Bird bird column: I have the freedom of fashion and the freedom of unfashionability.


Bird bird column: I have the freedom of fashion and the freedom of unfashionability.

The higher a society’s tolerance for fashion, the higher people’s sense of security for self-expression and the more dynamic cultural life.

Bird bird

Although I don’t intend to be a hipster myself, I hope there will be more and more hipsters around me, and I hope they will become more and more fashionable. I have a narrow point of view, that is, the higher a society’s tolerance for fashion, the higher people’s sense of security for self-expression and the more dynamic cultural life.

When telling the editor the theme of this column, she joked that it would be possible not to "damage" fashion, after all, this is a fashion magazine. I said yes, I will write about the benefits of fashion in this issue.

I think besides always asking people to spend money, fashion sometimes highlights the glamorous side too much, but it also has some advantages, that is, it can introduce itself to others as quickly as possible.What clothes a person wears often reflects what he wants others to think of him, just as psychology says: you can’t recognize him without taking off his mask, and sometimes we can know him by what mask he wears.In any case, people can’t avoid fashion or this set of social symbols.

Bird bird

Personally, I prefer being a fashion bystander to being a fashion practitioner. I like people who appreciate beauty to make some wonderful attempts. There are some fashionable people in the talk show actors, such as "Carnivore" Da Mu and Dang Dang. Once I met Yao Yao, who tied many colorful flowers on his beard. At that time, I asked him a lot of questions, because it was really beyond my cognition.The beard is a symbol with extremely masculine characteristics, and the colorful flowers are very cute. When he combines the two elements, I think this idea is really very special.

Ying Ning also has a good dressing style (although I can’t wear it myself, I can also tell who can wear it better). She often wears casual clothes with a little sports style and a little Japanese style, which makes her feel handsome and sunny. Because she also likes sports and is full of energy, it makes people feel particularly appropriate.

Mancai combines carnivore and talk show actor Ning.

Fashion is not only to look good, but also to show one’s inner character. Moreover, it is not necessary to take the pursuit of big names as a goal, but to do daily dressing as an aesthetic practice. Those daunting prices may not be the original intention of fashion.I think the pursuit of fashion will eventually fall on the self, and we can’t just follow the fashion trend to complete the purchase.

To be fashionable, the most important thing is to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. When I was in middle school, I always secretly put the mirror in my pencil case, and I also had to take a sneak look at it in class. When I got a pimple on my face, I always had to knife it immediately. After that stage, I feel that looking in the mirror is an inefficient thing.

Bird bird

In addition, I always feel that winter is a difficult fashion season, there are fewer clothes to match, and buying clothes is always more functional than aesthetics. Every winter, my mother will knit me a new sweater, and there are two old picture books in the bookcase that teach crochet. Wool is produced in Inner Mongolia, and there is a wool mill in Hohhot. My mother bought some new balls of wool, which are always fluffy and soft, with the smell of camphor balls on them. Then my mother unpacked the wool and asked me to put my arms up and wind the wool again, so that I could put the wool on my arm when crocheting.

My mother’s desire to knit a sweater is mainly influenced by my aunt. My aunt knits one for my cousin every year. My cousin wears it too small, so she will wear it for me the next year. Although the sweater is knitted by myself, it is very aesthetically ingenious. One year, my cousin gave me a sweater with a lion on it. The main body of the lion is a pattern drawn by a needle hook, and only the tail is made of a small handful of yellow wool, which is very real. I often want to stroke it in class. The sweater my mother knitted for me is generally not so complicated, it is pure pink with a little hemp pattern; My mother often calls me to the living room when I am doing my homework, and asks me to try it on my head. I carefully thread my arms and face through some sweater needles, and my mother will say some knitting strategies that I don’t understand.

In order to let me wear the sweater for a few more years, my mother knitted it so long that I had to use a school uniform coat to cover the hem. Later, my mother was more Buddhist, and she took me out to buy sweaters in winter. But the sweaters you buy are often cotton knits. This kind of sweater is heavy and not warm enough. Unlike wool, although it ties your neck, it keeps you warm wonderfully, which makes you sleepy in class.

I think the reason why I am far from fashion is partly because I live in Inner Mongolia. The climate there is rather cold, with sandstorms in spring, large temperature difference between day and night in autumn and biting cold wind in winter. Only a short summer is suitable for pursuing beauty. Fashion people have either migrated to the south, or they can only shoot at home. They want to shoot in the street, not to mention that they can’t find fashion people, and there are not even such dedicated photographers. This is why you always see Shanghai Street Shooting and Shenzhen Street Shooting on the Internet, but rarely see Hohhot Street Shooting. Looking at the street shooting in Shanghai, we often see a kind of leisure. There are few street cafes in Hohhot, and cyclists often have a hard time making a living, so it is difficult to relax.

Recently, I have paid attention to some minimalist bloggers. They have a fashion idea called capsule wardrobe. In fact, the logic is very simple, that is, they all use black, white, gray and camel-colored items to match each other. I look at my wardrobe. There is a big logo on my clothes, no black pants, no white pants, only five pairs of jeans. I can’t help feeling that a truly fashionable person doesn’t even hinder her fashion, but my dressing style is still chaotic and monotonous.

Birds in life

The pursuit of fashion is often different in degree. Everyone has a relatively inherent perspective, that is, people who are not as fashionable as themselves are old-fashioned, and those who are more fashionable than themselves will cause hipster phobia.In fact, hipsters don’t hinder anyone. They just dress themselves up according to their own aesthetics. Just because they are different from our inherent cognition, some people feel uncomfortable. But the most important quality of a civilized person is to respect the existence of others.. I saw a discussion on whether people should wear yoga pants outside on the Internet. One of the hot comments said that freedom of dressing means wearing the right clothes in the right place, which was praised by many people. But I believe that among all the people who like it, what they think is "appropriate" cannot be exactly the same.

It seems that women always fall into such a double dilemma when they wear clothes, either because they have no desire or because they show their sexiness confidently, they are judged inappropriately. When a woman is harassed, there will be two kinds of comments, either belittling the victim as a woman who is not enough to make people want, or saying that since you are dressed so attractively, you must have been prepared for being taken advantage of. This dilemma always makes me feel helpless and confused. How can a woman live in order to be considered attractive and respectable?

Bird Bird talked about the pressure of women’s appearance in the program "Send 100 Girls Home"

Ten years ago, during the Spring Festival, I went to my aunt’s house for the Spring Festival. My cousin had a wound on her face. We asked what happened. My cousin said that she walked at night years ago, because she wore a necklace and earrings, and she also carried a nice purse, so wild one robbed her and took her bag away, dragging people down. Finally, the whole family came to a unanimous conclusion: at the end of the year, people need money, don’t show off their wealth, don’t wear jewelry, and don’t walk at night. Last Spring Festival, my cousin still loved beauty very much. Not only did she dress herself up very well, but my little nephew was also dressed as a hipster by her. I think fashion may have such power:Once you have this aesthetic and creativity, you can’t hide it. Even if it is risky to show your charm, the pursuit of beauty itself is so fascinating..

Compared with food and clothing, freedom of dress is a somewhat melodramatic issue, but I am envious of some people’s desire for beauty and even their willingness to take some risks in pursuit of individuality. It is not easy for people to express themselves and have their own style, so people around them should protect their spirit rather than asking them to cut off branches. After all, this is the meaning of social development, isn’t it? That is, people can not only survive, but also live aesthetically.

Besides, I think the freedom of dressing includes not only positive freedom, that is, people can dress in fashion, youth and show their style as much as they can, but also a negative freedom, that is, they can not make many attempts in fashion.My ideal freedom of dressing is that I have the freedom of fashion and the freedom of unfashionability, so that I can neither be humiliated by sluts because of fashion, nor be criticized as "not enough women" because of unfashionability.

Bird bird also made fun of this photo of hot search on fire in Weibo.

Although I don’t intend to be a hipster myself, I hope there will be more and more hipsters around me, and I hope they will become more and more fashionable. Because only they can wear yoga pants freely, can I wear jeans freely; Only when they can wear big earrings freely can I wear small earrings freely.

You don’t have to fight for the freedom to wear conservative clothes, so you don’t have to sneer at other relatively minority clothes just because you have chosen a safer dress style. I have a narrow point of view, that is, the higher a society’s tolerance for fashion, the higher people’s sense of security for self-expression and the more dynamic cultural life.

The original text was published in the February 2023 issue of Bazaar of Fashion.

Editor: Li Jin

Typesetting: miffy

Some pictures are provided: Laughing Fruit Culture, Birds and Birds Weibo, "Send a hundred girls home "program.


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