This conference concerning the future of the earth will be held in China "Spring City" this year.


This conference concerning the future of the earth will be held in China "Spring City" this year.

  Xinhua News Agency, Kunming, July 4th Title: Going to the "Covenant of Spring City" — — COP15 will paint a new picture of "harmonious coexistence between man and nature"

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Changshan, Ji Zhepeng, Pang Mingguang and Zhao Peiran

  The 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) will be held in Kunming, Yunnan Province in October, and global representatives will participate in a grand event to draw a new picture of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature on the earth.

  The venue layout is clear and definite, and professional technical support is in place … … At present, the preparations for the conference are being fully promoted, and the concept of green, intelligent, economical and safe hosting will also make "Spring City Huadu" show its unique charm.

  "Animal and plant kingdom" welcomes the grand meeting

  Recently, a group of wild Asian elephants, journey to the south, which originally lived in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, entered Kunming, causing widespread concern. Elephants have wandered all the way, and the China government and people have taken good care of them. The elephant protection action has been recognized by the world. The story of Yunnan’s rescue of the endangered Asian elephant also warms the world and arouses people’s concern about the protection of biodiversity. "All the way to the North" has also become a footnote to the answer why COP15, a world-renowned event, was chosen to be held in Yunnan.

  Elephant group (drone photo) taken in Shijie Township, Yimen County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province on June 14th. Xinhua news agency

  According to experts, Yunnan is one of the regions with the richest biodiversity in the northern hemisphere. There are 19,333 species of higher plants, accounting for about 50.3% of the country; There are 2273 species of vertebrates, accounting for 49.5% of the country; 151 species of national key protected wild plants, accounting for 41.0% of the country; There are 242 species of wildlife under special state protection, accounting for 57.1% of the whole country & hellip; … Known as "animal kingdom", "plant kingdom", "world garden" and "species gene bank", Yunnan is rich in biodiversity.

  Waterbirds swim through the Metasequoia glyptostroboides wetland in Dianwei Village, Dianyuan Street, Panlong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province (photo). Xinhua News Agency reporter Qin Qingshe

  "Yunnan is an important treasure house of biodiversity in China and an ecological security barrier in the southwest, and its status is very important." Yue Xiuhu, director of the Office of the Leading Group for Preparatory Work of COP15 in Yunnan Province and director of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, said that Yunnan’s land area accounts for 4.1% of the country, but it includes all ecosystem types on the earth except oceans and deserts.

  "Where there is forest, there is water; where there is water, there is field; where there is field, there is food; where there is food, there is people." Living in the south of colorful clouds, the Dai people have sung this proverb from generation to generation, and also conveyed to people the simplest concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. "Not only the Dai people, but also many ethnic groups in Yunnan have excellent traditional cultures closely related to biodiversity protection." Yue Xiuhu said.

  Overlooking Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center from the air (drone photos, data photos). Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Chao photo

  We have implemented more than 120 projects to save and protect the minimal population, established 166 nature reserves, promulgated the local regulations on biodiversity protection, the Regulations on Biodiversity Protection in Yunnan Province, and issued the provincial biological species list, the red list of biological species, and the white paper on biodiversity … … Zhao Yongping, deputy director of Yunnan Forestry and Grassland Bureau, said that Yunnan strictly protects the most authentic, rare and typical natural ecosystems and rare and endangered wild animals and plants.

  In 2016, the 13th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP13) held in Mexico announced that China was awarded the right to host COP15. At the end of 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment organized an investigation and research on four candidate cities such as Kunming. In February, 2019, at the meeting of the National Committee for Biodiversity Protection in China, considering the biodiversity, climate and ambient air quality of four candidate cities, it was determined that the venue of the conference was Kunming.

  Elizabeth Murema, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, said that the reason for holding the meeting in Kunming was to let friends around the world witness the happiness brought by biodiversity to the people of Yunnan, witness the achievements of ecological civilization construction in China, and provide new ideas for global biodiversity protection.

  Build a community of life on earth.

  China was one of the first countries to sign and ratify the Convention on Biological Diversity. As the host country of COP15, China will make joint efforts with the international community to contribute China’s wisdom and China’s strength to the global biodiversity protection.

  The theme of this conference is "Ecological Civilization: Building a Community of Life on Earth". The conference will formulate the "Global Biodiversity Framework after 2020", which is the new 10-year global biodiversity protection action plan after the "Aichi Target".

  The loss of biodiversity is a common challenge facing the whole world. "Reducing the direct damage and impact on nature and making every resident of the global village realize his due actions and efforts in biodiversity protection requires the joint action of every country, every nation and every resident." Duan Changqun, a professor at the School of Ecology and Environment of Yunnan University, said that building a community of life on earth is the initial intention, the starting point and the goal of efforts to protect biodiversity.

  Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center (photo). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Wenyao photo

  China attaches great importance to biodiversity protection, systematically deploys it as an important part of ecological civilization construction, and adopts a series of effective measures to promote positive progress in biodiversity protection. The establishment of policies, laws and regulations has been accelerated, the intensity of ecological protection and restoration has been continuously increased, the investigation, monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity have been promoted in an orderly manner, and the social participation and public awareness of biodiversity protection have been continuously improved.

  Yue Xiuhu said that it has become the consensus of the whole society to protect biodiversity. Yunnan has improved the protection system, consolidated the foundation of protecting the rule of law, and jointly built and shared green homes. Biodiversity protection is at the forefront of the country.

  "Yunnan has built the largest wild germplasm resource bank in Asia — — China Southwest Wildlife Germplasm Resource Bank has preserved more than 10,000 kinds of wild plant seeds. " Sun Hang, director of Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the conference will show the world the outstanding achievements in biodiversity conservation in China, and at the same time learn from international advanced experience and strengthen and deepen international cooperation.

  Elizabeth Murema said after her preparatory work in Kunming at the beginning of last year that China can provide many experiences for the world in biodiversity protection and ecological civilization construction. "Building an ecological civilization is not only a beautiful vision advocated by China, but also the common aspiration of the whole world and all mankind."

  Yue Xiuhu said that the theme of the conference is of global significance, and it has reached the commanding heights in guiding the future development and the relationship between man and nature, and has become the consensus of all contracting parties, marking the entry of human society into a new era of ecological civilization.

  "Green, wisdom, economy and safety"

  The preparatory work for the COP15 conference is a huge systematic project. Since it was decided as the venue of COP15, Yunnan has always done a good job in the preparatory work despite the uncertainty brought by the epidemic.

  Elizabeth Murema said that Yunnan has done a lot of fruitful work in preparing for COP15. The layout of the venues is clear and clear, and the facilities and equipment are impressive. Sufficient experience, professional technical support and smooth communication and coordination have always run through the whole preparatory work.

  This is Kunming Dianchi Lake (photo of drone) taken on October 21, 2019. Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Chao photo

  The Baofeng Peninsula Wetland in Kunming is one of the outdoor exhibitions of biodiversity in COP15. Lu Chunxia, executive vice president of Southwest Branch of SINOMACH International Engineering Design and Research Institute, who is in charge of the project construction, introduced that the construction of wetland in Baofeng Peninsula includes the construction of local plant communities in Yunnan, the rehabilitation of indigenous endemic fish, the attraction of local poultry, etc., and the "aquatic-wet-terrestrial" composite ecological belt is formed through ecological restoration, achieving the overall goal of restoring and protecting the biodiversity of Dianchi Lake and building a biological species bank.

  Recently, the reporter saw in the bird-watching gallery of Baofeng Peninsula Wetland that egrets flew to the wetland pond for food from time to time, and birds, wetlands and distant lakes formed a beautiful and quiet natural picture. Niu Yonggang, head of the Hubin Wetland Management Center of the Water Affairs Bureau of Guandu District, Kunming, said that the wetland has planted local fruit and wood varieties such as big fruit dates and wild persimmons, and also put in indigenous fish species such as golden thread.

  A scene of Dianchi wetland (photo of drone) taken on July 1. Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Chao photo

  "Planting fruit trees and putting in small fish and shrimp can attract birds to come to feed." Niu Yonggang said that after the completion of the project, it will create a magnificent scene of Dianchi Lake, which is described in the Changlian of Kunming Daguanlou, with "fragrant rice all around, clear sand all over the sky, hibiscus in September and willow in March".

  "Green, wisdom, economy and safety are our purposes in preparing for the conference." Cui Zhitao, executive deputy director of the Office of the Leading Group for the Preparatory Work of COP15 in Yunnan Province, said that the green hosting meeting will be a highlight in particular, and a carbon-neutral plan for the conference has been studied and formulated.

  Black-necked cranes play in the Dahaizi Wetland in Dashanbao, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province (photo taken on February 24). Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Chao photo

  "The conference will not provide disposable articles such as paper cups. Each participant will have a glass with his name written on it, and the conference materials will be as paperless as possible, and delegates should also travel green." Cui Zhitao said that after the conference, international third-party organizations will be invited to evaluate the carbon emissions of the conference and strive to achieve carbon neutrality.

  According to reports, the venue area of the conference has achieved full coverage of 5G signals, and the conference has been served by intelligent means such as big data and informationization. Yue Xiuhu said that careful arrangements have also been made to prevent and control the epidemic to ensure safety.

  Elephant group (photo of drone) taken in Shijie Township, Yimen County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province on June 13th. Xinhua news agency

  This is the Hani Terrace in the south of Ailao Mountain in Yunnan Province, which was taken on the morning of January 6th. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Guansen photo

  Citizens watch red-billed gulls at Caohai Dam in Kunming (photo). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Wenyao photo

  This is the Yunnan Golden Monkey in Shangri-La Yunnan Golden Monkey National Park (file photo). Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Changshan photo


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