Which heat is lower in the quarrel between sweet corn and waxy corn?


Which heat is lower in the quarrel between sweet corn and waxy corn?

  Stews, soups, and staple foods … … Corn, which can be easily bought all year round, frequently appears at the public table. However, recently, the controversy about which sweet corn or waxy corn is lower in calories and more suitable for weight loss has caused a hot search, which has once again puzzled the "people who eat corn" in the comment area. Experts said that if there is a heat dispute during the weight loss period, sweet corn is still better.

  On the dining table, corn can be seen everywhere. Sweet corn has golden appearance, full grains, soft skin and natural sweetness. Sweet corn with sweet taste is suitable for direct consumption or as a salad ingredient, stew, etc. Waxy corn can also be called sticky corn, which is short and round in appearance, crystal clear and sticky. When you take a bite, it has a "glutinous" taste.

  So what kind of corn is more suitable to eat during weight loss and calorie control? Relevant data show that the energy of sweet corn is about 86 kcal/100g, while that of waxy corn is about 161 kcal/100g. However, some netizens suggested that the weight of a waxy corn is about 200-220g, and the energy is 320-350kcal. And a sweet corn is about 350 grams, and the energy is about 300 kilocalories. In contrast, it seems that eating a whole sweet corn or a whole waxy corn has little difference in calories.

  What is the difference between the two kinds of corn, and how to choose it? The reporter asked Dai Chun, a nutritionist, deputy director of Nanjing First Hospital. She said that during the weight loss period, it is still recommended to choose sweet corn under the condition of the same weight (rather than "one root").

  Relevant professional food databases show that 76% of yellow sweet corn is water, only 5.7% is starch, and 6.26% is composed of sucrose, glucose and fructose. Because of its high soluble sugar content, sweet corn is sweet when eaten in the mouth as the name suggests, and it is not sweet until it is decomposed into glucose by repeated chewing like starch. The reason why it is crisp and tender is because of its high water content and relatively low starch content. Therefore, although the sweet corn with tender water is "sweet", the total carbohydrate content and total calories are actually not high.

  The sticky waxy corn is not. Under the control of waxy genes in corn, the synthesis of amylose is prevented, and the proportion of amylopectin is almost 100%. The branch-like structure of amylopectin contains a large number of glucose molecules, and the connection is loose. Each grape molecule can be well exposed to the action of digestive enzymes and digested into the blood quickly. It can also be seen from the GI (glycemic index) data published by China Food Nutrition Composition Table (6th Edition) and the test data of China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute that the GI value of sweet corn is 55 and that of waxy corn is 106 per 100g edible part. Comparatively speaking, for people who need to lose weight and control their blood sugar, sweet corn may be more suitable than waxy corn, but they should not eat too much at one time.

  Experts remind that some dieters rely too much on corn, and it is not advisable to use it as a staple food during the fat reduction period. Compared with polished rice and white flour, corn contains a lot of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, but the calories are not low. If you eat too much, you will get fat. Eating corn alone may also cause the problem of insufficient protein, which is not conducive to weight loss and health.

  Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu News reporter Lu Yanlin


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