Issue 121: Didn’t you have breakfast at work? Eating snacks is also healthy.


Issue 121: Didn’t you have breakfast at work? Eating snacks is also healthy.

Nowadays, urban congestion is serious, air pollution is getting worse and worse, coupled with staying up late, working overtime and frequent socializing, children living in cities are beginning to have a serious crisis and become high-risk groups of obesity, fatty liver and hyperlipidemia, and they are getting younger and younger. Young people in their thirties are suffering from these diseases everywhere.

As teachers, we have been thinking about how to solve this problem. From the perspective of dietary structure, we find a very serious phenomenon, that is, the "unbalanced proportion of three meals a day" of office workers. Today, less than the teacher, I will discuss with you how to balance nutrition for office workers’ three meals a day.

First, breakfast

Taking Beijing as an example, in the face of traffic jams and long-distance troubles, office workers rarely cook their own breakfast, but most of them buy it at street breakfast shops. The ingredients are mostly convenient and fast, and nutrition collocation is rarely considered. Most people hold an attitude of "eating" even "eating a good morning", and a large number of office workers do not eat breakfast in the morning. As a result, the most important meal of the day is "made do" in this way.

Second, lunch

Most office workers choose take-out or fast food for lunch, and the ingredients are generally rice and meat. Even if there are plants, they are basically high-calorie cooking foods such as oil eggplant, fried beans and shredded potatoes. Moreover, because breakfast is not eaten well, the amount of lunch will increase, and the calories will increase inadvertently. After eating a lot of lunch, under the thermal effect of food, people will feel seriously sleepy after meals, which not only affects efficiency, but also does great harm to health.

Third, dinner

I finally got off work. After enduring a long traffic jam, you got home very late. For office workers, this is the most relaxing time of the day. When we thought of cooking two "decent dishes", we unconsciously got close to you with high heat. After dinner, tired and not exercising, falling asleep with a feeling of fullness has become an important hidden danger of obesity.

Having said that, how to solve the nutritional balance problem of office workers? Less than the teacher to give you a few tricks.

First, choose several foods to take to work in the morning.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, kiwis, apples, carrots, pomelos, pears, pineapples and other fruits and vegetables are all good choices. You can take one or two kinds every morning and eat them between 10: 30 and 11: 00 in the morning. Pay attention to changing varieties frequently.

Second, buy some healthy snacks and put them on the table

In the drawer of your desk, you can put some snacks such as nuts, jujubes, yogurt, air-dried beef, milk, etc., eat some properly when you are hungry, or mix them with the fruits and vegetables above for 1 hour before lunch (before work).

Third, choose a good lunch and eat slowly.

There are many choices for lunch around the office, but the ones that are applauded are basically meat covered rice, etc. If you want to eat healthily, don’t choose meat lunch, and don’t choose high-calorie cooking such as eggplant and shredded potatoes. You can choose some fungi, leafy vegetables and aquatic products. In addition to food choices, you should also pay attention to the speed of eating. You should keep telling yourself to slow down and slow down again. Don’t underestimate slowness, but it has a great effect on health.

Fourth, dinner should be simple and exercise more every day.

Dinner should be simple. Drinking some soup, eating some, steamed fish and boiled shrimp are all good choices. In view of the fact that office workers have little exercise, it is suggested that you can go to the gym for moderate exercise after work, which will not only make your muscles more elastic, but also relieve your work pressure and give you a good one.[Review of past highlights]

The author introduces:Yu Liang, self-media nutritionist, columnist of Health Channel "Less than Nutrition Knowledge Hall", member of Beijing Nutritionist Association, top ten national gold medal nutrition lecturer, member of Baidu Encyclopedia Academic Committee, and special guest of many domestic mainstream media such as CCTV.

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