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The release of the new M5 official map will be listed on April 23rd.

On April 11th, at the HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Meeting of Huawei, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, announced that the new M5 will be officially listed on the eve of the opening of Beijing Auto Show on April 23rd.

Judging from the official official map, the new M5 in Wenjie is basically consistent with the current model in terms of styling, and the new car has added red paint. We expect that the new M5 and M7 will be the same, and the price threshold will be further lowered while upgrading in terms of configuration and cruising range, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the whole vehicle.


Volvo (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Volvo Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo Group, is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world. Volvo Group is the world’s leading manufacturer and service provider of drive systems for trucks, buses, construction equipment, ships and industrial applications, and provides complete solutions for finance and after-sales service.

Volvo Trucks always adheres to the core concept of "quality, safety and environmental protection" and is committed to providing professionals and customers seeking high-quality products with a full range of truck solutions from medium to heavy. Volvo trucks have set up assembly plants in 13 countries around the world, and their products are sold to a business network consisting of more than 2,300 dealers and service outlets in 130 countries around the world, providing all-round services for customers’ fleet operations.

Volvo trucks continuously improve the safety, handling and fuel-saving performance of trucks with innovative technology. Volvo trucks, which are famous for their safety, need to pass the world’s most stringent "anti-collision test" before leaving the factory. Their cab and advanced active safety technologies have won a reputation in the industry, and they are well-known in the world for their excellent fuel efficiency and attendance. Volvo FH/FM model is suitable for long-distance trunk transportation, favored by many fast transportation enterprises, and is the best choice for high-speed freight flights. Volvo trucks are equipped with D11-D13 inline six-cylinder diesel engines, as well as advanced I-Shift system and Volvo patented technology VEB (auxiliary braking); In addition, Volvo trucks have adopted many advanced electronic systems, such as VDS (dynamic steering system), AEBS (collision prevention system for emergency braking), ACC (adaptive cruise system), ECS (electronically controlled suspension), LCS (lane change support), LKS (lane keeping system) and DAS (driver warning support), which all represent the advanced level of Volvo truck safety technology.

At present, Volvo trucks have a strong after-sales service system all over the country, equipped with "Volvo Emergency Service Center 4008188999" running 24 hours a day, and equipped with spare parts central warehouse in Shanghai to ensure the timely and effective supply of spare parts. Volvo Trucks provides tailor-made comprehensive transportation solutions for logistics enterprises and provides strong support for the continuous upgrading of enterprise competitiveness.

In addition, Volvo Trucks pays attention to the ability training of truck drivers and social welfare undertakings. The Volvo Truckers Challenge has been held for eleven consecutive years in China. Since its opening in 2014, the Green Driving Academy has trained hundreds of outstanding truck drivers for the society and industry. In 2015, Volvo Trucks joined hands with Lingshan Charity Fund Library to donate reading rooms to poor primary schools in remote areas of the country; By December 2020, 22 schools had received donations from Volvo trucks, benefiting nearly 1,000 students.


He Xiaopeng confirmed that the departure of Wu Xinzhou, the head of Zhijia, will become the highest-ranking Chinese executive of a world-renowned company.

K diagram 09868_0

K graph XPEV_0

  Just won the "order" of Volkswagen with leading technical strength., will lose a soul of research and development.

  On August 2nd, Chairman He Xiaopeng posted on the social platform that Wu Xinzhou, vice president of the Autopilot Center, said in the second half of last year that he would return to the United States due to family and various reasons. In the following 10 months, Xpeng Motors established a brand-new working mode, and optimized and iterated the structure and organization in advance. Dr. Li Liyun, who is in charge of the XNGP project, will take over the autonomous driving team.

  He Xiaopeng revealed that Wu Xinzhou will become the highest-ranking Chinese in world-renowned companies.And continue to cooperate with Xpeng Motors in many aspects, such as chips.

  It is reported that Wu Xinzhou is about to join the global chip industry giant., or as a global senior vice president, and report to co-founder and CEO Huang Renxun.

  This major personnel change triggered a shock in the automobile circle. Wu Xinzhou is the core figure of intelligent driving business in Xpeng Motors. After he joined Xpeng Motors, he led the team to develop intelligent driving software algorithms, and promoted Xpeng Motors to become a leading enterprise in domestic autonomous driving technology.

  Or influenced by this news, Xpeng Motors’s Hong Kong stocks fell all the way, once falling to 68.35 yuan/share, a decrease of 17.35%.

  Wu Xinzhou graduated from Tsinghua University with a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering, and then received a master’s degree and a doctor’s degree in electronic engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before joining Tucki, he worked inHe has worked for more than ten years as the head of the autonomous driving R&D team.

  In March 2019, Wu Xinzhou joined Xpeng Motors, and was fully responsible for the autonomous driving business and team management in Xpeng Motors. It was reported later that before Wu Xinzhou joined Xpeng Motors, the company didn’t develop intelligent driving software smoothly. It was not until Wu Xinzhou joined in, reorganized the technical structure and integrated the team that Tucki’s self-research road was on the right track.

  On the P7 model delivered in June 2020, Tucki replaced the supplier’s scheme with a self-developed algorithm, leading the way.More than a year, thanThe bus was nearly two years early. In October last year, Xpeng Motors’s urban NGP function was first carried on Tucki P5 model, becoming the first automobile company in China to mass-produce intelligent assisted driving function in landing cities.

  Under the leadership of Wu Xinzhou, in 2021, Xpeng Motors even reinvented the perceptual algorithm module and introduced the 3D perceptual autopilot system (BEV+transformer) based on the vision system to learn comprehensively.The technical path of. A person in the autonomous driving industry told Interface News that Xpeng Motors is the company with the best learning technology.

  To a certain extent, some important contributions to the technical label of Xpeng Motors Intelligent Technology come from Wu Xinzhou and his autonomous driving team. The newly listed Tucki G6 can become the lowest-priced vehicle in the current market, which can realize high-order intelligent assisted driving. It relies on Xiaopeng Automobile’s extreme use of the computing power of hardware chips to effectively control the cost.

  The intelligent driving system of Tucki P7 and P5 vehicles is based on Xavier platform, and its computing power is only 30TOPS. Ideal, and other China automobile companies to make the same level of functions are based on NVIDIA Orin platform, with a single chip computing power of 254TOPS. Also, two were used and four were used in the car.

  In the past July, Xpeng Motors returned to monthly sales of 10,000 vehicles with G6 sales. Within one month after the launch of the new car G6 in Tucki, the number of orders exceeded 40,000, of which the intelligent driving with "Max Edition" accounted for 70%.

  An auto-driving industry veteran commented to Interface News that Wu Xinzhou, after joining Xpeng Motors, led Xpeng Motors’s intelligent driving level to the leading level of domestic auto companies, and was an indispensable contributor to Xpeng Motors.

  According to a number of people in Xpeng Motors’s autonomous driving business line, Wu Xinzhou’s departure has been relatively clear. Some people in NVIDIA revealed that "(Wu Xinzhou) may be employed in the next month or two at the earliest, which is already a semi-open secret of the industry."

  Liu Lan Gechuan, the intellectual driving backbone who represented Xpeng Motors in the world’s top computer vision conference CVPR in 2023, and the head of autonomous driving AI, is also reported to have left his post. According to insiders, Liu Lan Gechuan will be engaged in the next.Business research and development.

  According to another report, Xpeng Motors Zhijia team has been in a state of slight turbulence since the beginning of the year, and dozens of middle-level employees have left to join autonomous driving companies such as Dazhuo Technology and Canoe Zhixing. At the same time, Xpeng Motors’s R&D team in North America will also shrink, and its strategic focus will shift to China.

  During his four years in Xpeng Motors, Wu Xinzhou set up a stable autonomous driving team with a scale of 1,000 people. Xpeng Motors’s American team consists of about 150 people, who are responsible for core technology research and development. Most of the teams related to landing are in China, and they are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

  Wu Xinzhou pointed out in a late interview that Xpeng Motors has completed the software platformization on Orin platform, and the same version of software supports all models, basically achieving 75% to 80% software architecture stability. The software architecture stability will be basically completed by the end of next year, and then more iteration and cornercase proficiency will be achieved.

  Judging from this point of view, in the short term, Xpeng Motors’s smart driving business will not be greatly affected by the change of personnel. However, with companies such as Ideal, Weilai and Huawei launching an arms race on autonomous driving, the next pressure on Xpeng Motors should not be underestimated.

  It has been announced that the city’s advanced intelligent assisted driving function will be rolled out to 100 cities across the country; Weilai Automobile, which focuses on high-speed assisted driving function, is concentrating resources, and plans to put the city’s high-level intelligent assisted driving function to the ground in the second half of the year, and even once lowered the priority of the low-end sub-brand firefly project.

  includeTraditional car companies, including, have also set up a team of 3,000 to 4,000 people to develop software and hardware solutions related to assisted driving. In June of this year, Han Bing, the head of intelligent driving business, also said at an event: "BEV is an opportunity to overtake in a corner on high-level intelligent driving."

  He Xiaopeng issued a document saying that he will continue to personally lead the autonomous driving and R&D team, and will restructure the intelligent team in Xpeng Motors, integrating autonomous driving, cockpit, machine brain, electronic and electrical architecture and a number of innovative projects into a more powerful intelligent team, and adding intelligent planning and operation teams.


Funbox | Can the super women’s group makeup of plmm in the creation camp be done for tens of dollars?

  Author: Sina original fashion

  From the beginning of the year to the summer, the draft style of the women’s team is getting hotter and hotter. Soon after the end of Youth with You 2, everyone started the mode of crazy pursuit of Creation Camp 2020 (hereinafter referred to as "Chuang 3"), and so many plmm are too feast for the eyes.

  Recently, the second ranking of Chuang3 has also been released. Xilina Yigao, Zheng Naixin and Chen Zhuoxuan are in the top three, followed by Akira, Zhang Yifan, Sally Liu and Wang Yijin. Come to Kangkang. Do you have your sister pick?

  The editor found that Chuang 3′ s sisters not only lost their beauty, but also had a better sense of sweetness. They may be impressed by their beautiful creation of the castle, and always feel that they are all small public works.

The legendary Chuang 3 Castle

  For example, the powerful and lovely Xilina Yigao inherits the advantages of Xinjiang’s mother in her dancing skills and face value. She is not a female group face in the public sense, but she is very beautiful and cool and sweet.

Curley Gao

  Beautiful girl hair bands are always so beautiful!

Xi Lin na yi Gao hair band

  Nene Zheng Naixin, a Thai Britney Spears, also left a deep impression on everyone. Her Chinese, which is not fluent but she is trying to express, is so sweet.


  Nene on the stage is also full of vigor and vitality. My sister’s makeup is also a sweet girlish style, jelly makeup with butterfly hair accessories, a proper little cute one, the kind that I can’t bear to vote for her!


  Akira is also an all-around player with both strength and face value, mainly because her short hair is cool and rustling, so charming!


  Xu Yiyang, a fresh fairy, looks delicate, has a sweet makeup, and her temperament is the standard of the women’s team.

Xu Yiyang

  There is also Wang Yijin, who combines beauty, temperament and field control strength. The private photos are also so beautiful.

Wang Yijin's private photo of Weibo

  After ripping off so many pictures of my third sister, the editor found that the three essential makeup methods for girls’ group makeup are: blingbling’s mermaid eye shadow, pink blush and misty lip makeup. In fact, the makeup of women’s group style is not only suitable for the stage, but also suitable for transforming into daily girl makeup. The bright and fresh makeup is very suitable for summer, so don’t follow it quickly!

Wang Yijin

  Get Chuang 3 sister’s sweet makeup must first enrich her cosmetic bag, but it is the shopping season in 618. What should I do if I want to buy too many things and lose my wallet? Don’t worry, I recommend to you some super easy-to-use and affordable make-up good things, less than 100 yuan to get 3 women’s groups with the same paragraph.

  Never mermaid sequined eye shadow-

  If you want to shine beautifully on the stage, you must create a blingbling mermaid eye makeup. Looking closely at Chuang San’s sister’s stage makeup, I found that they often use shiny elements around their eyes to make their eyes more shiny and charming. For example, Sun ZhenNi’s makeup, pearlescent eye shadow around the eyes and diamond sequins, shines under the stage lights, which is beautiful and moving.

Sun ZhenNi

  There is also Chen Zhuoxuan’s gold foil eye makeup, which is decorated with gold foil-like silver bright powder at the bottom of the eyes and turns into a mermaid princess in minutes.

Chen Zhuoxuan Chen Qing made Thailand meet.

  In daily life, plmm people also like to use slightly shiny eye shadow to brighten their colors. For example, Hillina’s high star eye shadow is smudged with pink and earth tone eye shadow first, and then embellished with big flash eye shadow, so that the eyes are like stars, and the crystal clear makeup feeling is good.

Xi Lin na yi

  In addition to glitter and sequins around the eyes, the shiny pearlescent lying silkworm is also a favorite of my sisters. The main tone of eye shadow is matte and soft, and only some pearlescent eye shadow is used to brighten the lying silkworm, creating a delicate makeup feeling and super charming.


  Editor’s recommendation:

  3CE Sanxi Yuchuchu Stars Bright Pearl #DOUBLE NOTE

3CE Sanxi Yuchuchu Stars Bright Pearl #DOUBLE NOTE

  RMB105/4.5g (online shopping price)

  Get the same women’s group flash, the elastic soft brush head is applied accurately, the makeup is moisturized, and the eyes are gently cared.

  Orange seven-color fun combination plate #11 starlight coral plate

Orange seven-color fun combination plate #11 starlight coral plate

  RMB69.8/8.5g (online shopping price)

  A plate of eye shadow, blush, highlight, repair capacity, versatile and friendly colors, easy to create charming makeup.

  Kazilan soft fantasy star yarn ten-color eye shadow tray #06 other shore sweet cherry (limited color)

Kazilan soft fantasy star yarn ten-color eye shadow tray #06 other shore sweet cherry (limited color)

  RMB79 (online shopping price)

  Bright star purple, reflecting the tenderness of cherry blossoms, four textures, mineral powder, smooth and smudged.

  Sweet peach powder blush-

  The second biggest makeup method for girls’ group is the explosive pink blush, which doesn’t need to be too thick. As long as it is lightly smudged on the cheeks or at the moment, the sweetness can be greatly improved, and it is also a must for stage makeup!

Xu Yiyang

  You can choose a pink blush that is similar to the skin color, and hit it in a large area from the cheekbone to the edge of the cheek to create a natural sense of shyness when you laugh. It is very sweet with the lip makeup of the same color.


  The orange blush is more suitable for younger sister whose skin is slightly darker than Huang Lue’s, and has more temperament on the basis of sweetness. However, nene’s orange blush in the picture below is really heavier, so it is ok to go on stage, and it is a daily necessity.


  What is more popular now is actually this kind of blush at the moment by Hilina Yigao. The blushing position is between the eyes and the cheekbones. If you want to make the makeup feel natural, you can use the eye shadow of the same color to create a pink eye makeup, and then extend it to the present position and gently smudge the blush. In this way, the focus of makeup will move upward, and risorius’s position will look youthful and energetic, his eyes will be more agile, and his face will be small.

Curley Gao

  Editor’s recommendation:

  HEDONE Inner Play Two-color Blush #Rosy Latte Small Heartbreak

HEDONE Inner Play Two-color Blush #Rosy Latte Small Heartbreak

  RMB89 (online shopping price)

  Small emotions on the cheeks, inner drama that can’t be hidden, Q-bomb powder ball that fingers can bully, transparent and zero powder feeling, super-lasting obedience, and two-color powder ball.

  ETUDE HOUSE Edie House Sweet Cookie Rouge #OR202 Sweet Coral Sugar Color

ETUDE HOUSE Edie House Sweet Cookie Rouge #OR202 Sweet Coral Sugar Color

  RMB68 (online shopping price)

  The delicate powder cake is soft and tender, not easy to float makeup, and the color holding effect is excellent. Pop, puff and pat two or three times, and the sweet girlish makeup full of fresh vitality can be completed.

  CANMAKE flowery rouge #04 strawberry hibiscus color

CANMAKE flowery rouge #04 strawberry hibiscus color

  RMB98 (online shopping price)

  The powder is smooth and durable, creating a natural and shining moving blush.

  Girlcult Emotional Blush Series # Spoil-Dry Rose

Girlcult Emotional Blush Series # Spoil Dry Rose

  RMB59 (online shopping price)

  Soft waxy silky, hemp potato texture, containing fine gold flash, fine luster primordial muscles. Add avocado, calendula and nut seed oil to relieve dry skin.

  Soft and foggy cherry lips-

  Finally, let’s take a look at the lip makeup of the younger sister of the women’s group: misty lips. Compared with the watery glass lips, foggy lips are rich, full, light and silky, and look more advanced and retro. They can not only hold the strong light of the stage, but also add texture to daily makeup, which is sweet and sexy, and very unique.

Sun ZhenNi

  If you want to talk about foggy lips, you still prefer positive red, retro and atmospheric, showing white and showing advanced.

Curley Gao

  This summer’s popular cherry juice color is also very suitable for creating a velvet-textured matte lip, which is white and bright. Even if the makeup of other parts is weakened, it will look good, and light makeup is a must.

Sally Liu

  Editor’s recommendation:

  PERFECT DIARY Perfect Diary to Perfect Soft Color Velvet Lip Glaze Mini Set 4 Pack Velvet Lip Glaze

PERFECT DIARY Perfect Diary to Perfect Soft Color Velvet Lip Glaze Mini Set 4 Pack Velvet Lip Glaze

  RMB99.9/1.5g*4 (online shopping price)

  4 sets of best-selling color numbers, high-definition velvet and foggy lips, rich color, smooth texture, and unyielding obedience, as gorgeous and comfortable as velvet dresses.

  Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin Hua Kiss Velvet Ink Print Lip Glaze #13 Crimson Sunset Rose

Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin Hua Kiss Velvet Ink Print Lip Glaze #13 Crimson Sunset Rose

  4g/RMB85 (online shopping price)

  Charming matte makeup, rich and moist when applied, presents matte texture after application, which keeps the lips full of color when just applied for a long time and is not easy to faint makeup.

  Hua Xi zi Hua Wu fan dish lipstick

Hua Xi zi Hua Wu fan dish lipstick

  RMB89 (online shopping price)

  The lip color is rich, the lip feeling is light and thin, the upper lip is silky, the lips are nourished by flowers, and the matte and silky feelings are taken into account, which is not only elegant in temperament, but also comfortable in lip feeling.

  After learning about dry goods and good things, let’s get the same summer girl makeup for the women’s group!


Which heat is lower in the quarrel between sweet corn and waxy corn?

  Stews, soups, and staple foods … … Corn, which can be easily bought all year round, frequently appears at the public table. However, recently, the controversy about which sweet corn or waxy corn is lower in calories and more suitable for weight loss has caused a hot search, which has once again puzzled the "people who eat corn" in the comment area. Experts said that if there is a heat dispute during the weight loss period, sweet corn is still better.

  On the dining table, corn can be seen everywhere. Sweet corn has golden appearance, full grains, soft skin and natural sweetness. Sweet corn with sweet taste is suitable for direct consumption or as a salad ingredient, stew, etc. Waxy corn can also be called sticky corn, which is short and round in appearance, crystal clear and sticky. When you take a bite, it has a "glutinous" taste.

  So what kind of corn is more suitable to eat during weight loss and calorie control? Relevant data show that the energy of sweet corn is about 86 kcal/100g, while that of waxy corn is about 161 kcal/100g. However, some netizens suggested that the weight of a waxy corn is about 200-220g, and the energy is 320-350kcal. And a sweet corn is about 350 grams, and the energy is about 300 kilocalories. In contrast, it seems that eating a whole sweet corn or a whole waxy corn has little difference in calories.

  What is the difference between the two kinds of corn, and how to choose it? The reporter asked Dai Chun, a nutritionist, deputy director of Nanjing First Hospital. She said that during the weight loss period, it is still recommended to choose sweet corn under the condition of the same weight (rather than "one root").

  Relevant professional food databases show that 76% of yellow sweet corn is water, only 5.7% is starch, and 6.26% is composed of sucrose, glucose and fructose. Because of its high soluble sugar content, sweet corn is sweet when eaten in the mouth as the name suggests, and it is not sweet until it is decomposed into glucose by repeated chewing like starch. The reason why it is crisp and tender is because of its high water content and relatively low starch content. Therefore, although the sweet corn with tender water is "sweet", the total carbohydrate content and total calories are actually not high.

  The sticky waxy corn is not. Under the control of waxy genes in corn, the synthesis of amylose is prevented, and the proportion of amylopectin is almost 100%. The branch-like structure of amylopectin contains a large number of glucose molecules, and the connection is loose. Each grape molecule can be well exposed to the action of digestive enzymes and digested into the blood quickly. It can also be seen from the GI (glycemic index) data published by China Food Nutrition Composition Table (6th Edition) and the test data of China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute that the GI value of sweet corn is 55 and that of waxy corn is 106 per 100g edible part. Comparatively speaking, for people who need to lose weight and control their blood sugar, sweet corn may be more suitable than waxy corn, but they should not eat too much at one time.

  Experts remind that some dieters rely too much on corn, and it is not advisable to use it as a staple food during the fat reduction period. Compared with polished rice and white flour, corn contains a lot of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, but the calories are not low. If you eat too much, you will get fat. Eating corn alone may also cause the problem of insufficient protein, which is not conducive to weight loss and health.

  Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu News reporter Lu Yanlin


Lovely China: Showing Do not forget your initiative mind’s Faith Power.

  "Lovely China" seminar site. Information picture

  editorial comment/note

  Recently, the TV series "Lovely China", which reflects the revolutionary deeds of the martyr Fang Zhimin, was broadcast in a prime-time program of CCTV, which triggered a warm response from all walks of life. On July 30th, a seminar on the TV series "Lovely China" sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Municipal Bureau of Literature and Art and the TV drama department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television was held in Beijing. The experts, scholars and ordinary audience at the meeting agreed that "The Lovely China is a work with heart, hard work and emotion, and a play with rich historical value and distinctive theme of the times". The play is highly compatible with the ongoing education of "Do not forget your initiative mind, Remember Mission" by the whole party, and is highly praised for its profound thoughts, exquisite art and excellent production.

  This newspaper abstracts the speeches of experts and scholars, creative teams, media representatives and audience attending the seminar for readers.

  Belief supports spiritual height

  Li Zhun (Honorary Chairman of Chinese Literary Critics Association)

  Fang Zhimin is a pure the Communist Party of China (CPC) man, and his devotion to lofty beliefs left us an example and peak that we should always look up to. Lovely China is a new discovery of the spiritual quality of Fang Zhimin and Fang Zhimin, which has made a new breakthrough in the pursuit of new spiritual height, cultural connotation and artistic value. The play puts Fang Zhimin’s life in the context of the Chinese nation’s exploration of the revolutionary road, highlights his main activities, and proves the importance of the great choice of "encircling the city from the countryside". In addition, the play strongly presents the concept of organization and overall situation, and has strong historical penetration and practical enlightenment. Fang Zhimin is a truly pure communist party native. He has always been dedicated to the organization and the Central Committee, and strictly enforced organizational discipline. In the process of portraying Fang Zhimin’s characters, the play emphasizes the power of revolutionary belief, and especially devotes itself to showing his unique personality charm and spiritual appeal because of his firm and lofty belief.

  "Lovely China" was breathtaking and played the role of Bacon’s soul-building. Fang Zhimin’s belief runs through the whole play from beginning to end, which is very real. In the face of any difficult crisis, Fang Zhimin always has a strategically advantageous position and calmly smiles at everything with great confidence in the road ahead, which is an inspiration, an infection and a guide for the audience. Fang Zhimin’s belief strength and personality charm strongly support the spiritual height of this film, and also support the spiritual height of film and television creation.

  "Do not forget your initiative mind, remember the mission." Fang Zhimin is a mirror, and The Lovely China is also a mirror. Everyone in communist party should take it as a mirror and draw strength from it.

  A new breakthrough in the theme of revolutionary history

  Chengxiang Zhong (librarian in central research institute of culture and history, chairman of Chinese Literary Critics Association)

  Whether a work can meet the requirements of the development of literature and art in the new era depends on whether it has a spiritual height, whether it embodies the most advanced ideas of mankind, and whether it has explored the profundity and richness of the human world. Considering from these aspects, The Lovely China can be said to be a new achievement and breakthrough in the creation of major revolutionary historical themes in the history of China’s TV drama development, and it can be called a fine work of art for the current education on the theme of "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission".

  Lovely China artistically reproduces Fang Zhimin’s core spiritual world. Fang Zhimin devoted himself to the revolution with the initial intention of national rejuvenation, which is in line with the initial intention of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. On the other hand, Fang Zhimin has no personal interests except his dedication to the motherland and the people. This work embodies this advanced idea, which makes the audience’s spirit baptized and soul shocked. What’s more, this drama typically adheres to the creative concept of creating fine works, and it is first-class in today’s TV drama creation, whether it is the creation of its historical atmosphere, the characterization of characters or the presentation of details.

  On the occasion of welcoming the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, this work is a sincere gift. I call on the TV industry to produce more such fine works, and TV stations should broadcast more such works to help literary and artistic creation create a new situation in the new era.

  An ode to patriotism

  Zhao Tong (Director, Theoretical Research Division, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Television Art Center)

  The TV series "Lovely China" takes us, following Fang Zhimin’s footsteps, looking back at the stormy years, appreciating the original heart of China’s pure child, inheriting the power of ideals and beliefs, and drawing a blueprint for national rejuvenation.

  This drama is a work of heart, hard work and emotion. It is a drama with rich historical value and distinctive theme of the times, which clearly and thoroughly presents the experience of the Chinese nation and the historical responsibility shouldered by the Communist Party of China (CPC) people. The innovation of the play shows the value of the creator’s intention. In the past, the works describing the agrarian revolutionary war focused on the layout of the battle, the shaping of the style of the generals and the rendering of the war scenes. While writing this aspect thoroughly, this drama also describes the economic construction of the base area at a considerable length, and the full exploration of the red economy has become the uniqueness of this drama. In the play, the value of historical stories lies not only in remembrance and encouragement, but also in warning and warning. By contrast, the creator tried hard to link history with reality, highlighting the power of ideals and beliefs. Fame and wealth and ideal belief are sharp opposites in the play, which brings deep thinking to the audience.

  The play is an ode to patriotism. It eulogized Fang Zhimin, the son of the Chinese nation and a loyal soldier of the Communist Party of China (CPC). In the struggle of "two hundred years", Fang Zhimin wrote "Lovely China" and the TV series "Lovely China" which described Fang Zhimin’s deeds, both of which are deeply engraved on the initial heart of history and are powerful responses to the call of duty.

  Artistic innovation sublimates classics.

  Wang Shoude (former director of the General Political and Art Bureau)

  The TV series "Lovely China" tells us, through a character like Fang Zhimin, where New China came from, how New China came from, where China is going today and how to get there.

  The combination of the vertical linear narrative and the horizontal local development of the play is natural and smooth, which shows that great efforts have been made from the screenwriter to the director. In addition, the main story of the protagonist and the profile description are also in place. The whole revolutionary history of Fang Zhimin is fully displayed, which gives the audience a deep understanding of the characters. At the same time, the drama does not confine its vision to Fang Zhimin alone, but enlarges this perspective and affirms Fang Zhimin’s contribution through others’ narration, which makes the story more real and helps the audience understand Fang Zhimin’s role in the China Revolution. The reason why the play can achieve the broadcast effect of "moistening things quietly" is that it has not followed the map in the existing materials, but has realized the combination of historical reproduction and classic sublimation. By watching The Lovely China, the audience not only learned about the revolutionary history at that time, but also learned about Fang Zhimin’s actions, and felt his emotions and spirit. Fang Zhimin’s firm quality is expressed in a soft way, which is touching. The whole drama has brought incisive aesthetic enjoyment and profound ideological implication. The theme of revolutionary history is not a simple educational material, but a work of art itself, which can strengthen the audience’s ideological and artistic beliefs. Lovely China combines its education and artistry very skillfully, and many revolutionary thoughts and spirits of Fang Zhimin are expressed in the play, which is thought-provoking.

  For an unforgettable memory.

  Wu Ziniu (director of the TV series "Lovely China")

  Today, we filmed the TV series "Lovely China" to relive the bravery and heroism of Fang Zhimin martyrs who died fighting for lofty beliefs. The whole shooting process is a process of learning from and paying tribute to heroes, which is solemn and moving. As a director or an ordinary audience, I deeply feel that it is with Qian Qian’s revolutionary martyrs like Fang Zhimin that China is today.

  "The enemy can only cut off our heads, but they can’t shake our faith." Fang Zhimin, a believer’s swan song 84 years ago, penetrated the historical time and space, and is still inspiring. On August 6th, 1935, when Fang Zhimin’s tall body fell heavily in Xiashawo, his great spirit stood permanently on the land of China. His writings in prison, including "Lovely China", "Poor" and other immortal masterpieces, show the height of a believer’s spiritual world and set an example for today’s young people in China.

  "If we lose the memory of history, our hearts will be lost in the dark." "Forgetting the past means betrayal!" These famous aphorisms should be engraved in the hearts of all China people. We should always remember and cherish the memory of great men, and learn from them personally, so as to contribute to the construction of a lovely China.

  The great man’s spirit shines forever.

  Wen Yanxia (one of the writers of the TV series "Lovely China")

  The TV series "Lovely China" ended successfully, and achieved a double harvest of ratings and word of mouth. As a member of the screenwriter team, my heart is full of gratitude and glory. Well-made film and television plays must be the perfect presentation of team wisdom, and the birth of the TV series "Lovely China" fully proves this point.

  "Lovely China" held many screenplay demonstration meetings, invited experts to take the pulse of the screenplay, and firmly grasped the front end of the screenplay creation. During the filming and production, the top directors, excellent actors and powerful post-production company were invited, thus ensuring the excellent quality of the play. During the creation, the screenwriter team designed various schemes based on in-depth interviews and extensive reading, and combed the life stories of Fang Zhimin martyrs. Finally, it decided to start from Fang Zhimin’s revolutionary stories in the four periods of national revolution, Soviet construction, anti-Japanese war in the north, and prison struggle, and on the basis of respecting major historical facts, use fictional little people to thread the needle and turn the originally loose historical events into "pushers" for plot development. In addition, through the plot line of revolutionary friendship between Mao Zedong and Fang Zhimin, we fully show the spiritual connection of interdependence and mutual growth between the revolutionary base areas in northeast Jiangxi and the Central Soviet Area, so that Fang Zhimin’s spiritual quality and the spirits of communist party people such as Jinggangshan spirit, Soviet area spirit and Long March spirit can shine each other and shine forever.

  Let the heroic spirit observe the present.

  Jungle (the actor of Fang Zhimin in the TV series "Lovely China")

  I am honored to participate in the TV series "Lovely China" and play the important role of Fang Zhimin. For an actor, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a revolutionary hero who is admired by countless people. I am really lucky.

  I was deeply impressed by two scenes that reflected Fang Zhimin’s inner world. One scene is a scene in which Fang Zhimin is arrested in the mountains. At that time, it was winter in Hengdian. I was lying barefoot on the ground, soaked to the skin, and the cold invaded my bones, and my willpower reached its limit. There is also a scene of the public trial meeting of Yuzhang Park. Fang Zhimin got off the prison car and walked to the public platform. I put my feet, which weighed ten pounds, in chains on my feet, and I was already sweating with pain after a few steps. Unlike me, Fang Zhimin only wore the shackles for a few hours. He did wear them for several months, and he had a serious lung disease. These two scenes made me realize how strong Fang Zhimin’s will is, and let me see what is the real communist party people and what is the power of faith.

  The appearance of "Lovely China" coincided with the time when we should learn about Fang Zhimin, that era and how many martyrs like Fang Zhimin shed their blood for the future of our motherland. Only in this way can we observe the present, inherit Fang Zhimin’s spirit of "patriotism, dedication, poverty and creativity" and live a meaningful life.

  Knock on the echo in the heart

  Yuan Xinwen (Director of Literature and Art Department of People’s Daily)

  The TV series "Lovely China" does not simply repeat the characterization techniques and historical biographical narrative methods of major revolutionary historical themes in the past, but uses new ideas, new contents and new forms to impress the audience and make people feel shocked from the depths of their hearts in spirit. Specifically, I think it has three characteristics: one is to reflect the glory of faith, the other is to explore the spiritual world, and the third is to show the charm of personality.

  The play closely revolves around the course of Fang Zhimin’s 16-year revolutionary career, pushing his firm ideals and beliefs, his belief in communism and his understanding of the cause of communism to a new height. Through the in-depth exploration of Fang Zhimin’s spiritual world, the play has found new discoveries and new presentations. Fang Zhimin is not only a pure communist party person, but also a person whose personality charm can impress, conquer and influence people. By highlighting the image of Fang Zhimin, I think we have grasped the "key" and the core of character construction. Directors and actors used a lot of details to describe the process of Fang Zhimin’s growth from an ordinary farmer to an important leader of our party’s revolution. His development and progress were described in detail, which is also an important foundation and premise for the characters to stand up.

  Lovely China is not only a vivid teaching material, but also a valuable artistic masterpiece. We have the responsibility and obligation to publicize such works well, so that more people can be infected by fine works of art, so that more young people can fall in love with our heroes, truly worship heroes and establish correct values and outlook on life by watching this play.

  Made a vivid interpretation of the "four self-confidences"

  Deng Kai (Executive Director of Literature and Art Department of Guangming Daily)

  The drama "Lovely China" makes the audience touch and feel a real, warm, comprehensive and clear Fang Zhimin, and from Fang Zhimin, we can see the perfect personality of communist party people beyond the traditional intellectuals in China. The traditional intellectuals in China, "if you are rich, you will help the world, and if you are poor, you will be immune to it", while Fang Zhimin, as a prisoner, is in a dangerous situation and still has a heart for the sky; Still not frustrated, work for the party in a special way in a special environment. With his qualifications, knowledge and ability, he could be an exquisite egoist, but he didn’t, but chose a narrow path that surprised ordinary people. Bernard Shaw said: "A rational person should change himself to adapt to the environment. Only those who are irrational will want to change the environment to adapt themselves. But history is created by the latter. " Fang Zhimin is such a person — — A man of firm faith, a sentient and righteous man with tears in his eyes.

  The beauty of this drama lies in the organic combination of grand narrative and individual description. Road self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence and cultural self-confidence, how to understand these theoretical issues? This play gives a vivid interpretation through Fang Zhimin’s choice of revolutionary road and the reappearance of his fate.

  The value of this drama lies in its strong response to the phenomena of "historical nihilism", discrediting heroes and deconstructing sublimity with sincere expression based on real history, achieving "profound thinking, exquisite art and excellent production" and opening up a new realm of film and television creation with revolutionary historical themes.

  There is always a force that keeps us going.

  Xu Yi (2018 graduate student of Zhejiang University)

  In the TV series "Lovely China", we can see the struggle track of a generation of communist party people from Fang Zhimin’s magnificent life, their unyielding national integrity and firm revolutionary ideals, and the youth they have forged with their lives, their bloody initial heart and friendship.

  For the young people at that time, it was their initial intention and mission to seek the road of national rejuvenation, national independence and people’s happiness when the country was struggling.

  I often think about this question: From "two and a half rifles" to revolutionary armed forces of ten thousand people, what did Fang Zhimin rely on? After watching the whole TV series, I found the answer I wanted: relying on his lofty revolutionary belief and personality charm, relying on his strong sense of responsibility and patriotic feelings, and relying on the firm support of the broad masses of workers and peasants. The so-called faith is the determination to restore China’s awakening in the midst of gunfire and study for the rise of China. It is also the sincerity when writing "No one has died in life since ancient times, leaving a heart to shine." As young people in the new era, while revisiting history, we should bear in mind the entrustment and expectation of revolutionary martyrs to our generation.

  There is always a kind of power, which gradually deepens in the historical rings and inspires us to keep moving forward. In times of peace, as a new force to realize the Chinese dream, we should closely link our personal ideal pursuit with the country’s future and destiny, actively shoulder the historical mission of promoting the development of the motherland, national rejuvenation and social progress, and release the youthful dream and realize the Chinese dream in the practice of Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  Inherit the legacy of Fang Zhimin martyrs.

  Zheng Pulong (First Secretary of the Poverty Alleviation Team in Mashan Village, Caoxi Town, yiyang county, Jiangxi Province)

  The TV series "Lovely China" triggered a watching craze in yiyang county, Fang Zhimin’s hometown. The local cadres and masses are familiar with Fang Zhimin’s revolutionary deeds, and when these deeds are put on the screen, they feel very cordial and excited. For me, as the story unfolds, my vivid memories and deep nostalgia for this revolutionary elder in my hometown are also involuntarily rippling in my mind — — Fang Zhimin devoted himself to the revolution and devoted his whole life to the cause of people’s liberation in China. His love for the motherland and affection for the people, his noble character and revolutionary demeanor once again deeply touched me. In the war years, revolutionary martyrs wrote loyalty with sacrifice and demonstrated their responsibility with dedication. Now, in a peaceful era, although there is no test of life and death, I still have to always remember my mission, be down-to-earth and strive for progress.

  As the first secretary of poverty alleviation in Fang Zhimin’s hometown, I want to follow the example of revolutionary martyrs, inherit the legacy of Fang Zhimin martyrs, remember the people’s yearning for a better life, and dedicate my fiery youth to the Party’s poverty alleviation cause. I want to keep in mind the warmth and coldness of the people in difficulty, help them solve problems sincerely, lead the people in my hometown to get rid of poverty and become rich wholeheartedly, and contribute to winning the battle against poverty. Those who walk a hundred miles are half-ninety, and the poverty alleviation work has entered the sprint stage of gnawing hard bones, attacking hard and pulling out villages, facing very arduous and arduous tasks. I will certainly spur myself with Fang Zhimin’s courageous spirit, and actively participate in the "last mile" of poverty alleviation with a never-ending mental state and indomitable fighting posture, so as to achieve the goal of getting rid of poverty and running towards a well-off society in the whole village as scheduled.


Coconut Video | In the fierce battle of volleyball match in Dongge Town, Wenchang, who won the championship tonight?

Original title: Coconut Video | In the fierce battle of volleyball match in Dongge Town, Wenchang, who will win the championship tonight?

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On the morning of February 19th, the 2024 Spring Festival "Anti-drug Cup" nine-a-side men’s volleyball match in Dongge Town, Wenchang City was launched.

Xie Zhong, the "King of Hainan Stories", appeared in the stadium to explain the event and brought a brand-new experience to the audience with the familiar local accent.

The reporter learned that the competition was jointly organized by the village neighborhood committees of Dongge Town and the relevant departments and units of the town. There were 17 teams including Dongge Juxizai Rice Team, Liangfeng Shrimp Team, Baofang Village Wenchang Chicken Team, Qunjian Sandworm Team, Fengshan Village Passion Fruit Team, Xiafu Black Goat Team and Tianlun Tilapia Team. These team names are very distinctive, highlighting the famous "specialties" in Dongge Town, Wenchang City.

At present, the 9-a-side volleyball competition has been held many times, and the champion and runner-up will be decided tonight. Subsequently, an award ceremony was held, in which the first prize was 5880 yuan, the second prize was 4880 yuan, the third prize was 4880 yuan, and the third prize was 3880 yuan.

New Hainan Client, reporter of Nanhai Net Text/Shooting: Wu Yuewen Editing: Chen Yuanneng (Wu Yuewen Chen Yuanneng)