After the Lantern Festival, the fruit market "cooled down" and the price of strawberries "dived" sharply.


After the Lantern Festival, the fruit market "cooled down" and the price of strawberries "dived" sharply.

After the Lantern Festival, the fruit market cooled down, and the topic of "strawberry price diving" rushed to the hot search in Weibo, with more than 300 million readings, and the price of cherries also dropped.

At 10 am, the reporter saw in a fruit shop in Qingpu that hongxia strawberries were placed in a conspicuous place in the store, and brightly colored strawberries were neatly packed into boxes and placed on the shelves, and the price was 25 yuan per catty. Full-bodied cherries were placed at the checkout counter by merchants, and the retail price was 58 yuan per catty. Compared with before the festival, the price of cherries also dropped.

Xiang Guorui, a staff member of the fruit shop, said: "The price of strawberries before the festival is 35 yuan per catty, and the current price is only 25 yuan per catty, which is cheaper than 10 yuan per catty. At the same time as the price dropped, the sales volume also declined. Because I visited relatives and friends years ago, I bought more fruits at home and had sufficient inventory. It is estimated that the purchase volume will be delayed for half a month before going up. "

In the fruit area of Yonghui Supermarket in Qingpu, bulk strawberries, boxed Dandong strawberries and blueberries are placed on the shelves. The price of Dandong strawberries is 450 grams and 45.8 yuan, and the price of bulk strawberries is 36.8 yuan per catty. The price difference between bulk strawberries and Dandong strawberries is close to that of 10 yuan, and cherries are already sold out because of their affordable prices. The reporter found that while the price of conventional varieties of strawberries was reduced, the quality strawberries aimed at consumers’ psychology of early adopters and selection of excellent ones, and the price was still high.

It is understood that the price of fruit before the festival is high due to the rising price of labor, logistics, supply and other cost factors. However, with the end of the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival holidays, the market consumption demand declined, and the fruit supply was sufficient, which led to the price reduction. At the same time, as the temperature rises, the costs of planting and logistics also begin to decline, the output and arrival will continue to increase, and the price of strawberries will further decline.

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