For the first time, female generals were arranged to be read in the trekking team. Cai Zhijun responded to the number of senior commanders.


For the first time, female generals were arranged to be read in the trekking team. Cai Zhijun responded to the number of senior commanders.

       CCTV News:The press center celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China (PRC) held the first special group interview in the press room on the second floor of the Media Center. Major General Cai Zhijun, deputy director of the Military Parade Leading Group Office and deputy director of the Operations Bureau of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission, Major General Tan Min, executive deputy director of the Military Parade Joint Command Office and deputy chief of staff of the Central Theater of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and Senior Colonel Wu Qian, director of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense and spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, were invited to introduce the arrangements for the military parade and answer questions from reporters.

       Central TV reporter:As mentioned just now, the number of senior commanders who have been read in this military parade arrangement exceeds that in previous military parades. My question is, what is the consideration for this arrangement and design? Thank you.


       Cai Zhijun:Thank you for your question. No matter in wartime or peacetime, senior commanders of the army are always the key to rallying troops, directing troops’ actions and leading troops’ construction, and are always the backbone that our party attaches great importance to training experience and entrusts with heavy responsibilities. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, especially after the Gutian Army Political Work Conference, the people’s army has regrouped and started again, and its overall appearance has taken on a new look. The ability, quality and style image of senior commanders have been greatly improved, which has played a very important role in implementing the goal of strengthening the army and promoting preparations for war.

       The senior commanders who arranged more military parades were read, and they focused on establishing a clear orientation of leading troops to fight and striving for victory, showing a good image of taking the lead and being above the rate, and declaring a high degree of consciousness of absolutely listening to the party’s command and courageously taking responsibility. As Major General Tan Min said just now, senior generals in their 60s are trained and read together with young officers and men. It is worth mentioning that the female soldier team arranged for two female generals to be the team leaders and appeared in the parade ground in a cool and heroic manner. This is also the first time that all previous military parades have arranged for female generals to be read in the trekking team. Thank you.


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