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Dog’s blood cheating is a spy war style. After 12 years, it’s impossible. Will Huang Lei’s wife still play it?

The return of the fairy sister ignited the retro craze of Chinese drama.

Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man is not only a fairy in Liu Yifei, but Zhao Linger’s mother, Empress Wu, was also the goddess of that year.

Sun Li, who has been in the cinema for many years, returned to the screen and performed a "Wife’s Choice".

There are spoilers in this article.


Sugar cube is not happy recently.

Mao Mao, Shiba Inu, who has been with him for many years, is lost. This puppy is an important family member to Fang Tang who has not given birth after ten years of marriage.

After posting the dog-seeking notice for several days, the sugar cube began to accept the reality.

Today is very important for her husband, Gao Jiawei. She must cooperate with her husband to attend the event, and there is no way to delay any longer.

Gao Jiawei is a self-made entrepreneur from the media. As an opinion leader on emotional topics, he often competes with another emotional expert Qi Miao to explain emotional issues from different perspectives of men and women.

Looking at the speech on her husband’s computer, I couldn’t help but quietly polish the itchy sugar cube.

In fact, after becoming a full-time wife, Fang Tang has been working as an amateur detective novel writer, thanks to her good writing style.

When Gao Jiawei recited his wife’s wonderful ideas on the stage, Fang Tang also dressed herself up and prepared to go to her birthday party, the most important occasion today.

It was supposed to be a couple’s world, but after Gao Jiawei founded the company, the sweet wife-pampering day was also added with more performance factors. After all, a good leader who cares for his family can better win people’s hearts.

Out of support for her husband’s work, Fang Tang has never been dissatisfied with this. She attends as a model wife every year and enjoys the "surprise" arranged by her husband.

But when Fang Tang saw Gao Jiawei coming out of the bathroom, the lipstick mark on her husband’s shirt collar caught her alarm.

Gaos thought for consternation explained that it may be a drunken woman at the door of the bathroom.

But how close does a stranger have to be to leave lipstick in such an ambiguous place?

As a wife’s vigilance, sugar cube walked carefully every step. She smiled and walked to her husband’s preset stage, while carefully observing the red number of every lady present.

She knows that something must have happened, and a woman’s perception can’t be wrong.

In fact, Fang Tang had seen the luxury goods receipt in her husband’s pocket before. As a detective novel author, she had long been wary.

Did the husband cheat? Who is the third party?

Following the clues, Fang Tang became a detective of her marriage and began to deal with her husband in a seemingly peaceful pregnancy life.


Spy war, suspense and family ethics drama, a drama contains the above three popular elements, and Wife’s Choice may be the first one.

From the professional setting of Fang Tang, it can be seen that "Wife’s Choice" wants to fight hard. In the serial novel "Fatal Gentleness", she replies to the reader as an author, which is like a big V gesture.

Sugar cube found her husband reading the novel, but when asked about the work, the other party said that the author’s writing was not as good as sugar cube’s.

Obviously, the husband doesn’t know his wife’s pen name, and he doesn’t know her writing style well enough.

And husbands hide more secrets from their wives.

However, a good play needs a good rhythm. "Is the husband cheating" has become the biggest suspense at present, and the director has made the audience think that all the girls swept by the camera may be a third party.

Seeing Qi Miaobei’s luxury bag, Fang Tang confirmed several times where the other party bought it, because she suspected that it was her husband’s bill.

Seeing the lovely earphone left in her husband’s car, Fang Tang teased which young girl’s belongings it was, but her husband used jokes to avoid it.

Seeing the necklace of a young female subordinate, Fang Tang pretended to be enthusiastic and asked about the brand and added WeChat. After all, everyone was suspected.

His wife quietly investigated, and Gao Jiawei, as an emotional expert, also knows the appeasement policy and the push-pull relationship, candlelight dinner, surprise gifts, wedding anniversary plus pregnancy preparation, and even created a more loving husband and wife life than before.

However, the Smiths’ performance will eventually reveal the truth. When Sugar Cube finds out that she has been betrayed, it is the wife’s choice whether to destroy her husband’s name as an emotional expert or sacrifice herself to whitewash it, which is also the prelude to the next catch me if you can.

When betrayal and doubt begin, marriage has come to an end.


As an important work of Sun Li’s return to the small screen, Wife’s Choice has a good script design and is adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Wang Xiaoqiang.

The subtlety is that it knows how to analyze women’s psychology with the cloak of suspense, including the breakup of life.

There are full-time wives represented by sugar cubes, strong women in the workplace represented by Qi Miao, and women with love anxiety represented by heavy rain. Around the wall of marriage, women’s joys and sorrows are presented one by one, and everyone’s growth arc is also displayed.

What’s more, there are only 12 episodes of "Wife’s Choice". To complete the three things of husband and wife’s battle, truth and self-growth, the director needs a strong rhythm to control.

In the first half of the series, many suspenseful and necessary details are added, but whether we can take into account the detailed proportion of several lines still needs further observation.

The intrigue of the husband and wife from the details also has higher requirements for the actors. Just how to lie without changing color requires performing at all levels.

Sun Li removed the label of "Huang Lei’s wife", and fans wondered whether the real housewife who returned to the screen after 12 years had regressed.

It must be admitted that there is a certain age difference between the 44-year-old Sun Li and his wife in her early 30 s, but her relaxed and relaxed interpretation still makes people believe that she was not only lucky when she debuted.

Yuan Wenkang, the supporting husband, has played many roles in love rat before, but this time, the hypocritical liar is set up by everyone, and he is also good at it.

In addition, Zhang Yao, Wang Zhen, Ma Yinyin ("Hunting Crime Picture Book"), Zhao Da, Liu Yiwei and Wu Bi joined in, which also accumulated some interesting points for the team.

"Wife’s Choice" turned the middle-aged dog blood drama into a suspenseful twist, but there are inherent type barriers. Whether this unconventional transformation can be completed is far from being revealed.

It can only be said that Sun Li, who came back, and Wife’s Choice, who jumped out of the genre framework, are brave adventurers, testing the water for the whole industry, first to see if the spring of middle-aged actresses has recovered, and second to see if sincere creativity can be recognized, and the standard for testing everything is always in the hands of the audience.

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Treasure Henan boldly broke the circle of "Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour"

  In the Spring Festival of 2021, a group of Miss Tang Gong who danced from famous paintings and national treasures made the dance program "Tang Gong Night Banquet" popular all over the country, and also helped the Spring Festival Evening of the Year of the Ox in Henan to be successful.

  Traditional culture+modern science and technology, heavy history+literary tour+variety, creative arrangement, technical empowerment, embedding cultural symbols into lively and interesting artistic interpretation, this wave of operation of Henan Radio and Television Station has successfully opened a breakthrough in the presentation of excellent traditional cultural creativity. The subsequent "Fantastic Night of the Lantern Festival" and "Fantastic Tour of Qingming Festival" have broken the inherent expression form of traditional parties, empowered traditional culture with innovative forms, made it glow with new vitality, and produced a circle-breaking effect with the cultural core.

  The innovation of expression has awakened the great charm of traditional culture. The integration of tradition and modernity is not only the trend, but also the value recognition brought by classic culture. It is better to say that it is an excellent traditional culture than a party.

  Henan, a big cultural province, is at the right time to "break the circle"

  Chinese culture has a long history and is profound. Ancient festivals are important carriers of traditional culture, and their formation contains profound and rich cultural connotations.

  Previously, when Henan Radio and Television Station held the "China Festival" series of special programs to create and enjoy the Summit "in Zhengzhou, it was said that under the overall goal of promoting traditional culture and telling the story of the Yellow River, the" China Festival "should be taken as the starting point, relying on the traditional festivals in China all year round, integrating Internet thinking and national tide elements, using technology empowerment, increasing the record inheritance and fashion expression of excellent traditional culture, and strengthening the text and video recording of traditional festivals in China.

  Wang Chunyang, a radio and television station in Henan Province, said that Henan, as an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and a demonstration area of Chinese cultural inheritance and innovation, has a vast array of contents available for a party. This year, Henan Radio and Television Station will take "Fantastic Night" as the main line of the annual program, take Chinese civilization, Yellow River culture and brilliant Henan as the core strategy, and rely on traditional festivals (such as Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival) to continue to tell the story of the Yellow River, promote the construction of a strong cultural province, and dedicate the most dazzling elements of Henan’s history and culture to everyone again in innovative ways.

  The traditional culture of the wonderful Dragon Boat Festival tour contains it.

  Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are also called the four traditional festivals in China. This "Wonderful Tour of Dragon Boat Festival" is comparable to the mobile Dragon Boat Festival Culture Lecture Hall. While watching the party, I feel the profound Dragon Boat Festival culture, which is entertaining and entertaining.

  Su Shi, a famous poet in the Song Dynasty, wrote in "Huanxisha Dragon Boat Festival" that "the colored thread is lightly wrapped around the red jade arm, and the small symbol hangs obliquely on the Lv Yun. Beautiful women meet for a thousand years. "

  The underwater dance program "Qi" of "Wonderful Tour of Dragon Boat Festival" perfectly reproduces this scene. Dancers dance underwater as if flying: the water dances with them, and their clothes flutter; Dance with the kiss xiu and swing the skirt; Water-milk fusion, lingering … … According to reports, the dance "Prayer" is to show the custom of tying five-color silk thread to pray for blessings during the Dragon Boat Festival.

  And this is just one of the programs. It is understood that the "Wonderful Tour of the Dragon Boat Festival" party is full of innovative comments on the Dragon Boat Festival culture. Dragon Boat Festival, Legend of the Medical Sage and One Side of Zongzi all show the customs of picking dragon boats, dragon festival, picking herbs, hanging wormwood and calamus, tying five-color silk thread, smoking Atractylodes lancea and wearing sachets during the Dragon Boat Festival from different angles.

  "The five-color new silk is wrapped around the corner, and the calamus wine is beautiful and respectful."

  "The roller is wrapped around the arm, and the festival is the Dragon Boat Festival. Aipu is green in front of the door, and the sky is light and the kite dances. "

  When the scene in the poem comes to life, colorful silk threads are wrapped around the wrist, the sweetness of zongzi is between the teeth, wormwood and calamus are hung in front of the door, and the drums of dragon boats are deafening … … In this regard, Professor Mao Defu, director of the Literature and History Committee of the Henan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, said: "Rooted in the 5,000-year history and culture of the Chinese nation, there are cultural genes that will resonate with everyone in China. Tradition is the most fashionable, which is the cultural confidence that we should have for 5 thousand years. "

  A history of Henan, half a history of China, cultural advantage is the biggest advantage of Henan. From the Banquet at the Tang Palace to the Lotus Pond, from "The Stars Move" to "Lantern Festival", from "Fantastic Night of the Lantern Festival" to "Fantastic Tour of the Qingming Festival" to "Fantastic Tour of the Dragon Boat Festival", the programs full of cultural attractions complement each other with the real-life shooting of cultural landmarks, bringing new vitality to generate, the ancient capital of the Central Plains.

  With traditional culture, this is the proper "top flow of the times". What kind of cultural feast will the mysterious Dragon Boat Festival Tour bring us?

  On June 12th, Henan will give us the answer. See you at Dragon Boat Festival! Watch you, Henan! (Correspondent Xiaofeng Zhu Guangming Daily, all-media reporter Wang Shengxi)


Domestic and foreign fashion industry resources gather to "go to the city"


"Going to the city" renderings.

On March 12th, the Digital Fashion Industrial Park "Going to the City" held its first strategic signing ceremony, and the Fashion Design College of China Academy of Fine Arts, Italian Marangoni College, Japanese Lotte Group and Zhejiang Library received the "golden key" as representatives of the units that settled in. At the same time, the Fashion Design College of China Academy of Fine Arts awarded the license for the industrial park, and set up a practical teaching base here.

Located in Qiantang Smart City, "Shangcheng" has a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan and is one of the key industrial projects in Hangzhou. At present, the project is in the sprint stage of construction, which will be completed and delivered at the end of June this year and will open on September 19.

As a digital fashion industrial park, "Shangcheng" has a total construction area of 350,000 square meters. It consists of a specialized and new headquarters enterprise building, an enterprise innovation incubation base, an international-level talent apartment, business life facilities and a fashion release center. It is a digital fashion industrial park integrating R&D design, flexible intelligence, fashion exhibition and digital marketing. Relying on the industrial base of Hangzhou digital economy and the regional geographical advantage of the transformation and upgrading of the industrial circle in the east of the city, "Shangcheng" is expected to become a typical example of the transformation and upgrading from a traditional manufacturing base to a modern production service industry.

Qiantang Smart City, where the industrial park is located, has gradually formed a market model of "production base+wholesale sales+e-commerce live broadcast", which is the densest place in the national live broadcast e-commerce industry. In this regard, positioning as the "upper city" of digital fashion will focus on introducing three leading industries: fashion design, fashion life and digital service. At present, the industrial park has introduced fashion industry resources from top universities at home and abroad, such as Fashion Design College of China Academy of Fine Arts, Italian Marangoni College, etc., and is fully planning cross-border trade bases such as the "Belt and Road" international product exhibition center and the United Nations International Trade Center to promote the deep integration of manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and the deep integration of digital economy and fashion industry, adding new momentum to the upgrading and increment of Hangzhou’s industrial economy.


Fashionistas must watch, and young women’s wearing skills and fashion elements become "fashionable essence"

Below, let’s reveal the dressing skills and trend elements of young women, so that you can become a fashionista and shine with youth and vitality. Whether you like sports style or literary atmosphere, here are some inspiration and matching suggestions for you. Follow our steps, break away from the ordinary and become the brightest focus.

The trend of fashion changes like the change of four seasons, and each season will have different popular elements. Young women might as well pay more attention to the clothes of some fashion bloggers and stars, and get inspiration from them.

A simple blue-and-white casual style can make you feel energetic and confident in this spring, and a fresh and pink printed dress can also make people feel better instantly.

In this spring’s fashion trend, lace, bubble sleeves, strapless and other elements have attracted much attention. You can try to add these elements to your own clothes to show a unique fashion attitude.

The bubble sleeve shirt in the same color style above uses a square neckline, which can well reveal the clavicle line and is very temperament.

I suggest that when you choose the bottoms, you should emphasize the position of the waistline as much as possible, and it is a good choice to wear short skirts or high-waisted pants.

For young women who want to become fashion icon, basic items are indispensable. White T-shirts, jeans, black high heels, etc. are all essential items to build a basic wear.

The floral dress with a pure white suit is simple and fresh, and it is also suitable for workplace modeling. Another set of shirts is matched with the shape of cowboy overskirt, which is formal, capable and slim.

Basic items are not only classic and versatile, but also can be used as the basis for creating trends and showing personal style through different collocation methods.

Overskirt, with a tall waist and a straight tube, is too friendly for a small girl with a thin figure. She suddenly raises her waistline and looks invincible in proportion.

The top is short and the bottom is long, so it’s easy to wear. Whether it’s a denim jacket or a sleeveless sweater with a high waist and a long overskirt, it’s as refreshing and elegant.

In wearing, sometimes too many elements will make the whole collocation look chaotic. Therefore, less is more, and simple wearing is also a very fashionable choice.

For example, wear a plain coat with a pair of pants or skirts with a sense of design, and use the sense of design and lines of the single product itself to create a layered and tasteful collocation.

When wearing a loose collocation, try not to wear exaggerated accessories, so that it will look messy, and the casual low-ball hairstyle will look simple and gentle.

The combination of the upper width and the lower width is easy to appear fat visually, so the neckline design is still the key. Using the small V-neck design, it has the function of showing a small face without showing hypertrophy.

In the season near summer, it is very comfortable to wear such a loose dress, and shopping is a good choice.

In wearing, feminine elements are very attractive, such as lace, satin, bow and so on. These elements can show the femininity and charm of women without losing the sense of fashion.

This brown vintage printed shirt, satin fabric is very textured, revealing a delicate and noble temperament, using a thin belt to slim down, refreshing and capable.

Taro purple is a color that can highlight women’s charm. This taro purple knitted vest has a good texture, and it is gentle and fresh with a high waist overskirt.

When matching, try to add some feminine elements to your own clothes to make the whole match more charming and full of vitality.

Light pink silk scarves and fungus lace shirts can bring a touch of femininity to the simple and casual style. This short vest with the shape of high waist overskirt is formal, capable and elegant.

Need to be reminded that when you choose a little feminine dress, try to avoid tacky and old-fashioned collocation, otherwise it will only be boring.

Conclusion: This time, the content shared for you is over. I hope that the dressing skills and trend elements shared in this article can provide some inspiration and help for everyone’s fashion path, so that everyone can show their charm and elegance in dressing.

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