The TV series Fox Hunt is a hit, but the economic investigation cases in reality are actually more exciting than this.


The TV series Fox Hunt is a hit, but the economic investigation cases in reality are actually more exciting than this.

  Recently, the TV series "Fox Hunt" was broadcasted, which mainly told the story of transnational arrest of economic suspects at large.

  This TV series was created in the background of "Fox Hunting Action" of the Ministry of Public Security.

  "Fox Hunting Action" is a special action launched by the Ministry of Public Security in 2014 to arrest economic suspects who are at large abroad.

  The protagonist in the play has gone through many difficulties and dangers to launch a transnational pursuit, but the economic investigation case in reality is actually more exciting than this.

  The play spent eight years chasing fugitives.

  In reality, someone has been absconding for 18 years.

  On January 20, 2015, a seemingly ordinary middle-aged man entered the border checkpoint of Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

  Passport information shows that he is an Australian Chinese and his name is "Zhang Jianping".

  The man calmly handed his passport to the border inspector, and there seemed nothing unusual.

  However, this entry information has attracted the attention of Shanghai border inspection.

  In the process of immigration investigation, the Shanghai border inspection found that the facial features and whereabouts of this man were consistent with those of Xie Renliang, a wanted man in the sensational financial fraud case in Shanghai in 1997, and provided the information to the Economic Investigation Corps of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

  After checking and comparing with the information in the pursuit database, the Economic Investigation Corps of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau found that the entry man was very similar to Xie Renliang.

  18 years ago, Xie Renliang came to into thin air with money from fraud.

  At that time, how on earth did he cheat away more than 90 million yuan?

  Xie Renliang was the chairman of a company in Ningbo at that time. Since April 1996, he has been engaged in margin financing and securities lending business with a securities company in Shanghai.

  After defrauding the trust of the manager of the securities company, Xie Renliang privately carved the official seal of a securities business department in Ningbo, and repeatedly issued certificates of custody of Chinese bonds with yin and yang denominations.

  He defrauded 46 million yuan of funds and 45.5 million yuan of treasury bonds from securities companies in Shanghai by signing contracts such as bond trading agreement and treasury bond integration agreement.

Bond transaction agreement and treasury bond integration agreement

  Xie Renliang used all the money he cheated to invest in futures and stocks, but these investments suffered serious losses. He lost more than 30 million yuan only by investing in futures.

  On March 2, 1997, Xie Renliang left a letter to the manager of a securities company in Shanghai and fled with the balance.

Xie Renliang wrote in his letter, "I am sorry for you in this life."

  If you leave like this, it will be 18 years.

  In the past 18 years, the police in charge of handling cases have changed several times, but they have never given up their pursuit of him.

  It was not until Zhang Jianping, who returned from Australia in January 2015, that the police saw the hope of solving the case.

  To solve the case, the first thing is to determine whether this "Zhang Jianping" is Xie Renliang.

  During the investigation, the police found that "Zhang Jianping" had a domestic household registration in susong county, Anhui Province before obtaining Australian citizenship.

  The Shanghai police went to Susong, Anhui Province to investigate and found that there were indeed doubts.

  The local police station told the Shanghai police that Zhang Jianping was from susong county, Anhui Province, but he had been lost for some time before returning to registered permanent residence in Susong.

  In addition, the police also found that the trajectory of "Zhang Jianping" and Xie Renliang’s ex-wife living in Australia also overlapped.

  Xie Renliang’s ex-wife divorced Xie Renliang around 1996, married an Australian Chinese and obtained Australian citizenship.

  After the police tracked down the Chinese, they learned that Xie Renliang’s ex-wife had divorced him.

  According to him, Xie Renliang should live in Australia.

  After discovering all kinds of doubts about "Zhang Jianping", the police locked him in a hotel in Hangzhou.

  The police found that "Zhang Jianping" has been living in this hotel in Hangzhou since he entered Shanghai Pudong Airport on January 20, 2015.

  Even during the Lunar New Year, he didn’t return to his so-called original domicile — — Susong county, Anhui.

  This undoubtedly aggravated the police’s suspicion.

  After many comparisons, verifications and external investigations, the police are more and more convinced that "Zhang Jianping" is Xie Renliang who has fled for 18 years.

  On March 3, 2015, after careful deployment, the police handling the case decided to arrest "Zhang Jianping" who was in the Hangzhou hotel.

  According to the police investigating the case, when they found "Zhang Jianping", they suddenly asked him.

  "Are you Xie Renliang?"

  "Zhang Jianping" immediately stood there, his eyes were very scared, and he sat motionless on the couch.

  The police found that "Zhang Jianping" carried three mobile phones with him. Through some news on these three mobile phones, the police realized that "Zhang Jianping" mainly wanted to see his mother for the last time through related people.

  In this way, the police handling the case further clarified that he is Xie Renliang.

  But at this time, in the face of the inquiry of the police handling the case, "Zhang Jianping" was either silent or lied that he could not remember the past.

  All kinds of evidence show that "Zhang Jianping" is Xie Renliang who has been pursued by the police for 18 years, but the case handlers have encountered new problems.

  The man insisted that he was "Zhang Jianping", and he denied all the evidence that he was Xie Renliang, trying to get away with it.

  What is even more ironic is that "Zhang Jianping" has repeatedly claimed that he has lost his memory.

  In the face of his lies, on the one hand, the police found Xie Renliang’s relatives and the parties to the case to identify him.

  On the other hand, in order to make the whole chain of evidence more closed and solid, the police used DNA comparison technology to extract the DNA of Xie Renliang’s son and mother and compare it with him.

Biometrics cannot be changed.

  The test results show that "Zhang Jianping" is Xie Renliang who has fled overseas for 18 years.

  At this point, Xie Renliang, the suspect involved in the case of 90 million yuan, was completely restored by the Shanghai police.

  On May 13, 2016, the Shanghai Higher People’s Court made a final judgment. Xie Renliang was convicted of fraud, sentenced to life imprisonment and confiscated all his personal property.

  In the play, Wang Kai Angel pretends to be a couple.

  There are actually prototypes in reality.

  In the preview of the TV series Fox Hunt, Wang Kai and Angel have the same style, and some netizens think that this is "pretending to be lovers" to catch fugitives.

  In fact, there are archetypal figures in the "Fox Hunt".

  In 2013, Zhou fled to the Philippines after defrauding five cable companies in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province of 9.6 million yuan of cable products.

  Through technical investigation, the police found that although Zhou had a wife and son in Yixing, he married a local young woman after he arrived in the Philippines.

  The police judged that it is very unlikely that Zhou will voluntarily return to China and surrender himself. If he does not arrest, he is likely to go unpunished.

  According to the police investigating the case, due to the differences of judicial systems in different countries, the China police have no law enforcement power when they arrive in the Philippines, and all actions can only be carried out by relying on the local national police and the National Immigration Bureau.

  According to police investigation, Zhou lives in a high-end residential area in the Philippines, which is full of single-family villas. The community covers a large area, with a total of six entrances and exits. Each entrance and exit has three or four security guards, and the security guards are armed with live ammunition. Generally, it is difficult for outsiders to enter without the permission of the owner.

  However, if you want to determine Zhou’s daily life, you must enter the community where he lives for investigation.

  To this end, the task force arranged for Cassie Wang, a policeman fluent in spoken English, and Qian Gan, another policeman, to dress up as husband and wife. Since the Philippines needed to rent a house for business, it contacted an owner and made an appointment to go into the community to look at the house.

After entering the community, the police took the opportunity to observe Zhou’s house.

  In this way, after secret investigation, the police further grasped Zhou’s daily life trajectory.

  However, considering the inconvenient entry and exit of the community and too many exports, the police decided not to arrest Zhou in the community for fear of alarming him.

  Later, through technical investigation, the police found that Zhou posted a house rental information on the Internet.

  The police believe that this is an excellent opportunity to lure the snake out of the hole.

  The police continued to arrange for the previous two policemen to pretend to be husband and wife to ask Zhou out.

  In the coffee shop, the police and the staff of the Philippine Immigration Bureau disguised as customers and ambushed around.

  However, at the appointed time, Zhou did not show up. The police are very anxious.

  After waiting for more than an hour, Zhou finally appeared at the door of the coffee shop.

  The first sentence after Zhou came in was to say politely, "I’m sorry I’m late."

  The policeman posing as her husband replied: "It’s not too late, just come."

  In fact, this is also the voice of the entire working group.

"It’s not too late, just come."

  In this way, Zhou was arrested on the spot and taken to the Philippine Immigration Bureau, and was later arrested and returned to China by Wuxi police.

  The French open is long and sparse, but it does not leak.

  According to the Legal Daily, as of the first half of 2019, Fox Hunting has captured more than 4,900 fugitives from more than 120 countries and regions, and pursued more than 17 billion yuan.

  Is life on the run really so good? Not necessarily.

  In 2014, Chen Mou, who opened an underground bank privately and bought $300 million in foreign exchange for tax fraud, was successfully persuaded to return after fleeing Dubai.

  This is how he describes his life on the run.

  In 2015, Du Mou, who fled to Sri Lanka after illegally raising more than 20 million yuan, and then sneaked back to China and was arrested, said this about his escape life.

  In the past cases, some people turned themselves in because they were displaced abroad, some people were persuaded to return home, and some people turned themselves in because their relatives returned home. ……

  Mills of God grind slowly but sure.

  Just like the ending song of Fox Hunt, which netizens jokingly called "turning yourself in" on the screen, "go home.


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