Big Mouth View | Geely "Galaxy": Let everyone "look up", or end up in "disappointment"?


Big Mouth View | Geely "Galaxy": Let everyone "look up", or end up in "disappointment"?

To say that the domestic car circle has been a big "fire" in recent days, "Geely Galaxy" should be well deserved.

The story seems to have happened suddenly – according to an industry insider close to Geely’s factory, it didn’t take long from the finalization of the "Galaxy" project to the official launch.

If you carefully follow the clues, from the time the factory first announced the news of "launching a mid-to-high-end new energy series" during the Spring Festival to the official arrival of "Galaxy" on February 23, Geely only took a total of one month – not to be said to be "efficient".

Of course, this will inevitably give many people in the industry a sense of "rushing on the horse".

At the same time, Geely’s chosen promotional "strategy" also seems to support the above situation from the side – in the face of the two major factory slogans "Galaxy: the starry sky everyone looks up to" and "Galaxy L7: the ideal car from the Galaxy", not only BYD looks up to the brand and the ideal (L7) will be speechless, but passers-by will also be "shocked".

After all, Geely is the "top" car company among Chinese car brands in terms of sales in 2022. Basic "integrity" should always be required, right?… If it is said that such a "hot spot" move with almost no "offline" is the brand’s "long-planned and well-considered" behavior – whether you believe it or not, I "dare not believe it" anyway.

Just yesterday (February 27), Changan Automobile commissioned Chongqing Baijun Law Firm to issue a "Lawyer’s Letter" to Geely Automobile, bluntly stating that the prototype "Galaxy Light" released by Geely Galaxy "has a lot of similarities with Changan Automobile’s concept car and mass-produced model, and is suspected of infringing on Changan Automobile’s intellectual property rights."

Faced with the trouble of "appearance plagiarism" after "publicity rubbing hot spots", Geely Automobile also responded quickly – today (February 28), the brand issued a "statement" to completely deny accusations such as "suspected plagiarism and intellectual property infringement".

Regarding whether it is "hastily launched" and "suspected of plagiarism", I will click the following table here. Back to the product level, Geely defined "Galaxy" as a "mid-to-high-end new energy series" (not a new sub-brand), and released a grand plan of "7 blockbuster new energy products will be launched in the next two years!"

At the same time, the first model of the series – Galaxy L7 also debuted and opened reservations. From the product positioning and estimated price (about 200,000 yuan), the opponent of this compact electric hybrid SUV is undoubtedly BYD’s "explosive", the new generation of domestic SUV segment "magic car" – Song PLUS DM-i.

So, why is Geely Automobile so eager to launch "Galaxy" when it already has new energy sub-brands such as Krypton and Geometry?… With the brand’s existing "family background", can it support the ambitious ambition of this new energy product series?… As the first model to make a grand debut, does the Galaxy L7 have the ability to truly challenge the Song PLUS DM-i?…

In the eyes of many people in the industry, all of this seems to be full of too many doubts –

True Galaxy needs to look up, but "Geely Galaxy" doesn’t

– Vehicle Power | Liu Jie

If the pattern is as vast as the galaxy in the universe, it is not impossible for everyone to look up. However, Geely’s operation is indeed a bit "petty".

Back in the day, insiders were still debating why Geely was always half a beat or even a beat slower when it launched "plug-in" products. Now, the answer is revealed – make way for "Galaxy".

Looking at the entire press conference that day, it was like a "work report", and there was very little interpretation of the core technology of the product. Perhaps, Geely also knew that the more detailed it was, the more people would "associate" with the Thor Hi · P system, but "Galaxy" was a new product series – if "old" technology was still used, it would seem a little "sincere"?…

In fact, Geely could be a little more generous – for example, Thor Hi · P was the power technology that was laid out in advance for the "Galaxy" series of products. After being tested by Emgrand, Xingyue L and other models, this system has abundant performance and strong stability… Of course, if you add some horsepower and torque parameters, it may be more convincing.

As for the "Geely Galaxy" propaganda poster with "look up" and "ideal", this is undoubtedly an even more wrong move.

Take the "BBA" who have been "in love and killing each other" for many years as an example. Although they are rivals, they almost always "touch" in terms of advertising content and marketing methods; even if they are sometimes more "explicit", they will still be very restrained from mentioning the other party’s brand name.

In contrast to Geely, would consumers really think that "BYD and Ideal are not as good as Geely" because of slogans like "Your ideal is to look up at the Milky Way"?…

Can it be done just by being "anxious"?

– Vehicle Power | Lei Tiejun

From the "rapid launch" of the "mid-to-high-end new energy series" project, to the propaganda that seriously "touches porcelain" and loses the "big factory system", it may all reflect Geely’s current mentality in facing the domestic new energy products, especially the hybrid model market segment.

One word: urgent!

In the face of BYD’s unparalleled success and far ahead, and in the face of many "new forces" and traditional car company opponents competing and refusing to give in to each other, Geely, which seems to have long been "laid out" by Geometry, Extreme Krypton, and even Maple Leaf and Ruilan brands, has not yet really made a "name" in terms of the sales scale of new energy products.

On the other hand, it is also the "top" car company among Chinese car brands that will rank among the top three in sales in 2022. Seeing that it has been unable to speed up on the aforementioned new "track" of "winning the future", how can it not be in a hurry?…

However, no matter how anxious it is, it should not mess up the "rules and regulations". If you want to "speed up", you must also have enough technical accumulation, or even "unique skills". In the face of "N weapons" such as "DM-i Super Hybrid" and "Blade Battery" that BYD is famous for, Geely might as well ask himself: Is it enough to rely on the "Thor Hybrid" that has not yet gained enough recognition and reputation?…

What’s more, in the face of the new competition landscape of the era of new energy products, the tactics of "having more children and fighting" like Geely’s "wide net" may be outdated.

Take a look at the global electric vehicle "leader" Tesla, its main sales products can’t be only Model 3 and Y cars (in essence, they can also be considered the same thing); take a look at the 2022 Q4 gross profit margin as high as 20%, much higher than the "overlord" BYD (gross profit margin of about 5%) Li Auto, L7/8/9 "matryoshka" play is simple and direct enough?…

Therefore, instead of "having more children and making a lot of noise" like Geely, it is better to really calm down and study Tesla and Li Auto’s "having fewer children and making a fortune in silence".

Only know how to play "word games", from the level of propaganda to "touch porcelain" Li Auto, Geely is probably "picking up (Diu) (le) (lian) Ma (mian), lost watermelon".


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