Not boring, not preaching, taking you to understand the interesting Chinese history!


Not boring, not preaching, taking you to understand the interesting Chinese history!


It is very important for us to read and understand history, which largely determines a person’s ideological depth and thinking level. However, the historical materials are boring, the knowledge system is extremely complicated, and it is like a textbook. After reading it, you will still feel far away from yourself and gain little.

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Knowing the present should learn from the past, and nothing can be done without the past.Reading history makes people wise, and reading poetry makes people witty.

Indeed, the more people who know history, the wider their knowledge, the deeper their understanding of the world, and the more rational they will look at problems.

The world is changing too fast, and our pursuit and application of technology has reached an amazing and worrying level.

"Husband, with copper as a mirror, can be dressed; Taking history as a mirror, you can know the rise and fall. "

-Emperor Taizong

There is a saying that "every present you are dissatisfied with has a past that you didn’t work hard enough." Then, similarly, it is precisely because of the mistakes of the past, the ones that were not well done in the past, and the others that were well done, that today is woven.

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In order to get in touch with the real history, some people choose to take their children to those scenic spots with strong cultural atmosphere.

But when the tour guide seriously talked about the area of the scenic spot, the year when it was built, the length, width and height of the house, and the date of birth and death of the residents,weBut I lost interest, because those stories were too cold and those names were too difficult to understand. ……

After all, these histories are a little far away for us who live in modern society.

Reading history books?

However, the historical materials are boring and the knowledge system is extremely complicated.As thick as "Twenty-four History" and 40 million words of "learning from mountains and learning from the sea", it is difficult to learn nutrition from it.

Twenty-Four Books of History [official history of China up to the end of the Ming Dynasty authorized by Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty]

Until an accidental opportunity …

I saw the truth of history alive and kicking in front of my eyes.

My children and I became friends with them, and I became friends with history.

They have become a part of our family.

And I hope they can be your friends.

This setHistory turned out to be very interesting

This will be a set of history books that the whole family will be interested in reading. This set of books is like opening a window and having fun like going out for a trip.

Get this setHistory turned out to be very interestingI read dozens of pages in one breath, which is very natural, that is, I can’t stop reading, yes, it’s as simple as that!

The history books we need are like this: when children get the books, they should keep their eyes open, keep silent when they start reading, and discuss them endlessly after reading ~ this is the fun of learning history!

This set of books is telling you interesting historical stories.

Unlike orthodox history books, this set of books is just a simple and objective narrative.

Added some unofficial history, novels, deductive brushwork.

Everything serves the plot.

Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period+Qin History+Hanshi+Three Kingdoms and Two Jin Dynasties+Tang Shi+Song history+Ming history+Qing history,

A set of eight volumes, each of which is full of fun.

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History turned out to be very interestingHardcover collector’s edition

History turns out to be very interestingHardcover collector’s edition (8 volumes

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