Andy Lau calls Wuhan to rescue the injured hostages and encourages them to recover soon


Andy Lau calls Wuhan to rescue the injured hostages and encourages them to recover soon

His wife accompanied Tan Jixiong to answer Andy Lau’s call.

Tan Jixiong is answering Andy Lau’s call.

Andy Lau left a message to Tan Jixiong.

  "I’m Andy Lau, how are you now?"

  At 5:10 PM on the 11th, Tan Jixiong, a heroic special police officer in the intensive care ward of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, received a special call.

  The person who called was the nationally renowned artist Andy.

  As Tan Jixiong’s physical rehabilitation treatment was about to begin, with the help of reporters from Jingchu Network and Chutian Metropolis Daily, around 17:00 pm today (11th), Andy Lau, who was filming in Hengdian, called Tan Jixiong through reporters to send his sincere wishes and encourage him to muster confidence and recover as soon as possible.

  Andy was filming "Di Renjie’s Tongtian Empire" in Hengdian at this time. After learning about Tan Jixiong’s heroic deeds in the hostage-taking case of Wuhan University, he was very moved. Learning that Tan Jixiong loved listening to his songs very much, he made a special trip to call Tan Jixiong and sent sincere wishes, encouraging him to muster confidence, cooperate with the doctor for the sake of his family and society, and recover as soon as possible.

  Previously, in order to help Tan Jixiong recover, Zhongnan Hospital decided to stimulate his nerves through music. Tan first proposed to listen to Andy Lau’s songs. According to his request, the hospital arranged for Tan Jixiong to lie in bed and sing Andy’s songs.

  In order to take advantage of the example and idol to give Tan Jixiong the courage to recover and cooperate with his treatment, after being recognized by experts, Chutian Metropolis Daily joined hands with Jingchu Network to quickly send reporters to Hengdian and contact Andy. After learning of the media’s intentions, Andy readily agreed.

  During the call, Andy was very concerned about Tan Jixiong’s condition. When he heard Andy’s voice, Tan Jixiong was very excited. He whispered word by word: "Liu De Hua, you – hello". Andy Lau encouraged Tan Jixiong to persevere on the phone and said that when Tan Jixiong’s condition improved, he would have the opportunity to visit him with friends from the film and television industry. Although he could not have a complete conversation, Tan Jixiong responded frequently "um, um". Although the call lasted only 2 minutes, it made Tan Jixiong very happy and a happy smile bloomed on his face.

  According to Tan Jixiong’s wife, Tan is a fan of Andy Lau, because Andy Lau has a good image and is very diligent. The house is also filled with Andy’s music discs, and Tan imitates the same voice. (Dai Yuan, Rong Yu, Aidan, Chen Yuan, Gao Xiang)

  At 9 am on the 3rd, a hostage-taking incident occurred at Wuhan University. Wuhan police quickly rushed to the scene to deal with it. The hijacker was killed around 14:50 and the hostage was rescued safely. A police officer was injured and is currently being treated.

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