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Dog’s blood cheating is a spy war style. After 12 years, it’s impossible. Will Huang Lei’s wife still play it?

The return of the fairy sister ignited the retro craze of Chinese drama.

Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man is not only a fairy in Liu Yifei, but Zhao Linger’s mother, Empress Wu, was also the goddess of that year.

Sun Li, who has been in the cinema for many years, returned to the screen and performed a "Wife’s Choice".

There are spoilers in this article.


Sugar cube is not happy recently.

Mao Mao, Shiba Inu, who has been with him for many years, is lost. This puppy is an important family member to Fang Tang who has not given birth after ten years of marriage.

After posting the dog-seeking notice for several days, the sugar cube began to accept the reality.

Today is very important for her husband, Gao Jiawei. She must cooperate with her husband to attend the event, and there is no way to delay any longer.

Gao Jiawei is a self-made entrepreneur from the media. As an opinion leader on emotional topics, he often competes with another emotional expert Qi Miao to explain emotional issues from different perspectives of men and women.

Looking at the speech on her husband’s computer, I couldn’t help but quietly polish the itchy sugar cube.

In fact, after becoming a full-time wife, Fang Tang has been working as an amateur detective novel writer, thanks to her good writing style.

When Gao Jiawei recited his wife’s wonderful ideas on the stage, Fang Tang also dressed herself up and prepared to go to her birthday party, the most important occasion today.

It was supposed to be a couple’s world, but after Gao Jiawei founded the company, the sweet wife-pampering day was also added with more performance factors. After all, a good leader who cares for his family can better win people’s hearts.

Out of support for her husband’s work, Fang Tang has never been dissatisfied with this. She attends as a model wife every year and enjoys the "surprise" arranged by her husband.

But when Fang Tang saw Gao Jiawei coming out of the bathroom, the lipstick mark on her husband’s shirt collar caught her alarm.

Gaos thought for consternation explained that it may be a drunken woman at the door of the bathroom.

But how close does a stranger have to be to leave lipstick in such an ambiguous place?

As a wife’s vigilance, sugar cube walked carefully every step. She smiled and walked to her husband’s preset stage, while carefully observing the red number of every lady present.

She knows that something must have happened, and a woman’s perception can’t be wrong.

In fact, Fang Tang had seen the luxury goods receipt in her husband’s pocket before. As a detective novel author, she had long been wary.

Did the husband cheat? Who is the third party?

Following the clues, Fang Tang became a detective of her marriage and began to deal with her husband in a seemingly peaceful pregnancy life.


Spy war, suspense and family ethics drama, a drama contains the above three popular elements, and Wife’s Choice may be the first one.

From the professional setting of Fang Tang, it can be seen that "Wife’s Choice" wants to fight hard. In the serial novel "Fatal Gentleness", she replies to the reader as an author, which is like a big V gesture.

Sugar cube found her husband reading the novel, but when asked about the work, the other party said that the author’s writing was not as good as sugar cube’s.

Obviously, the husband doesn’t know his wife’s pen name, and he doesn’t know her writing style well enough.

And husbands hide more secrets from their wives.

However, a good play needs a good rhythm. "Is the husband cheating" has become the biggest suspense at present, and the director has made the audience think that all the girls swept by the camera may be a third party.

Seeing Qi Miaobei’s luxury bag, Fang Tang confirmed several times where the other party bought it, because she suspected that it was her husband’s bill.

Seeing the lovely earphone left in her husband’s car, Fang Tang teased which young girl’s belongings it was, but her husband used jokes to avoid it.

Seeing the necklace of a young female subordinate, Fang Tang pretended to be enthusiastic and asked about the brand and added WeChat. After all, everyone was suspected.

His wife quietly investigated, and Gao Jiawei, as an emotional expert, also knows the appeasement policy and the push-pull relationship, candlelight dinner, surprise gifts, wedding anniversary plus pregnancy preparation, and even created a more loving husband and wife life than before.

However, the Smiths’ performance will eventually reveal the truth. When Sugar Cube finds out that she has been betrayed, it is the wife’s choice whether to destroy her husband’s name as an emotional expert or sacrifice herself to whitewash it, which is also the prelude to the next catch me if you can.

When betrayal and doubt begin, marriage has come to an end.


As an important work of Sun Li’s return to the small screen, Wife’s Choice has a good script design and is adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Wang Xiaoqiang.

The subtlety is that it knows how to analyze women’s psychology with the cloak of suspense, including the breakup of life.

There are full-time wives represented by sugar cubes, strong women in the workplace represented by Qi Miao, and women with love anxiety represented by heavy rain. Around the wall of marriage, women’s joys and sorrows are presented one by one, and everyone’s growth arc is also displayed.

What’s more, there are only 12 episodes of "Wife’s Choice". To complete the three things of husband and wife’s battle, truth and self-growth, the director needs a strong rhythm to control.

In the first half of the series, many suspenseful and necessary details are added, but whether we can take into account the detailed proportion of several lines still needs further observation.

The intrigue of the husband and wife from the details also has higher requirements for the actors. Just how to lie without changing color requires performing at all levels.

Sun Li removed the label of "Huang Lei’s wife", and fans wondered whether the real housewife who returned to the screen after 12 years had regressed.

It must be admitted that there is a certain age difference between the 44-year-old Sun Li and his wife in her early 30 s, but her relaxed and relaxed interpretation still makes people believe that she was not only lucky when she debuted.

Yuan Wenkang, the supporting husband, has played many roles in love rat before, but this time, the hypocritical liar is set up by everyone, and he is also good at it.

In addition, Zhang Yao, Wang Zhen, Ma Yinyin ("Hunting Crime Picture Book"), Zhao Da, Liu Yiwei and Wu Bi joined in, which also accumulated some interesting points for the team.

"Wife’s Choice" turned the middle-aged dog blood drama into a suspenseful twist, but there are inherent type barriers. Whether this unconventional transformation can be completed is far from being revealed.

It can only be said that Sun Li, who came back, and Wife’s Choice, who jumped out of the genre framework, are brave adventurers, testing the water for the whole industry, first to see if the spring of middle-aged actresses has recovered, and second to see if sincere creativity can be recognized, and the standard for testing everything is always in the hands of the audience.

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On New Year’s Eve, why should we keep our birthday?

Why should we keep our birthday today?

Xiaobian first tells you a story.


Said it was a long time ago.

There is a monster named Chong.

It has a dark body.

But the hands are white.

Every spring festival and new year’s eve

"Precious" came to the world.

Touch the forehead of a sleeping child

Any child who has been touched by "special"

You’ll become a demented fool.

In order not to let "Chong" hurt children.

Every new year’s eve.

Everyone lights the oil lamp all night.

Play with children

Keep them from sleeping.

At that time, it was called "guarding the special"

And then?

People think

It’s unlucky to mention the monster "Chong"

And because "old" and "precious" are homophonic.

So I slowly put

"Shou Chong" is called "Shou Sui"

So here comes the question

On New Year’s Eve

I won’t sleep unless you sleep.

Who is the little baby who stays up late?

Xiaobian knows that staying up late is not good for the liver.

But on second thought,

If I stay up late tonight,

So tomorrow

Will netizens call me darling?


Sweetheart, I can’t talk.

Can I call you a big-faced cat?

Xiaobian: We need a turn here.

in fact

On New Year’s Eve

It is not difficult to stay up happily.

We have a lot to do.

for example

Put up a pair of new Spring Festival couplets.

According to the public photo library of WeChat platform

Spring Festival couplets are also called

Door pairs, couplets, pairs and peach symbols

This is a unique literary form in China.

According to research

This custom originated in the Song Dynasty.

It has been popular since the Ming Dynasty.

Couplets are an expression.

Be able to use short words

Express profound meaning

can be compared to

"Never drive after eating, drinking and drinking"

"It’s time to walk, leave the past behind and never look back."

Another example

Have a New Year’s Eve dinner.

Even if you respond positively

Netizens of the "On-site Chinese New Year" policy

Don’t let your stomach down.

Be sure to order hard dishes on the whole.

Reward yourself

According to Guangxi News Network

But believe

No matter where you are

New year’s greetings

Greetings from seven aunts, eight aunts, two uncles and two grandmothers.

It must be indispensable.

"Is there someone?"

"Why don’t you get married?"

"Why don’t you have children?"

"How much do you earn a month?"


The moment I saw these questions.

Do you feel cold in your back?

"evil wind" bursts

don’t worry

Xiaobian has helped you figure out how to answer.

"There are objects,


Ready to have children,

Earn more than you. "

Words here.

Successfully completed the "escape from the Chamber of Secrets"

in fact

On New Year’s Eve

Whether you can be with your family or not.

As long as the heart is together.

You will feel full of happiness.

This spring festival

There are also many people.

Stick to the front line

Pay tribute to everyone

Netizens who are staying together tonight.

Xiaobian has another sentence

I don’t know when to speak improperly.


Don’t melt into different circles.

But tonight,

We all have the same circle.

That’s dark circles.


It’s time for Xiaobian to compose poems again.

Ah ~

Spend one night on New Year’s Eve.

Grab a red envelope for 99 cents.

Pinch your fingers and pay 200.

I see who is so tiger.

Just kidding.

Xiaobian will still bless everyone.

Everything you want is what you want

The road to success is smooth

Everyone meets a good person.

Everything is fun.

It’s good news to hear.

at last

Xiaobian wants to say

The new year is coming.

Everyone sent a lot of messages to bless you.

It basically represents what I mean.

It’s good that you know it.

in addition

Little cute people who want red envelopes during the Spring Festival.

Remember to talk to me privately.

So I can delete you.

Don’t affect my Chinese New Year.

Eat and drink well!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Original title: "New Year’s Eve, why should we keep the year? 》


The war empire created by lies


  Author: Hong Yuan (researcher, American Institute, China Academy of Social Sciences)

  Making and manipulating public opinion is an important tool for hegemonic countries to shape ideology, and it is also a powerful weapon to fool the public and overthrow a regime. Artificially guiding and creating public opinion, and repeatedly propagating the opinions of specific people, can often create a false public opinion field that is universal and contrary to the will of the public. This is also the usual trick of the German Nazis during World War II, in order to achieve the goal of "repeating a lie a thousand times is the truth". In the Internet age, through unilateral information feeding, the party who has the right to speak can often compile an "information cocoon room" and spread false information to achieve the purpose of shaping public opinion and mastering the public. It is the privilege of a few ruling classes to promote and shape public opinion by controlling the right to speak. The wave of public opinion it has set off does not represent the will of the country and the people, let alone reflect the truth. It is only a few classes and forces that have the right to speak deliberately to achieve special goals. Looking back at history and shaping public opinion with lies is a universal and important pre-war preparation for the United States to launch wars overseas.

  Powell vial — — Make war with lies

  It is the usual practice of the United States to create lies and wage war. On February 5, 2003, the famous "United Nations Night", then US Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, accusing Saddam Hussein’s regime of possessing weapons of mass destruction that threatened global security, and showed the so-called anthrax vials to the participants in an attempt to convince the world that the United States was going to war against Iraq. Powell, who once held an important position in the US military, did not lack the ability of military judgment, but joined forces with the US military-industrial complex to deceive the world, including the American people, and launched an invasion war with lies. After the American occupation, the rebellion in Iraq gradually turned into sectarian violence, killing countless Iraqi civilians, and the war lasted much longer than predicted by the Bush administration. In 2011, after the withdrawal of the Obama administration, the terrorist organization "Islamic State" swept through and occupied a large part of Iraq. The war has brought turmoil, chaos and violence to Iraq for more than ten years. According to incomplete estimates, the number of Iraqis who died in the war is about 1 million or more, not including the 500,000 infants who died because of lack of medical care and medicine, but a country in ruin may never find out the real number of deaths in the war. Similarly, the United States has suffered more than 60,000 casualties and 4 trillion US dollars in direct and indirect costs. However, the US military did not find weapons of mass destruction and "Biological laboratory trailer ",Powell’s lies became a permanent stain on his career.

  Powell ignored the warning of the intelligence department, deviated from the facts and "fabricated evidence" in an attempt to convince the world with lies, and finally launched the Iraq war. According to the information of American intelligence department, Powell cited "irrefutable and undeniable" evidence, which showed that Iraq still hides a large number of terrorist weapons. Powell’s chief of staff once pointed out that Powell privately indicated that it was unlikely to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In addition, Powell used the information of American intelligence agencies about Iraq’s purchase of aluminum tubes to fabricate accusations that Iraq was restarting its nuclear weapons program, but it was later proved that the aluminum tubes were only materials for manufacturing conventional rocket weapons. Similarly, Powell deliberately distorted the conversation between Iraqi officers about the UN inspection, turning it from evidence of Iraq’s compliance with UN resolutions to evidence of Iraq’s violation of UN resolutions. In the end, the United States used Powell’s fabricated evidence to flagrantly launch the war of invading Iraq. Obviously, Powell’s loyalty to American military interests made him willing to deceive the world until he died, let alone be responsible for launching the Iraq war.

  A guarantee of the persistence of lies. The boastful "embedded interview" is also one of the ways for the US military to create lies in order to win the war in Iraq. In September 2003, American generals and some journalists who had participated in the Iraq war held a meeting at the American Army Military Academy in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, to discuss the role of "embedded" interviews of journalists in the Iraq war. The U.S. military admitted that the purpose of arranging journalists from all over the world to "embed" interviews with combat troops is to hope that Iraqi commanders can realize the speed of the U.S. military from news reports and achieve a shocking effect. As David Perkins, commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division, said, "I just want them to report what happened. If allowing the media to accurately report is to use them (journalists), then they are used by (us) … … The main purpose is to get these reports out. " "Embedded interview" can ensure the persistence of the lies woven by the ruling group, ensure self-justification, ensure that journalists do not contact each other and ordinary people, and ensure the controllability of what journalists think, see, think and report. By limiting the time, space and information sources of journalists, we will create a one-way indoctrination "information cocoon room" and force journalists to cooperate with themselves.Publish war reports that are beneficial to you.

  "Zero Casualty" and "Highway of Death" — — A lie covered up in the war

  The title war is one of the means by which the United States uses its discourse power to blur the attribute of the place where the war took place and create international public opinion. People are familiar with the "Gulf War" led by the United States, and its factual name should be "Persian Gulf War". "Gulf" is only a geographical term at best. There is no such place as "Gulf" on the world map, but the Persian Gulf really exists and the US military fought a real war here. "Gulf War" or "Persian Gulf War" is not a name dispute, but the United States is using the right of discourse to substitute flowers for trees, blurring the name of the place where the war took place, trying to ignore the existence of Iran, a major country in the region, and creating international public opinion for its unjust war around Iran. This can be called a textbook case for the naming right of world history.

  In order to achieve the purpose of war, the lies of the US government will also appear at home. The use of depleted uranium bombs in war often leads to the exposure of soldiers to radioactive environment, which in turn leads to the illness of combatants. However, the US government has tried its best to cover up the truth and fabricated the vague concept of "Gulf War Syndrome". It was a long time after the end of the Gulf War that the western media exposed the amazing inside story that the US and British troops used depleted uranium bombs in this war. The U.S. Central Command also publicly admitted that the U.S. and British forces did use depleted uranium bombs, saying that this was the first time that this new weapon was used in the war. Subsequently, the media in various countries reported that the officers and men who participated in the war in the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries caused by depleted uranium bombs suffered from long-term fatigue, fatigue, insomnia, depression, arrhythmia, renal failure, memory degradation, muscle pain, central nervous system injury and mental illness, and severe cases suffered from malignant diseases such as leukemia, lung cancer, liver cancer and skin cancer, which were collectively called "Gulf War Syndrome". According to incomplete statistics, more than 200,000 of the 700,000 officers and men directly involved in the fighting in the multinational forces have fallen ill, and thousands of them have died. Many of their newborn children suffer from severe deformity, congenital leukemia, lung cancer and kidney injury.

  A Pentagon document also admitted that in the "Desert Storm" military attack in 1991, the multinational forces led by the United States used air strikes as the main form, and used depleted uranium bombs to attack armored targets for the first time. When it hit the target, it would burn, smoke and fog, and it could penetrate armored and solid targets. The US military used 3.944 million depleted uranium bombs with a diameter of 30 mm and 14,000 depleted uranium bombs with a diameter greater than 30 mm in Iraq and Kuwait, and the total weight of depleted uranium materials reached 315 tons. According to the British Sunday Times on January 14th, 2001, citing a confidential document of the country’s IAEA, it was confirmed that during the Gulf War, the United States alone dropped at least 5,000 earth-penetrating bombs with depleted uranium cores, and 50,000 pounds of materials containing depleted uranium were left in the Gulf region in the form of shrapnel or smoke. If the smoke from these depleted uranium bombs is inhaled, it can theoretically cause 500 thousand deaths. The resulting nuclear radiation and toxic substances have caused incalculable pollution and harm to human body, natural environment and biological chain. The illegal production and use of depleted uranium bombs has aroused widespread concern in the international community and been severely condemned by public opinion all over the world. The United Nations Environment Programme, IAEA, and international peace and humanitarian organizations have visited the Gulf region to make an objective assessment of the great harm of depleted uranium bombs. Similarly, during the Vietnam War, the US military used chemical weapon "Agent Orange" defoliant to destroy the famous North Vietnam.Ho Chi Minh Trail ",the hereditary lifelong disease caused by it, also won the title of the American government — — Vietnam War Syndrome.

  Contemporary American military-industrial complex — — The source of war lies

  American President Eisenhower, who once commanded more than 3 million troops in the amphibious landing campaign of Operation Overlord in World War II, had in-depth insights into the political, military and economic operation of the United States. On January 17, 1961, Eisenhower delivered a famous "farewell speech" at the White House, exposing the close collusion between American arms and military groups. "In all government departments, we must be alert to the improper influence of the military-industrial complex, whether it pursues it this way or not." Eisenhower pointed out that there is a huge military-industrial complex in the United States, and its powerful energy and influence are the real dominant foreign policy of the United States. Eisenhower reminded the American people that "its existence is a trampling and deprivation of individual freedom rights". Sure enough, the military industrial group created lies to manipulate public opinion at home and abroad, which made the United States launch foreign wars endlessly to satisfy the military industrial group’s pursuit of profits.

  After the collapse of the Bretton Woods system in 1972, the dollar was decoupled from gold. Without the gold standard, the dollar almost lost the restrictions on issuing banknotes, and the United States entered the era of financial hegemony and imperialism. Financial oligarchs and military industrial oligarchs have merged with each other, creating lies like a duck to water in the Internet age, manipulating public opinion, provoking conflicts on a global scale, prospering the weapons and equipment market through war and war intimidation, and then gaining huge profits, and using financial means to hunt and "harvest leeks" to make ill-gotten wealth. In a sense, the contemporary military complex composed of American military enterprises, the Pentagon and financial oligarchs really dominates the United States like the shadow government.

  "We lie, we cheat" — — The way the United States continues to maintain hegemony

  From mass production of unconfirmed false information to providing Washington with an excuse to invade other countries, to participating in assassination, abusing prisoners, eavesdropping and manipulating public opinion, it will still be the choice for the United States to maintain its hegemony in the future. In April 2019, Mike Pompeo, then US Secretary of State and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, admitted in a speech at Texas A&M University: "When I was a student, what was the motto of the students at West Point Military Academy? You won’t lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do. After I was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, we lied, we cheated, and we stole. " Covert actions, overthrowing other governments, inciting rebellion and supporting multinational corporations are the daily actions of the CIA. According to the declassified information of the US government in 2019, the "Condor Operation" launched by the United States against Central and South American countries in the 1970s was estimated to have killed 60,000 people, and 30,000 people were killed in Argentina alone. In 2018, under the banner of "human rights" or "democracy", the National Endowment for Democracy in the United States allocated more than $23 million to seriously interfere in the internal affairs of major Latin American countries.

  A column in The Economist magazine in Britain rudely defined Pompeo as a "long-standing blabbermouth". The article pointed out that "even American spies could not produce evidence, Pompeo still insisted that Covid-19 was from the China laboratory". Facts have proved that these shameful and sad lie records of the US military and intelligence departments have already shattered the credibility of the United States, but they have also exposed the essence of serving American decision makers, that is, they continue to promote Washington’s hypocritical power politics regardless of the truth, facts and human conscience, and will continue to seek to maintain the unfair hegemonic position of the United States in the world.

  Guangming Daily (16th edition, March 22nd, 2022)


Women, look over here! Four factors erode women’s health? Master the "three cornerstones" of health

According to the survey, the average life expectancy of women is 5-10 years longer than that of men, but the life expectancy gap is gradually narrowing. The reason why women will lose their original health advantages is closely related to bad habits in daily life, especially the following four points will erode women’s health.

1. Decreased activity

Now is a society where men and women are equal. Housework is not limited to women. Women spend less time doing housework, and their activities are also reduced. Coupled with a heavy-flavored diet such as high calorie and high fat, it will cause obesity, especially abdominal obesity, thus increasing the risk of chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and fatty liver.

2. Bad hobbies

Smoking and alcoholism are no longer exclusive to men. Many women will relieve their worries by smoking and drinking. However, harmful toxic substances and alcohol in cigarettes can poison various organs and systems of the body and increase the risk of respiratory system, digestive system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3, more and more strong

Nowadays, women are stronger and stronger. They are no longer always crying, coquetry or nagging as before. They keep everything in their hearts, carry things on their own, don’t know how to release pressure, and induce mental illness and digestive system diseases for a long time.

4. Too much pressure

Modern women hold up half the sky and bear no less pressure than men. While taking care of the elderly at home and raising children, they also struggle in the workplace. Because of long-term heavy pressure, endocrine disorder, reducing resistance and increasing the chance of illness.

1. Exercise more.

Women should have at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every day, such as brisk walking, jogging, skipping rope, swimming and practicing yoga. The weekly exercise time should not be less than 4-5 days, which can promote the whole body blood circulation, improve the cardiopulmonary function, enhance the resistance, and also help to release stress and enjoy the body and mind. In addition, women must stay away from cigarettes and second-hand smoke and refuse to drink alcoholic beverages.

2. Reasonable supplementation of calcium and iron

Under the premise of ensuring a balanced nutrition, iron and calcium should be properly supplemented. Because women face menstrual blood loss every month, they should eat more iron-containing foods, such as animal viscera, animal blood and various lean meats. In addition, eat more calcium-containing milk, eggs, beans, bean products, green leafy vegetables and shrimp skin, and ensure that you drink 200 ~ 300ml of milk every day, get proper sunshine, promote calcium absorption and delay osteoporosis.

3. Adjust your mood

Arrange work and rest reasonably, and coordinate the relationship between career and family. You can’t overdraw your physical strength and energy, so that you can combine work and rest; Face everything with a positive and optimistic attitude, eliminate bad emotions such as anxiety and fear in time, not pursue perfection in everything, and vent your emotions by talking to others, having a good cry or exercising.


After entering the age of 30, women should have a comprehensive physical examination at least once a year. In addition to regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipid and weight, they should also be screened for HPV and TCT regularly. After the age of 35, do mammography or breast B-ultrasound examination once a year; Regular monitoring of estrogen after the age of 45. In addition, women should adjust their diet structure, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and eat 7-8 minutes full for each meal, not overeating or wolfing down; Keep a regular schedule and quit the bad habit of staying up late.

The online manuscript of family doctor shall not be reproduced without authorization.