Weekly Events of Sports Industry (5.6-5.10) | Kryptonian Weekly


Weekly Events of Sports Industry (5.6-5.10) | Kryptonian Weekly

  Sports Week: On May 7, Beijing time, the German Football Professional League held a meeting to confirm that the Bundesliga will restart on May 18 this season.

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  Hot spot focusing

  The 2019/20 Bundesliga officially restarted on May 16th.

  On May 8th, the Bundesliga officially confirmed that the remaining schedule of this season will be officially restarted on May 16th. After the restart, the Bundesliga and Bundesliga will continue from the 26th round, and other rounds will continue in the originally set order. The final round is scheduled for June 27th and 28th respectively.

  Chen Yuyuan and Yao Ming were interviewed by CCTV.

  Recently, CCTV news channel program "News 1+1" has connected the President of the Football Association Chen Xiaoyuan and the President of the Basketball Association Yao Ming by video to interpret the football and basketball related issues in China under the epidemic. Fans can learn about the recent information about football and basketball through TV, especially about the preparation of national teams and the restart of professional leagues, and they have received accurate responses.

  China Football Association issued a pay cut proposal.

  On May 8th, the China Football Association published on its official website "Proposal on Reasonable Salary Adjustment between Men’s Football Professional Clubs and Their Players and Coaches to Overcome the Difficulties", indicating that after communicating with FIFA and conducting many investigations and discussions, it issued a "Proposal on Salary Reduction" to clubs, players and coaches at all levels to overcome the difficulties.

  National Development and Reform Commission: The second batch of central budgetary investment in public sports popularization project in 2020 was issued.

  On May 9th, recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" public sports popularization project with an investment of 750 million yuan in the second batch of central budget in 2020.

  Jordan Sports plans to acquire Umbro’s China business for $62.5 million.

  On May 1st, it was reported that Iconix Brand Group Inc, an American brand management company, reached an agreement with Hong Kong Qiaodan Investment Co., Ltd. to sell all its shares in China, Umbro China umbro’s brand intellectual property rights in Greater China (including Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan Province and Macau).

  According to the announcement, the transaction is expected to bring 62.5 million US dollars in cash income (about 443 million at today’s exchange rate) to Iaconis, and the transaction is expected to be completed on September 15, 2020.

  Use dynamic core graphics for the first time! Beijing Winter Olympics Core Graphics and Color System Released

  On May 8th, the "Design Scheme of Color System and Core Graphics for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games" was released. The color system includes three parts: main color, intermediate color and auxiliary color. The core graphic is the first dynamic core graphic in Olympic history.

  The construction of the second batch of football fields in China promotes the determination of cities

  On May 6th, the National Development and Reform Commission, together with the General Administration of Sport and the Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Football Reform and Development in the State Council, recently identified Harbin, Xiapu County, Pingxiang City, Yichun City, Rizhao City, Nanyang City, Jingzhou City, Xiangyang City, Loudi City, Yueyang City, Hezhou City, Guigang City, Chengdu City, Zigong City, Weiyuan County, Yuxi City, Honghe Prefecture and Pu ‘er City in Neijiang City.

  Chengdu Releases New E-sports Policy: Building "E-sports Culture Capital"

  On May 9 th, recently, the General Office of Chengdu Municipal People’s Government officially issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of E-sports+"Industry. It is intended to build Chengdu into a creative place for e-sports content producers, a place for e-sports professional clubs and athletes to fight, a place for e-sports culture lovers to communicate, and a "e-sports culture capital" that meets the needs of people’s better life.

  Star company

  IAAF requests IOC to pay Olympic dividends in advance.

  On May 7th, it was reported that recently, the IAAF took the lead in asking the International Olympic Committee to pay part of the Olympic Games income in advance on the grounds that it was "under great economic pressure".

  F1 reduces fleet budget cap to $145 million per year.

  On May 6th, it was reported that Ross Brown, general manager of F1, Chase Carey, CEO, and FIA held an online meeting to discuss the budget cap amount previously set by F1. After the meeting, Brown said in an interview with Sky Sports that F1 had lowered its budget cap from $175 million a year to $145 million.

  ATP and WTA will set up over $6 million rescue fund.

  According to the Associated Press, ATP and WTA will announce this week the establishment of a relief fund project of over US$ 6 million to ease the financial pressure of about 800 low-ranked tennis players during the suspension of the tournament.

  Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium Project was spent in China Construction Fourth Division.

  On May 7th, according to the official disclosure of China Construction Fourth Bureau, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium, which has the largest scale, the highest grade, the most complete supporting facilities, the highest technology content and the largest number of seats in the world, was awarded to China Construction Fourth Bureau, with a contract value of about 4.3 billion yuan, which is the whole EPC construction mode.

  Yin Tiegang, a senior sports marketer, joined CAA China.

  On May 6th, CAA China announced the appointment of Tiger Yin, a senior sports marketer, as the general manager of sports marketing and resource planning, reporting to Gao Xiang, president of the Ministry of Sports. Yin Tiegang will be responsible for CAA China sports sponsorship sales, brand strategic planning, media copyright distribution and integrated marketing of sports resources, and accelerate CAA China’s further cultivation in the sports field.

  Investment financing

  "One trillion Wade" received hundreds of millions of yuan in loans.

  Recently, according to GymSquare, one trillion Wade, a domestic chain fitness club, has been supported by loans totaling RMB 100 million from several banks, with loan terms ranging from 1 to 3 years.

  Haosha International has been cancelled by the Stock Exchange.

  Recently, it was reported that the listing status of Haosha International (02200) has been cancelled by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Since the beginning of 2019, Haosha International has been transferred and closed one after another, expanding from Fujian swimsuit manufacturing to Haosha brand of fitness-related business, and the listing process has gradually ended.

  Peloton Q3 sales surged by 66%

  On May 6th, Peloton released its financial report for the third quarter as of March 31st, and its total revenue increased by 66% from $316.7 million a year ago to $524.6 million.

  The Clippers bought the Grand west forum Arena for $400 million.

  On May 7th, it was reported that Ballmer, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, had bought the Grand west forum Arena. He bought it from Madison Square Garden Entertainment Company for $400 million, clearing all obstacles for the Clippers to build a new home near Inglewood.

  Peng Fitness completes a new round of financing.

  Recently, it was reported that Yi Jian Technology’s Internet fitness brand Peng Fitness completed a new round of strategic financing, with Zhongcheng Capital as the investor, and the specific financing amount has not been disclosed.

  Cooperative sponsorship

  Huayou Group became a catering and accommodation service provider for the Winter Olympics.

  On May 9th, it was reported that China Huayou Group Co., Ltd. was recently awarded by Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee as the catering service provider and accommodation operation service provider of Beijing Winter Olympic Village and Paralympic Village for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games. This is the first important international competition of "Bright Sword" since the reorganization and integration of Huayou Group.

  BOCOG collects official biodegradable tableware suppliers for the Winter Olympics.

  On May 6, 2010, BOCOG issued an announcement to solicit official biodegradable tableware suppliers. The target of this solicitation belongs to the fourth-level official suppliers, and the consortium application is not accepted. Interested enterprises should submit a letter of intent on May 19, 2020.

  The appearance design scheme of uniform equipment collected by Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee

  On May 8, 2022, the solicitation of visual appearance design for uniforms of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games was officially launched. The collection time is from May 8, 2020 to June 10, 2020. The top ten finalists will receive bonuses ranging from 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan.

  Obtained the exclusive rights to broadcast a number of events, Huya reached a strategic cooperation with UCC, the organization of e-sports events.

  Recently, U Can Company(UCC), a Russian e-sports competition organization, announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Huya. From March 2020, Huya Live will obtain the exclusive rights to broadcast 8 sub-stations CS:GO and 4 sub-stations DOTA2 held by UCC.

  Taste King became the official partner of 2020WUCG.

  On May 18th, the most influential college e-sports competition in China, the World University E-sports League (WUCG)2020 Spring Competition will start soon. As the official partner of WUCG2020, Taste King, a well-known brand that leads the technological innovation and healthy upgrade of China Qingguo Areca, will join hands with WUCG to present wonderful events for college e-sports enthusiasts.

  Star broker

  Jeremy Lin became the spokesperson of Coach men’s product line.

  On May 8th, the international fashion brand Coach Coach announced that Jeremy Lin was the spokesperson of the brand men’s product line.

  Haoran Liu became the first spokesperson of the green orange brand.

  On May 6th, Didi Chuxing’s Green Orange brand officially announced that Haoran Liu had become the first brand spokesperson, and at the same time released two new functions related to Haoran Liu. After joining the Green Orange, Haoran Liu initiated the call-up order of Dibiker, a green orange rider, calling on the chasing teenagers to start a fresh and sunny city exploration journey. In the future, he will also participate in the research and development of Green Orange in many aspects, such as riding experience and product design.

  Self-raised funds for the league, Tianhai players are willing to give up all their remuneration.

  On May 9th, after the news came out on the 8th that "the negotiation between Tianhai and Vantone broke down, and the team will go into bankruptcy liquidation", Tianhai coaching staff and players today offered to the Football Association and Sports Bureau "willing to give up part or even all of their remuneration and take over the club to complete this year’s league. 」

  Inside and outside the stadium

  NFL cancels London and Mexico this season.

  On May 6th, the NFL officially announced that the five regular games scheduled to be held in London and Mexico City this season will be held in the United States.

  NBA: The rematch decision will be made in June.

  On May 9 th, according to The Athletic reporter Shams Charania, in today’s conference call, NBA President Adam Xiao Hua told the players the following contents: Even if the season resumes, no fans are expected to enter the stadium, which means that the NBA will lose 40% of the league income from the fans on the spot; It may not be decided until June.

  The French government granted France a loan of 224.5 million euros.

  On May 7th, after the announcement of the cancellation of the season, a few days ago, the French official confirmed that it would receive a loan of 224.5 million euros from the French government to make up for the loss of TV broadcast income caused by the cancellation of the season for major football clubs.

  The Winter Olympics men’s ice hockey qualifying tournament will be postponed until August 2021.

  On May 6th, the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) announced that due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the IIHF Council had agreed to postpone the men’s ice hockey qualifying tournament of the Winter Olympics to August 26th-29th, 2021, which was originally scheduled to be held from August 27th to 30th, 2020.

  The 2020 World Volleyball League was cancelled.

  On May 8th, the International Volleyball Federation FIVB announced in the Chinese official Weibo that it would cancel the 2020 World Volleyball League.

  FIFA revised the number of substitutions in a single game during the epidemic to five.

  On May 9th, FIFA announced yesterday that in order to help teams cope with the intensive schedule that may occur during the COVID-19 epidemic, it will temporarily implement the new rule that each team is allowed to change up to five substitute players in each game, while under normal circumstances, only three players are allowed in each game.

  World Basketball Coaches Association will launch a series of online courses.

  Recently, it was reported that the World Basketball Coaches Association (WABC) will provide a series of basketball teaching videos in the next period of time, providing fans with an opportunity to learn from the world’s top coaches, including basketball teaching principles, concepts and basic knowledge.

  Administrative policy

  Jiangsu Province will issue 50 million yuan sports vouchers.

  On May 6th, according to the official announcement of Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, in 2020, the province will issue a total of 50 million yuan of sports coupons. At present, the distribution plan of the coupons has been determined. It is divided into six categories and distributed in the form of "National Fitness Card" and "Public Points".

  Hebei continues to carry out the pilot reform of investment approval for the Winter Olympics construction project in Zhangjiakou Division.

  On May 6th, the State Council issued an official reply about Hebei Province continuing to carry out the pilot reform of investment approval for the Winter Olympics construction project in Zhangjiakou Division. According to the document, the scope and main measures of the pilot are implemented in accordance with the "Pilot Program for Investment Approval Reform of Winter Olympics Construction Projects in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province" approved by the State Council. The pilot period is 2 years, counting from the date of the State Council’s approval.

  The water and electricity subsidy scheme of Beijing skating ski resort was announced: the total subsidy was 18.27 million yuan.

  On May 9th, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau released the water and electricity subsidy scheme for the skating ski resorts in Beijing affected by the epidemic. According to the public announcement, on the basis of the preliminary examination and confirmation of the relevant district sports bureaus, 30 skating venues and 21 ski resorts that meet the subsidy conditions were confirmed by the Municipal Sports Bureau. The subsidy standards are: the skating rink subsidizes 120 yuan per square meter and the ski resort subsidizes 5 yuan per square meter. The total subsidy funds are about 18.27 million yuan.

  Yunnan issued implementation opinions to promote the high-quality development of sports industry

  Recently, the General Office of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting National Fitness and Sports Consumption to Promote the High-quality Development of Sports Industry" to stimulate the enthusiasm of national fitness and sports consumption, promote the high-quality development of sports industry in the province, and boost the construction of a strong sports province and a healthy Yunnan.

  The third batch of cultivation list of sports and leisure towns in Zhejiang Province was announced

  Recently, Zhejiang Sports Bureau officially announced the third batch of provincial sports and leisure towns cultivation list, and seven towns were listed as the third batch of sports and leisure towns cultivation units in Zhejiang Province.

  Hebei accelerates the development of ice and snow industry into a key breakthrough area.

  Recently, Hebei Province issued "Opinions on Accelerating Key Breakthroughs in the Construction of" Two Districts "in the Capital of Hebei Province", in which the goals and directions for the development of the ice and snow industry were put forward in the "key breakthrough areas" to accelerate the development of the ice and snow industry.

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