Funny story


Funny story

Ok, let me tell you a funny story!

The story happened in a hotel. At that time, a passenger was preparing to sleep when he suddenly heard the noise upstairs. He complained, "The passengers upstairs are too noisy. How can I sleep tonight?"

So the hotel attendant went to the passengers upstairs and told them to keep their voices down. However, it didn’t take long for the passengers upstairs to start noisy again. The passenger was very angry, so he called the waiter and said, "Can you manage the passengers upstairs? I have to sleep tonight! "

The waiter replied, "I’m sorry, sir. I’ve already told the passengers upstairs, but they continue to make noisy noises." I’ll talk to them again. "

After a few minutes, the waiter came back and told the passenger, "Sir, the passengers upstairs said they didn’t mean to, because their room was too hot, so they turned on the air conditioner very loudly." They have turned off the air conditioner now. "

The passenger was satisfied and said, "OK, can I go to bed now?"

The waiter replied, "Sir, you can go to bed. But if you hear any noise upstairs, please don’t call us. We have tried our best. "

This story is so funny! After listening to it, my stomach hurts with laughter! Let’s listen to it!


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