Lovely China: Showing Do not forget your initiative mind’s Faith Power.


Lovely China: Showing Do not forget your initiative mind’s Faith Power.

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  Recently, the TV series "Lovely China", which reflects the revolutionary deeds of the martyr Fang Zhimin, was broadcast in a prime-time program of CCTV, which triggered a warm response from all walks of life. On July 30th, a seminar on the TV series "Lovely China" sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Municipal Bureau of Literature and Art and the TV drama department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television was held in Beijing. The experts, scholars and ordinary audience at the meeting agreed that "The Lovely China is a work with heart, hard work and emotion, and a play with rich historical value and distinctive theme of the times". The play is highly compatible with the ongoing education of "Do not forget your initiative mind, Remember Mission" by the whole party, and is highly praised for its profound thoughts, exquisite art and excellent production.

  This newspaper abstracts the speeches of experts and scholars, creative teams, media representatives and audience attending the seminar for readers.

  Belief supports spiritual height

  Li Zhun (Honorary Chairman of Chinese Literary Critics Association)

  Fang Zhimin is a pure the Communist Party of China (CPC) man, and his devotion to lofty beliefs left us an example and peak that we should always look up to. Lovely China is a new discovery of the spiritual quality of Fang Zhimin and Fang Zhimin, which has made a new breakthrough in the pursuit of new spiritual height, cultural connotation and artistic value. The play puts Fang Zhimin’s life in the context of the Chinese nation’s exploration of the revolutionary road, highlights his main activities, and proves the importance of the great choice of "encircling the city from the countryside". In addition, the play strongly presents the concept of organization and overall situation, and has strong historical penetration and practical enlightenment. Fang Zhimin is a truly pure communist party native. He has always been dedicated to the organization and the Central Committee, and strictly enforced organizational discipline. In the process of portraying Fang Zhimin’s characters, the play emphasizes the power of revolutionary belief, and especially devotes itself to showing his unique personality charm and spiritual appeal because of his firm and lofty belief.

  "Lovely China" was breathtaking and played the role of Bacon’s soul-building. Fang Zhimin’s belief runs through the whole play from beginning to end, which is very real. In the face of any difficult crisis, Fang Zhimin always has a strategically advantageous position and calmly smiles at everything with great confidence in the road ahead, which is an inspiration, an infection and a guide for the audience. Fang Zhimin’s belief strength and personality charm strongly support the spiritual height of this film, and also support the spiritual height of film and television creation.

  "Do not forget your initiative mind, remember the mission." Fang Zhimin is a mirror, and The Lovely China is also a mirror. Everyone in communist party should take it as a mirror and draw strength from it.

  A new breakthrough in the theme of revolutionary history

  Chengxiang Zhong (librarian in central research institute of culture and history, chairman of Chinese Literary Critics Association)

  Whether a work can meet the requirements of the development of literature and art in the new era depends on whether it has a spiritual height, whether it embodies the most advanced ideas of mankind, and whether it has explored the profundity and richness of the human world. Considering from these aspects, The Lovely China can be said to be a new achievement and breakthrough in the creation of major revolutionary historical themes in the history of China’s TV drama development, and it can be called a fine work of art for the current education on the theme of "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission".

  Lovely China artistically reproduces Fang Zhimin’s core spiritual world. Fang Zhimin devoted himself to the revolution with the initial intention of national rejuvenation, which is in line with the initial intention of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. On the other hand, Fang Zhimin has no personal interests except his dedication to the motherland and the people. This work embodies this advanced idea, which makes the audience’s spirit baptized and soul shocked. What’s more, this drama typically adheres to the creative concept of creating fine works, and it is first-class in today’s TV drama creation, whether it is the creation of its historical atmosphere, the characterization of characters or the presentation of details.

  On the occasion of welcoming the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, this work is a sincere gift. I call on the TV industry to produce more such fine works, and TV stations should broadcast more such works to help literary and artistic creation create a new situation in the new era.

  An ode to patriotism

  Zhao Tong (Director, Theoretical Research Division, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Television Art Center)

  The TV series "Lovely China" takes us, following Fang Zhimin’s footsteps, looking back at the stormy years, appreciating the original heart of China’s pure child, inheriting the power of ideals and beliefs, and drawing a blueprint for national rejuvenation.

  This drama is a work of heart, hard work and emotion. It is a drama with rich historical value and distinctive theme of the times, which clearly and thoroughly presents the experience of the Chinese nation and the historical responsibility shouldered by the Communist Party of China (CPC) people. The innovation of the play shows the value of the creator’s intention. In the past, the works describing the agrarian revolutionary war focused on the layout of the battle, the shaping of the style of the generals and the rendering of the war scenes. While writing this aspect thoroughly, this drama also describes the economic construction of the base area at a considerable length, and the full exploration of the red economy has become the uniqueness of this drama. In the play, the value of historical stories lies not only in remembrance and encouragement, but also in warning and warning. By contrast, the creator tried hard to link history with reality, highlighting the power of ideals and beliefs. Fame and wealth and ideal belief are sharp opposites in the play, which brings deep thinking to the audience.

  The play is an ode to patriotism. It eulogized Fang Zhimin, the son of the Chinese nation and a loyal soldier of the Communist Party of China (CPC). In the struggle of "two hundred years", Fang Zhimin wrote "Lovely China" and the TV series "Lovely China" which described Fang Zhimin’s deeds, both of which are deeply engraved on the initial heart of history and are powerful responses to the call of duty.

  Artistic innovation sublimates classics.

  Wang Shoude (former director of the General Political and Art Bureau)

  The TV series "Lovely China" tells us, through a character like Fang Zhimin, where New China came from, how New China came from, where China is going today and how to get there.

  The combination of the vertical linear narrative and the horizontal local development of the play is natural and smooth, which shows that great efforts have been made from the screenwriter to the director. In addition, the main story of the protagonist and the profile description are also in place. The whole revolutionary history of Fang Zhimin is fully displayed, which gives the audience a deep understanding of the characters. At the same time, the drama does not confine its vision to Fang Zhimin alone, but enlarges this perspective and affirms Fang Zhimin’s contribution through others’ narration, which makes the story more real and helps the audience understand Fang Zhimin’s role in the China Revolution. The reason why the play can achieve the broadcast effect of "moistening things quietly" is that it has not followed the map in the existing materials, but has realized the combination of historical reproduction and classic sublimation. By watching The Lovely China, the audience not only learned about the revolutionary history at that time, but also learned about Fang Zhimin’s actions, and felt his emotions and spirit. Fang Zhimin’s firm quality is expressed in a soft way, which is touching. The whole drama has brought incisive aesthetic enjoyment and profound ideological implication. The theme of revolutionary history is not a simple educational material, but a work of art itself, which can strengthen the audience’s ideological and artistic beliefs. Lovely China combines its education and artistry very skillfully, and many revolutionary thoughts and spirits of Fang Zhimin are expressed in the play, which is thought-provoking.

  For an unforgettable memory.

  Wu Ziniu (director of the TV series "Lovely China")

  Today, we filmed the TV series "Lovely China" to relive the bravery and heroism of Fang Zhimin martyrs who died fighting for lofty beliefs. The whole shooting process is a process of learning from and paying tribute to heroes, which is solemn and moving. As a director or an ordinary audience, I deeply feel that it is with Qian Qian’s revolutionary martyrs like Fang Zhimin that China is today.

  "The enemy can only cut off our heads, but they can’t shake our faith." Fang Zhimin, a believer’s swan song 84 years ago, penetrated the historical time and space, and is still inspiring. On August 6th, 1935, when Fang Zhimin’s tall body fell heavily in Xiashawo, his great spirit stood permanently on the land of China. His writings in prison, including "Lovely China", "Poor" and other immortal masterpieces, show the height of a believer’s spiritual world and set an example for today’s young people in China.

  "If we lose the memory of history, our hearts will be lost in the dark." "Forgetting the past means betrayal!" These famous aphorisms should be engraved in the hearts of all China people. We should always remember and cherish the memory of great men, and learn from them personally, so as to contribute to the construction of a lovely China.

  The great man’s spirit shines forever.

  Wen Yanxia (one of the writers of the TV series "Lovely China")

  The TV series "Lovely China" ended successfully, and achieved a double harvest of ratings and word of mouth. As a member of the screenwriter team, my heart is full of gratitude and glory. Well-made film and television plays must be the perfect presentation of team wisdom, and the birth of the TV series "Lovely China" fully proves this point.

  "Lovely China" held many screenplay demonstration meetings, invited experts to take the pulse of the screenplay, and firmly grasped the front end of the screenplay creation. During the filming and production, the top directors, excellent actors and powerful post-production company were invited, thus ensuring the excellent quality of the play. During the creation, the screenwriter team designed various schemes based on in-depth interviews and extensive reading, and combed the life stories of Fang Zhimin martyrs. Finally, it decided to start from Fang Zhimin’s revolutionary stories in the four periods of national revolution, Soviet construction, anti-Japanese war in the north, and prison struggle, and on the basis of respecting major historical facts, use fictional little people to thread the needle and turn the originally loose historical events into "pushers" for plot development. In addition, through the plot line of revolutionary friendship between Mao Zedong and Fang Zhimin, we fully show the spiritual connection of interdependence and mutual growth between the revolutionary base areas in northeast Jiangxi and the Central Soviet Area, so that Fang Zhimin’s spiritual quality and the spirits of communist party people such as Jinggangshan spirit, Soviet area spirit and Long March spirit can shine each other and shine forever.

  Let the heroic spirit observe the present.

  Jungle (the actor of Fang Zhimin in the TV series "Lovely China")

  I am honored to participate in the TV series "Lovely China" and play the important role of Fang Zhimin. For an actor, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a revolutionary hero who is admired by countless people. I am really lucky.

  I was deeply impressed by two scenes that reflected Fang Zhimin’s inner world. One scene is a scene in which Fang Zhimin is arrested in the mountains. At that time, it was winter in Hengdian. I was lying barefoot on the ground, soaked to the skin, and the cold invaded my bones, and my willpower reached its limit. There is also a scene of the public trial meeting of Yuzhang Park. Fang Zhimin got off the prison car and walked to the public platform. I put my feet, which weighed ten pounds, in chains on my feet, and I was already sweating with pain after a few steps. Unlike me, Fang Zhimin only wore the shackles for a few hours. He did wear them for several months, and he had a serious lung disease. These two scenes made me realize how strong Fang Zhimin’s will is, and let me see what is the real communist party people and what is the power of faith.

  The appearance of "Lovely China" coincided with the time when we should learn about Fang Zhimin, that era and how many martyrs like Fang Zhimin shed their blood for the future of our motherland. Only in this way can we observe the present, inherit Fang Zhimin’s spirit of "patriotism, dedication, poverty and creativity" and live a meaningful life.

  Knock on the echo in the heart

  Yuan Xinwen (Director of Literature and Art Department of People’s Daily)

  The TV series "Lovely China" does not simply repeat the characterization techniques and historical biographical narrative methods of major revolutionary historical themes in the past, but uses new ideas, new contents and new forms to impress the audience and make people feel shocked from the depths of their hearts in spirit. Specifically, I think it has three characteristics: one is to reflect the glory of faith, the other is to explore the spiritual world, and the third is to show the charm of personality.

  The play closely revolves around the course of Fang Zhimin’s 16-year revolutionary career, pushing his firm ideals and beliefs, his belief in communism and his understanding of the cause of communism to a new height. Through the in-depth exploration of Fang Zhimin’s spiritual world, the play has found new discoveries and new presentations. Fang Zhimin is not only a pure communist party person, but also a person whose personality charm can impress, conquer and influence people. By highlighting the image of Fang Zhimin, I think we have grasped the "key" and the core of character construction. Directors and actors used a lot of details to describe the process of Fang Zhimin’s growth from an ordinary farmer to an important leader of our party’s revolution. His development and progress were described in detail, which is also an important foundation and premise for the characters to stand up.

  Lovely China is not only a vivid teaching material, but also a valuable artistic masterpiece. We have the responsibility and obligation to publicize such works well, so that more people can be infected by fine works of art, so that more young people can fall in love with our heroes, truly worship heroes and establish correct values and outlook on life by watching this play.

  Made a vivid interpretation of the "four self-confidences"

  Deng Kai (Executive Director of Literature and Art Department of Guangming Daily)

  The drama "Lovely China" makes the audience touch and feel a real, warm, comprehensive and clear Fang Zhimin, and from Fang Zhimin, we can see the perfect personality of communist party people beyond the traditional intellectuals in China. The traditional intellectuals in China, "if you are rich, you will help the world, and if you are poor, you will be immune to it", while Fang Zhimin, as a prisoner, is in a dangerous situation and still has a heart for the sky; Still not frustrated, work for the party in a special way in a special environment. With his qualifications, knowledge and ability, he could be an exquisite egoist, but he didn’t, but chose a narrow path that surprised ordinary people. Bernard Shaw said: "A rational person should change himself to adapt to the environment. Only those who are irrational will want to change the environment to adapt themselves. But history is created by the latter. " Fang Zhimin is such a person — — A man of firm faith, a sentient and righteous man with tears in his eyes.

  The beauty of this drama lies in the organic combination of grand narrative and individual description. Road self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence and cultural self-confidence, how to understand these theoretical issues? This play gives a vivid interpretation through Fang Zhimin’s choice of revolutionary road and the reappearance of his fate.

  The value of this drama lies in its strong response to the phenomena of "historical nihilism", discrediting heroes and deconstructing sublimity with sincere expression based on real history, achieving "profound thinking, exquisite art and excellent production" and opening up a new realm of film and television creation with revolutionary historical themes.

  There is always a force that keeps us going.

  Xu Yi (2018 graduate student of Zhejiang University)

  In the TV series "Lovely China", we can see the struggle track of a generation of communist party people from Fang Zhimin’s magnificent life, their unyielding national integrity and firm revolutionary ideals, and the youth they have forged with their lives, their bloody initial heart and friendship.

  For the young people at that time, it was their initial intention and mission to seek the road of national rejuvenation, national independence and people’s happiness when the country was struggling.

  I often think about this question: From "two and a half rifles" to revolutionary armed forces of ten thousand people, what did Fang Zhimin rely on? After watching the whole TV series, I found the answer I wanted: relying on his lofty revolutionary belief and personality charm, relying on his strong sense of responsibility and patriotic feelings, and relying on the firm support of the broad masses of workers and peasants. The so-called faith is the determination to restore China’s awakening in the midst of gunfire and study for the rise of China. It is also the sincerity when writing "No one has died in life since ancient times, leaving a heart to shine." As young people in the new era, while revisiting history, we should bear in mind the entrustment and expectation of revolutionary martyrs to our generation.

  There is always a kind of power, which gradually deepens in the historical rings and inspires us to keep moving forward. In times of peace, as a new force to realize the Chinese dream, we should closely link our personal ideal pursuit with the country’s future and destiny, actively shoulder the historical mission of promoting the development of the motherland, national rejuvenation and social progress, and release the youthful dream and realize the Chinese dream in the practice of Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  Inherit the legacy of Fang Zhimin martyrs.

  Zheng Pulong (First Secretary of the Poverty Alleviation Team in Mashan Village, Caoxi Town, yiyang county, Jiangxi Province)

  The TV series "Lovely China" triggered a watching craze in yiyang county, Fang Zhimin’s hometown. The local cadres and masses are familiar with Fang Zhimin’s revolutionary deeds, and when these deeds are put on the screen, they feel very cordial and excited. For me, as the story unfolds, my vivid memories and deep nostalgia for this revolutionary elder in my hometown are also involuntarily rippling in my mind — — Fang Zhimin devoted himself to the revolution and devoted his whole life to the cause of people’s liberation in China. His love for the motherland and affection for the people, his noble character and revolutionary demeanor once again deeply touched me. In the war years, revolutionary martyrs wrote loyalty with sacrifice and demonstrated their responsibility with dedication. Now, in a peaceful era, although there is no test of life and death, I still have to always remember my mission, be down-to-earth and strive for progress.

  As the first secretary of poverty alleviation in Fang Zhimin’s hometown, I want to follow the example of revolutionary martyrs, inherit the legacy of Fang Zhimin martyrs, remember the people’s yearning for a better life, and dedicate my fiery youth to the Party’s poverty alleviation cause. I want to keep in mind the warmth and coldness of the people in difficulty, help them solve problems sincerely, lead the people in my hometown to get rid of poverty and become rich wholeheartedly, and contribute to winning the battle against poverty. Those who walk a hundred miles are half-ninety, and the poverty alleviation work has entered the sprint stage of gnawing hard bones, attacking hard and pulling out villages, facing very arduous and arduous tasks. I will certainly spur myself with Fang Zhimin’s courageous spirit, and actively participate in the "last mile" of poverty alleviation with a never-ending mental state and indomitable fighting posture, so as to achieve the goal of getting rid of poverty and running towards a well-off society in the whole village as scheduled.


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