The sale of "WeChat group bombs" on the Internet can cause users’ mobile phones to crash.


The sale of "WeChat group bombs" on the Internet can cause users’ mobile phones to crash.

  The online "fried group" code is generally one in 10 yuan.

  Recently, some netizens said that their WeChat was used well and was suddenly pulled into a group. Then, the mobile phone crashed, and nothing could be opened, and they could not exit the chat box, and even flashed back. Many netizens have encountered the same situation when using WeChat, and it can’t be solved whether it is restarted or disconnected.

  It is understood that this situation in WeChat group chat is likely to be "bombed". The so-called "WeChat group bomb" is to send some character codes, a large number of animations or expressions in WeChat group chat, which takes up a lot of mobile phone space, causing all users who receive messages to be overwhelmed.

  Recently, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found that it only takes a few tens of dollars to buy a WeChat "bombing group" code that can cause other people’s mobile phones to crash. There are even people who specialize in the business of "bombing on behalf of" and "defusing".

  Personal WeChat was "bombed" to paralysis

  A few days ago, Xiaobin, who is doing business in Wechat business, sent a message in the WeChat circle of friends. "From yesterday afternoon to today, WeChat was hacked by unscrupulous people, and it was always embarrassing. The group wanted to return it and could not return it." Xiaobin told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that on the 21st, she didn’t know who was dragged into a group, and then a lot of group chat information poured in, trying to open it to see what it was, but the phone crashed at the moment of entering the group chat. "Group chat and WeChat can’t be retired, and they are stuck in the interface, so they can only turn off the phone and restart it."

  Xiaobin said that this is the first time that she has encountered this situation. Such a thing has affected her business. "When I open WeChat, I get stuck, and the information sent by customers and businesses can’t be seen at all." After the incident, Xiaobin tried to quit the group several times, but every time he didn’t enter the group chat page, his mobile phone got stuck. "There is no way to quit. The information of the group chat has been brushed and the mobile phone has been ringing." Xiaobin’s friend told her that she had met a "bombing group" and that someone might come to her for money to "eliminate the disaster" later. Xiaobin feels that he may have been "persecuted" by his peers because his business is too good.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily found that there are not a few netizens who have encountered WeChat’s "bombing group". Xiaotian, a netizen, said that a group of friends had used a "group bomb" in the group before. As long as they clicked into the group, the mobile phone crashed.

  It is understood that this so-called "group bomb" is actually sending some codes in the group chat of WeChat. After the WeChat group is attacked, it will cause all users who receive messages on WeChat to chat and get stuck, and may even flash back and get stuck.

  "Generation bombing" 5 hours charge 150 yuan

  So where does this "bomb" that requires certain technology come from? According to a survey conducted by the reporter of Beiqing Daily, on the Internet, the "bombing group" and "WeChat group bomb" can be bought for tens of dollars on Taobao, and some people even started the business of "bombing on behalf of others".

  Some sellers said that the WeChat bombing group is very simple, just send the code to the group.

  Some merchants also claim that if they feel that it is troublesome to "bomb", they can provide "bombing" service. A seller told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that "bombing on behalf of others" means that you pull him into the group and he will help you "bomb the group" and 150 yuan for five hours. Regarding whether the group can be "bombed" until it is dissolved, the seller said, "Just pay the money, and don’t worry about the rest."

  At the same time, the reporter of Beiqing Daily also found that these merchants selling "WeChat group bombs" can also provide bombing services while selling the "WeChat group bombs" service. When sellers promote "WeChat group bombs", they often tell buyers, "If necessary, they can help ‘ Decompose ’ , ranging from 20 to 60 at a time, depending on what it is ‘ Bomb ’ 。”

  Some buyers "vent their anger" or ask for red envelopes.

  Subsequently, the reporter of Beiqing Daily randomly purchased a "WeChat group bomb", and after paying 20 yuan, the seller sent a "bomb" code. After getting the code, the reporter of Beiqing Daily sent the code to a temporary group of friends. After sending it, the speed of opening the group obviously slowed down. After about 5 minutes of uninterrupted sending the code to the temporary group, the WeChat of the group members was stuck and could not be started.

  Ms. Liang, who once operated the "WeChat group bomb" business, revealed to the reporter of Beiqing Daily that there are many people doing the "bombing group" business, and some have formed a special "bombing group studio". Some people buy the "bombing group" service to spoof, but this is relatively rare. The main purchases are people who lost money while gambling, and people who have disputes and contradictions with others. Many people use it to vent their anger or feel avenged. There are also some people with ulterior motives who "bomb" themselves in groups, and when they "bomb", they ask the people in the group for red envelopes to "explode".

  Tencent: Those who "bomb the group" will be given titles.

  Regarding the frequent occurrence of "bombing" by WeChat users, the reporter of Beiqing Daily learned from the public relations department of Tencent that on July 6, Tencent had issued relevant announcements on this matter, saying that the so-called "bombing" of WeChat was not a vulnerability or hacking of WeChat system, and it had nothing to do with viruses or Trojans. Its principle is to make use of the system characteristics of special characters, artificially overlapping many times, resulting in a large amount of system performance being consumed in a short time when clicking this content, thus causing screen jamming or software collapse. Simply put, your mobile phone CPU is occupied by a large area in an instant.

  For behaviors that affect other users’ normal use of WeChat or mobile phones or even blackmail others through the so-called "group bombing" behavior, according to Tencent WeChat Software License and Service Agreement, relevant users who violate the rules will be punished according to the specific degree of violation and the principle of step-by-step punishment, including but not limited to restricting functions and closing accounts.

  Once the user encounters a "bombing group", he can temporarily disconnect the network, restart WeChat, long press the group name or left stroke in the WeChat message list, and select "Delete this chat", and the historical group messages (including bombing group information) will be cleared. You can also log on to the WeChat computer version to delete or unsubscribe the new burst message, and notify the WeChat group owner to remove the person who posted the burst message in time to avoid other users being affected by the burst message.

  At the same time, Tencent said that users can complain about such behaviors through the complaint system.

  Lawyer: "bombing the group" infringes on the interests of others.

  Regarding the fact that someone used the code to "bomb the group", Han Xiao, a lawyer of Beijing Kangda Law Firm, said that, first of all, the behavior of "bombing the group" would have a certain impact on the lives of others and infringe on their rights and interests.

  Secondly, some people "bombed the group" in order to ask for a "red envelope", so this kind of direct intention has the purpose of illegally extorting other people’s property. If the behavior of asking others to send a red envelope to solve the bombing after "bombing the group" reaches the level of threat and blackmail, then according to the "Regulations of the Supreme People’s Court on the Determination Standard of the Amount of Extortion Crime" implemented on April 28, 2000, extortion of public and private property is "a large amount" If the WeChat bombing group is repeated or the amount reaches 1,000 to 3,000 yuan, it can constitute the crime of extortion.

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