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The performance version of Shanhai Gun will be unveiled at Chengdu Auto Show, and 2023 black bombs will be launched simultaneously.

  eightmoon25The Great Wall Gun Full Performance Family will land soon.2023Chengdu auto show. As the leading model of the full-performance family, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition, a large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck under Great Wall Gun, is the world’s first show, shining with the ultimate product strength of "bigger, stronger and more luxurious". Personalized co-creation of vehicle crown sales-2023Black bomb, synchronous rejuvenation listed.

  Besides,2023Cross-country gun-50Full-performance products such as 10,000 commemorative editions and single-row firebombs will also make a strong debut, and help the brand to move up with the innovative strength of high-value pickup trucks.

  Shanhai Gun Performance Edition locates a large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck, which is a brand of Great Wall Gun.2.0Time is another masterpiece of leisure products, with three hard-core strengths of "bigger, stronger and more luxurious". The performance version of Shanhai Gun has a larger vehicle size and the widest in its class. It is a real wide-body pickup truck to improve the comfort of driving space. pick up3.0T
V6+9ATPower combination, equipped with Borg Warner4A+MLOCKIntelligent four-wheel drive system,K-MANNitrogen shock absorption,12500poundT-MAXHard-core off-road equipment such as front and rear winches meet the off-road needs of high-end outdoor players; With an ultra-luxury smart cockpit,NVHExcellent performance, equipped withL2+High-level intelligent driving assistance system brings users the ultimate car experience of enjoying outdoor and vertical and horizontal worlds.

  Coming soon2023This black bomb was jointly created by Great Wall Gun and Yunliang off-road. On the basis of continuing high value and high performance, the new car has comprehensively upgraded its power performance, intelligent safety configuration and interior design. The original factory is equipped with fever-grade off-road equipment, which has become a favorite "wilderness weapon" for off-road enthusiasts.

  The legend of pickup truck began with the Great Wall.eightmoon18The fourth anniversary of the Great Wall Gun brand, ushered in the first50Ten thousand vehicles rolled off the assembly line, becoming the first breakthrough.50China high-end pickup truck brand. from0arrive50Ten thousand units is a new achievement of China pickup truck initiated by Great Wall Gun, a result of globalization, and another milestone achievement created by Great Wall Gun and global users, which accelerates market expansion and opens a new chapter of global intelligent luxury pickup truck.

  In the past four years, the Great Wall Gun has continued to exert its efforts to take advantage of two major categories: leisure and fashion business, leading the innovation of pickup truck categories, the development of pickup truck culture and the co-creation of users. At present, the Great Wall pickup truck has been continuous.25The annual sales volume is the first, and the global cumulative sales volume breaks through.245Wan. this year1-7The domestic terminal market share of the Great Wall pickup truck in June is close.50%For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one is the Great Wall. The great wall gun has been accumulated35Last month, the sales volume exceeded 10,000, and it was the champion of pickup truck sales.

  It is believed that under the blessing of the hardcore strength of the all-round family of Great Wall Gun, Great Wall Gun will continue to lead the value of pickup trucks in China to jump upwards, and make China pickup trucks popular all over the world.


Coconut Video | In the fierce battle of volleyball match in Dongge Town, Wenchang, who won the championship tonight?

Original title: Coconut Video | In the fierce battle of volleyball match in Dongge Town, Wenchang, who will win the championship tonight?

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On the morning of February 19th, the 2024 Spring Festival "Anti-drug Cup" nine-a-side men’s volleyball match in Dongge Town, Wenchang City was launched.

Xie Zhong, the "King of Hainan Stories", appeared in the stadium to explain the event and brought a brand-new experience to the audience with the familiar local accent.

The reporter learned that the competition was jointly organized by the village neighborhood committees of Dongge Town and the relevant departments and units of the town. There were 17 teams including Dongge Juxizai Rice Team, Liangfeng Shrimp Team, Baofang Village Wenchang Chicken Team, Qunjian Sandworm Team, Fengshan Village Passion Fruit Team, Xiafu Black Goat Team and Tianlun Tilapia Team. These team names are very distinctive, highlighting the famous "specialties" in Dongge Town, Wenchang City.

At present, the 9-a-side volleyball competition has been held many times, and the champion and runner-up will be decided tonight. Subsequently, an award ceremony was held, in which the first prize was 5880 yuan, the second prize was 4880 yuan, the third prize was 4880 yuan, and the third prize was 3880 yuan.

New Hainan Client, reporter of Nanhai Net Text/Shooting: Wu Yuewen Editing: Chen Yuanneng (Wu Yuewen Chen Yuanneng)


On New Year’s Eve, why should we keep our birthday?

Why should we keep our birthday today?

Xiaobian first tells you a story.


Said it was a long time ago.

There is a monster named Chong.

It has a dark body.

But the hands are white.

Every spring festival and new year’s eve

"Precious" came to the world.

Touch the forehead of a sleeping child

Any child who has been touched by "special"

You’ll become a demented fool.

In order not to let "Chong" hurt children.

Every new year’s eve.

Everyone lights the oil lamp all night.

Play with children

Keep them from sleeping.

At that time, it was called "guarding the special"

And then?

People think

It’s unlucky to mention the monster "Chong"

And because "old" and "precious" are homophonic.

So I slowly put

"Shou Chong" is called "Shou Sui"

So here comes the question

On New Year’s Eve

I won’t sleep unless you sleep.

Who is the little baby who stays up late?

Xiaobian knows that staying up late is not good for the liver.

But on second thought,

If I stay up late tonight,

So tomorrow

Will netizens call me darling?


Sweetheart, I can’t talk.

Can I call you a big-faced cat?

Xiaobian: We need a turn here.

in fact

On New Year’s Eve

It is not difficult to stay up happily.

We have a lot to do.

for example

Put up a pair of new Spring Festival couplets.

According to the public photo library of WeChat platform

Spring Festival couplets are also called

Door pairs, couplets, pairs and peach symbols

This is a unique literary form in China.

According to research

This custom originated in the Song Dynasty.

It has been popular since the Ming Dynasty.

Couplets are an expression.

Be able to use short words

Express profound meaning

can be compared to

"Never drive after eating, drinking and drinking"

"It’s time to walk, leave the past behind and never look back."

Another example

Have a New Year’s Eve dinner.

Even if you respond positively

Netizens of the "On-site Chinese New Year" policy

Don’t let your stomach down.

Be sure to order hard dishes on the whole.

Reward yourself

According to Guangxi News Network

But believe

No matter where you are

New year’s greetings

Greetings from seven aunts, eight aunts, two uncles and two grandmothers.

It must be indispensable.

"Is there someone?"

"Why don’t you get married?"

"Why don’t you have children?"

"How much do you earn a month?"


The moment I saw these questions.

Do you feel cold in your back?

"evil wind" bursts

don’t worry

Xiaobian has helped you figure out how to answer.

"There are objects,


Ready to have children,

Earn more than you. "

Words here.

Successfully completed the "escape from the Chamber of Secrets"

in fact

On New Year’s Eve

Whether you can be with your family or not.

As long as the heart is together.

You will feel full of happiness.

This spring festival

There are also many people.

Stick to the front line

Pay tribute to everyone

Netizens who are staying together tonight.

Xiaobian has another sentence

I don’t know when to speak improperly.


Don’t melt into different circles.

But tonight,

We all have the same circle.

That’s dark circles.


It’s time for Xiaobian to compose poems again.

Ah ~

Spend one night on New Year’s Eve.

Grab a red envelope for 99 cents.

Pinch your fingers and pay 200.

I see who is so tiger.

Just kidding.

Xiaobian will still bless everyone.

Everything you want is what you want

The road to success is smooth

Everyone meets a good person.

Everything is fun.

It’s good news to hear.

at last

Xiaobian wants to say

The new year is coming.

Everyone sent a lot of messages to bless you.

It basically represents what I mean.

It’s good that you know it.

in addition

Little cute people who want red envelopes during the Spring Festival.

Remember to talk to me privately.

So I can delete you.

Don’t affect my Chinese New Year.

Eat and drink well!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Original title: "New Year’s Eve, why should we keep the year? 》


What are the styles of the luxury houses of the stars? It turns out that it is not only a trench but also very particular.

  Original title: Star Mansion Award

  Author: yang

  Like the rich, stars buy luxury houses not only for ostentation and extravagance, but also for preserving the value of assets. However, when stars who create roles in the play buy luxury houses outside the play, their roles and past will be dramatically projected on the selected luxury houses.

  "Ruyi" and her quadrangle

  From the famous work Suzhou Creek, in the next 20 years, Zhou Xun was a princess staring blankly at the mask of Kunlun slaves outside Daming Palace, a Lin Huiyin who was boating on Cambridge, a Xiaowei who was looking for love in the painted skin, a Li Mi who kept asking questions on the overpass, and a Jiu-Er who was wearing a red Chinese-style chest covering in a green gauze tent. Eventually, she became the queen of Yi Kun Palace and turned the Forbidden City into a besieged city.

  On the screen, she plays the role of chasing love. By the way, she became the first "Grand Slam" winner of the Golden Statue, Golden Horse, Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers in the Chinese film industry. Probably, she was too deeply involved in the play. In reality, Zhou Xun has always been a "baby in love". From the age of 19, she came to Beijing to develop. This city allowed her to meet her successive boyfriends until she married Gao Shengyuan. She also left her own mark in this city-she bought more. The three-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment bought in MOMA, Wanguocheng, Dongzhimen, although the unit price of this apartment has exceeded 100,000 yuan per square meter, it is still a bit crude for Zhou Xun, where the annual income has remained above 60 million.

Beijing Wanguocheng/Image Source Network  

  When you are in love in Beijing, you should also have the "most Beijing" residence, and the representative of Beijing residence is the Forbidden City and the quadrangle. There are more than 70 palaces and 9,000 houses in the Forbidden City, which are arranged in a square area in an orderly way, and Zhou Xun’s "Ru Yi" lives in it. The quadrangle with a history of more than 3,000 years up to now is as tight and closed as a besieged city, and it pays attention to entering several courtyards. Although the area and level of the Forbidden City and the quadrangle are far from each other, they are in common in essence and pay attention to symmetry. Some people say that the Forbidden City is the largest quadrangle in Beijing.

  In the play, Ruyi lived in the Yi Kun Palace, and outside the play, Zhou Xun lived in the quadrangle. According to media reports, in 2013, Zhou Xun bought a single-family courtyard house in Nanluoguxiang, not far from the North Gate of the Forbidden City. Covering an area of nearly 600 square meters, it has 13 rooms. The interior of the quadrangle is antique, and the alley in front of the courtyard can accommodate a large RV, with a separate garage on the side. Although there are no high-rise buildings around the Second Ring Road in Beijing to spy on, the quadrangle wall in Zhou Xun is still nearly 4 meters high, which is much higher than that of other residents. The walls around the courtyard are even with neighbors, and the higher part is blocked by glass or iron net, which not only ensures the unity of height, but also ensures the lighting of neighbors. This quadrangle is Zhou Xun’s own "Little Forbidden City".

  It cost nearly 90 million yuan to start this quadrangle, and now it has risen to 200 thousand yuan per square meter, with a total price of 120 million yuan.

  The old villa in the "small age"

  If quadrangles are the most Beijing-style buildings, the representative of Shanghai-style buildings is the old villa in the garden.

  Shanghai has a variety of struggle history, just like this city has a variety of houses. In 2001, Jing M.Guo came to Shanghai from Zigong, a small town, to participate in the New Concept Composition Competition. When he came out of the People’s Square subway station, he saw the whole of Shanghai off guard. He wrote in his book: I want to be here.

  When studying at Shanghai University, Jing M.Guo was careful to eat a bowl of steamed eggs in the canteen and drink a cup of bubble tea. "I can’t drink it every day. If I drink it every day, I won’t have money to buy shoes. Because I only brought two pairs of shoes to Shanghai, and they are all summer shoes. In winter, my feet are cold and painful. " As a film and television art engineering major, he needed to buy a laptop and a DV for making short films, which became the first hurdle he encountered. Jing M.Guo’s mother was a local bank clerk and his father worked in a state-owned chemical plant. Such family conditions were comfortable in a small town, but the expenses in Shanghai taught him a lesson.

  He began to write crazily, trying to change his destiny with the keyboard, and he became a veritable "keyboard man". Since 2007, he has ranked first in the rich list of Chinese writers for three consecutive years, and he finally let himself live a life in Tiny Times.

  In 2011, Jing M.Guo once again ranked first in the rich list of Chinese writers with a copyright income of 24.5 million yuan. Just one day in the early spring of this year, Jing M.Guo drove past an old villa in Wuning Road, Jing ‘an District, Shanghai. This old villa was an old house of Wang Jingwei, which consisted of three townhouses. After ten years, under a plane tree, he seemed to find the shock of the moment when he walked out of the subway station. He immediately asked his assistant to inquire about the condition of the house. After contacting the seller, he bought the old villa with the full amount of 50 million yuan. Jing M.Guo had several luxury houses in Shanghai, all of which were bought in the name of his company, but this villa was bought by him in his private name.

Source: Sina Entertainment  

  As soon as the house was transferred, Jing M.Guo applied to Jing ‘an Bureau of Soil and Resources for the overhaul and reconstruction of the villa. After renovation, the first villa became a private library and audio-visual room in Jing M.Guo, filled with books and movies collected from all over the world in Jing M.Guo. A small carefully carved garden connects the second villa.

Source: Sina Entertainment  

  The first floor is the reception room, the second floor is Jing M.Guo’s office, and the third floor is his bedroom and cloakroom, which has become the most exposed area of this villa. The third villa is the office of Jing M.Guo’s most cosmopolitan culture. Today, the valuation of this villa has exceeded 200 million, and it has become one of the most important labels in Jing M.Guo.

  As written in Jing M.Guo’s novels, his villa was full of luxury goods. The moment he was interviewed in his own villa, the inferiority that the city had brought him was gone forever.

  Villa next to Humble Administrator’s Garden

  Some people cure inferiority through conquest, while others cure inferiority through regression.

  In 1980, 15-year-old Carina Lau left the alley near Suzhou Art Garden with his parents and went to live in Hong Kong. When she first arrived in Hong Kong, she felt like a clown from a circus.

  Carina Lau chose her own way to fight against her instinctive inferiority. At the age of 17, she took the Hong Kong wireless training class entrance examination with her accumulated artistic skills in Suzhou Cultural Palace. Although she failed to pass the exam because Cantonese was not up to standard two years ago, Carina Lau’s stubbornness and persistence moved Fanggang Liu, the president of the wireless training class, and made an exception to let her enter the wireless artist training class. Since then, she has entered the entertainment industry.

  Without the beauty of Michele Monique Reis and Rosamund Kwan, the amorous feelings of Chingmy Yau and Joey Wong, and the excellent acting skills of Maggie Cheung, Carina Lau perfectly explained that persistence is more important than hard work. After six nominations, she finally became the winner, not just the wife of the man who won the most Best Actor.

  Since becoming famous, Carina Lau has tried to invest, and her first choice is to buy a house. Thanks to her Bole Fanggang Liu, "He taught me to save money when I earn money, never speculate, and never buy stocks, just buy a house. In short, save money to pay the first payment, and then force yourself to pay slowly. " Fanggang Liu believes that an actor’s only investment is home ownership, and other businesses can’t compete with others. His views have influenced Carina Lau.

  Carina Lau, once known as the "North Sister" in Hong Kong’s entertainment circle, is also different from other Hong Kong actresses in choosing luxury houses. Her house in Shanghai has unique decoration taste.

  More importantly, she set her eyes on her hometown. Suzhou girl who walked out of Suzhou Garden Art Garden finally chose to return to Suzhou Garden.

Zhuozheng villa 

  In 2007, Carina Lau chose Zhuozheng Villa next to Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden, which is said to be the only property in China that needs the approval of the national, provincial and municipal cultural relics bureaus. There are three world cultural heritages within 500 meters of the villa: Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Forest and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. There are only 28 villas with an area of 600-4000 square meters. The overall planning refers to the Humble Administrator’s Garden next door, overlooking it from the air, and merging with the Humble Administrator’s Garden next to it. Each villa has its own private garden. The highest price is 500 million yuan. It is said that the villa in Carina Lau is named "Ling Chia Garden".

  Big brother’s Huizhou residents

  Carina Lau is not the only one who likes the characteristic folk houses in his hometown. Jackie Chan, who stood side by side with Carina Lau to protest against the bad media after the East Weekly incident in 2002, also likes his hometown architecture. The movie A Tale of Three Cities tells the love story of Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, an Anhui policeman, and Chen Yuerong, a legendary woman, who spans three cities. The prototype of the hero is Jackie Chan’s parents.

  Twenty-six years ago, in order to let his parents enjoy their old age in the environment of Anhui hometown, Jackie Chan began to gradually start Huizhou architecture. His collection of ten Huizhou wooden buildings, including halls, stages and pavilions, is the essence of China architectural art. Among the 10 ancient buildings, 7 are ancient houses and ancient stage in Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a history of about 200 to 400 years. Most of them are made of rare tree species such as rosewood, which has high artistic value and is worth hundreds of millions.

In 2018, Jackie Chan appeared in Anhui Province to inspect Huizhou ancient dwellings, and conducted on-the-spot investigation before the acquisition, and the ancient buildings were exposed internally.  

  If most of the star’s mansion is "dead", then Jackie Chan’s mansion is "alive". The Huizhou architecture in Jackie Chan’s collection was originally a brick-wood structure. The wooden structure on it was transported from Anhui to Hong Kong by the method of assembly and disassembly. The brick part is relatively heavy and can be discarded. After the land is selected, the local bricks can be used to build walls, and this Huizhou architecture will come back to life in other places.

  It’s a pity that the son wanted to raise and didn’t stay with his relatives. His parents died one after another within ten years, so Jackie Chan hoped to donate these houses that were idle in the warehouse to feed termites. In 2003, he wanted to donate these old houses to the Hong Kong government for exhibition purposes, but there was no result because of the land allocation problem. In 2010, he wanted to donate his old house back to the Anhui government, but he didn’t get a clear reply. In desperation, Jackie Chan donated four of the buildings to Singapore University of Science and Technology Design, which responded quickly. Once the news was announced, it caused an uproar.

  Bai Yansong asked him, "Why donate it to Singapore? There are plenty of places on the mainland, Huangshan and Zhejiang, don’t they all wave to you? " Jackie Chan explained: "Now wave to me, not before, I tried before, but I didn’t implement it."

  Jackie Chan’s public appeal aroused the whole society’s attention to ancient buildings. In the end, these four ancient Huizhou buildings returned to Anhui and took root in the place where their parents once lived. Jackie Chan also kept his lines in "Zodiac": "No one can take people’s cultural relics from other countries and put them in their own museums!

  Kung fu emperor’s Shanghai mansion

  When he entered Shichahai Sports School at the age of 8, Jet Li began his career as a martial arts athlete and his journey as a winner in life. Shaolin Temple, the first film starring in 1982, set a box office record of 161 million yuan with an average ticket price of 10 cents. When he came to Hong Kong for development, he earned HK$ 15 million for his works such as Huang Feihong and Fang Shiyu. After he entered the United States in 1998, he started with a salary of US$ 500,000, and once became the first Chinese movie star in Hollywood with a salary of US$ 15 million.

  Rich people and celebrities in Hong Kong prefer to buy land and build buildings in Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay, Peak and Mid-levels. In mainland China, it is usually impossible to simply copy this model because of policies and other reasons. The luxury houses of mainland stars are mostly finished commercial houses in essence.

  In 1994, Shanghai Pudong was just developed, and the whole Pudong was in full swing. The focus of development was still around Lujiazui. Jet Li, who had been immersed in Hong Kong for many years, talked and laughed with various real estate tycoons. It was like opening a God’s perspective. He got a rectangular plot with an area of more than 400 mu through legal lease in Huamu Road, Pudong, which was still a vegetable field at that time.

Tomson Golf Course  

  Afterwards, it was proved that this investment was quite wise. Soon, Tomson Golf Villa Phase I and Tomson Golf Course began to be built opposite to Jet Li’s "own vegetable field", and the value of Jet Li plot rose. Around 1997, Jet Li sold nine-tenths of the whole plot to Li Ka-shing, the richest man in Hong Kong who was eager to embrace the mainland at that time. Li Ka-shing’s "Hehuang" real estate developed the Shanghai top villa "Four Seasons Yayuan" on the nine-tenths plot. Jet Li chose to keep one-tenth of the land in the southeast corner with the best location. This plot later became Jet Li’s "home" in Shanghai.

  In 2003, Jet Li sold his luxury house in Los Angeles for $5 million, ready to settle in his wife Nina Li Chi’s hometown of Shanghai. He moved his luxury house in the United States to Shanghai as it was, and in fact, the scale of the final construction even exceeded that of American houses.

  At the northwest corner of the intersection of Huamu Road and luoshan road in Pudong, there are three white villas with a building area of more than 5,000 square meters, including a three-and-a-half-story villa and two two-story villas. The basement is divided into two floors, the first floor is a parking lot for 10 cars, and the second floor is equipped with a cinema, badminton court, fitness room, chess room and sauna. The "Buddhist Temple" in Jet Li is set in a separate building.

  Jet Li’s mansion is dominated by European classical court style, with all the walls made of pure white and light black frosted marble, and the courtyard has both European-style fountains and pavilions and Chinese-style gardens.

  No matter from the construction process and geographical location, this house with a market value of more than 1 billion can be regarded as the first mansion in China, but it’s a pity that Jet Li, who is bent on Buddhism, doesn’t like mansions and loves Buddhist temples, and the first mansion has become a dormitory for security guards and nannies.


More than 15 automobile brands started the year-end price war, with a maximum drop of 30,000 yuan.

Interface journalist | Yang Shihan

Interface News Editor | Chen Xiaotong

In the last month of 2023, the automobile industry set off a new round of price war.

According to the incomplete statistics of interface news, more than 15 automobile brands have recently introduced various preferential policies in an attempt to make an impulse at the end of the year. Among them, many new power brands have dropped by 10,000 to 30,000 yuan, and even include a number of new models that have been on the market for only one month. Traditional automobile companies also offer deposit deduction, purchase tax subsidy and replacement subsidy to attract consumers.

In the era of fuel vehicles, the price of new cars will usually be adjusted six months to one year after their release, but this law has been broken at the moment when new energy sources are on the rise. On the evening of November 30th, the first model of Extreme Vietnam, Extreme Vietnam 01, dropped by 30,000 yuan, only one month before the launch of this model.

Compared with most competing products, the initial price of Extreme Yue 01 is higher. After the price reduction, the entry price of Extreme Yue 01 was in the same range as that of main competitors such as Zhiji LS6 and Tucki G6, and the market segment competition became fierce at the end of the year.

Soon after the listing, the price adjustment was quickly carried out by Deep Blue Automobile, a new energy brand of Changan. The pure electric version of Deep Blue S7 520Pro, which was listed in early November, has now dropped by 10,000 yuan. At the same time, other models of Changan Automobile, such as CS75 PLUS and Auchan Z6 Zhidian iDD, also dropped by 15,000 to 30,000 yuan.

Changan automobile, which has followed the trend of price reduction, has ushered in a rapid growth in new energy business this year. The data shows that Changan Automobile’s sales of its own brand new energy in the first 11 months have exceeded 400,000 units, an increase of 80% year-on-year. In the same period, Changan accelerated the introduction of three major brands, namely Deep Blue and Aouita, to Southeast Asia to expand the market. Recently, the news of clearly investing in Huawei’s new smart car company also attracted much attention from the outside world.

Compared with the rapid price changes that may lead to the dissatisfaction of old car owners, some brands choose to lower the price at the time of listing. The functional configuration of the new Nezha S-long battery life pure electric version, which was launched on December 2nd, is the same as before, but the guide price is reduced by 30,000 yuan, which is the first time that Nezha Automobile has lowered the entry price of 715km battery life models to the range of 200,000 yuan.

Other brands that did not give a direct price drop showed a number of preferential policies for equity reduction. LI announced that it will launch an annual rate of 2.5% in December (the approximate annualized interest rate is 4.58% to 4.76%), and the down payment for ideal L7 and ideal L8 will be around 50,000.

A number of sales staff of Beijing Ideal Store told the interface news that at present, the relevant models can receive a subsidy of up to 36,000 yuan, and consumers will also receive an oil card worth 2,000 yuan. During the "Double Twelve" period, LI will also give designated gifts.

Although LI has achieved the annual sales target of 300,000 vehicles ahead of schedule, it also wants to hit the monthly target of 50,000 vehicles in the last month of this year. At present, the ideal monthly sales volume is 41,000 vehicles in November.

Since mid-October, the price adjustment has been started until the end of the year, with a maximum discount of 37,000 yuan for the extremely Krypton 001 model. However, before, some consumers found it impossible to superimpose all the rights and interests such as cash relief and free home filling, and questioned that its preferential strength was not completely consistent with publicity.

Roewe, Changan Qiyuan, BYD and Haval Automobile have given different degrees of deduction policies, among which Roewe D7 has launched a discount of 2,000 yuan to deduct 15,000 yuan, making it the most powerful one. BYD, which tried to challenge the annual sales record of 3 million vehicles, continued the previous preferential margin, and many popular models under Wangchao.com and Haiyang.com participated in the event.

It is worth noting that according to the current policy, new energy vehicles will be exempted from purchase tax this year and the tax exemption will not be limited. From January 1 next year to December 31, 2025, new energy vehicles with a purchase price of more than 339,000 yuan will be subject to partial purchase tax.

Some joint venture car companies have introduced corresponding preferential policies. FAW-Volkswagen can enjoy 50% purchase tax subsidies and commercial auto insurance exemption for some models, and FAW-Toyota also provides purchase tax subsidies. In addition, the purchase of some models of Shenlong automobile can get replacement subsidies, and some popular models of SAIC Volkswagen are equipped with 0 interest rate policy for 2 to 5 years.

(Note: The statistical information in this article is as of the time of publication)