[China’s answer to the world’s problems] Suining Town, Ningxia-19 years of immigration to move out of a new life


[China’s answer to the world’s problems] Suining Town, Ningxia-19 years of immigration to move out of a new life

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The picture shows the corner of Yuanlong Village in Suining Town.

The picture shows the corner of Yuanlong Village in Suining Town.

  Cctv news(Reporter Gao Yuting) One day in July 1997, the sun was shining brightly, and a desert in Ningxia at the foot of Helan Mountain was particularly hot under the scorching sun.

  Xie Xingchang, the branch secretary of Hongtai Village, Wangmin Township, Xiji County, came here after a big circle in Hongsibao, wuzhong, Ningxia, Dawukou, Shizuishan City and Beibao, Yinchuan Town.

  The natural conditions in Xiji’s hometown are harsh, relying on the weather to eat and suffering from drought for ten years. After a good year of business, the income of the whole family is only nearly 10 thousand yuan. Xie Xingchang decided to look around and move his family out of the poor living environment in the southern mountainous area.




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  "At that time, there were no birds in the air, grass didn’t grow underground, and the wind blew sand. There are no people in the desert beach, no houses, no trees, and no one to transform them. The wind blows all day, only one wind blows every year, from west to east. " Xie Xingchang told the general secretary.

  The general secretary asked with a smile, the conditions were really hard at that time, so why did you dare to come?

  Xie Xingchang said that after attending the groundbreaking ceremony, he returned to Xiji’s hometown with corn and sorghum from Yuquanying Farm. After rubbing the grain, it was weighed, with 0.9 kg of sorghum rice and 0.8 kg of corn. Xie Xingchang told the people in the village, you see people’s corn is also high, and sorghum is useless and so fierce. People are investing in Fujian. As long as the Yellow River water comes up, it is also a good place. After listening to Xie Xingchang’s mobilization, ten villagers in Hongtai Village followed him to Suining Village.

  The general secretary praised Xie Xingchang: "This method is good, it can attract the people, and it is also instructive."

  At the end of 1997, Xie Xingchang moved to Suining Village with the whole family pulling the tent. Because the conditions at home were good in my hometown at that time, I couldn’t enjoy the preferential immigration policy, but as long as I had the willingness to move, I could settle in Suining Village.

  More immigrants from Xiji County, seeing the harsh environment of the yellow sand in Suining Village, have returned to their hometown. There are also more immigrants who bought land from the government for 2,000 yuan in Minning Village, and sold it at the prices of 4,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan and 6,000 yuan.

  Xie Xingchang and ten villagers who have no immigration indicators have gradually settled down by buying these lands from immigrants who don’t want to stay. "Building a house is the most bitter. As soon as the tent was set up, the sandstorm started, and the tent was uncovered at once, leaving only people and no food. " Xie Xingchang recalled that at that time, the water had not come up, and he slowly built the house by driving a tricycle and pulling water back outside every day.

  My wife is going back to her hometown. Xie Xingchang said that she can’t go back. Let’s come up and reform. Not only did Xie Xingchang’s wife not understand at that time, but Xie Xingchang’s brother Zhao Wenqing did not understand at that time. Brother said, at least you are a cadre in your hometown. What are you doing here? However, in the end, Zhao Wenqing did not resist the "temptation" of reality and moved to Suining Town in 2008.

  Facts have proved that Xie Xingchang’s vision is excellent. With the help of the government, the infrastructure such as water, electricity and roads in Suining Village has gradually kept up. The most important thing is that the village is close to the south of Yinchuan city, with convenient transportation. Planting and raising something is not only easy to survive, but also sells well.

  In 1998, in the first year of moving out, the corn planted by Xie Xingchang in the sandy land transformed by Suining Village could produce 800 kg and 900 kg. "It has turned over several times than my hometown. My hometown sometimes cultivates land, with the widest (more) acre of land, harvesting 300 kilograms and 400 kilograms. If the water is not good, you can collect a seed, and the full (seed) will be changed." Xie Xingchang said.

  That year, more than 300 villagers moved to Suining Village, and he took the lead in planting Lycium barbarum in the village.

  Finally, there was a live meeting in our house. I said that this is really a good place. After reading it, the output of Chinese wolfberry is higher than that of grain. Xie Xingchang said that in the end, he led 50 villagers to plant Lycium barbarum.

  In that year, Fujian Province also sent experts and professors to Minning Village to teach immigrants to grow mushrooms and other technologies. From shed-building, fungus-making, to door-to-door teaching, the experts didn’t leave until they sold mushrooms. According to Xie Xingchang’s memory, there were 300 mushroom sheds in the village that year, and the income in the worst year was 7,000 yuan and 8,000 yuan.

  "I summed up a sentence. Moving to Suining Village is definitely a good place as long as you are diligent, don’t be lazy and do a good job. It is definitely a place to feed people." Xie Xingchang said.

  Previously, in Xiji’s hometown, a lively village party secretary like Xie Xingchang made a good living for a year, and the gross income of the whole family just passed 10,000 yuan. In 1998, in the first year of Suining Village, the net income of Xie Xingchang’s family had already exceeded 10,000 yuan. As the days went by, many immigrants hesitated, going in and out several times, but all the ten villagers who moved up with Xie Xingchang settled down, and no one left.

Xie Xingchang, the first immigrant from Suining Village, introduced the Lycium barbarum seedlings he planted in 1998 to reporters.

Xie Xingchang, the first immigrant from Suining Village, introduced the Lycium barbarum seedlings he planted in 1998 to reporters.

  In the past 19 years, Xie Xingchang has changed adobe houses into brick houses, brick houses into board houses, and board houses into small two-story buildings. The houses have been changed four times, and life has changed dramatically. Now the yard where Xie Xingchang lives is spacious and tidy, and the peach trees and jujube trees in the yard are growing well. Two years ago, someone paid 650,000 yuan to buy his yard, but Xie Xingchang didn’t sell it.

  After listening to Xie Xingchang’s story, the general secretary said to him: "You came here in 1997. You are the guide for the relocation of immigrants in Suining Town, the leader of the relocation of Suining Town to get rid of poverty and the witness of the development and construction of Suining Town."

  Looking through the relevant reports of the General Secretary’s recent visit to Ningxia, we can find such information. At the home of Hai Fugui, a villager in Yuanlong Village of this town, the General Secretary recalled the past: "I came here in 1997 and was shocked by the local poverty scene. I made up my mind to implement the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and promote Fujian and Ningxia to carry out counterpart assistance. At that time, ‘ Immigrant Diaozhuang ’ The project moved the people living in the deep mountain valley with extremely inconvenient transportation, draught and medical treatment to a place suitable for production and life, and built Minning Village. In the past 20 years, Min Ning Village has developed into Min Ning Town. I am very pleased to see that you have lived a good life and your faces are full of happiness. Suining Town has explored a broad road, and we want to promote this valuable experience to the whole country. "

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