Magnolia Hotel invites you to start a wonderful journey to meet the sea.


Magnolia Hotel invites you to start a wonderful journey to meet the sea.

The Spring Festival holiday has started. Are you already on your way out? If you think Erbin is too cold, then go to Hainan and meet the sunny beach.

Looking at the sea in winter, many people prefer Sanya. Sanya is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, facing the South Pacific Ocean, with beautiful coastline and many famous tourist attractions. In fact, the sunny beaches in Hainan Province are not only Sanya, but Qionghai, located in the east of Hainan Island, also has charming bays.

Yudai beach, located in Boao, Qionghai, is a naturally formed beach peninsula with a long and narrow terrain. The smoke waves in the South China Sea are endless on the outside, and the lakes and mountains in Wanquan River and Shamei Inland Sea on the inside reflect each other inside and outside, forming a strange landscape. In addition to yudai beach, in Qionghai, you can also climb Baishiling to overlook the scenery of Qionghai, and see the red stone beach &hellip, which brings together the wonders of nature; … In Jiaji Old Street, the well-preserved stone roads and old houses on both sides, as well as the Nanyang arcade-style buildings adjacent to Xinmin Commercial Street, have a unique view.

Wanquan River, which originated in Wuzhishan, is the third largest river in Hainan. The typical tropical rain forest landscape and fantastic landforms along the banks of the river are breathtaking and are known as the "Amazon River" of China. Wanquan River, like a colorful ribbon, floated down from wu-chih mountains, rolled eastward to Boao Town, qionghai city, and plunged into the embrace of the sea. The beautiful scenery full of tropical customs on both sides of the strait is even more fascinating.

Moreover, the permanent meeting place of Boao Forum for Asia, namely Boao Forum for Asia International Conference Center, is located on the beautiful Dongyu Island. The magnificent modern architecture, the charming scenery of rivers and seas, and the ancient and moving beautiful legends in the scenic spot demonstrate the harmony between man and nature.

Traveling in Qionghai and staying at Magnolia Hotel (Aihua Road, Wanquanhe, Qionghai) is the first choice for many tourists. Magnolia Hotel (Aihua Road, Wanquanhe, Qionghai) takes the service concept of "Better for you with your heart" and the brand core of "Smart space, optimal comfort, health and fashion, sincerity and ingenuity" to convey a light and fashionable quality of life and make guests feel better staying experience.

Located at No.176, Aihua East Road, Jiaji Town, qionghai city, Magnolia Hotel (Aihua Road Store, Wanquanhe, Qionghai) is also surrounded by a bustling scene: a fair food street close to local characteristics, a snack culture street, a south gate market, a pedestrian street, a red women soldiers statue, etc., with everything to eat, drink and have fun. Moreover, the hotel’s transportation is very convenient, only 2 kilometers away from Qionghai Railway Station, 8 kilometers away from Red women soldiers Memorial Park, 13 kilometers away from Qionghai Baishiling Scenic Area and 15 kilometers away from Boao Forum for Asia, which can be described as extending in all directions.

To see the sea in winter, you must choose Hainan. And coming to Qionghai to start a wonderful trip to meet the sea is a Chinese New Year gift for myself.

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