National Day Mid-Autumn Festival Travel Guide Released The number of domestic tourists is estimated at 710 million.


National Day Mid-Autumn Festival Travel Guide Released The number of domestic tourists is estimated at 710 million.

  BEIJING, Sept. 19 (Xinhua)-The website of the National Tourism Administration released the 2017 National Day Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Travel Guide on the 19th. The guide mentioned that it is estimated that the number of domestic tourists will reach 710 million from October 1 to October 8, and the domestic tourism revenue will reach 590 billion yuan. It is estimated that the number of domestic tourists and tourism revenue will increase by 10% and 12.2% respectively from October 1 to October 7 compared with the same period of last year.

  The main contents of the guide are as follows:

  First, the holiday tourism market forecast

  National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are happy to meet each other, and the superposition of holidays constitutes a "super holiday" of up to 8 days. According to the survey of residents’ willingness to travel in the data center of National Tourism Administration, residents’ willingness to travel in the fourth quarter was 82.6%, of which 64.8% chose to travel during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival until the end of October. It is estimated that the number of domestic tourists will reach 710 million from October 1 to October 8, and the domestic tourism revenue will reach 590 billion yuan. It is estimated that the number of domestic tourists and tourism revenue will increase by 10% and 12.2% respectively from October 1 to October 7 compared with the same period of last year. The holiday tourism market will present the following trends:

  1. Two-section superimposed heating long-distance tourism

  "Super Holiday" makes residents go out, especially for long-distance travel in China. According to the survey, 48.9% of the respondents traveled for 4 to 7 days during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, and 17.6% traveled for 7 to 30 days. Affected by the BRICS meeting, traveling to Xiamen is very popular. According to Ctrip. com’s travel booking data, Sanya, Beijing, Kunming, Lanzhou, Xiamen, Urumqi, Guilin, Lijiang, Xi ‘an, Shanghai and other destinations are popular, and the heat in the northwest and southwest is not diminished.

  2. Consumption upgrading promotes outbound tourism

  Affected by the continuous upgrading of mass tourism consumption, the relatively stable international situation and the high exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar, outbound travel will usher in a small peak. According to the survey, 16.4% of the respondents chose to travel abroad during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, and 20.9% chose to travel to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. According to the travel booking data of Tuniu. com, Xinmatai, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and Viet Nam are the most popular short-term destinations, while the United States, Canada, Australia, France and Egypt are the most concerned about the long-term destinations, and the routes to Eastern Europe and africa tour have become the new highlights of outbound tourism.

  3. Free travel leads the surrounding tourism

  In the era of mass tourism, with the upgrading of tourism consumption, tourists pay more attention to the quality of tourism. According to the survey, 54.3% of the respondents chose to organize their own trips during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays. From the perspective of product demand, natural scenery, historical sites and theme parks are the most interesting destinations for free travellers. From the perspective of travel distance, free travellers mainly drive by car in short and medium distances, and leisure and holiday tours in rural areas around the city are more popular.

  4. Different needs promote theme tourism

  Different groups of people present diversified tourism needs. According to the booking data of flying pig travel and the tourists’ comments collected by public opinion monitoring Room Tourism Big Data Center of People’s Daily Online, among the outbound tourists during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the proportion of consumers aged 23 to 34 reached 50.9%, and most of them were free or semi-free. Domestic tours are mainly family trips, and cities with large theme parks are the most popular destinations for autumn tours, such as grasslands and ecology. Museums of history and humanities, ocean parks, zoos, theme parks and cruise tours are the first choices for family tourists.

  5. Cultural tourism activities sing folk tourism.

  October 4th coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival. For people who want to have a family reunion and travel abroad, celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoying the moon during their travel has become a new highlight of holiday travel. Featured tourism products such as moon viewing, tide watching and seafood tasting built around "tourism+culture", "tourism+folk customs" and "tourism+food" are deeply loved by the public, and leisure experience activities with local characteristics such as autumn viewing in the west, climbing mountains in autumn, skiing in the ancient capital of Beijing, and seaside beaches are the most popular.

  Second, the holiday destination selection strategy

  In the face of the dazzling array of tourist routes and foreseeable peak passenger flow in the holiday tourism market, how to choose to maximize the sense of tourism experience and satisfaction is suggested to adopt the following four principles:

  1. Enjoy the fun of rational travel

  Rationality makes tourism return to the origin of happiness. In the era of mass tourism, the demand for tourism has increased rapidly, and it broke out again during holidays, forming a tidal wave of passenger flow. Visitors should have a clear understanding of the impact of peak passenger flow on personal experience and be rational when participating in holiday travel. Before traveling, we should put an end to the mentality of comparison, enjoyment and perfection, and choose reasonable routes and products. During the journey, we should be rational and optimistic, not blindly pursue the maximization of personal travel, and reserve reasonable experience space for others. When encountering unintentional bumps, crowded queues, taking pictures and grabbing pictures, we should maintain courtesy and restraint. When you feel irritable and angry during the journey, you can focus on the distant scenery and let your mind calm down.

  2. Don’t worry about going out at the wrong peak

  Traveling at the wrong peak will effectively improve the travel experience. First, the peak time is wrong. Most domestic popular tourist destinations show a trend of "high in the middle and low at both ends". Arranging a short trip two days before or the last day of the holiday will alleviate the travel congestion. For example, if you go to an expected popular area, you can arrange a trip the day before the holiday. The second is the peak traffic. Near the holiday, local traffic departments will issue road network tips to predict and monitor road congestion, so that the majority of self-driving tourists can pay attention to it and choose driving routes scientifically. For long-distance travel, the railway and civil aviation routes to large cities a few days before the holiday and to small and medium-sized cities in the next few days are relatively loose, which can avoid the peak passenger traffic.

  3. Get cold and avoid heat to enjoy the beautiful scenery

  Some emerging tourist routes and destinations have not received much attention, and some popular tourist routes and destinations have entered the relatively off-season. Choosing to go during holidays will greatly improve the quality of tourism and enrich the connotation of travel. For the convenience of tourists, some provincial (city, district) tourism authorities have compiled a list of unpopular tourist routes and destination keywords for reference according to the holiday tourism situation in the same period over the years.

  4. It’s more leisurely to travel long distances.

  Take a vacation to a distant place and enjoy a unique holiday. On-the-job staff tourists who usually have insufficient discretionary time can negotiate with their units, combine paid annual leave with National Day holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and weekend holiday to form a long holiday, and choose a longer and farther travel destination or a unique in-depth travel route to avoid peak passenger flow and enhance the travel experience.

  The Tourism Bureau issued holiday travel tips to remind tourists of the following precautions:

  1. Have a pleasant journey and don’t forget safety.Pay attention to the weather changes at the destination, and make preparations for wind, lightning and rain. Pay attention to traffic safety, check vehicles in advance to avoid failure on the way. Pay attention to food safety, eat fresh food and stay away from unusual ingredients. Pay attention to property safety, separate property and put your backpack in front of you. Pay attention to personal safety and don’t blindly participate in high-risk tourism projects. Before traveling, buy a travel accident insurance for yourself and your family.

  2. Travel all the way with civilization.When traveling, everyone should be a follower, supervisor and advocate of civilized tourism. Abide by the laws and regulations, public order and social morality of tourist destinations. Respect local customs, cultural traditions and religious beliefs. Cherish the natural environment, do not litter, and do not harm vegetation. Protect cultural relics, don’t graffiti on buildings, and don’t carve words in scenic spots. Pay attention to being polite, respectful and helpful. Advocate healthy entertainment and resist feudal superstitions.

  3. Beware of infringement and reasonable rights protection.Tourists should establish a sense of rights and reasonably safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Choose a regular travel agent and pay attention to check whether the travel agent has business qualifications. Sign a standardized tourism contract uniformly printed by local tourism authorities, and carefully check the terms. Remember that you have the right to know and choose about the arrangement of shopping and other paid activities, and refuse to force consumption or bundle consumption. When spending, you should ask for an invoice. No matter whether you participate in shopping, accommodation, sightseeing, entertainment and other activities, the invoice is the only proof of payment. When infringement is suspected, we should rely on all kinds of appeal channels to defend our rights reasonably and legally, and should never assert our rights and interests without restrictions or take excessive rights protection actions.

  4.12301 Intimate guardian waiting to talk.12301 is a national tourism service hotline, which provides tourism services for tourists and enhances their travel experience through all-media interaction. You can call 12301 for help when you need to consult on tourism matters, complain about tourism rights protection, and need rescue in case of tourism emergency. If it is inconvenient to defend rights during the trip, you can keep relevant evidence and seek a solution after returning.


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