Guangxi Branch of China Construction Bank: Finance Helps Transformation and Upgrading of Agricultural Batch Farmers’ Market


Guangxi Branch of China Construction Bank: Finance Helps Transformation and Upgrading of Agricultural Batch Farmers’ Market

  In recent years, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Branch of China Construction Bank (hereinafter referred to as "Guangxi Branch of CCB") has built a brand of "Yunong Market", created an exclusive ecological scene to serve the agricultural market, and helped transform the traditional market and upgrade the circulation system.

  Comprehensive service to solve problems

  Dancun Market is one of the large-scale comprehensive vegetable markets in Nanning, with about 3,000 merchants and an average daily passenger flow of over 30,000. Because the market has not been upgraded for a long time, it has brought a series of problems. For this reason, Guangxi Branch of CCB quickly formulated the comprehensive service plan of "Yunong Market" exclusive to Dancun Market, solved the problem of intelligent accounting and reconciliation of market funds with innovative products of "Huishibao", and solved the financing demand of merchants with inclusive finance products such as "Merchant Cloud Loan" and "Bagui Rural Commercial Loan".

  At the same time, Guangxi Branch of CCB cooperated with market participants and local promoters to solve the problem of "running orders" in the market through WeChat appeal, and used holidays such as "May Day" and National Day to carry out activities of full reduction of merchants’ consumption, effectively offering preferential treatment to customers and stimulating the increase of the overall amount of orders received.

  "Since the cooperation with CCB, more than 1,700 booths in the agricultural trade area of our market have continued to reach full rent, the satisfaction of merchants has increased from 93.5% to 98.3%, and the average number of vehicles entering the market has increased from more than 6,500 to more than 7,300." Tamura market staff said.

  Propaganda of staff sinking in Guangxi Branch of CCB (Photo courtesy of Guangxi Branch of CCB)

  Credit flowing water unblocks and keeps smooth.

  It is understood that Yulin’s annual spice trading volume is about 800,000 tons, and the annual trading volume is about 30 billion yuan. Yulin International Spice Trading Market is an intensive, integrated and all-category typical spice trading center in China, with a large number of spice merchants, various trading categories and huge trading volume. However, with the continuous expansion of the trade scale in the spice market, the problem of working capital of market merchants has become increasingly prominent.

  Yulin Branch of China Construction Bank faced up to the merchants’ problems in the spice market, set up a professional team, linked the market managers to fully meet the financing needs of the market merchants, and used inclusive credit products such as "merchant cloud loan", "good loan" and "fast mortgage loan" to focus on supporting the wholesale merchants in the spice market and the upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain of backbone merchants. And with the good reputation brought by high-quality credit services, we will expand new merchants and create a virtuous circle.

  At present, CCB Yulin Branch has provided settlement and loan services for nearly 300 merchants in the spice market, with a loan amount of 270 million yuan, covering nearly 50% of the merchants.

  Financial empowerment digital transformation

  In August this year, Liuzhou Branch of China Construction Bank and Guangxi Xinliuyong Agricultural Products Wholesale Market jointly held the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement on digital finance of agricultural products supply chain and promoting rural revitalization of "Yunong Market". Focusing on all customers and the whole chain of the market, the two sides gave full play to the advantages of CCB’s financial technology to jointly create a "digital vegetable basket" and empower the agricultural products supply chain by financial means.

  At the same time, Liuzhou Branch of China Construction Bank actively exerts the brand advantage of "Yunong Market" and provides market managers, merchants, small and micro enterprises and farmers with a package of comprehensive services covering facility agriculture project financing, inclusive finance, payment and settlement, deposit and wealth management, so that ordinary people can enjoy more benefits brought by digital transformation.

  "This cooperation with Liuzhou Branch will achieve more brilliant results in promoting rural revitalization, digital finance empowering agricultural product supply chain and brand development of’ Yunong Market’, so that the general public and merchants can enjoy more benefits brought by new financial technologies." The person in charge of the management of Xinliuyong market said.

  In the next step, Guangxi Branch of CCB will continue to focus on key agricultural markets and county-level specialized markets, and join hands with all parties to deepen the brand building of "Yunong Market" to create a new agriculture-related market with intelligent management, convenient financing and convenient transactions, and promote transformation, smooth circulation and revitalization with the help of finance. (Zhong Hongxin)


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