The exposure segment of Fantastic Animals 3 Newt equips Dumbledore’s army.


The exposure segment of Fantastic Animals 3 Newt equips Dumbledore’s army.

1905 movie network news J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter series, created a brand-new adventure chapter in the magical world, which is being shown in the whole country! In the "Ready to Go" segment exposed in the film, Newt replaces Dumbledore to distribute special "equipment", wands, ties and books to the members of the adventure team, which will help the members complete the next task.

Newt is equipped to envy the audience, and the adventure team is ready to go.

In the exposed "Ready to Go" segment, the first generation of Dumbledore’s army was formally assembled on the moving train. Newt distributed special "equipment" to members instead of Dumbledore. As the only muggle in the team, Jacob likes to carry a wand, which surprised him even more. He took the wand incredibly, and Newt emphasized that "it will be used in the next place".

On the other hand, the tie that Dumbledore gave to theseus was held tightly by Sniff. After some pulling, Sniff was thrown into Jacob’s hand at a distance and put into the pan. When the tie was picked up by Newt, it was discovered that the original problem of sniffing for money was committed again. Jin Shanshan’s tie sequins made sniffing want to stop. Larry, a professor of magic, got a book from Dumbledore. Larry explained, "Books can take you around the world and back to your original place, just open them."

Facts have proved that this book has played an important role in Lali’s future actions. All three members have harvested their own special equipment. After everything is ready, the adventure team begins to perform their respective tasks, and the legendary World War I in the history of magic is about to officially start!

The magical world returns to the screen and re-fans. The audience calls it really fragrant and wants two brushes.

After a lapse of four years, the wizarding world has returned to the big screen, which makes countless fans and audiences jump for joy and excitement. "As a fan of Harry Potter series, Fantastic Animals series also loves to the bone, and it is worthy of being my favorite magic IP, and the wizarding world will always make people yearn for it." "Whether fans of the wizarding world are excited or not, the visual effect is as good as ever." "It is my best this year.

The exposed footage contains a lot of magical elements, which makes the audience envy it, and the familiar magic scenes, shocking magic visual effects, cute magical animals and other surprise highlights in the film also make the audience scream, "Always shed tears for the magical world, which is an excellent spiritual food", "The core story of the whole film is not complicated but the rhythm is excellent, the plot is reversed and the plot is cool, and several magical scenes are very shocking. The appearance of magical animals is also very interesting and the picture is maintained.

The audience also affirmed the leading actors’ acting skills, thinking that they are the characters who came out of the magical world. "The complex feelings between Dumbledore and Grindelwald have been vividly reflected in this film", "The debut of theseus and Newt’s Scorpion bijuu dance is really a highlight moment" and "Each pair of CP has met everyone’s expectations, intertwined with sweetness and cruelty, and contributed to many famous scenes"! Some viewers enthusiastically recommended: "Be sure to watch it on the big screen, and you will know how shocking the huge waves that little wand can set off!"

"Fantastic Animals: The Mystery of Dumbledore" is directed by, starring, and so on, and the film is in full swing!


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