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Which heat is lower in the quarrel between sweet corn and waxy corn?

  Stews, soups, and staple foods … … Corn, which can be easily bought all year round, frequently appears at the public table. However, recently, the controversy about which sweet corn or waxy corn is lower in calories and more suitable for weight loss has caused a hot search, which has once again puzzled the "people who eat corn" in the comment area. Experts said that if there is a heat dispute during the weight loss period, sweet corn is still better.

  On the dining table, corn can be seen everywhere. Sweet corn has golden appearance, full grains, soft skin and natural sweetness. Sweet corn with sweet taste is suitable for direct consumption or as a salad ingredient, stew, etc. Waxy corn can also be called sticky corn, which is short and round in appearance, crystal clear and sticky. When you take a bite, it has a "glutinous" taste.

  So what kind of corn is more suitable to eat during weight loss and calorie control? Relevant data show that the energy of sweet corn is about 86 kcal/100g, while that of waxy corn is about 161 kcal/100g. However, some netizens suggested that the weight of a waxy corn is about 200-220g, and the energy is 320-350kcal. And a sweet corn is about 350 grams, and the energy is about 300 kilocalories. In contrast, it seems that eating a whole sweet corn or a whole waxy corn has little difference in calories.

  What is the difference between the two kinds of corn, and how to choose it? The reporter asked Dai Chun, a nutritionist, deputy director of Nanjing First Hospital. She said that during the weight loss period, it is still recommended to choose sweet corn under the condition of the same weight (rather than "one root").

  Relevant professional food databases show that 76% of yellow sweet corn is water, only 5.7% is starch, and 6.26% is composed of sucrose, glucose and fructose. Because of its high soluble sugar content, sweet corn is sweet when eaten in the mouth as the name suggests, and it is not sweet until it is decomposed into glucose by repeated chewing like starch. The reason why it is crisp and tender is because of its high water content and relatively low starch content. Therefore, although the sweet corn with tender water is "sweet", the total carbohydrate content and total calories are actually not high.

  The sticky waxy corn is not. Under the control of waxy genes in corn, the synthesis of amylose is prevented, and the proportion of amylopectin is almost 100%. The branch-like structure of amylopectin contains a large number of glucose molecules, and the connection is loose. Each grape molecule can be well exposed to the action of digestive enzymes and digested into the blood quickly. It can also be seen from the GI (glycemic index) data published by China Food Nutrition Composition Table (6th Edition) and the test data of China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute that the GI value of sweet corn is 55 and that of waxy corn is 106 per 100g edible part. Comparatively speaking, for people who need to lose weight and control their blood sugar, sweet corn may be more suitable than waxy corn, but they should not eat too much at one time.

  Experts remind that some dieters rely too much on corn, and it is not advisable to use it as a staple food during the fat reduction period. Compared with polished rice and white flour, corn contains a lot of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, but the calories are not low. If you eat too much, you will get fat. Eating corn alone may also cause the problem of insufficient protein, which is not conducive to weight loss and health.

  Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu News reporter Lu Yanlin


Revealing the daily limit | The upcoming Global Game Developers Conference will strengthen the game and cultural media sector.

On March 13, the three major stock indexes of A shares closed down, closing at a daily limit of 62 shares (including 5)ST shares); 30 strands failed to seal the board, and the overall sealing rate was 67%.

Battlefield of daily limit: over 700,000 hands pay the bill to raise money.Xingguang stock

securitiesAccording to the statistics of Times and DataBao, from the closing daily limit, the number of closed orders was the highest, with 717,200 lots; Followed byZhongdian xingfaRongji softwareThe daily limit orders were 568,800 lots and 311,000 lots respectively.

Calculated by the amount of the seal,The amount of 5-share seal exceeds 100 million yuan,China softwareThe amount of sealing orders was the highest, with 362 million yuan, 293 million yuan and 199 million yuan respectively.

Judging from the number of consecutive daily limit days,Aiai precision workLihang technology7 boards,Ming pu guang ci, 4 connecting plates,,Zhangyue technologyYinglian stockPutian technology3 even the board,,Winning numbers jewelleryJi’ nan high-techCaesar cultureEqual to 9 strands and 2 boards.

Besides,ST huatie6 th, 4 boards,*ST meisheng5 th, 3 boards,Luoxin pharmacy2 boards on the 4th,Beijing keruiBaw blue valleyST Shuguang3 rd, 2 boards.

Leading the finishing touch:new energyMulti-share daily limit of automobile industry chain

1. Automobile industry chain

Daily limit stocks:,Lan hai Hua TengSongzhi stockShanzi stockYingli automobileDongan powerBaida precision work

March 12 th news,Xiaomi automobileIt is officially announced that Xiaomi SU7 will be officially listed on March 28th, 2024. On March 11th, the director of the State Financial Supervision and Administration said that he was studying to reduce the down payment ratio of passenger car loans and further optimize the pricing mechanism of auto insurance.

: On March 13th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 381st batch of "Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products", which included the brand-new smart choice vehicle Enjoying S9 jointly built by Huawei and Beiqi Blue Valley, and the production place was the Beiqi Factory in Caiyu Town, Daxing, Beijing.

: wholly-owned subsidiaries Wuxi, Xu Xuehai and Xinneng.Venture capitalThe establishment of Wuxi Huateng Xinneng will focus on the early stage of Huateng Xinneng.fuel batteryTechnical reserve and research and development of automobile drive system, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle drive system (including extended range) and new energy marine drive system.

: The company has obtainedJACThe passenger car thermal management project cooperated with Huawei is still in the development stage, and the production has not been actually scheduled, which will generate sales revenue after mass production.

2、gameandCultural media

Daily limit stocks:Borui spreadCentury huatongMingchen healthyDasheng culture、、Huicheng technology

In the news, the Global Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco from March 18th to March 22nd, Beijing time.

: Two companies under the company belong to game developers, and independently research and develop well-known IP such as "Chivalrous Road".online gameThe product line covers mobile games, page games and end games.

: AI Xinghe is a project that the company explores the field of "game+medical care" by combining AI and VR technologies.


Daily limit stocks:, Rongji software,Jiuqi softwareenormous data

In the news, Huawei Shengsiartificial intelligenceThe framework summit will be held on March 22, 2024.

: The company’s position in the operating system industry of Galaxy Kirin continued to consolidate, and its market position remained ahead.

Rongji software: the company undertakes government affairs.cloud computingPlatform, engineering, information security and other major national information projects, as well as core business support systems and key common technology platforms in many industries.

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of report management software, e-government software, ERP software and business intelligence software, and its product line mainly covers government reports and statistics. existbig dataThe application field introduces industry solutions focusing on finance and taxation.

Dragon and Tiger Stand: Net Buy of Dragon and Tiger ListCitic HaizhiOver 80 million yuan

In today’s dragon and tiger list,Insai group、、Shenzhou high-speed railBoshi stock, American new technology,Beilong precisionChuanrun stock,, Lanhai Huateng and others are on the list.

Among them,,, were the top three net purchases in the Dragon and Tiger List that day, with 82.7471 million yuan, 69.0448 million yuan and 41.9992 million yuan respectively.

Among the stocks on the list of institutional seats, the top three net purchases areHuaci stockXingyuan zhuomei, 4.0402 million yuan, 1.3746 million yuan and 166,000 yuan respectively.

ShengutongNet selling of dedicated seatsHigh-tech development56.8152 million yuan, 55.1538 million yuan.Shanghai Stock ConnectNet purchase of dedicated seatsGuoguang electricity23.7335 million yuan,Dongmu stock20.2571 million yuan.

In terms of hot money, Huaxin Xi ‘an Branch bought a net amount of 73.0073 million yuan from CITIC Haizhi;Citic jiantouThe sales department of Qinghe East Road in Guangzhou sold century huatong 71,291,700 yuan.

Disclaimer: All information in DataBao does not constitute investment advice, and the stock market is risky, so investment should be cautious.


What is the difference between pure water, mountain spring water and mineral water? What kind of water is more nutritious and healthy to drink?

Original Meimei High Quality Life Jia

Usually when we go to the supermarket, the shelves are filled with all kinds of bottled water. Many people don’t know the difference between them. Even many people think that bottled water is mineral water, but it is not like this. Different bottled water is not only different in brand, but also different in type.

Bottled water is generally divided into pure water, mountain spring water and mineral water, so what’s the difference between them? Which kind of water is more nutritious? Let’s take a look together ~

Mineral water is usually taken from deep underground, and it needs groundwater that has not been artificially treated and polluted. Generally, such water is mostly weakly alkaline water, and it contains certain minerals and trace elements. The chemical composition of mineral water will be affected by other natural factors such as groundwater infiltration environment and water temperature, but it is also relatively stable.

The taste of mineral water is hard. Generally, if it is boiled, it will scale. If it is used to make tea, it will affect the soup color and taste of tea.

Pure water is the water from our rivers, that is, tap water, which is purified by process equipment. The minerals, organic components, harmful substances and microorganisms in the water are all filtered, and there are almost no minerals. Basically, only water is left, and generally the water source is not marked.

Mountain spring water, also known as natural water, is between the above two, removing impurities and harmful substances in the water, and retaining trace elements and a small amount of minerals. Generally, it is taken from surface water, spring water and artesian well water with good environment, no pollution and stable PH value and water temperature. The taste is delicate and silky, and the water quality is soft, which is more suitable for making tea and soup.

Do you understand the difference between the above three kinds of bottled water? Look at the bottled water that you often drink at home. Which one does it belong to?

Finally, what Xiaobian wants to say is that although they are all drinking water, they are all "water". I still suggest that you don’t quote a certain bottled water for a long time. When you buy it next time, you can drink another one!

Original title: "What is the difference between pure water, mountain spring water and mineral water? What kind of water is more nutritious and healthy to drink? 》

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The weather is going to change! Are you ready for the "cold magic" attack? Shanghai will welcome rare heavy rain in winter before the Spring Festival.

The week ruled by the cold has finally passed.
However, the warm and humid airflow followed.
Umbrella will become
This week’s "personal belongings"
Affected by southwest warm and humid airflow
The cloud cover in this city is increasing gradually today.
Sunlight becomes a rarity.
There is mild haze before noon.
Minimum temperature in the morning
Near 4℃ of Xujiahui Station in the urban area
Some suburbs are between -2℃ and 0℃
East to southeast wind 4 ~ 5
The relative humidity is increased to 95%~50%
After the sun comes out
There was a marked increase in temperature in the morning.
But as the temperature rises, "visiting" together is
Southeast wind and water vapor
There is sometimes light rain around evening.
This week’s Shanghai
It will be warm and humid air flow.
A tug-of-war with cold air
In the next 7-8 days, there will also be continuous rainy weather in this city. The main precipitation periods appear from the night of January 31 to February 1 and February 4 to 5, with moderate rainfall and heavy rain in some areas. During the daytime from January 30th to 31st, the precipitation was generally weak, and most areas were foggy on the morning of 31st.
The continuous rainy weather started from the evening of January 29th to the night and lasted until February 6th. It turned cloudy to cloudy on the 7th. It is estimated that the main precipitation periods will occur from the night of January 31st to February 1st and from February 4th to 5th, each with a moderate rain process and heavy rain in some areas. There was intermittent precipitation during the day from January 30th to 31st, and the rainfall was generally weak.
In late January and early February in Shanghai, the daily precipitation is usually at the level of light rain or moderate rain, and there are few heavy rains and above. There will be two moderate rains in Shanghai in the next ten days, and the total precipitation is obvious.
In the next 10 days, the temperature will fluctuate slightly, with warm and wet in the early stage and cold in the later stage. The temperature is generally between 8 and 13℃ before 31st. There was weak cold air around February 2, and the temperature dropped below 10℃. On the night of February 4th, affected by cold air, the temperature reached a new level. It is estimated that the lowest temperature in Shanghai will drop to about 1℃ on the 9th and 10th.
National weather
With the adjustment of atmospheric circulation, the southwest warm and humid airflow is active, and under the joint influence of cold and warm airflow, there will be continuous rain and snow weather in the middle and east of China in the next 7-8 days, with heavy snow in some areas and heavy snow in local areas. Among them, from January 29 to 30, there was moderate to heavy rain and local heavy rain in central Jiangxi to western Zhejiang. From January 31, the Huanghuai-Jianghan area will gradually turn into snowfall, with heavy snow in some areas and heavy snow in some areas. It is expected that the boundary between rain and snow will extend south to central Jiangsu and central Anhui on February 5-6, and most of the south of the Yangtze River will be dominated by rainy weather.
The time is approaching the Spring Festival, and friends who have travel plans should pay close attention to the weather changes, make reasonable arrangements and make early preparations.
Weather warning
Rainy and low visibility weather
Have a great impact on traffic and travel.
The large-scale rain and snow weather in central and eastern China and the continuous rainy weather in this city have great influence on traffic travel.
At present, it is in Spring Festival travel rush, so please know the weather conditions in time before going out, especially the early warning of bad weather such as rain, snow and freezing, and make preparations in advance. Rainy days make the road slippery, so slow down when driving. Pay attention to the influence of foggy weather on traffic on the morning of January 31.
Rainy weather
Have a certain impact on public life
In rainy weather, it is necessary to do a good job of dehumidification at home, and it is appropriate to open the window for ventilation during intermittent rainfall. Rainy weather is easy to make people feel depressed, so pay attention to emotional adjustment. The weather is cold in the later period, so we should still pay attention to keep warm.
Approaching the new year
Everyone should pay attention to the latest weather in time.
Rain gear is always around.
Pay more attention to changes in temperature and warmth.
Synthesized from Shanghai weather release
Source: Shanghai News Broadcasting