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Workplace+youth! On the Typological Exploration of Modern Spy War Drama from Qiu Chan

       Original title: "workplace metamorphosis" in modern spy war dramas

The foggy Qiu Chan, as a well-made spy war drama this year, has been greatly anticipated by the audience due to the pre-publicity’s rendering of suspense and the addition of many old drama bones. In fact, the beginning of the plot is desperate. The intense and exciting rhythm of the previous episodes really fits the artistic expression level of the spy war drama. However, with the end of the whole drama, most of the audience’s complaints about the straightforward and simple plot, the rigid emotional line of the heroine, and the unfocused modeling of the male protagonist constantly surfaced. The typological exploration of domestic spy war dramas still faces bottlenecks.

The "Death Game" in the Fierce Workplace Competition

Compared with the successful representative works of spy war dramas in previous years, such as plot against, lurk and pretender, Qiu Chan’s handling of "the struggle between the enemy and ourselves" does have obvious narrative confusion. On the whole, the plot still follows the strong plot narrative of the spy war story, full of danger and suspense, and weaves various tests for the protagonist. Compared with the portrayal of domestic heroes and the description of human nature, the workplace confrontation between Ye Chong and Miyamoto in the play is relatively more exciting.

In the fierce competition in the workplace, two young and energetic colleagues have different positions and beliefs. They use the superficial personal grievances and even the competition for the same position in the office as a seesaw, but in fact they have just completed the hiding of the hidden personnel. In the pursuit, catching the mole and suspecting his colleagues almost never stopped, from the office of the Military and Political Department to the scene of the arrest and interrogation, and even setting up sentry surveillance near the colleague’s residence. From the point of view of the workplace, the two are really devoted to their work. Dai Sato Zang, the Major General of the Military and Political Affairs Department of Xiangdao, is more like a leader who is embarrassed everywhere. The most repeated lines seem to be exhorting two subordinates to "I hope you will stop here". As a superior, while mediating the contradictions between subordinates, I hope they will be used for their own purposes; On the one hand, I hope that they will form a compelling relationship with each other and even deal with powerful subordinates. Here, the humanized contest between the enemy and ourselves, which is common in spy war dramas, has been clearly transformed into a workplace contest.

Generally speaking, in this seemingly infighting in the workplace, in fact, the righteous man will be portrayed as a superhero with superior wisdom and vigorous skills. In the play, Ye Chong did keep his disguise in every crisis, but it was always slower than Miyamoto’s, which led to the continuous failure of the joint, and comrades were constantly exposed and arrested, constantly sacrificed and transferred, and then entered the next cycle. In the play, the role of Xiaozhuang almost swept all the affairs of Ye Chong, and the point of fierce confrontation between the male and the female was also diluted. If it is intended for the suspense mechanism of plot narration, it can only be regarded as a strong spiritual stimulus of "death game", which is useless for shaping the protagonist.

In addition, in the spy war drama, it is also a common skill to sublimate the sense of tragedy in the form of the hero’s sacrifice in the face of potential crisis and the viciousness of hostile forces. Before the arrival of this established sad moment, the complicated story is not the standard to judge whether a play is good or not, otherwise it will fall into the formal game of suspense reasoning and hinder the expression of the theme.

Youth idols and the infinite land of "pan-spy war"

The high confidentiality of hidden front work makes underground workers more like a contradiction. Qiu Chan is the male actor Ye Chong — — Code-named "Qiu Chan", an underground worker, chose a youth idol. Allen’s face is chiseled, with all kinds of uniform suits, suits and white shirts, and he can play the piano. As a hidden and forbearing person, The Infiltrator invariably highlights the modern aesthetics of the characters, which seems to usurp the host’s role. Stereotyped facial stereotypes can’t match the development of characters’ personalities.

From Sparrow, which started with the appearance of "youth" spy war in 2016, to Qiu Chan, which is cold and lonely today and needs to be reborn, it is of certain significance for the younger generation to pay attention to and inspire their growth, and its influence and communication effect are also obvious to all. In the consumption context of youth idols, there are often designs that pretend to be lovers or couples, and Qiu Chan has not jumped out of this pattern, setting up scenes where female characters are jealous or have misunderstandings. In the past spy war dramas, this usually existed as an auxiliary line of family ethics narration. However, if emotional entanglements can’t really play a role in narration, they are just coquetry of female characters, which will lead the plot to a boundless land of "pan-spy war".

The revolutionary cause of spy war is not a child’s play. Female roles can be weak, but they must be honed and grown. The female images in Qiu Chan also lack the smart and capable side of women in traditional spy war dramas. In addition to Junko Qingquan’s excellent business ability, Jin Xiang was portrayed as a "gangster female leader", while He Ying, the female host, focused too much on the emotional relationship with the male host. The embarrassment of identity and emotional displacement make the audience only rely on the existing experience, and they are constantly frustrated in the heavy decryption of the plot. This gamification experience, which is not equal to the real feeling, further dispels the seriousness of spy war.

In addition, it is a skill for spy war dramas to create a sense of urgency in time and space to construct unique urban images and complete dramatic conflicts in a certain time and space structure. For example, the New World, with the main battlefield in Beiping, the Peace Hotel, with the closed space in Manchuria in the northeast, and the Kite, with a spy war narrative around the mountain city of Chongqing, etc. Qiu Chan also takes wartime Hong Kong as the main activity scope of the characters, and inserts some actions of Myanmar and Shanghai. From the blockade of virtual space to the breakthrough of external information transmission and exchange, the regulation of time and space provides an enchantment for this clever narrative. But it is a pity that the drama’s creation of Hong Kong’s urban features in a specific period is mediocre in regional characteristics and has not left a clear and profound impression on people.

Since 1958, when the film showed the outstanding underground workers of the Party dedicated themselves to the revolution, the image of hidden front workers in these years has been stereotyped as "dancers at the tip of a knife", and everything except faith and mission has been left behind by individuals. The TV series "Eighteen Years of Enemy Camp", which premiered in 1981, was recognized by the academic circles as a new beginning of domestic spy war drama because it showed the image of a Communist party member who went deep into the tiger’s den regardless of personal safety. It can be seen that the enduring foundation of domestic spy war dramas still lies in the performance of revolutionaries on the hidden front and their indomitable underground work. Qiu Chan’s expression of workplace squeeze in the hidden front, the borrowing of youth idol elements and the expression of special regions in special times are also an exploration of new types of elements in domestic spy war dramas to some extent. Although it is not satisfactory in handling, it is still instructive.(Author: Peng Liuying, Associate Research Fellow, Film Art Center of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Editor in Charge of Film Art)


How to calculate the life of mobile phone battery How to calculate the life of mobile phone battery

   Nowadays, lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries are commonly used in mobile phone batteries. With the increase of service time, the life of batteries will gradually shorten. So how to check the remaining life of batteries, How to calculate the life of mobile phone battery? ? Here is an introduction for everyone.

How to calculate the life of mobile phone battery?

  Many friends think that the more times a mobile phone is charged, the worse the battery will be, which makes sense. However, the most accurate definition of battery life is that the number of charging cycles determines battery life.

  I’m sure many friends don’t know how to calculate the number of cycles. In fact, a cycle is a cumulative complete charge+a cumulative complete discharge. For example, if your mobile phone has a battery of 5000mAH, then every cumulative charge to 5000mAH is a complete charge process. If each charge is 500mAH, then it takes 10 times to complete this charge procedure, and the same is true for discharge. The actual situation is that you can only consider a cycle after multiple charge and discharge operations.

  The average cell phone battery cycle is about 500 times, which is actually quite durable, but many friends are worried that after 500 times, my cell phone will be scrapped, and I don’t want to change it! In fact, the number of times the mobile phone runs out of cycles means that your battery is only 80% of its previous capacity, and the subsequent charging process will consume the battery capacity faster, but the battery is still operating normally. When the battery life is drastically reduced or turned off for no reason, you need to consider replacing the battery or the mobile phone.

  That’s what I introduced How to calculate the life of mobile phone battery, I hope it helps you.


How can the public prevent skiing injuries?

  Yang Wenxian of Provincial Institute of Physical Education and Sports

  In the past two years, people have been enthusiastic about skiing, but before that, skiing was still a very minority sport in China. However, nowadays, with the popularity of skiing culture, especially since the successful bid for the Winter Olympics, skiing has entered the public’s field of vision, and there are more and more snow fields in the country. Looking at all kinds of great gods galloping on the snow field on the internet, can’t you help but be eager to try? Let’s go skiing together today. The competition time of the Winter Olympics is coming to an end, and many wonderful competitions have been watched. The skiing events of the 2022 Winter Olympics include: platform skiing, freestyle skiing, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, nordic combined and snowboarding. In order to let you watch the race better and participate in skiing, the author brings you today’s article.

  First, distinguish skiing events to help you watch the race better.

  There are many skiing events in this Winter Olympics. In order to watch the games better, let’s learn about the events first. The names of each event list can’t be clearly distinguished. Skiing events are divided into snowboarding and snowboarding in terms of the number of skateboards. The following is a detailed introduction:

  1. Double board skiing:

  (1) Ski jumping and freestyle skiing-skill events

  In order to fly farther and score higher, the skiers need to have super skills to fly farther.

  The greater the technical difficulty of freestyle skiing, the higher the score. The freestyle skiing in this Winter Olympics consists of seven events: aerial skills, snow skills, obstacle chasing, U-shaped field skills, slope obstacle skills, big platform, and aerial skills mixed groups.

  Gu Ailing’s advantage event is the skill event. She participated in three events in this Winter Olympics, namely, slope obstacle skill, U-shaped field skill and big platform jump.

  (2) Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing-speed events

  There are many flag gates on the track of alpine skiing, and athletes need to cross them.

  Cross-country skiing is like a ground marathon, which requires great endurance and physical strength.

  (3) nordic combined-Comprehensive Project

  This is a competition for men only, which lasts for 2 days. On the first day, I competed in platform skiing and on the second day, I competed in cross-country skiing.

  2. snowboarding

  Snowboarding is divided into racing category and skill category. Racing categories include: parallel slalom, obstacle chase, obstacle chase round group. Skills include: U-shaped court, obstacle breaking skills and big platform jumping.

  Second, how can the public prevent skiing injuries?

  With the east wind of Beijing Winter Olympics, this winter, the atmosphere of ice and snow is getting stronger and stronger, and more and more people are participating in this sport, and this sport has brought a lot of damage to the public. According to relevant surveys, mass skiers have more knee joint injuries, such as tearing and injury/strain of ligaments around the knee joint; In addition, there are many injuries to the head and neck, upper limbs and thumb. If you want to effectively avoid injury, you are advised to do the following:

  Step 1 wear protective gear

  Wear helmet and joint protection when skiing.

  2. Make full preparations.

  Full warm-up can make the body get high-efficiency physiological requirements and reduce the occurrence of injuries. Here are some professional skiing warm-up exercises to help you get into the state as soon as possible:

  (1) Warm-up of lower limbs

  Action 1: Lie on your back and lift your legs

  Lie on your back on the mat, first do hip extension under the condition of leg flexion and straight leg, then do adduction and abduction under the condition of leg flexion, and then do hip rotation exercises under the condition of leg flexion. Finally, under the conditions of supine and prone, the touch exercise of the opposite hand and foot was carried out. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Action 2: Hip flexor stretching

  Stretching hip muscles can reduce hip muscle tension and increase hip flexibility. Kneel with legs apart, keep the trunk straight, slowly move the center of gravity forward, and tilt the upper body to the side of the front support leg. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Action 3: lateral box jumping

  Practicing this movement can improve the control ability of hips and knees. Jump sideways from the box and keep your hips, knees and ankles aligned when landing. Increase the difficulty of action by swinging your arm or jumping a longer distance. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  (2) Warm up the core parts of the body

  Action 1: Static force of split leg side brace

  Practicing this movement can improve core strength and prevent injury. Elbow support, lift your body, keep it straight, raise your upper legs to the limit, lower your body to the starting position, and then do the next exercise. For 30 seconds in each group, practice 3 groups. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Action 2: Start at both ends.

  Lie prone on the mat, lift and extend your arms and legs, tighten your shoulder blades, then put them down and repeat the exercise. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  (3) Turn to warm up

  Action 1: Kneeling and turning

  Turning exercises can help improve the flexibility of the trunk. Kneel on your knees, turn to your sides, and touch your feet on the other side with your hands. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Action 2: Thoracic Spine Rotation

  Hands on the ground, kneeling on the mat. Keep the pelvis still, and one arm drives the upper back to rotate. When practicing, keep your eyes on your arms and swing them. For 20 seconds in each group, practice 3 groups. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Step 3 learn to fall

  All kinds of accidents are most likely to occur in ice and snow sports. Learn how to fall safely to better protect yourself.

  Double board: When the speed can’t be controlled during sliding, if you want to avoid falling, you can first try to lean forward and make a plow brake (make the tail of the double board open in a "V" shape during sliding); If you can’t brake or if you can’t slow down, you should take the initiative to fall down: throw away the poles, hold your body with your hands, squat down and fall to one side of your body, land with your ass, and remember to forbid hand support! (Hand support can easily lead to wrist fracture)

  Veneer: when sliding on the front edge, it is easy to fall forward. At this time, you should kneel down with your legs, lower your center of gravity, and stretch your hands forward as far as possible. The whole person is kneeling on the ground and lifting the snowboard. When the rear blade slides and falls, you should cross your arms on your chest, squat down with your legs to form a ball, roll back with your back on the ground, and lift the snowboard at the same time. Also remember to ban hand support!

  4. Other precautions

  (1) Avoid skiing due to fatigue or discomfort. Skiing consumes a lot of physical energy, and it is easy to cause injuries under fatigue.

  (2) Skiing should be studied step by step, and there should be no psychology of being competitive and eager for success.

  (3) Choose a suitable ski trail, and don’t blindly climb the advanced ski trail as soon as you learn to ski.

  Third, how to choose ski equipment?

  Step 1 snowboard

  For beginners, it is most convenient to rent ski equipment directly in the ski resort. You should also know the following points when choosing ski gear:

  (1) The longer the length of the snowboard, the greater the speed, the more difficult it is to ski, and the more difficult it is to control.

  (2) For beginners, the length of skateboard should be 20-30cm less than the height. For amateurs, snowboarding is generally lower than the height, easier to operate, more flexible in steering and easier to use.

  (3) You can choose a relatively soft and elastic skateboard. The skateboard with great elasticity will not be too fast, and it is easier to control, so it is safer.

  2. Ski suit

  You should choose a ski suit with the right size, so you can move freely. First of all, choose warm, waterproof and windproof fabrics. Secondly, it is ok to wear a ski suit and a jumpsuit, but when choosing, the pants must be high-waist; Clothes and trousers with adjustable cuffs and cuffs can effectively prevent snow from entering. Finally, it is best to choose eye-catching tones that have a color difference with white to avoid collision accidents.

  It is suggested to adopt the "sandwich" dressing method: quick-drying clothes/sweat-wicking underwear+warm middle layer+windproof and waterproof/professional ski coat to achieve the effect of sweating inside, keeping warm in the middle and waterproof outside.

  Choosing professional ski shoes can effectively keep warm and prevent injuries. When choosing ski shoes, it is best to try them on the spot. The most comfortable state is to let the feet have room to move inside the boots, but the sides of the ankles should not be loose. The back of the shoes should be strong and have certain endurance; Ensure that the calf can bend forward flexibly.

  In addition, ski masks, warm hats, ski gloves, ski socks, etc. should be prepared.

  3. Accessories and protective gear

  Ski pole, the ideal length is that when a person stands upright, the arm holding ski pole can touch the ground vertically at a 90-degree angle. Ski helmets should not be too tight or too loose after wearing. It is best to rent or buy them after trying them on the spot. Ski goggles, it is recommended to choose a fully enclosed ski goggles with thicker frame and anti-fogging.

  In addition, beginners are advised to wear joint protection and anti-fall pads.


The two giants in the Premier League compete for it! 27-year-old star wants to go: 68 games with 32 goals, priced at 80 million.

The 27-year-old Ivan Toni is once again caught in a transfer rumor. On November 1st, the British Evening Standard revealed that Chelsea and Arsenal, the two giants in the Premier League, are competing and hope to sign Tony in January next year. Brentford offered Tony a price of 80 million pounds, and the players sought to leave the team and play for a better club.

There is no doubt about Ivan Tony’s ability. In the Premier League in 2022-23, Tony scored 20 goals, ranking third in the top scorer list, only behind Harland (36 goals) and Kane (28 goals). During his Premier League career, Tony scored 32 goals in 68 games, and his efficiency was not bad. However, Tony got into big trouble: he bet on a football match, was banned by the FA for eight months, and will be released on January 17th next year.

The Evening Standard pointed out that brentford was willing to sell Ivan Toni for 80 million pounds. Objectively speaking, this price tag is somewhat inflated: Tony’s contract is only one and a half years, the player’s valuation in Germany is 30 million pounds, and he has not played a formal game for half a year.

There is no room for a big bodhisattva in a small temple. For his future, Ivan Tony is very clear: he wants to leave brentford and go to an "elite club". To this end, Ivan Toni also changed his agent and let Banert (who used to be Bell’s agent) handle his own transfer.

According to the analysis of the Evening Standard, both Arsenal and Chelsea intend to make moves in January next year:

Arsenal’s goal is still to compete for the Premier League title. If a scorer with 10 goals in the middle of the game is introduced in January, it will be of great help to the championship. Although Arsenal have Jesus and Nketiya, they are not prolific centers. Arsenal manager Artta appreciates Ivan Toni’s scoring ability. This summer, Arsenal spent 200 million pounds to bring in Tony in the winter window. The Gunners need to sell players to raise funds first.

Chelsea, with deep pockets, also intends to supplement the front line. Chelsea spent 1 billion pounds, completely overthrown and rebuilt, and there was not much improvement. This season, the Premier League only scored 12 points in 10 games and scored only 1.3 goals per game. In January next year, Jackson will play in the African Cup of Nations. Chelsea, which was originally weak in attack, needs Tony’s help.

Tony, who returned from the ban in January, hopes to complete the transfer in the winter window, seize the opportunity of half a year, strive for more goals, win the trust of English coach southgate and be selected for the European Cup 2024. As an excellent striker in the Premier League, Tony has only played for England once, which is not in line with his strength.