their ability to resist setbacks in the process of growing up.


Revealing the daily limit | The upcoming Global Game Developers Conference will strengthen the game and cultural media sector.

On March 13, the three major stock indexes of A shares closed down, closing at a daily limit of 62 shares (including 5)ST shares); 30 strands failed to seal the board, and the overall sealing rate was 67%.

Battlefield of daily limit: over 700,000 hands pay the bill to raise money.Xingguang stock

securitiesAccording to the statistics of Times and DataBao, from the closing daily limit, the number of closed orders was the highest, with 717,200 lots; Followed byZhongdian xingfaRongji softwareThe daily limit orders were 568,800 lots and 311,000 lots respectively.

Calculated by the amount of the seal,The amount of 5-share seal exceeds 100 million yuan,China softwareThe amount of sealing orders was the highest, with 362 million yuan, 293 million yuan and 199 million yuan respectively.

Judging from the number of consecutive daily limit days,Aiai precision workLihang technology7 boards,Ming pu guang ci, 4 connecting plates,,Zhangyue technologyYinglian stockPutian technology3 even the board,,Winning numbers jewelleryJi’ nan high-techCaesar cultureEqual to 9 strands and 2 boards.

Besides,ST huatie6 th, 4 boards,*ST meisheng5 th, 3 boards,Luoxin pharmacy2 boards on the 4th,Beijing keruiBaw blue valleyST Shuguang3 rd, 2 boards.

Leading the finishing touch:new energyMulti-share daily limit of automobile industry chain

1. Automobile industry chain

Daily limit stocks:,Lan hai Hua TengSongzhi stockShanzi stockYingli automobileDongan powerBaida precision work

March 12 th news,Xiaomi automobileIt is officially announced that Xiaomi SU7 will be officially listed on March 28th, 2024. On March 11th, the director of the State Financial Supervision and Administration said that he was studying to reduce the down payment ratio of passenger car loans and further optimize the pricing mechanism of auto insurance.

: On March 13th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 381st batch of "Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products", which included the brand-new smart choice vehicle Enjoying S9 jointly built by Huawei and Beiqi Blue Valley, and the production place was the Beiqi Factory in Caiyu Town, Daxing, Beijing.

: wholly-owned subsidiaries Wuxi, Xu Xuehai and Xinneng.Venture capitalThe establishment of Wuxi Huateng Xinneng will focus on the early stage of Huateng Xinneng.fuel batteryTechnical reserve and research and development of automobile drive system, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle drive system (including extended range) and new energy marine drive system.

: The company has obtainedJACThe passenger car thermal management project cooperated with Huawei is still in the development stage, and the production has not been actually scheduled, which will generate sales revenue after mass production.

2、gameandCultural media

Daily limit stocks:Borui spreadCentury huatongMingchen healthyDasheng culture、、Huicheng technology

In the news, the Global Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco from March 18th to March 22nd, Beijing time.

: Two companies under the company belong to game developers, and independently research and develop well-known IP such as "Chivalrous Road".online gameThe product line covers mobile games, page games and end games.

: AI Xinghe is a project that the company explores the field of "game+medical care" by combining AI and VR technologies.


Daily limit stocks:, Rongji software,Jiuqi softwareenormous data

In the news, Huawei Shengsiartificial intelligenceThe framework summit will be held on March 22, 2024.

: The company’s position in the operating system industry of Galaxy Kirin continued to consolidate, and its market position remained ahead.

Rongji software: the company undertakes government affairs.cloud computingPlatform, engineering, information security and other major national information projects, as well as core business support systems and key common technology platforms in many industries.

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of report management software, e-government software, ERP software and business intelligence software, and its product line mainly covers government reports and statistics. existbig dataThe application field introduces industry solutions focusing on finance and taxation.

Dragon and Tiger Stand: Net Buy of Dragon and Tiger ListCitic HaizhiOver 80 million yuan

In today’s dragon and tiger list,Insai group、、Shenzhou high-speed railBoshi stock, American new technology,Beilong precisionChuanrun stock,, Lanhai Huateng and others are on the list.

Among them,,, were the top three net purchases in the Dragon and Tiger List that day, with 82.7471 million yuan, 69.0448 million yuan and 41.9992 million yuan respectively.

Among the stocks on the list of institutional seats, the top three net purchases areHuaci stockXingyuan zhuomei, 4.0402 million yuan, 1.3746 million yuan and 166,000 yuan respectively.

ShengutongNet selling of dedicated seatsHigh-tech development56.8152 million yuan, 55.1538 million yuan.Shanghai Stock ConnectNet purchase of dedicated seatsGuoguang electricity23.7335 million yuan,Dongmu stock20.2571 million yuan.

In terms of hot money, Huaxin Xi ‘an Branch bought a net amount of 73.0073 million yuan from CITIC Haizhi;Citic jiantouThe sales department of Qinghe East Road in Guangzhou sold century huatong 71,291,700 yuan.

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Treasure Henan boldly broke the circle of "Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour"

  In the Spring Festival of 2021, a group of Miss Tang Gong who danced from famous paintings and national treasures made the dance program "Tang Gong Night Banquet" popular all over the country, and also helped the Spring Festival Evening of the Year of the Ox in Henan to be successful.

  Traditional culture+modern science and technology, heavy history+literary tour+variety, creative arrangement, technical empowerment, embedding cultural symbols into lively and interesting artistic interpretation, this wave of operation of Henan Radio and Television Station has successfully opened a breakthrough in the presentation of excellent traditional cultural creativity. The subsequent "Fantastic Night of the Lantern Festival" and "Fantastic Tour of Qingming Festival" have broken the inherent expression form of traditional parties, empowered traditional culture with innovative forms, made it glow with new vitality, and produced a circle-breaking effect with the cultural core.

  The innovation of expression has awakened the great charm of traditional culture. The integration of tradition and modernity is not only the trend, but also the value recognition brought by classic culture. It is better to say that it is an excellent traditional culture than a party.

  Henan, a big cultural province, is at the right time to "break the circle"

  Chinese culture has a long history and is profound. Ancient festivals are important carriers of traditional culture, and their formation contains profound and rich cultural connotations.

  Previously, when Henan Radio and Television Station held the "China Festival" series of special programs to create and enjoy the Summit "in Zhengzhou, it was said that under the overall goal of promoting traditional culture and telling the story of the Yellow River, the" China Festival "should be taken as the starting point, relying on the traditional festivals in China all year round, integrating Internet thinking and national tide elements, using technology empowerment, increasing the record inheritance and fashion expression of excellent traditional culture, and strengthening the text and video recording of traditional festivals in China.

  Wang Chunyang, a radio and television station in Henan Province, said that Henan, as an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and a demonstration area of Chinese cultural inheritance and innovation, has a vast array of contents available for a party. This year, Henan Radio and Television Station will take "Fantastic Night" as the main line of the annual program, take Chinese civilization, Yellow River culture and brilliant Henan as the core strategy, and rely on traditional festivals (such as Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival) to continue to tell the story of the Yellow River, promote the construction of a strong cultural province, and dedicate the most dazzling elements of Henan’s history and culture to everyone again in innovative ways.

  The traditional culture of the wonderful Dragon Boat Festival tour contains it.

  Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are also called the four traditional festivals in China. This "Wonderful Tour of Dragon Boat Festival" is comparable to the mobile Dragon Boat Festival Culture Lecture Hall. While watching the party, I feel the profound Dragon Boat Festival culture, which is entertaining and entertaining.

  Su Shi, a famous poet in the Song Dynasty, wrote in "Huanxisha Dragon Boat Festival" that "the colored thread is lightly wrapped around the red jade arm, and the small symbol hangs obliquely on the Lv Yun. Beautiful women meet for a thousand years. "

  The underwater dance program "Qi" of "Wonderful Tour of Dragon Boat Festival" perfectly reproduces this scene. Dancers dance underwater as if flying: the water dances with them, and their clothes flutter; Dance with the kiss xiu and swing the skirt; Water-milk fusion, lingering … … According to reports, the dance "Prayer" is to show the custom of tying five-color silk thread to pray for blessings during the Dragon Boat Festival.

  And this is just one of the programs. It is understood that the "Wonderful Tour of the Dragon Boat Festival" party is full of innovative comments on the Dragon Boat Festival culture. Dragon Boat Festival, Legend of the Medical Sage and One Side of Zongzi all show the customs of picking dragon boats, dragon festival, picking herbs, hanging wormwood and calamus, tying five-color silk thread, smoking Atractylodes lancea and wearing sachets during the Dragon Boat Festival from different angles.

  "The five-color new silk is wrapped around the corner, and the calamus wine is beautiful and respectful."

  "The roller is wrapped around the arm, and the festival is the Dragon Boat Festival. Aipu is green in front of the door, and the sky is light and the kite dances. "

  When the scene in the poem comes to life, colorful silk threads are wrapped around the wrist, the sweetness of zongzi is between the teeth, wormwood and calamus are hung in front of the door, and the drums of dragon boats are deafening … … In this regard, Professor Mao Defu, director of the Literature and History Committee of the Henan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, said: "Rooted in the 5,000-year history and culture of the Chinese nation, there are cultural genes that will resonate with everyone in China. Tradition is the most fashionable, which is the cultural confidence that we should have for 5 thousand years. "

  A history of Henan, half a history of China, cultural advantage is the biggest advantage of Henan. From the Banquet at the Tang Palace to the Lotus Pond, from "The Stars Move" to "Lantern Festival", from "Fantastic Night of the Lantern Festival" to "Fantastic Tour of the Qingming Festival" to "Fantastic Tour of the Dragon Boat Festival", the programs full of cultural attractions complement each other with the real-life shooting of cultural landmarks, bringing new vitality to generate, the ancient capital of the Central Plains.

  With traditional culture, this is the proper "top flow of the times". What kind of cultural feast will the mysterious Dragon Boat Festival Tour bring us?

  On June 12th, Henan will give us the answer. See you at Dragon Boat Festival! Watch you, Henan! (Correspondent Xiaofeng Zhu Guangming Daily, all-media reporter Wang Shengxi)


State Council: Accelerate the resumption of international flights in key aviation hubs such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

According to the Chinese government website, a few days ago, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Action Plan for Firmly Promoting High-level Opening-up and Attracting and Utilizing Foreign Capital", which proposed to facilitate the exchange of international business people. It is convenient for foreign businessmen to apply for visas to China. For managers and technicians of foreign-invested enterprises and their accompanying spouses and minor children, the validity period of visas is relaxed to two years. Accelerate the recovery of the number of international flights in key aviation hubs such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

A quick glance at the main points

● Reasonably reduce the negative list of foreign investment access. Completely cancel the restrictions on foreign investment access in the manufacturing sector.

● Piloting the relaxation of foreign investment access in the field of scientific and technological innovation.

● For eligible reinvested enterprise projects, imported self-use equipment shall be exempted from customs duties.

● Support qualified foreign-invested enterprises to issue RMB bonds for financing in China.

● Ensure the reasonable energy demand of foreign-funded projects without discrimination.

● Expand the industrial catalogue and list of foreign-funded projects to encourage foreign investment.

● Facilitate the introduction of foreign talents to work, stop living and stay permanently in China.

expand market access

Reasonably reduce the negative list of foreign investment access

We will improve the national treatment plus negative list management system before foreign investment access, completely abolish the restrictions on foreign investment access in the manufacturing sector, and continue to promote the expansion and opening up of telecommunications, medical care and other fields.

Piloting the relaxation of foreign investment access in the field of scientific and technological innovation

● Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other free trade pilot zones are allowed to select a number of qualified foreign-invested enterprises to conduct pilot projects in the development and application of gene diagnosis and treatment technologies.

● Support the opening-up measures in areas such as information services (limited to application stores) to achieve better results in the free trade pilot zone.

Expand the access of foreign financial institutions in the field of banking and insurance.

● Under the premise of ensuring safety, efficiency and stability, support qualified foreign-funded institutions to carry out bank card clearing business according to law.

● Deepen the opening of commercial pension insurance, health insurance and other industries, and support qualified overseas professional insurance institutions to invest and set up or participate in insurance institutions in China.

Expand the business scope of foreign financial institutions participating in the domestic bond market.

● Optimize relevant procedures for foreign financial institutions to participate in the domestic capital market, and further facilitate foreign financial institutions to participate in the China bond market.

● Support qualified foreign-funded financial institutions to participate in domestic bond underwriting as required.

● Study and steadily promote more qualified foreign banks to participate in the pilot trading of treasury bonds futures.

In-depth implementation of the domestic investment pilot of qualified overseas limited partners

● Expand the pilot scope of qualified overseas limited partners, standardize the requirements of qualified overseas limited partners to manage enterprises and funds in terms of registered capital and shareholders, and broaden the scope that funds can invest.

● Improve the management measures for private equity fund services, encourage foreign investors to set up private equity funds and carry out various investment activities according to law.

Strengthen the policy.

Expand the catalogue of industries and the list of foreign-funded projects that encourage foreign investment.

● The catalogue of industries in which foreign investment is encouraged throughout the country will increase its support for advanced manufacturing, high-tech, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the catalogue of industries with foreign investment advantages in the central and western regions will increase its support for basic manufacturing, applicable technologies and people’s livelihood consumption.

● Actively support foreign-funded projects in the fields of integrated circuits, biomedicine and high-end equipment to be included in the list of major and key foreign-funded projects, and allow them to enjoy corresponding support policies.

Implement tax support policies

● Foreign-invested enterprises can enjoy the tariff exemption policy for imported equipment for their own use if the projects invested by reinvested enterprises in China meet the requirements of encouraging foreign investment industries.

● Implement relevant preferential tax policies for foreign investors to invest in financial markets such as China bond market.

Increase financial support.

● Encourage financial institutions to provide high-quality financial services and financing support for qualified foreign-funded projects in accordance with the principle of marketization.

● Support qualified foreign-invested enterprises to issue RMB bonds for financing in China and use them for domestic investment projects.

● Promote the implementation of foreign exchange management facilitation policies for cross-border trade and investment, and continuously improve the convenience of foreign exchange business of foreign-invested enterprises.

Strengthen energy use guarantee

● Improve the regulation of total energy consumption and intensity, focus on controlling fossil energy consumption, implement policies such as excluding raw material energy consumption and non-fossil energy consumption from total energy consumption and intensity control, and ensure the reasonable energy demand of foreign-funded projects without discrimination.

● Accelerate the promotion of green certificate transactions and inter-provincial green electricity transactions to better meet the green electricity demand of foreign-invested enterprises.

Support the central, western and northeastern regions to undertake industrial transfer.

● Encourage the central, western and northeastern regions to give full play to local comparative advantages, and formulate policies and measures to reduce the costs of land, energy, labor and logistics for manufacturing enterprises according to local conditions.

● Plan and integrate key development zones in the central, western and northeastern regions, carry out industrial transfer cooperation with foreign investment in pairs with the eastern region, and establish and improve the mechanism and implementation rules for project promotion, cadre exchange and revenue sharing.

Optimize the level playing field

Clean up acts and policies and measures that violate fair competition

● Deal with the discriminatory behaviors of foreign-invested enterprises in government procurement, bidding, qualification licensing, standard setting and subsidies reflected by business entities in a timely manner, and notify the responsible entities and make rectification within a time limit.

● Accelerate the formulation and promulgation of standards for government procurement of domestic products, and treat products that meet the standards produced by domestic and foreign-funded enterprises equally and equally in government procurement activities. Comprehensively clean up policies and measures that hinder unified market and fair competition.

Improve the bidding system

● Accelerate the revision of the bidding law.

● Organize special treatment of outstanding problems in the field of bidding and tendering, focus on correcting problems that are strongly reflected by a number of business entities, and break unreasonable restrictions that restrict enterprises of all ownership to participate in bidding and tendering on an equal footing.

● Formulate fair competition review rules in the field of bidding, strengthen the rigid constraints of fair competition review, and avoid issuing policy documents that exclude and restrict fair competition.

Fair participation in standard formulation and revision

● Support foreign-invested enterprises to participate in advanced manufacturing, engineering materials, information and communication standardization technical committees or related standardization organizations under the same conditions, and participate in the formulation and revision of standards on an equal footing according to law.

● Publicize national standard information in a timely manner to improve the transparency and openness of standardization work.

Improve the scientific level of administrative law enforcement

Strictly implement the publicity system of administrative law enforcement, strictly implement the list of administrative inspection items, resolutely avoid repeated inspections, promptly correct irregular administrative law enforcement behaviors, and gradually implement off-site supervision characterized by remote supervision, early warning and prevention.

Continue to build the brand of "Investing in China"

● Relying on important exhibition platforms, we will carry out key investment promotion activities of "Investing in China" to show overseas investors China’s high-quality business environment and investment opportunities in all directions.

● Establish and improve the working mechanism, give full play to the role of foreign embassies and consulates as business organizations, support the combination of "going out" and "please come in" in local areas, and carry out investment promotion in a normal way.

● Organize international industrial investment cooperation and docking activities to promote more project negotiation and signing.

Strengthen the service of foreign-invested enterprises

● Make good use of platforms such as round tables of foreign-funded enterprises, deepen normalized exchanges with foreign-funded enterprises, foreign chambers of commerce associations and international organizations, respond to the concerns of all parties in a timely manner, and provide targeted service guarantees.

● Improve the inter-departmental coordination mechanism for complaints of foreign-invested enterprises at all levels, improve the direct contact system of foreign-invested enterprises, smooth communication channels, and timely understand and promote the resolution of problems and reasonable demands reflected by foreign-invested enterprises.

● Implement the information reporting system for foreign investment and continuously promote departmental data sharing. Foreign-invested enterprises shall not be required to submit the information that can be obtained through departmental information sharing.

Smooth the flow of innovation factors

Support foreign-invested enterprises and headquarters data flow

● Standardize data cross-border security management, organize data exit security assessment, standardize personal information exit standard contract filing and other related work, and promote the safe and orderly cross-border flow of data such as R&D, production and sales of foreign-invested enterprises.

● Formulate standards for cross-border data transfer in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, establish a cross-border data flow mechanism for enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao based on major cooperation platforms such as Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone and Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, explore the establishment of a "white list" system for cross-border data flow, and steadily promote the convenient data flow in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Facilitate the exchange of international business personnel

● It is convenient for foreign businessmen to apply for visas to China. For managers and technicians of foreign-invested enterprises, their accompanying spouses and minor children, the validity period of visas is relaxed to two years.

● Accelerate the recovery of the number of international flights in key aviation hubs such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Optimize the management of foreigners’ work and residence permits in China.

● Optimize the procedures for foreigners’ work permits and work-related residence permits in China, and adopt the method of "one-stop acceptance and parallel approval" to form a faster and more efficient approval mechanism.

● Strengthen departmental coordination to facilitate the introduction of foreign talents to work, stop residence and stay permanently in China.

Support domestic and foreign institutions to cooperate and innovate.

We will further implement the international scientific and technological cooperation plan under the new situation, and support foreign-invested enterprises, foreign-funded R&D institutions and multinational companies established in China to participate in national key R&D plans, major national science and technology projects and other national science and technology projects on an equal footing.

Improve domestic regulations

Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights

● Dock international high-standard intellectual property rules, improve intellectual property protection regulations, speed up the construction of a national intellectual property protection information platform, strengthen the construction of a trade secret protection system, and thoroughly implement the work plan for administrative protection of intellectual property rights.

● Focus on key areas and key links, and increase the protection of intellectual property rights of foreign-invested enterprises.

● Intensify the investigation and punishment of IPR infringement cases, and resolutely crack down on and punish IPR infringement of foreign-invested enterprises.

Improve the rules of cross-border data flow.

● Scientifically define the scope of important data.

● Fully and deeply participate in the e-commerce negotiations of the World Trade Organization, and accelerate the construction of global digital trade rules.

● Explore the pilot project of cross-border data flow with the members of the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement, accelerate the establishment of cooperation mechanisms for cross-border data flow with major economic and trade partner countries and regions, and promote the construction of a multi-level global digital partnership network.

Actively promote the negotiation and implementation of high-standard economic and trade agreements

● Actively promote China’s accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement, take the initiative to promote domestic reforms in related fields in accordance with relevant rules, regulations, management and standards, and promote the inclusion of some high-standard economic and trade rules in the arrangement of establishing closer economic and trade relations between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao.

● Promote the negotiation and signing of free trade agreements with more countries and regions, and expand the global network of high-standard free trade zones.

Intensify the pilot project of docking international high-standard economic and trade rules

● Give full play to the leading role of the national service industry in expanding and opening up the comprehensive demonstration zone, accurately meet the needs of industrial development, take the lead in building an open service system that is in line with international high-standard economic and trade rules, and timely connect with the comprehensive pilot zone for expanding and opening up the service industry.

● Support the conditional free trade pilot zone and Hainan Free Trade Port to base themselves on the national conditions, connect with international high-standard economic and trade rules, and take the lead in exploring and implementing the results of negotiations in the fields of domestic regulation of service trade, investment facilitation and digital trade of the World Trade Organization. Continue to slide to see the next touch to read the original text.

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Domestic and foreign fashion industry resources gather to "go to the city"


"Going to the city" renderings.

On March 12th, the Digital Fashion Industrial Park "Going to the City" held its first strategic signing ceremony, and the Fashion Design College of China Academy of Fine Arts, Italian Marangoni College, Japanese Lotte Group and Zhejiang Library received the "golden key" as representatives of the units that settled in. At the same time, the Fashion Design College of China Academy of Fine Arts awarded the license for the industrial park, and set up a practical teaching base here.

Located in Qiantang Smart City, "Shangcheng" has a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan and is one of the key industrial projects in Hangzhou. At present, the project is in the sprint stage of construction, which will be completed and delivered at the end of June this year and will open on September 19.

As a digital fashion industrial park, "Shangcheng" has a total construction area of 350,000 square meters. It consists of a specialized and new headquarters enterprise building, an enterprise innovation incubation base, an international-level talent apartment, business life facilities and a fashion release center. It is a digital fashion industrial park integrating R&D design, flexible intelligence, fashion exhibition and digital marketing. Relying on the industrial base of Hangzhou digital economy and the regional geographical advantage of the transformation and upgrading of the industrial circle in the east of the city, "Shangcheng" is expected to become a typical example of the transformation and upgrading from a traditional manufacturing base to a modern production service industry.

Qiantang Smart City, where the industrial park is located, has gradually formed a market model of "production base+wholesale sales+e-commerce live broadcast", which is the densest place in the national live broadcast e-commerce industry. In this regard, positioning as the "upper city" of digital fashion will focus on introducing three leading industries: fashion design, fashion life and digital service. At present, the industrial park has introduced fashion industry resources from top universities at home and abroad, such as Fashion Design College of China Academy of Fine Arts, Italian Marangoni College, etc., and is fully planning cross-border trade bases such as the "Belt and Road" international product exhibition center and the United Nations International Trade Center to promote the deep integration of manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and the deep integration of digital economy and fashion industry, adding new momentum to the upgrading and increment of Hangzhou’s industrial economy.