Treasure Henan boldly broke the circle of "Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour"


Treasure Henan boldly broke the circle of "Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour"

  In the Spring Festival of 2021, a group of Miss Tang Gong who danced from famous paintings and national treasures made the dance program "Tang Gong Night Banquet" popular all over the country, and also helped the Spring Festival Evening of the Year of the Ox in Henan to be successful.

  Traditional culture+modern science and technology, heavy history+literary tour+variety, creative arrangement, technical empowerment, embedding cultural symbols into lively and interesting artistic interpretation, this wave of operation of Henan Radio and Television Station has successfully opened a breakthrough in the presentation of excellent traditional cultural creativity. The subsequent "Fantastic Night of the Lantern Festival" and "Fantastic Tour of Qingming Festival" have broken the inherent expression form of traditional parties, empowered traditional culture with innovative forms, made it glow with new vitality, and produced a circle-breaking effect with the cultural core.

  The innovation of expression has awakened the great charm of traditional culture. The integration of tradition and modernity is not only the trend, but also the value recognition brought by classic culture. It is better to say that it is an excellent traditional culture than a party.

  Henan, a big cultural province, is at the right time to "break the circle"

  Chinese culture has a long history and is profound. Ancient festivals are important carriers of traditional culture, and their formation contains profound and rich cultural connotations.

  Previously, when Henan Radio and Television Station held the "China Festival" series of special programs to create and enjoy the Summit "in Zhengzhou, it was said that under the overall goal of promoting traditional culture and telling the story of the Yellow River, the" China Festival "should be taken as the starting point, relying on the traditional festivals in China all year round, integrating Internet thinking and national tide elements, using technology empowerment, increasing the record inheritance and fashion expression of excellent traditional culture, and strengthening the text and video recording of traditional festivals in China.

  Wang Chunyang, a radio and television station in Henan Province, said that Henan, as an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and a demonstration area of Chinese cultural inheritance and innovation, has a vast array of contents available for a party. This year, Henan Radio and Television Station will take "Fantastic Night" as the main line of the annual program, take Chinese civilization, Yellow River culture and brilliant Henan as the core strategy, and rely on traditional festivals (such as Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival) to continue to tell the story of the Yellow River, promote the construction of a strong cultural province, and dedicate the most dazzling elements of Henan’s history and culture to everyone again in innovative ways.

  The traditional culture of the wonderful Dragon Boat Festival tour contains it.

  Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are also called the four traditional festivals in China. This "Wonderful Tour of Dragon Boat Festival" is comparable to the mobile Dragon Boat Festival Culture Lecture Hall. While watching the party, I feel the profound Dragon Boat Festival culture, which is entertaining and entertaining.

  Su Shi, a famous poet in the Song Dynasty, wrote in "Huanxisha Dragon Boat Festival" that "the colored thread is lightly wrapped around the red jade arm, and the small symbol hangs obliquely on the Lv Yun. Beautiful women meet for a thousand years. "

  The underwater dance program "Qi" of "Wonderful Tour of Dragon Boat Festival" perfectly reproduces this scene. Dancers dance underwater as if flying: the water dances with them, and their clothes flutter; Dance with the kiss xiu and swing the skirt; Water-milk fusion, lingering … … According to reports, the dance "Prayer" is to show the custom of tying five-color silk thread to pray for blessings during the Dragon Boat Festival.

  And this is just one of the programs. It is understood that the "Wonderful Tour of the Dragon Boat Festival" party is full of innovative comments on the Dragon Boat Festival culture. Dragon Boat Festival, Legend of the Medical Sage and One Side of Zongzi all show the customs of picking dragon boats, dragon festival, picking herbs, hanging wormwood and calamus, tying five-color silk thread, smoking Atractylodes lancea and wearing sachets during the Dragon Boat Festival from different angles.

  "The five-color new silk is wrapped around the corner, and the calamus wine is beautiful and respectful."

  "The roller is wrapped around the arm, and the festival is the Dragon Boat Festival. Aipu is green in front of the door, and the sky is light and the kite dances. "

  When the scene in the poem comes to life, colorful silk threads are wrapped around the wrist, the sweetness of zongzi is between the teeth, wormwood and calamus are hung in front of the door, and the drums of dragon boats are deafening … … In this regard, Professor Mao Defu, director of the Literature and History Committee of the Henan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, said: "Rooted in the 5,000-year history and culture of the Chinese nation, there are cultural genes that will resonate with everyone in China. Tradition is the most fashionable, which is the cultural confidence that we should have for 5 thousand years. "

  A history of Henan, half a history of China, cultural advantage is the biggest advantage of Henan. From the Banquet at the Tang Palace to the Lotus Pond, from "The Stars Move" to "Lantern Festival", from "Fantastic Night of the Lantern Festival" to "Fantastic Tour of the Qingming Festival" to "Fantastic Tour of the Dragon Boat Festival", the programs full of cultural attractions complement each other with the real-life shooting of cultural landmarks, bringing new vitality to generate, the ancient capital of the Central Plains.

  With traditional culture, this is the proper "top flow of the times". What kind of cultural feast will the mysterious Dragon Boat Festival Tour bring us?

  On June 12th, Henan will give us the answer. See you at Dragon Boat Festival! Watch you, Henan! (Correspondent Xiaofeng Zhu Guangming Daily, all-media reporter Wang Shengxi)


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