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"Temporary Robbery" is finalized. 1.19 Aaron Kwok Richie Jen organized a group to "rob"

1905 movie network news In 2024, the first film in the opening year was shocked! The producer, directed by Albert Kai-kwong Mak, and starring,,, and, announced the file for the absurd crime comedy film officer on January 19th, 2024. On the exposed poster, Aaron Kwok, Lin Jiadong and Richie Jen were huddled in a narrow elevator to plot a robbery, while Lin Jiadong and Richie Jen looked in a panic, while Aaron Kwok dressed up as a gangster and was full of domineering. Guided by "A Quick Guide for Professional Bandits", the simultaneous release of the preview shows the famous scene of Mei Lantian, a gangster played by Aaron Kwok, who taught people to rob with his hands, making people laugh. At the same time, it also explained the origin of the robbery of the three groups by mistake. The three major film emperors were on the same stage, and the teaching of bandits was absurd. The movie "Temporary Robbery" focuses on a serial robbery with an oolong, which will be released nationwide on January 19th, 2024.

The three major film emperors unexpectedly formed a "money-making partner". Aaron Kwok’s buck teeth model subverted the image and premiered the gangster.

"Remember, we are bandits, not killers". In the preview of the movie Temporary Robbery released today, with the introduction of "A Quick Guide for Professional Bandits", in an absurd and humorous style, it tells the scene of how the bandits Mei Lantian (Aaron Kwok) taught A Xun (Lin Jiadong) and Murong Hui (Richie Jen) how to rob: "Don’t hurt innocent people, don’t suffer brothers, and be civilized. Auntie and Murong Hui, who were robbers for the first time, were clumsy in buying guns and throwing bombs. They bluntly said, "Let’s practice first, and then step on the spot", which was in sharp contrast with Mei Lantian, who was comfortable. The poster intercepted the famous scene of three people preparing to rob "a big job" in the elevator covered with advertisements. Unlike the panic of Lin Jiadong and Richie Jen, Aaron Kwok wearing sunglasses was fully equipped and looked very calm.

In the movie "Temporary Robbery", Aaron Kwok broke through the previous image and premiered as a gangster. He appeared in a mix of buck teeth and a Western-assembled T-shirt, which was full of rustic personality. "Whoever is recruited will get a shot", "Thank you" and "Sorry" & hellip; … In a few words, the image of a humorous and reckless but principled gangster jumped to the page. The taxi driver played by Lin Jiadong is timid and timid, and his bangs are lifted, and honesty and cleverness coexist; Murong Hui, played by Richie Jen, was tempered by the heavy pressure of life, and his hair was gray. He had a wicked heart but no thief’s guts. The three bandits had different personalities and were full of tension. Lin Jiadong has cooperated with Aaron Kwok and Richie Jen before, and there are many classic works, but Aaron Kwok and Richie Jen have known each other for more than 20 years, but this is the first time to cooperate. What kind of chemical reaction will the three film emperors collide with each other? Let’s wait and see.

Absurd crime comedy breaks the impression of traditional Hong Kong films. In 2024, the first headstrong film "Go All Out to Be Rich" was launched.

The movie "Temporary Robbery" tells the story of the robbery of a gangster Mei Lantian, a taxi driver A Mo, and a social worker Murong Hui in a nursing home. Three decadent middle-aged people are involved in a storm in order to track down a robbed huge sum, and at the same time, a policewoman detective Jiang Jie (Maggie Cheung) also locks them in. You rob me, I rob you, and at that time, the gangsters have their own ulterior motives, and a bag of money actually caused a shocking robbery … Who robbed who? Different from the traditional Hong Kong films, which emphasize exciting action scenes and black-and-white confrontation between good and evil, the film Temporary Robbery focuses on the concept of "Mang Film" in a different way. On the basis of the classic elements of crime, it incorporates the style of absurd comedy, unfolds the story around the whereabouts of a bag of money, and deconstructs a serial robbery caused by the butterfly effect with a relaxed and humorous style. From the title of Temporary Robbery, we can see that the film is "unconventional" and full of absurd banter.

In recent years, Tung shing Yee, who has supported many potential new directors, is the producer, returning to the familiar crime theme and escorting the film Temporary Robbery. Hong Kong director Mai Qiguang has served as the deputy director of Du Qifeng films for many times, with rich experience and ease of use. This time, he wrote and directed the absurd comedy style on the basis of traditional crime Hong Kong films, which is full of new ideas. In addition to Aaron Kwok, Lin Jiadong and Richie Jen, there are many familiar faces such as Maggie Cheung,, Paw Hee-ching and Wang Minde in the starring lineup. What’s more, Jiang Zhuowen and his son starred in the same stage of drag racing. In recent years, the singer Zeng Bite, who was loved by the public for his variety of Hong Kong music, was even more surprised by the cross-border electric shock screen, and the eye-catching lineup instantly ignited expectations. As the first Hong Kong film to be finalized in 2024, the film Temporary Robbery, with the title of "The First Mang Film in the Opening Year", gathers the strength lineup of the three generations of the old, middle-aged and young, and will present an absurd robbery with all its strength to be "rich" and unique for the audience.

The film "Temporary Robbery" was produced by Tung shing Yee, directed by Albert Kai-kwong Mak, starring Aaron Kwok, Lin Jiadong, Richie Jen and Maggie Cheung, starring Lin Xue, Lu Haipeng, Liang Zhongheng, Bao Qijing, Wang Minde, Sun Jiajun, Zeng Bite, Fu Jiajun, Zhang Songzhi, Jiang Zhuowen, Chen Yizhen and Wang Songyin, starring Jiang David in friendship and Hu Dingxin in special.


Chen Kun and Zhou Xun, who didn’t walk the red carpet, lived the best friendship in the entertainment circle.

The 18th and 19th China Film China Watch Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. Half the entertainment circle gathered at this ceremony, and male and female stars competed on the red carpet, trying to show their best.

Zhang Ziyi, the first-line flower, Chen Kaige, the top director, and a number of traffic stars from the bottom came to the event. It is reported that there are more than 600 people from all walks of life in the entertainment circle. It’s not the weight of the China Watch Award that brings so many people together, but it can be regarded as the biggest event of China movies since the epidemic was unsealed.

Red carpet stars came one after another. Unexpectedly, Chen Kun and Zhou Xun didn’t walk on the red carpet, but quietly waited for the award ceremony in the infield. A group of photos of two people in the cinema released by the official studio are full of stories.

Soon, these photos went viral on the Internet. Isn’t this better than a star competing with concave shapes outside the red carpet? The two of them just sat there quietly, as if telling a story. This is the movie star, and this is the world of light and shadow.

Subsequently, the two men jointly awarded the Best Actor Award, a black suit and a white evening dress, and they walked leisurely to the center of the stage, with the film texture that mature actors naturally have, and the fireworks that seemed to be visible and captured; They also have a sense of relaxation in the vanity fair in the entertainment circle, and they feel so relaxed that Chen Kun and Zhou Xun are really pleasing to everyone. Moreover, there is no utilitarian taste of bundling CP with each other, and there is no humility between men and women, for fear that bundling together will affect the generosity and nature of each other’s fans, which explains the best appearance of friendship in the entertainment circle.

I have known each other for 20 years and cooperated for more than a dozen times.

From "Fog Like Rain Like Wind" to the latest film "Serve the Gods", from TV series to movies, both of them have left each other the most beautiful years.

Zhou Xun and Chen Kun met for the first time, and it was also the first time for everyone to see the appearance of two people in the same box. One was a charming little girl with a pair of ponytails, and the other was a young girl whose eyes were full of tender cream. After so many years, they seem to have changed, but they seem to have not changed. As beautiful as those two pairs of eyes, there are more stories in the eyes and more each other.

In the past 20 years, they have never stopped cooperating with each other. If they want to play a couple, they will play a couple. If they want to make a guest appearance in each other’s movies, they will make a guest appearance in each other’s movies. Compared with later, many people like to say which pair of immortals CP has lived for a long time. In fact, how good the private relationship is, but for those who have no chance to cooperate, they have always been able to cooperate, and they have never deliberately promoted two people in the same box. It is really a good relationship.

Start a company together to find new actors.

In addition to their own cooperation, both of them have become bosses. There are many actors in the entertainment circle who have jumped from star to capital. They all want to make money and squeeze a new generation of actors after becoming capital.

However, they are not the same. After Chen Kun and Zhou Xun started an entertainment company together, they also set up an acting training school called Yamashita School, hoping to explore the possibility of more new actors and explore the limits of actors.

Chen Kun rented a five-story villa to start this school at the foot of the mountain. The overall decoration style is as simple and natural as the name of this school, and everything is simple. Their powerful artists, such as Dahong Ni, naturally became the teachers of this acting school. To give a more successful example, during this period, everyone said that Chen Douling, whose acting skills took off on the spot, studied in the school here. It seems that it was fruitful, and his facial features did not fly around, and his eyes also changed.

Obviously, this school is really different from some stars who go back to their hometown to open a local art test training institution, just to get money from their own star brands, with their mouths full of ideas and their hearts full of business. Chen Kun and Zhou Xun just want to start over and dig up more good new actors.

Not a real couple, but they can grow old.

From their private lives to interviews, both of them have decided that they will grow old together.

A casual search of Chen Kun and Zhou Xun’s private lives shows that they have lived upstairs and downstairs for many years. As long as you move, I will move and wear my own slippers to go across the hall.

When interviewed, it is even more straightforward to say that the other party is their own friendship. Chen Kun is complex and sensitive, with a little emotional change and reaction. Only Zhou Xun can detect it for the first time, and Zhou Xun can give him the most comfortable comfort, which seems to be their innate tacit understanding and trust.

The relationship between Chen Kun and Zhou Xun, I’m afraid, is not just a model state of the entertainment circle. For ordinary people, I also hope to have such good friends.


Family education

It is good that children born in the forties and fifties can live, that children in the sixties and seventies can eat and wear warm clothes, and that children in the eighties and nineties can go to school. Now, if you just stay in the previous concept of parenting, it is a bit out. About reading, the most terrible thing is that teachers who don’t study are teaching hard and parents who don’t study ask their children to read good books, which is like driving without a license in spirit.

Then, when preparing to become parents, we should study our children hard. What problems should we pay attention to in the process of getting along with our children?

First, children have no concept of time. What we have to do is to teach children patience with enough patience.

Once I had dinner at my parents’ house, I happened to meet my sister-in-law’s family. Two children were arguing about watching TV. My sister in elementary school thought of a way and agreed with her brother: "Brother, you watch an episode, and I watch an episode. An episode is 20 minutes, okay?" At that time, my brother promised to be frank and said, "OK!" However, 20 minutes passed and an episode was finished. My brother said, "I haven’t finished watching it yet, so I won’t give it." My sister muttered, and my mouth was very unhappy. I thought my brother didn’t keep his word and couldn’t beat him, so I had to compromise and say, "It’s time to show you an episode at most, so I’m going to watch it." The younger brother replied unconcerned, "Hmm!" Later, as everyone expected, even when the time came, he still didn’t fulfill his promise. The frustrated sister couldn’t bear her brother who didn’t keep his word, so she grabbed the remote control with her brother and started watching her own program. Unexpectedly, her brother didn’t let it go, and they were once caught in a "war" …

If parents don’t understand the development of their children, they must think that this younger brother is importunate and will be given a lecture when he comes up, or parents who are partial to the boy directly blame his sister for not being tolerant. In fact, for an eager child, he thinks that 20 minutes and 20 minutes of adults are not a unit at all, and his 20 minutes may be eternity. So it’s not entirely my brother’s cheating, he just has no concept of time.

Then what we have to do is patiently help him to establish the concept of time. We can adjust the alarm clock and use the hourglass to stop when the time comes, so that he can know how long 20 minutes is after repeated perception.

Second, don’t label children who are exploring development as "bad behavior".

"Baby, don’t touch the hot kettle, be careful to burn your hands." "Baby, don’t touch the vase, it’s easy to break." … Do you often tell your baby this, but it’s not as good as you want? And the more you don’t let him do it, the more he wants to try it. When you’re not paying attention, he may have got into the kitchen locker and grabbed white rice and spilled it all over the floor. Things like this are telling you: he is thinking of a thousand ways to drive you crazy, but is this his real intention?

No, he just acts according to his age. He wants to know what it feels like to have a hot kettle. He wants to know what the sound of broken vases is. It turns out that the white rice in the kitchen feels like this. This is his process of actively exploring the world and seeking development. Not only can we not stop him. Also try to provide him with safe conditions, such as eggs, water, mud …

Third, children need security, love and a sense of belonging.

Undoubtedly, safety is the first thing we should ensure as parents or caregivers. Secondly, talk, interact, play and play games with your child, give feedback to any reaction of your child at any time, accompany your child with leisurely high quality, establish a healthy emotional connection, and gradually let your child have a sense of love and belonging. We also call it "safe attachment". The trust you built before the age of three will affect your child’s life development. For example, he will form healthier interpersonal relationships, become more independent and more confident.

Original title: "Family Education | Three Points to Pay Special Attention to in Raising Children"


Guangxi Branch of China Construction Bank: Finance Helps Transformation and Upgrading of Agricultural Batch Farmers’ Market

  In recent years, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Branch of China Construction Bank (hereinafter referred to as "Guangxi Branch of CCB") has built a brand of "Yunong Market", created an exclusive ecological scene to serve the agricultural market, and helped transform the traditional market and upgrade the circulation system.

  Comprehensive service to solve problems

  Dancun Market is one of the large-scale comprehensive vegetable markets in Nanning, with about 3,000 merchants and an average daily passenger flow of over 30,000. Because the market has not been upgraded for a long time, it has brought a series of problems. For this reason, Guangxi Branch of CCB quickly formulated the comprehensive service plan of "Yunong Market" exclusive to Dancun Market, solved the problem of intelligent accounting and reconciliation of market funds with innovative products of "Huishibao", and solved the financing demand of merchants with inclusive finance products such as "Merchant Cloud Loan" and "Bagui Rural Commercial Loan".

  At the same time, Guangxi Branch of CCB cooperated with market participants and local promoters to solve the problem of "running orders" in the market through WeChat appeal, and used holidays such as "May Day" and National Day to carry out activities of full reduction of merchants’ consumption, effectively offering preferential treatment to customers and stimulating the increase of the overall amount of orders received.

  "Since the cooperation with CCB, more than 1,700 booths in the agricultural trade area of our market have continued to reach full rent, the satisfaction of merchants has increased from 93.5% to 98.3%, and the average number of vehicles entering the market has increased from more than 6,500 to more than 7,300." Tamura market staff said.

  Propaganda of staff sinking in Guangxi Branch of CCB (Photo courtesy of Guangxi Branch of CCB)

  Credit flowing water unblocks and keeps smooth.

  It is understood that Yulin’s annual spice trading volume is about 800,000 tons, and the annual trading volume is about 30 billion yuan. Yulin International Spice Trading Market is an intensive, integrated and all-category typical spice trading center in China, with a large number of spice merchants, various trading categories and huge trading volume. However, with the continuous expansion of the trade scale in the spice market, the problem of working capital of market merchants has become increasingly prominent.

  Yulin Branch of China Construction Bank faced up to the merchants’ problems in the spice market, set up a professional team, linked the market managers to fully meet the financing needs of the market merchants, and used inclusive credit products such as "merchant cloud loan", "good loan" and "fast mortgage loan" to focus on supporting the wholesale merchants in the spice market and the upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain of backbone merchants. And with the good reputation brought by high-quality credit services, we will expand new merchants and create a virtuous circle.

  At present, CCB Yulin Branch has provided settlement and loan services for nearly 300 merchants in the spice market, with a loan amount of 270 million yuan, covering nearly 50% of the merchants.

  Financial empowerment digital transformation

  In August this year, Liuzhou Branch of China Construction Bank and Guangxi Xinliuyong Agricultural Products Wholesale Market jointly held the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement on digital finance of agricultural products supply chain and promoting rural revitalization of "Yunong Market". Focusing on all customers and the whole chain of the market, the two sides gave full play to the advantages of CCB’s financial technology to jointly create a "digital vegetable basket" and empower the agricultural products supply chain by financial means.

  At the same time, Liuzhou Branch of China Construction Bank actively exerts the brand advantage of "Yunong Market" and provides market managers, merchants, small and micro enterprises and farmers with a package of comprehensive services covering facility agriculture project financing, inclusive finance, payment and settlement, deposit and wealth management, so that ordinary people can enjoy more benefits brought by digital transformation.

  "This cooperation with Liuzhou Branch will achieve more brilliant results in promoting rural revitalization, digital finance empowering agricultural product supply chain and brand development of’ Yunong Market’, so that the general public and merchants can enjoy more benefits brought by new financial technologies." The person in charge of the management of Xinliuyong market said.

  In the next step, Guangxi Branch of CCB will continue to focus on key agricultural markets and county-level specialized markets, and join hands with all parties to deepen the brand building of "Yunong Market" to create a new agriculture-related market with intelligent management, convenient financing and convenient transactions, and promote transformation, smooth circulation and revitalization with the help of finance. (Zhong Hongxin)


The "face value bubble" is broken, and beauty can only be rolled into scientific research.

People’s requirements for "face" are getting higher and higher, even to the point of harshness. "Yan value anxiety" was once one of the hot topics in the past.

Coupled with the improvement of economic strength, the beauty industry has experienced a period of rapid growth. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the compound growth rate of retail sales of cosmetics above designated size reached 11.4% from 2017 to 2021.

At the same time, due to the environment, diet, aging and other reasons, most people do have different degrees of skin health problems, and the proportion of skin care products is also increasing. Domestic brands have launched a series of targeted skin care products by virtue of their in-depth understanding of Chinese skin, and their sales have also risen all the way. In 2021, the eight major beauty listed companies all recorded good revenue growth.

However, this scene changed in 2022, especially since the third quarter, many domestic beauty companies found that their products were becoming more and more difficult to sell. In 2022, the retail sales of cosmetics decreased by 4.5% year-on-year, and the situation of letting a hundred flowers blossom was long gone. Half of the companies fell into negative revenue growth.

(see the self-made map of intellectual research)

According to the research of Jianzhi, this should be analyzed from several aspects, and the external factor is the first one. Beauty cosmetics and skin care products are optional consumer goods. When faced with economic pressure or budget constraints, consumers may reduce their spending on non-essential items, so they are greatly affected by macroeconomics.

In addition, in the rapid development period of the past few years, in order to boost sales, e-commerce platforms have increased discounts and encouraged "the more you buy, the more discounts you get"; The traffic explosion of the super anchor also has some irrational consumption; Inventory that is difficult to sell in overseas epidemic situations enters China through cross-border e-commerce to consume inventory. Therefore, consumers’ household inventory is already at a high level, which is why we often hear that "what was bought in double 11 last year at 618 has not been opened".

In addition, the traffic dividends and platform dividends that have been discussed in the market in the past are also fading. This year, beauty companies and e-commerce platforms have become more rational. Like the 38 Goddess Festival in the first quarter of this year, Tmall did not make large-scale pre-sales and full reduction as before, and even the publicity was relatively low-key.

So, low growth will become the industry norm?

Let’s take a look at the performance of companies in the first quarter of this year. Who earns the most? Who has the strongest growth?

Overall, the overall environment of the beauty industry in the first quarter was still under pressure, and revenue only increased by 2.7% year-on-year (12.3% in the same period last year). However, the profit has been restored, and the net profit returned to the mother increased by 33.2% year-on-year (1% in the same period last year).

(Source: Guojin Securities)

Polaiya and shanghai jahwa were the most profitable companies in this quarter, with net profits of 210 million yuan and 230 million yuan respectively.

(see the self-made map of intellectual research)

As an outstanding student all the time, Polaiya continued its previous growth trend in the first quarter. For a detailed analysis, please refer to the previous article "The domestic beauty products are seriously divided, and Polaiya" wins hemp "with exclusive ingredients".

To put it simply, Polaiya’s highlight this year is the upgrade iteration of large items and the layout of new products, including cloud sunscreen and moisturizing series. In particular, the upgraded Shuangkang 3.0 was once again "sold out" and became the Top1 of Tmall’s liquid essence hot-selling list. According to the latest sales data in April, Polaiya’s growth is still steady. The GMV in Tmall flagship store and vibrato platform increased by about 54% year-on-year, so it is necessary to continue to pay attention to the sales of 618.

The performance of shanghai jahwa, another old brand of beauty cosmetics, has been unstable in recent years. Especially last year, due to the epidemic situation and the lack of super-anchor, both revenue and net profit returned to the mother decreased, and the net profit returned to the mother decreased by 27.29% year-on-year.

However, after entering 2023, shanghai jahwa’s income situation has improved (the income of skin care products in 22 /23Q1 was 1.98 billion yuan/410 million yuan, respectively, down by 26.8%/8.6%, and the decline was narrowed). In addition, with the new single product oil-sensitive cream, the sales data in April showed a rising trend. In the Tmall flagship store and Tik Tok, the GMV of Yuze and herborist brands increased by about 81% year-on-year, and the chain has also turned positive significantly (among them, the large single product oil sensitive cream contributed more than 20% in the GMV of Yuze Tmall flagship store; Tai Chi Repair Kit and New Seven Whitening Kit contributed over 35% to GMV in herborist Tmall flagship store).

The fastest growing beauty companies include Shuiyang and Marumi, in addition to Polaiya, which has just been mentioned. The net profit of these companies has increased by more than 20%.

Although Marubi shares have been affected by the external environment and the company’s promotion of online channel transformation in the past few years, the growth rate of net profit returned to the mother has been negative for three consecutive years. However, in the first quarter of this year, Marumi saw the effect of transformation, and the recovery growth continued until April.

In April, the total GMV of Marumi’s main brand in Tmall flagship store and Tik Tok Shanghai increased by 143% year-on-year, and the new recombinant collagen suit successfully ranked among the Top2 products in Tik Tok. At the same time, Love Fire also maintained rapid growth on multiple platforms, with a total growth rate of 180%, and the sales of explosive "invisible liquid foundation" accounted for about 30%.

The sales of Shuiyang shares also improved marginally. In April, the GMV of its brands, Royal Mud Workshop, Big Water Drop and Ifedan, increased by about 56% year-on-year. Among them, Ifidan’s Super Mask was successfully registered in Li Jiaqi Live Room, which promoted the GMV of its Tmall flagship store to increase by 823% year-on-year.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that although listed companies in Hong Kong stocks do not disclose a quarterly report, in the sales station in April, Juzi Bio and Shangmei also achieved good results. The "Fumei" and "Kelijin" of Juzi Bio increased by about 52% in Tmall flagship store and GMV in Tik Tok. The brand "Kanshu" of Shangmei Co., Ltd. is growing even more dramatically, with GMV increasing by about 229% year-on-year, and Tik Tok’s growth is as high as 320%. Its monthly sales rank second in Tik Tok’s beauty brand and first in domestic products.

Generally speaking, after four years of rapid growth from 2017 to 2021, the beauty industry is gradually entering a platform period, that is, the growth rate of the industry is relatively slow, and the differentiation among different brands is more serious. Although the leading company Polaiya still maintains a higher growth rate than the whole industry, the growth rate of Huaxi Bio and Betani, which used to have high growth, has obviously slowed down, and even some companies have fallen behind.

However, we also saw that companies such as Shuiyang and Marumi, which suffered serious losses in 2022, ushered in marginal improvement in the first quarter and April of this year.

So where is the next round of high growth? Which companies can seize the opportunity?

As we all know, in the period of rapid growth of the beauty industry, major brands will invest a lot of marketing expenses and constantly introduce new products in order to seize market share. However, as the market entered the platform period, both the brand and the platform began to be more rational, and the focus returned to the product itself.

Take Huaxi Bio as an example, the sub-brand Quadi used to grow at the rate of doubling every year, but since 2022, the growth rate has slowed down obviously. In the first quarter of this year, Huaxi’s growth was still under pressure from the launch of new products, and there was no obvious upward trend. This year, the company also took the initiative to reduce the revenue growth target to 15%-20%.

What is more important for Huaxi this year is to enhance brand value. In order to make the new anti-aging eye cream quickly occupy consumers’ minds, Quadi even made a detailed interpretation of the market trend, and took the new packaging technology as a selling point, claiming that it could promote the penetration of active ingredients, thus greatly increasing the customer unit price (the new product "Zhen Jin Yun Huo Eye Cream" was 498 yuan /20g, while the old green obsidian eye cream was 238 yuan /18g).

According to Jianzhi research, the purpose of a lot of market research and publicity in Quadi’s early stage is to establish a professional and reliable image and make anti-aging more deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The addition of new technology and the upgrading of efficiency are all important means to increase the unit price of customers. At present, the new eye cream ranks second in Taobao’s new product list, second only to L ‘Oré al 20 Eye Cream, but the actual sales volume and use effect need to be continuously tracked.

Similar to Huaxi’s biological situation is Betani. This year, Bettini focused on upgrading Winona Shu Min Moisturizing Cream and promoting the high-end brand AOXMED. In the future, consumers will make immediate repairs after finishing medical beauty, which may not only use dressings, but also use more essences and creams to enhance their efficacy.

Another great event of Betani is that she clearly put forward the idea of getting into the beauty of military doctors in last year’s annual report.

According to the knowledge of Jianzhi Research, Betani is making efforts to the track of life beauty instrument.

Before, home beauty instruments were on fire in the market for a while, but due to several safety accidents, home beauty instruments were subject to stricter supervision. Among them, pulsed light hair removal products have been classified as Class II medical devices, and RF products with higher risk factors have been included in Class III medical devices for management since last month.

Betani is likely to get the certificate of Class II medical devices first, and then gradually expand to the beauty instrument of Class III medical devices. In fact, the life beauty instrument track has a large room for growth, and specialization and standardization will become an inevitable trend, which may open up new growth points for Betaine in the future. At the same time, the company will definitely introduce skin care products that match the beauty instrument, because the purchase frequency of the beauty instrument is relatively low, and the matching skin care products can be supplemented frequently.

Generally speaking, the beauty industry is stepping into the platform period from the high-speed growth period, which is mainly reflected in the slowdown of the overall industry growth, the performance differentiation among different brands and the difference in development focus.

With the continuous development of dermatology, products will be more refined and provide precise solutions for different skin needs. Future competition will pay more attention to the application of core needs, dermatology and precision technology. Brands need to focus on the mental cultivation of consumers and the layout of new products in order to gain a competitive advantage in the next growth period.

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