The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championships kicked off.


The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championships kicked off.

Original title: The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championships started.

The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championship opened in Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province on the evening of the 8th. 496 players from 41 countries and regions competed for the world championship in the eight-day competition.

As a billiards project with independent intellectual property rights, Chinese billiards has developed rapidly in China and even the whole world since 1980s. In 2012, the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration officially announced that the project was named "Chinese Billiards", and in accordance with the relevant standards promulgated before, the unified standard table and ball were selected, and the sport began to get on the right track.

In 2015, China Billiards Association initiated the CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship, which accelerated the internationalization of Chinese billiards and made Chinese billiards gradually accepted by billiards players and fans all over the world. In recent years, with the rules and skills of Chinese billiards spread around the world, the booming Chinese billiards has gradually become an important part of the world billiards.

The number of participating countries and the number of participants in this World Championship of Chinese Billiards reached a new high, making it the largest Chinese billiards competition in the world. In recent years, Yushan, Jiangxi Province has made every effort to build a county sports brand featuring billiards, successfully held five Chinese billiards world championships, four Chinese snooker world open tournaments and Chinese billiards international professional leagues, and gradually embarked on the road of high-quality development of county sports from resources to products, from products to events, from events to culture, and from culture to brands.

"The Chinese Billiards World Championship is not only a simple sports event, but also the achievements and honors of all athletes. It is a platform for billiards people all over the world to communicate and enhance their friendship, and it is also a platform to show the charm of Chinese billiards." Gan Liantong, vice chairman of China Billiards Association, said. (Qiu Jianhui, Ma Jing)


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