luquan area


luquan area

The temperature is getting warmer and the sun is overflowing.

It is to seize the farming season and carry out sowing.

Favorable season

In dongpi village in front of licun town.

Potato planting site

A busy scene


Workers of Wofeng Farmers’ Professional Cooperative in Qiandongpi Village, Licun Town are busy cutting and dressing potato seeds, and loading the mixed potato seeds into the ground. The rotary tiller is ploughing the land, and the potato sowing machine shuttles back and forth, ditching, sowing, fertilizing, covering the soil and covering the film. The workers are in full swing, showing a picture of busy farming in the spring.



"The cooperative has invested more than 200 mu of land this year, 100 mu of land is planted with potatoes, and the remaining 100 mu of land is planted with salvia miltiorrhiza. In order to finish planting potatoes in the best sowing time, we used 12 workers and a machine to try to finish the task within 6 days. I hope that the potatoes planted this year will have a good harvest and good income. " Hou Jianying, administrator of Wofeng Farmers’ Professional Cooperative in Luquan District, said.


The land in Qiandongpi Village of Licun Town belongs to sandy land, and the loose sandy soil is very suitable for planting cash crops such as potatoes. The potatoes planted have good taste, high yield and high economic value. Under the recommendation of Zhang Shuqing, a potato expert from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the cooperative chose to plant well-managed and profitable early-maturing potatoes in June, such as Holland XV, fertile soil, Shishu No.3 and Shishu No.4. It is estimated that the yield per mu can reach seven or eight thousand kilograms, which can bring good economic benefits to the members of the cooperative.


In recent years, Wofeng Farmers’ Professional Cooperative in Qiandongpi Village of Licun Town has continuously strengthened its management and expanded its scale. At present, it has invested a total of 2,600 mu of land and planted crops such as wheat, corn, soybean, sorghum, salvia miltiorrhiza and potatoes. It has played a positive role in promoting agricultural and rural economic development and increasing farmers’ income, and achieved obvious economic and social benefits. (Source: Jiyun Luquan)

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