How to choose a notebook computer [the most comprehensive guide]


How to choose a notebook computer [the most comprehensive guide]

  In the information age, people are increasingly inseparable from computers, which are needed for work, life, entertainment and so on. Desktop computers are bulky and not easy to carry, and they may also be needed for business trips and travel, so it is very important to buy a notebook computer. Walking around the computer city, you can see nearly a thousand computers, each of which claims to have various advantages, which makes consumers very headache and doesn’t know which laptop to choose. Xiaobian made a notebook computer purchase guide, you can learn about it.

  The most comprehensive laptop shopping strategy to share.

  1. Multipurpose: If you buy a laptop to watch videos, play games, handle work, etc., and you don’t concentrate on it, it’s best to touch everything, then a low-end 15-inch computer or a 13-inch door-level model is the best choice, and the price is between 2,500 and 5,000 yuan.

  2. Business: If you are a business person, you can buy a notebook computer to process documents and various forms, then you can buy a business computer. They are durable, feel good, light and easy to carry, and have a high screen pixel. The price is 4,000-7,000 yuan.

  3. Games: If you are a young man and buy a laptop mainly to play high-end games, then the performance of the computer is required to be very good, regardless of the processor, graphics card and screen resolution. The price of this kind of products is relatively high, generally starting from 7000 yuan.

  4. Media workers: People engaged in media work need creativity, and they often have to open various softwares to edit videos and photos. Therefore, computer processors are required to be relatively powerful, and independent graphics cards can support the operation of various large-scale image processing software. The price of such computers starts from 4,000 yuan.

  5. Brand is very important. At present, many brands produce notebook computers, so choosing a well-known brand will definitely be better than an unknown brand, because the after-sales service of well-known brands is relatively perfect, and problems with notebook computers can be properly handled. For example, Sony, Acer, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus and other brands are relatively well-known brands in notebook computers at present.

  6. Type. At present, there are many kinds of notebook computers on the market, including tablet/notebook in one, which can meet people’s daily needs. There are also multi-mode laptops, which can also bring different experiences to people.

  After reading the notebook computer selection guide, do you know something about purchasing a notebook computer? In fact, it is not difficult to choose the right notebook for yourself. The key is to start from your own standpoint and take personal needs and economic strength as the main factors in purchasing. When buying a laptop, you should never follow the shopping guide and blindly sell it, so you can’t buy your own laptop.


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