The white paper "Green Development in China in the New Era" was released today to explain the core concept of green development in China.


The white paper "Green Development in China in the New Era" was released today to explain the core concept of green development in China.

Today (19th), the State Council held a press conference to introduce the white paper "Green Development in China in the New Era".

According to reports, the white paper "Green Development in China in the New Era" systematically summarizes the measures and achievements of China’s green development in the past ten years, and expounds the core ideas and practical experience of China’s green development. It is rich in content and focused. The main contents of the white paper include:

First, the core concept of green development in China in the new era.

First, adhere to the people-centered development thinking. Regard a good ecological environment as the most inclusive welfare of people’s livelihood, vigorously promote green production and lifestyle, continuously improve the quality of ecological environment, and let people have more sense of gain, happiness and security.

The second is to focus on the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. Firmly establish the concept of Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, unswervingly follow the path of ecological priority, green and low-carbon development, and achieve simultaneous improvement of economic, ecological and social benefits.

The third is to adhere to the system concept and make overall plans. Pay attention to deal with a series of relations such as development and protection, overall and local, current and long-term, coordinate industrial structure adjustment, pollution control, ecological protection, respond to climate change, and jointly promote carbon reduction, pollution reduction, greening and growth.

The fourth is to seek common global sustainable development. Adhering to the concept of community of human destiny, we will always be an important participant, contributor and leader in global ecological civilization construction, and contribute China wisdom and China’s strength to global sustainable development.

Second, the practice and effect of green development in China in the new era.

First, the quality of the ecological environment continued to improve steadily. In the past ten years, China has completed 960 million mu of afforestation, 278 million mu of sand prevention and control, 600 million mu of grass improvement, and more than 12 million mu of wetlands have been added and repaired. The area of forests, grasslands, wetlands, rivers and lakes has been continuously increased, and the trend of land desertification has been effectively reversed. The environmental quality has improved significantly. In 2021, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in cities at or above the prefecture level in China dropped from 46 μ g/m3 in 2015 to 30 μ g/m3, with the proportion of days with excellent air quality reaching 87.5% and the proportion of sections with excellent surface water quality reaching 84.9%.

Second, the gold content and green content of economic development have increased significantly. Strategic emerging industries have become an important engine of economic development. In 2021, high-tech manufacturing accounted for 15.1% of the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size, an increase of 5.7 percentage points over 2012. The green industry is booming, and the production scale of clean energy equipment ranks first in the world. In 2021, the output value of energy-saving and environmental protection industries will exceed 8 trillion yuan.

The third is to widely promote green production methods. The greening level of industry, agriculture and service industry has been improved in an all-round way, the energy structure has been continuously optimized, transportation has become greener and low-carbon, and resource utilization efficiency has been greatly improved. Since 2012, the proportion of clean energy consumption in China has increased from 14.5% to 25.5% in 2021, and the proportion of coal consumption has decreased from 68.5% to 56.0%, which has supported an average annual economic growth of 6.6% with an average annual energy consumption growth rate of 3%, and the energy consumption per unit GDP has decreased by 26.4%, making it one of the countries with the fastest energy consumption intensity reduction in the world.

Fourth, actively advocate a green lifestyle. Promote the whole people to raise their awareness of conservation, environmental protection and ecology, consciously practice a green and low-carbon lifestyle, and form a good social atmosphere for promoting green development.

Fifth, the system and mechanism have been further improved. By strengthening the rule of law, strengthening supervision and management, and improving the market-oriented mechanism, we will provide a solid guarantee for green development.

Most of the data in the white paper reflects the situation until the end of 2021, and the relevant data has made new progress in 2022.

Third, China will join hands with the world to build a beautiful earth home.

The earth is the only home for all mankind to live on, and building beautiful homeland is the common dream of mankind. China participated in the agenda of global climate negotiations with a positive and constructive attitude, and made a historic contribution to the conclusion and implementation of the Paris Agreement. Actively carry out South-South cooperation on climate change, promote the joint construction of the Green Belt and Road, and carry out extensive and pragmatic green international cooperation to jointly promote global sustainable development.

The relevant person in charge said that China will unswervingly follow the road of green development, build a harmonious and symbiotic modernization between man and nature, and unite and cooperate with all countries in the world to jointly build a cleaner and more beautiful world.


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