Is it dangerous to drive behind in rainy days?


Is it dangerous to drive behind in rainy days?

It is not dangerous to drive with a rear-wheel drive in rainy days, but you need to pay attention to the correct driving style.

If riders drive on slippery roads after driving, they must be careful not to drive too fast, and don’t suddenly slam on the accelerator, otherwise there may be tail flick, which is more dangerous.

In addition, the rear-wheel drive is prone to over-steering while the front-wheel drive is prone to under-steering. This is because most of the front-wheel drive engines and weights are concentrated in the front part, which leads to unreasonable driving mode and weight distribution.

The driving mode and weight distribution of rear-wheel drive are reasonable. The rear wheel is responsible for driving the car forward and the front wheel is responsible for steering. This driving mode and weight distribution can balance the front and rear counterweights of the car and make the car more stable.

Therefore, the correct driving mode can ensure the safety and reliability of rear-wheel drive in rainy days.


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