The appearance and configuration of Xiaomi car are exposed, and the OEM or Beiqi off-road vehicle has not yet been listed.


The appearance and configuration of Xiaomi car are exposed, and the OEM or Beiqi off-road vehicle has not yet been listed.

On November 15th, in the 377th batch of Announcement on Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, two Xiaomi brand cars appeared impressively. The product names of both cars are pure electric cars, one model is BJ7000MBEVR2, and the other model is BJ7000MBEVA1. Nandu reporter asked the relevant person in charge of Xiaomi whether the time to market of Xiaomi automobile has been determined, and got a negative answer.

According to the information, the enterprise names of the two cars are all Beijing Automotive Group Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd., however, the registered address of the enterprise is No.1 Tongxin Road, Zhaofeng Industrial Base, Zhaoquanying Town, Shunyi District, Beijing, and the production address is No.21 Courtyard, Huanjing Road, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. According to public information, the former is the company address of Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd., and the latter is the site of Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Beijing Economic Development Zone, which was previously reported publicly. From this point of view, Xiaomi may look for Beiqi off-road in terms of production qualification, but the specific production is still carried out in Xiaomi’s factory.

Specific to the vehicle information, the product model BJ7000MBEVR2 is equipped with the lithium battery of Xiangyang Fudi Battery Co., Ltd., the anti-lock braking system (ABS) of Bosch Auto Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and the engine of United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. The model BJ7000MBEVA1 is equipped with ternary lithium-ion battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, anti-lock braking system (ABS) from Bosch Automotive Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and engine from Suzhou Huichuan United Power System Co., Ltd./Suzhou Huichuan United Power System Co., Ltd..

In terms of appearance, the product model BJ7000MBEVA1 is 4997mm long, 1963mm wide and 1440mm; high; The model BJ7000MBEVR2 is 4997mm long, 1963mm wide and 1455mm high.

Shape and configuration of BJ7000MBEVA1.

Shape and configuration of BJ7000MBEVR2.

In the car-making business, according to the timetable given by Xiaomi, Xiaomi Automobile will be mass-produced in the first half of 2024, and Lei Jun, the chairman of Xiaomi, even set a goal for Xiaomi Automobile to enter the top five in the world. In terms of investment, the financial report shows that Xiaomi’s investment in innovative business such as smart electric vehicles in 2022 is RMB 3.1 billion. By the end of 2022, the size of the R&D team of automobile business was about 2,300 people.

On November 8, it was reported that a closed meeting was held in Xiaomi Science Park. Some participants revealed that this closed-door meeting only invited core customers, and participants were not allowed to bring any electronic equipment such as mobile phones, computers and tablets into the venue. At the same time, it was also forbidden to spread and disclose any information related to the meeting. The meeting mainly involved Xiaomi mobile phones and automobile-related supply chain enterprises.

With the gradual timetable, the outside world has been worried that Xiaomi’s qualification in the car-making business seems to have been solved. According to the relevant policies, the application for the qualification of new energy automobile industry has basically stopped after 2018, which has led many new power brands to obtain relevant qualifications through OEM or mergers and acquisitions. Xiaomi may have found Beijing Automotive Group Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd. as a foundry for automobile production.

In addition, according to Tianyancha’s intellectual property information, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2021, has applied for thousands of automobile-related patents, of which nearly 600 patents have been authorized, involving motor, vehicle control, battery, automobile structure, autonomous driving and other automobile software and hardware-related fields. According to the information in the annual report, the number of participants in the company in 2022 was 420. In addition, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. has applied to register a number of "Xiaomi Automobile" trademarks, and the current trademark status is mostly registered.

Written by Southern Reporter Lin Wenqi


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