What is the experience of learning drift in AMG "Driving School"?


What is the experience of learning drift in AMG "Driving School"?

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On the first day of the "A Performance Course", it just rained all day and the road was slippery.

A group of our students are driving different A models on the slippery road, raising bursts of rain and smoke.

It is a rare experience to learn and experience the driving skills on slippery roads.

"A Driving Academy" is a driving training platform specially built for high-performance car enthusiasts. This station is the fourth of the five sub-stations of "2016 A Driving Academy". 

In the course of A Driving College Station, students can experience three traditional courses-A performance course, A advanced course and A professional course.

In order to run a driving school well, a driving school can be said to have tried its best.

Many home-made models are provided for the students, including four-wheel drive models such as A A 45 A, A CLA 45, A GLE 63 and A GLE 63, as well as A C 63 sedan, A C 63 and other rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Participants in the course can experience the different characteristics of different vehicles, so as to further learn how to control them.

"A Performance Course" is a primary training, which includes straight-line racing and pile winding, emergency and lane change, Auto X track challenge, and track following.

The purpose of these courses is to let students experience the routine training of racing drivers.

Although it is only elementary training, these courses are challenging and interesting for students because there are many differences between track driving and daily driving.

These training courses are not just for the sake of a track dream. In fact, many skills will be used at any time in future daily driving, which is of great benefit to driving safety.

For example, in the emergency training course, students can practice to master the resolute and gravity emergency way in actual driving control. In case of emergency in the future, you can respond quickly and correctly, and use the most professional method to control it, so as to ensure safety to the maximum extent.

In the "A Advanced Course", professional coaches will explain the basic driving theory knowledge to the students and teach them practical driving skills such as cornering, ideal route and point selection.

Compared with the primary "A performance course", the "A advanced course" has improved its professionalism and the learning content has also been concentrated on the track.

After completing this course, the students have basically mastered the driving skills of the track, which is a step closer to realizing the dream of racing. "A Professional Course" is an advanced training course of A Driving College. Students can fully exert their previously learned driving skills on the professional track and further improve their driving skills through data recording and analysis.

At this stage, students will have the opportunity to practice free driving on the whole track. This means that students can enjoy themselves with professional racing driving methods and truly experience the driving passion of racing drivers.

Starting from this year, all students who successfully pass the three traditional courses of performance, advanced and professional courses of Driving School A and complete the theoretical course of racing license will be awarded the racing license by the China Motorcycle Sports Federation, and officially won the title of "professional racing driver".

In addition, A Driving School has also set up an "A course" for C 63 cars, and taught students skills through high-performance rear-drive vehicles.

Owners who purchase a specific A model can also attend the "Power & Passion Course" for free, and also receive professional driving skills training. These diversified and professional course combinations not only show the fans of high-performance cars the charm of the models, but also teach professional driving skills, which is a measure to kill two birds with one stone.

Regarding the holding of "2016 A Driving Academy", Mercedes-Sales & Service Co., Ltd. A and Ms. smart, the executive deputy of sales and operation, said: "It is a high-performance racing car with a glorious racing history, which perfectly combines the surging passion of the track with outstanding daily practicality. In order to let customers further experience the charm of model A, we have created a series of experience activities closer to customers. Among them,A driving school has become the best platform for high-performance enthusiasts to exchange racing experiences, improve their driving skills, enjoy A driving pleasure and experience racing culture.”。


Since entering China in 2007, brand A has been in China market for nine years. Nowadays, China has become the most important market for brand A, with 16 high-performance models sold in China.

In the domestic high-performance market segment, brand A has the widest product line in the same level market, covering compact cars, medium-sized cars, large cars, cars, cars, cars and many other market segments.

With a rich selection of products, it is necessary to set up the course of "A Driving School" and provide targeted professional driving training for consumers.

On its significance, it not only provides an additional service in addition to selling products, but also is of great benefit to brand A to broaden its influence and further enhance its sales volume in the future.

Today, the enthusiasm of consumers in China is not only a means of transportation, but also its entertainment and competitiveness are attracting the enthusiasm of a new generation.

However, there is a lack of professional guidance on driving skills in China market, and the emergence of "A Driving Academy" can be said to be in demand.

When high-quality products are combined with professional training, the effect of "1+1 > 2" will be obtained, which will not only benefit manufacturers and consumers, but also play a positive role in the accumulation and development of China culture.

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