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Young people’s first AI mobile phone: one plus Ace 3V leads the popularization of mid-range mobile phone AI era.

On March 19th, Yijia Mobile announced that Zhou Hongyi, the founder and chairman of 360 Group, would appear at the conference of Yijia Ace 3V to witness the release of "Young People’s First AI Mobile Phone" and bring an AI-themed open class. One plus Ace 3V, as an AI popularizer, realizes full AI empowerment from the bottom of the system to the scene application, and improves daily performance, games and endurance experience in all aspects. In addition, one plus Ace 3V also fully popularized the flagship core AI capabilities, and launched a number of new AI functions in the world, realizing the leap of one plus Ace series from the popularization of flagship functions to leading the popularization of AI mobile phones.

Li Jie, president of Yijia China District, said: "AI is not exclusive to high-end mobile phones, but can popularize Pratt & Whitney. Everyone should enjoy the innovation and efficiency brought by AI equally. One plus Ace 3V not only fully popularized a series of flagship core AI capabilities for the first time, but also launched a number of new AI functions, bringing the most cutting-edge AI technology to everyone and bringing the AI experience of mid-range mobile phones into a new era. "

Fully popularize the AI capabilities of mobile phones, and strong performance is an indispensable foundation. One plus Ace 3V is the world’s first third-generation Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform, which not only inherits the core advantages of the third-generation Snapdragon 8 in terms of performance specifications, but also matches the third-generation Snapdragon 8 in terms of experience. Based on the flagship performance of the third generation Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform, One Plus Ace 3V is also equipped with an exclusive self-developed "Tidal Architecture" for the first time, which further drains the chip’s potential, achieves a balance between high performance and low power consumption, and achieves unprecedented performance in the mid-end market.

AI has further broken through the hardware shackles and achieved a longer battery life breakthrough with the same battery capacity. One plus Ace 3V has three key endurance weapons: the same benchmark 5500 mAh battery, which solves the endurance anxiety at the source; The ultra-low power consumption of the third generation Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform gives consideration to performance and battery life; The first introduction of AI battery life management technology combined with SUPERVOOC S power management chip makes global intelligent allocation of power resources. With the blessing of three sharp weapons, one plus Ace 3V can achieve a lasting use time of more than 1.86 days. One plus Ace 3V also has a smarter and faster blood-returning ability. On the basis of experiencing the best 100-watt flash charging scheme in the same gear, one plus Ace 3V can intelligently choose the most suitable charging strategy with the help of AI smart charging engine, while charging. It can also maintain efficient and fast charging. One plus Ace 3V completely solved the industry problem of flagship performance and long battery life, and challenged the mid-range battery life champion.

As the first AI mobile phone for young people, AI not only fully empowers performance, but also brings a number of scene experiences with Ace 3V, making Ace 3V the most reliable mentor and friend. Based on the AndesGPT, one plus Ace 3V is the first AI creativity artifact: the small cloth interviewer, which helps the younger generation to become a veteran of workplace interviews from Xiaobai; Xiaobu English teacher, real-life simulated foreign teacher, one-on-one oral sparring; Xiaobu paper assistant, comprehensively check and correct the paper, and fully stimulate your academic creation inspiration.

In addition, Ace 3V also popularized a number of flagship AI experiences to the mid-end market: the AI ? ? elimination function can easily complete the identification, elimination and natural filling of unnecessary elements in the picture; "Xiao Bu Q&A" turns into "Zhi Duo Xing" according to different life scenes, and AI generates social platform copywriting, travel planning and so on; Xiaobu comments, easily generate rich comments with one click, and instantly turn you into an Internet generalist.

One plus Ace 3V will be officially unveiled on March 21st. Based on the ultimate hardware performance and global AI capability, one plus Ace 3V not only challenges the "eight crowns" of mid-range mobile phones, but also popularizes AI, bringing unprecedented flagship product experience.


On New Year’s Eve, why should we keep our birthday?

Why should we keep our birthday today?

Xiaobian first tells you a story.


Said it was a long time ago.

There is a monster named Chong.

It has a dark body.

But the hands are white.

Every spring festival and new year’s eve

"Precious" came to the world.

Touch the forehead of a sleeping child

Any child who has been touched by "special"

You’ll become a demented fool.

In order not to let "Chong" hurt children.

Every new year’s eve.

Everyone lights the oil lamp all night.

Play with children

Keep them from sleeping.

At that time, it was called "guarding the special"

And then?

People think

It’s unlucky to mention the monster "Chong"

And because "old" and "precious" are homophonic.

So I slowly put

"Shou Chong" is called "Shou Sui"

So here comes the question

On New Year’s Eve

I won’t sleep unless you sleep.

Who is the little baby who stays up late?

Xiaobian knows that staying up late is not good for the liver.

But on second thought,

If I stay up late tonight,

So tomorrow

Will netizens call me darling?


Sweetheart, I can’t talk.

Can I call you a big-faced cat?

Xiaobian: We need a turn here.

in fact

On New Year’s Eve

It is not difficult to stay up happily.

We have a lot to do.

for example

Put up a pair of new Spring Festival couplets.

According to the public photo library of WeChat platform

Spring Festival couplets are also called

Door pairs, couplets, pairs and peach symbols

This is a unique literary form in China.

According to research

This custom originated in the Song Dynasty.

It has been popular since the Ming Dynasty.

Couplets are an expression.

Be able to use short words

Express profound meaning

can be compared to

"Never drive after eating, drinking and drinking"

"It’s time to walk, leave the past behind and never look back."

Another example

Have a New Year’s Eve dinner.

Even if you respond positively

Netizens of the "On-site Chinese New Year" policy

Don’t let your stomach down.

Be sure to order hard dishes on the whole.

Reward yourself

According to Guangxi News Network

But believe

No matter where you are

New year’s greetings

Greetings from seven aunts, eight aunts, two uncles and two grandmothers.

It must be indispensable.

"Is there someone?"

"Why don’t you get married?"

"Why don’t you have children?"

"How much do you earn a month?"


The moment I saw these questions.

Do you feel cold in your back?

"evil wind" bursts

don’t worry

Xiaobian has helped you figure out how to answer.

"There are objects,


Ready to have children,

Earn more than you. "

Words here.

Successfully completed the "escape from the Chamber of Secrets"

in fact

On New Year’s Eve

Whether you can be with your family or not.

As long as the heart is together.

You will feel full of happiness.

This spring festival

There are also many people.

Stick to the front line

Pay tribute to everyone

Netizens who are staying together tonight.

Xiaobian has another sentence

I don’t know when to speak improperly.


Don’t melt into different circles.

But tonight,

We all have the same circle.

That’s dark circles.


It’s time for Xiaobian to compose poems again.

Ah ~

Spend one night on New Year’s Eve.

Grab a red envelope for 99 cents.

Pinch your fingers and pay 200.

I see who is so tiger.

Just kidding.

Xiaobian will still bless everyone.

Everything you want is what you want

The road to success is smooth

Everyone meets a good person.

Everything is fun.

It’s good news to hear.

at last

Xiaobian wants to say

The new year is coming.

Everyone sent a lot of messages to bless you.

It basically represents what I mean.

It’s good that you know it.

in addition

Little cute people who want red envelopes during the Spring Festival.

Remember to talk to me privately.

So I can delete you.

Don’t affect my Chinese New Year.

Eat and drink well!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Original title: "New Year’s Eve, why should we keep the year? 》