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The magical dance of "Subject III" caused a heated discussion. Many people were jumping, and the doctor reminded them: be careful of spraining your ankle.

  The magical dance of "Subject III" caused a heated discussion. Many people were jumping, and the doctor reminded them: be careful of spraining your ankle.

  □ Jinling Evening News/Purple Mountain News reporter Wang Guojun

  "Subject three, at first I thought we were talking about the topic of driving test. Later, when my little brother came on stage, I found out that it was a magical dance." Guo Shilan, a citizen, was a little surprised. "This dance called’ Subject Three’ is really too hot."

  The dance of "Subject III" suddenly burst into flames in the streets, and many people in Nanjing also learned to dance "Subject III". Why did the dance of "Subject III" suddenly explode? What should we pay attention to when jumping "subject three"? The reporter conducted an interview a few days ago.

  Many people in Nanjing jumped up to "subject three"

  On November 28th, Guo Shilan ate in a restaurant in Qinhuai District. Shortly after sitting down, she heard a cheerful scream "Want to see, want to see" not far away. She turned her head and found that a customer had a birthday at a table not far away, wishing to see "Subject 3", and loudly solicited the opinions of consumers in nearby seats. Everyone said "Want to see".

  Soon, the younger brother, a waiter in the restaurant, danced the "subject three" dance in public, waving his hands and playing happy music in small steps. In a blink of an eye, men, women and children took out their mobile phones to take pictures. "The young man said that he had just learned and was not particularly familiar with it, but he danced very seriously and was very happy." Ms. Guo thinks it’s interesting to watch such a dance while eating hot pot.

  According to reports, "Subject III", as the full name of dance, is called "Guangxi Subject III", which originated from the scene of many people singing and dancing at a wedding scene in Guangxi. Since then, it has begun to spread among the people. "Guangxi people will experience three exams in their lives. The subject is singing folk songs, the subject is rice noodles, and the subject is dancing." It is the hot pot restaurant that really brings the fire dance. It is reported that a waiter in a hot pot restaurant in Shandong accidentally tried to dance this dance, which set off a craze for the hot pot restaurant to dance "subject three". In a famous brand hot pot store, as long as you say "I want to see subject three", a waiter will give you a magical "subject three" dance.

  As a dance, "Subject 3" has been popular all over the streets recently, and even related topics have been searched many times. On the social platform, some people have gained 200,000 yuan for jumping this two days, and "Subject III" has also traveled all the way across the ocean and spread overseas. In Nanjing, there are also many people who learn to jump up to subject three.

  Wang Haidong, a native of Nanjing, once performed on CCTV, is the local break dance king in Gaochun and the head of the dance champion street dance club. He has been busy these days. "Many students and parents told me to learn the dance of’ subject three’, which has been popular recently." He told reporters that from his point of view, this dance has a variety of jumping methods, which are easy and lively, easy to learn for people with a little dance foundation, and easy to learn even without dance foundation. "Because many people want to learn, after this dance became a hit, I learned it and then taught everyone to jump." Wang Haidong said.

  On the social platform, from the pictures and videos uploaded by netizens, there are "Subject III" dance performances in many hot pot restaurants and commercial districts in Nanjing, and many people are learning to dance "Subject III".

  Warm up before jumping and pay attention to sports safety.

  However, while "Subject III" became popular, there were also many voices of spit. A mother in Hangzhou took her baby to dinner, and it was uncomfortable to see the waiter jump "subject three". It was really uncomfortable to take the child to see the waiter wriggle around.

  Shake your hands, twist your waist, swing your hips, and have half-twisted feet, with the music with distinct rhythm … Some people feel very happy and have a sense of atmosphere, while others feel "spicy eyes", "too vulgar" and "very rustic". Experts believe that although it looks "earthy", the popularity of "subject three" reflects the rise of Internet consumer culture. "Earthy taste" has become a traffic password and has been recognized by young people. Offline, it has indeed improved the consumption atmosphere of hot pot restaurants, bringing a unique experience of consumption, but it also brings confusion to other consumers.

  In any case, the explosion of "subject three" has its objective demand, but dancing this dance may also bring some sports safety hazards because of its large body swing. Recently, a post-00 boy from Zhejiang went to the hospital because of unbearable knee pain after jumping "Subject III", and found that the tibial plateau bone contusion. The doctor reminded that the dance requires higher knee and ankle joints, and the movements are difficult. In severe cases, fractures may occur. Therefore, warm up before exercise. Once you sprain your ankle while dancing, stop dancing immediately. If your ankle is swollen badly, you should seek medical advice in time.


Revealing the daily limit | The upcoming Global Game Developers Conference will strengthen the game and cultural media sector.

On March 13, the three major stock indexes of A shares closed down, closing at a daily limit of 62 shares (including 5)ST shares); 30 strands failed to seal the board, and the overall sealing rate was 67%.

Battlefield of daily limit: over 700,000 hands pay the bill to raise money.Xingguang stock

securitiesAccording to the statistics of Times and DataBao, from the closing daily limit, the number of closed orders was the highest, with 717,200 lots; Followed byZhongdian xingfaRongji softwareThe daily limit orders were 568,800 lots and 311,000 lots respectively.

Calculated by the amount of the seal,The amount of 5-share seal exceeds 100 million yuan,China softwareThe amount of sealing orders was the highest, with 362 million yuan, 293 million yuan and 199 million yuan respectively.

Judging from the number of consecutive daily limit days,Aiai precision workLihang technology7 boards,Ming pu guang ci, 4 connecting plates,,Zhangyue technologyYinglian stockPutian technology3 even the board,,Winning numbers jewelleryJi’ nan high-techCaesar cultureEqual to 9 strands and 2 boards.

Besides,ST huatie6 th, 4 boards,*ST meisheng5 th, 3 boards,Luoxin pharmacy2 boards on the 4th,Beijing keruiBaw blue valleyST Shuguang3 rd, 2 boards.

Leading the finishing touch:new energyMulti-share daily limit of automobile industry chain

1. Automobile industry chain

Daily limit stocks:,Lan hai Hua TengSongzhi stockShanzi stockYingli automobileDongan powerBaida precision work

March 12 th news,Xiaomi automobileIt is officially announced that Xiaomi SU7 will be officially listed on March 28th, 2024. On March 11th, the director of the State Financial Supervision and Administration said that he was studying to reduce the down payment ratio of passenger car loans and further optimize the pricing mechanism of auto insurance.

: On March 13th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 381st batch of "Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products", which included the brand-new smart choice vehicle Enjoying S9 jointly built by Huawei and Beiqi Blue Valley, and the production place was the Beiqi Factory in Caiyu Town, Daxing, Beijing.

: wholly-owned subsidiaries Wuxi, Xu Xuehai and Xinneng.Venture capitalThe establishment of Wuxi Huateng Xinneng will focus on the early stage of Huateng Xinneng.fuel batteryTechnical reserve and research and development of automobile drive system, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle drive system (including extended range) and new energy marine drive system.

: The company has obtainedJACThe passenger car thermal management project cooperated with Huawei is still in the development stage, and the production has not been actually scheduled, which will generate sales revenue after mass production.

2、gameandCultural media

Daily limit stocks:Borui spreadCentury huatongMingchen healthyDasheng culture、、Huicheng technology

In the news, the Global Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco from March 18th to March 22nd, Beijing time.

: Two companies under the company belong to game developers, and independently research and develop well-known IP such as "Chivalrous Road".online gameThe product line covers mobile games, page games and end games.

: AI Xinghe is a project that the company explores the field of "game+medical care" by combining AI and VR technologies.


Daily limit stocks:, Rongji software,Jiuqi softwareenormous data

In the news, Huawei Shengsiartificial intelligenceThe framework summit will be held on March 22, 2024.

: The company’s position in the operating system industry of Galaxy Kirin continued to consolidate, and its market position remained ahead.

Rongji software: the company undertakes government affairs.cloud computingPlatform, engineering, information security and other major national information projects, as well as core business support systems and key common technology platforms in many industries.

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of report management software, e-government software, ERP software and business intelligence software, and its product line mainly covers government reports and statistics. existbig dataThe application field introduces industry solutions focusing on finance and taxation.

Dragon and Tiger Stand: Net Buy of Dragon and Tiger ListCitic HaizhiOver 80 million yuan

In today’s dragon and tiger list,Insai group、、Shenzhou high-speed railBoshi stock, American new technology,Beilong precisionChuanrun stock,, Lanhai Huateng and others are on the list.

Among them,,, were the top three net purchases in the Dragon and Tiger List that day, with 82.7471 million yuan, 69.0448 million yuan and 41.9992 million yuan respectively.

Among the stocks on the list of institutional seats, the top three net purchases areHuaci stockXingyuan zhuomei, 4.0402 million yuan, 1.3746 million yuan and 166,000 yuan respectively.

ShengutongNet selling of dedicated seatsHigh-tech development56.8152 million yuan, 55.1538 million yuan.Shanghai Stock ConnectNet purchase of dedicated seatsGuoguang electricity23.7335 million yuan,Dongmu stock20.2571 million yuan.

In terms of hot money, Huaxin Xi ‘an Branch bought a net amount of 73.0073 million yuan from CITIC Haizhi;Citic jiantouThe sales department of Qinghe East Road in Guangzhou sold century huatong 71,291,700 yuan.

Disclaimer: All information in DataBao does not constitute investment advice, and the stock market is risky, so investment should be cautious.


Domestic and foreign fashion industry resources gather to "go to the city"


"Going to the city" renderings.

On March 12th, the Digital Fashion Industrial Park "Going to the City" held its first strategic signing ceremony, and the Fashion Design College of China Academy of Fine Arts, Italian Marangoni College, Japanese Lotte Group and Zhejiang Library received the "golden key" as representatives of the units that settled in. At the same time, the Fashion Design College of China Academy of Fine Arts awarded the license for the industrial park, and set up a practical teaching base here.

Located in Qiantang Smart City, "Shangcheng" has a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan and is one of the key industrial projects in Hangzhou. At present, the project is in the sprint stage of construction, which will be completed and delivered at the end of June this year and will open on September 19.

As a digital fashion industrial park, "Shangcheng" has a total construction area of 350,000 square meters. It consists of a specialized and new headquarters enterprise building, an enterprise innovation incubation base, an international-level talent apartment, business life facilities and a fashion release center. It is a digital fashion industrial park integrating R&D design, flexible intelligence, fashion exhibition and digital marketing. Relying on the industrial base of Hangzhou digital economy and the regional geographical advantage of the transformation and upgrading of the industrial circle in the east of the city, "Shangcheng" is expected to become a typical example of the transformation and upgrading from a traditional manufacturing base to a modern production service industry.

Qiantang Smart City, where the industrial park is located, has gradually formed a market model of "production base+wholesale sales+e-commerce live broadcast", which is the densest place in the national live broadcast e-commerce industry. In this regard, positioning as the "upper city" of digital fashion will focus on introducing three leading industries: fashion design, fashion life and digital service. At present, the industrial park has introduced fashion industry resources from top universities at home and abroad, such as Fashion Design College of China Academy of Fine Arts, Italian Marangoni College, etc., and is fully planning cross-border trade bases such as the "Belt and Road" international product exhibition center and the United Nations International Trade Center to promote the deep integration of manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and the deep integration of digital economy and fashion industry, adding new momentum to the upgrading and increment of Hangzhou’s industrial economy.


The national standard of Lantern Festival is still being worked out, and the shape of "perfect circle" is not stipulated.

    CCTV.com News (Reporter Shi Jia reports from Beijing): On the 20th, some media reported that China’s first standard for Lantern Festival would be issued, and the appearance stipulated that it should be a proper garden with thin skin and thick stuffing. Confirmed by the person in charge of the Standards Division of the Industry Development Department of China Business Federation, the national standard of Lantern Festival is still being worked out. As for whether it is "perfect circle", "there is no strict regulation".

News data map

     [Time] Will the first industry standard for Yuanxiao products be issued before the end of the year?

    The person in charge of the Standards Division of the Industry Development Department of China Business Federation said that there is indeed a matter of formulating the standards for Lantern Festival, and the first national standard for Lantern Festival has been included in the work plan of China Business Federation in 2008. At present, the draft regulations and the draft for comments have been completed, and then it will be reported to the relevant departments for approval. After the validation meeting is held in June and July this year, the contents of the regulations will be gradually determined. However, it is clear that the draft will be submitted to the National Standards Committee for approval this year, and it is planned to introduce the national standard for Lantern Festival at the end of the year.

     [Appearance] Does the state stipulate that the Lantern Festival must be "perfect"?

    According to insiders, in the new regulations, some sensory requirements are put forward for Yuanxiao, including uniform thickness of cortex, no stuffing, no cracks and so on, but there is no mention of the term "perfect circle", "as long as it is round", Mr. Cao said.

     [Specification] At least 20% of Yuanxiao fillings?

    It is understood that the new regulations clearly stipulate that the proportion of Yuanxiao stuffing shall not be less than 20%. The main purpose is to standardize the production of Yuanxiao products, to prevent the merchants from cutting corners, so that ordinary people can eat the stuffed Yuanxiao.

     [Question] At present, there is a national standard for dumplings, but there is no national standard for Yuanxiao?

    Although there are certain industry standards for glutinous rice balls in the market at present, including the production requirements, hygiene and safety, etc., accurately speaking, the standards for glutinous rice balls have not yet risen to the national standard, but this time the standards for Yuanxiao can be called the national standard, which clarifies the requirements for the production, packaging and transportation of Yuanxiao products, and both enterprises and individual merchants should abide by the regulations.

Background information:

 -the definition of yuanxiao

   The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is called Shangyuan Festival. This day? It’s called Yuanxiao. Also known asnight of the 15th of the first lunar month"?Yuanxi". Since the Tang dynasty, there has been a custom of watching lanterns, so it is also calledLantern Festival". Yuanxiao is also another name for glutinous rice balls. It is old custom to eat dumplings on Lantern Festival, so it is called Yuanxiao.——Chinese online dictionary


 -the origin of the Lantern Festival


    According to legend, there was a maid-in-waiting named "Yuanxiao" in the palace when Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty lived in seclusion for many years, missing her parents and spending all her days in Lacrimosa. Dong Fangshuo, the minister, was determined to help her, so she lied to Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty that Vulcan was ordered by the Jade Emperor to burn Chang ‘an on the 15th day of the first month, and the only way to escape the trouble was to let the "Lantern Festival Girl" make many dumplings that Vulcan loved on the 15th day of the first month. [detailed]

 -The difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan.

    One of the differences: different production methods.

    Yuanxiao, made in the north, is made on the basis of stuffing, which is generally mechanical.The dumplings in the south are completely different.But no rolling pin.It’s a bit like Bao jiaozi. [detailed]

    The second difference: different water content.

    The water content of dumpling stuffing is more than that of Yuanxiao.Wet glutinous rice flour is extremely sticky, and the surface of the well-made dumplings is smooth and shiny, and some of them still have a tip like a peach. The skin of the dumpling contains enough water, which is sticky and difficult to preserve. It is better to cook it now and eat it now. Now with the quick-freezing technology, dumplings appear in shops. [detailed]

    The third difference:Different processing techniques

    Good glutinous rice balls are difficult to produce industrially.There is also a saying in the processing technology that it is necessary to useWater mill powder". [detailed]

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 —— National standard of Lantern Festival

    China’s first national industry standard for Yuanxiao products will be officially promulgated before the end of this year. The standard will clearly require the stuffing, total sugar and moisture content of Yuanxiao products, and it is proposed that the stuffing content of Yuanxiao products should not be less than20%. [detailed]

 ——steamed breadGB standard

    The national standard of "Wheat Flour Steamed Bread" is jointly issued by the National Standards Committee and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and implemented by the State Grain Bureau. It is only a recommended standard, not a mandatory standard, and does not require enforcement.

    The standard not only regulates the production of steamed bread from the aspects of raw material formula, quality control index and detection method, but also describes the appearance, interior, taste, taste and smell in detail.Sensory quality requirements"The range of health indicators such as heavy metal content and microbial content was also determined. [detailed]

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People’s Daily Comment: What does the "Shantou Incident" suggest?

News analysis: Why did you suddenly get a "national standard" after eating steamed bread all your life?

Steamed buns are round? Steamed bread? Detonate netizens’ "slobber"

During the Lantern Festival, watching the Lantern Festival queue for dozens of meters is extremely hot.

The first Lantern Festival industry standard must be white and basically round before the end of the year.

China’s first national standard for Lantern Festival will be issued before the end of this year.

China’s first lantern festival standard will be issued, which must be thin-skinned, thick and even.

Editor: Tian Shijia


Issue 121: Didn’t you have breakfast at work? Eating snacks is also healthy.

Nowadays, urban congestion is serious, air pollution is getting worse and worse, coupled with staying up late, working overtime and frequent socializing, children living in cities are beginning to have a serious crisis and become high-risk groups of obesity, fatty liver and hyperlipidemia, and they are getting younger and younger. Young people in their thirties are suffering from these diseases everywhere.

As teachers, we have been thinking about how to solve this problem. From the perspective of dietary structure, we find a very serious phenomenon, that is, the "unbalanced proportion of three meals a day" of office workers. Today, less than the teacher, I will discuss with you how to balance nutrition for office workers’ three meals a day.

First, breakfast

Taking Beijing as an example, in the face of traffic jams and long-distance troubles, office workers rarely cook their own breakfast, but most of them buy it at street breakfast shops. The ingredients are mostly convenient and fast, and nutrition collocation is rarely considered. Most people hold an attitude of "eating" even "eating a good morning", and a large number of office workers do not eat breakfast in the morning. As a result, the most important meal of the day is "made do" in this way.

Second, lunch

Most office workers choose take-out or fast food for lunch, and the ingredients are generally rice and meat. Even if there are plants, they are basically high-calorie cooking foods such as oil eggplant, fried beans and shredded potatoes. Moreover, because breakfast is not eaten well, the amount of lunch will increase, and the calories will increase inadvertently. After eating a lot of lunch, under the thermal effect of food, people will feel seriously sleepy after meals, which not only affects efficiency, but also does great harm to health.

Third, dinner

I finally got off work. After enduring a long traffic jam, you got home very late. For office workers, this is the most relaxing time of the day. When we thought of cooking two "decent dishes", we unconsciously got close to you with high heat. After dinner, tired and not exercising, falling asleep with a feeling of fullness has become an important hidden danger of obesity.

Having said that, how to solve the nutritional balance problem of office workers? Less than the teacher to give you a few tricks.

First, choose several foods to take to work in the morning.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, kiwis, apples, carrots, pomelos, pears, pineapples and other fruits and vegetables are all good choices. You can take one or two kinds every morning and eat them between 10: 30 and 11: 00 in the morning. Pay attention to changing varieties frequently.

Second, buy some healthy snacks and put them on the table

In the drawer of your desk, you can put some snacks such as nuts, jujubes, yogurt, air-dried beef, milk, etc., eat some properly when you are hungry, or mix them with the fruits and vegetables above for 1 hour before lunch (before work).

Third, choose a good lunch and eat slowly.

There are many choices for lunch around the office, but the ones that are applauded are basically meat covered rice, etc. If you want to eat healthily, don’t choose meat lunch, and don’t choose high-calorie cooking such as eggplant and shredded potatoes. You can choose some fungi, leafy vegetables and aquatic products. In addition to food choices, you should also pay attention to the speed of eating. You should keep telling yourself to slow down and slow down again. Don’t underestimate slowness, but it has a great effect on health.

Fourth, dinner should be simple and exercise more every day.

Dinner should be simple. Drinking some soup, eating some, steamed fish and boiled shrimp are all good choices. In view of the fact that office workers have little exercise, it is suggested that you can go to the gym for moderate exercise after work, which will not only make your muscles more elastic, but also relieve your work pressure and give you a good one.[Review of past highlights]

The author introduces:Yu Liang, self-media nutritionist, columnist of Health Channel "Less than Nutrition Knowledge Hall", member of Beijing Nutritionist Association, top ten national gold medal nutrition lecturer, member of Baidu Encyclopedia Academic Committee, and special guest of many domestic mainstream media such as CCTV.

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The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championships kicked off.

Original title: The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championships started.

The 6th Chinese Billiards World Championship opened in Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province on the evening of the 8th. 496 players from 41 countries and regions competed for the world championship in the eight-day competition.

As a billiards project with independent intellectual property rights, Chinese billiards has developed rapidly in China and even the whole world since 1980s. In 2012, the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration officially announced that the project was named "Chinese Billiards", and in accordance with the relevant standards promulgated before, the unified standard table and ball were selected, and the sport began to get on the right track.

In 2015, China Billiards Association initiated the CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship, which accelerated the internationalization of Chinese billiards and made Chinese billiards gradually accepted by billiards players and fans all over the world. In recent years, with the rules and skills of Chinese billiards spread around the world, the booming Chinese billiards has gradually become an important part of the world billiards.

The number of participating countries and the number of participants in this World Championship of Chinese Billiards reached a new high, making it the largest Chinese billiards competition in the world. In recent years, Yushan, Jiangxi Province has made every effort to build a county sports brand featuring billiards, successfully held five Chinese billiards world championships, four Chinese snooker world open tournaments and Chinese billiards international professional leagues, and gradually embarked on the road of high-quality development of county sports from resources to products, from products to events, from events to culture, and from culture to brands.

"The Chinese Billiards World Championship is not only a simple sports event, but also the achievements and honors of all athletes. It is a platform for billiards people all over the world to communicate and enhance their friendship, and it is also a platform to show the charm of Chinese billiards." Gan Liantong, vice chairman of China Billiards Association, said. (Qiu Jianhui, Ma Jing)


The story behind the night economy: the invisible waiting of "sleepless people"

The maintenance workers of Metro Line 2 are repairing the side of the subway.

In the early morning, the last bus of Metro Line 2 is returning to the warehouse.

The maintenance workers of Metro Line 2 are inspecting the bottom of the car in the tunnel.

The maintenance workers of Metro Line 2 are using electronic equipment to repair the subway that has just returned to the warehouse.

In the early morning, the driver of Metro Line 2 was at work. The pictures in this group were all taken by China Youth Daily and China Youth Network trainee reporter Li Ruoyi/photo.

  At 1:23 am, the last bus in beijing subway line 2 just finished its last "throughput". Starting from 5:10 the day before, Metro Line 2 has picked up 994,500 people. After leaving the last night, the last bus is preparing to go back to the library for a "rest". At this time, the subway repairman is "physically examining" the subway cars to ensure that they can be successfully connected to the first wave of "morning walkers" at 5:10 after more than three hours.

  Night economy has become a new growth point of urban consumption, and major cities have been digging for night economy, and Beijing is one of them. According to the Research Report on the Development Trend and Consumption Behavior of Night Economy Industry in China from 2019 to 2022 released by Ai Media Consulting, the development scale of night economy in China will show explosive growth, and it will exceed 30 trillion yuan in 2020.

  Night economy includes clothing, food, housing, transportation, travel, entertainment and many other aspects, and traffic is more to escort night travel. On July 19, in order to meet the travel needs of night returnees, Beijing Metro Lines 1 and 2 extended their operating hours every Friday and Saturday; At the same time, there are night buses, night taxis, online car rides, driving and other travel tools to escort night returnees.

  Take the first subway home.

  The end of ordinary people’s work is the beginning of a "sleepless" day. After the extended operation, the last train of Metro Line 2 entered the station from 23:48 to 1:23 the next morning, and a total of 18 subways were opened, with an average of one for each night shift driver. At the same time, the working hours of subway stations, power supply, maintenance and other departments have been extended accordingly.

  Zhang Qingsheng, a driver who has been driving for more than 20 years, drove the extended last bus. I got off work at 1:23 in the morning and went back to the dormitory to wash. It was already 2: 00 in the morning, and I had to get up at 6: 00. You need to drive 7 ~ 8 laps a day, and the duration of a lap is 45 minutes. "Because Line 2 is a ring road, sometimes it is too tired. After driving for more than 20 kilometers, there is an illusion of spinning in the same place."

  Wang Jinghui, director of the Taiping Lake Maintenance Center, and his team members have just begun to drive the last subway back to the library in Zhang Qingsheng. They have to overhaul more than 40 groups of cars every day, and a group of cars has to inspect 1,000 ~ 2,000 points, including the overhaul of electrical appliances, the replacement of wearing parts, sanitary cleaning, etc. It takes about 20 ~ 30 minutes for a car, and there are 7-8 people in the overhaul group. It usually takes more than 2 o’clock to finish the overhaul, and it takes about 3 o’clock after the extension. After about an hour’s rest, it is time to get up and send the car out of the library.

  "In July and August, you can feel the pain of your brothers." Generally, it is necessary to repair the underbody and wings of the vehicle. Among them, the underbody needs to be squatted in the pit for inspection, and there is no way to straighten up. In summer, the temperature of the pit is over 40 degrees, and the bottom of a car needs to be overhauled for about 15 minutes. The clothes are like washed clothes. "The clothes are not washed, but retted."

  It is a habit that Wang Jinghui and his team have always formed that they don’t go anywhere and come to work after taking a nap on every day when they need to work at night. The night shift is from 17: 30 to 8: 30. Among them, two or three o’clock in the morning is the most sleepy time. Some people choose to come over for a midnight snack, some people get up and have a cup of tea, and some people go to the door to cool down.

  In some places and times that public transportation can’t reach, driving and other modes of travel have become the choice of those who return home at night. According to the "2018 Entertainment Index Report" released by the National Big Data Research Center for e-driving in January this year, in 2018, the number of driving services nationwide reached 267 million, and first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen were the cities that used driving services the most.

  In the past year, Fu Cheng from Henan was one of the providers of hundreds of millions of driving services. This year, it is the 20th year of his drifting to the North. A few years ago, he was still doing car sales and started to work as a part-time driver. He was just laid off years ago, and driving has gradually become the main business. At 7 o’clock every night, he will go out on a folding bicycle weighing 19 kilograms and start taking orders. He usually closes at two or three in the morning and sleeps until noon after returning home.

  "The nightlife in Beijing is rich, and the demand for driving is even greater." Now, you can earn 5,000 ~ 6,000 yuan a month. If you work full-time as a driver, you can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month. Because of the low input cost, more and more people are beginning to enter this industry, especially some online car drivers are beginning to switch to driving. In the past, drivers used to go back after midnight and didn’t want to stay outside. Now, until 6 o’clock in the morning, there are still many lists on the other side of the work, and some full-time drivers will take the first subway to get home.

  Low-headed people and drunkards

  Everyone who works at night has a story more or less. They deal with all kinds of people and see all kinds of life.

  At night, passengers usually gather at a fixed time or a fixed station to get on and off. Wang Yueqian, deputy director of the crew center of Line 2, said that there are sports events or performances in the workers’ stadium. When the event is over, fans or fans flock in and fill the whole platform. At this time, vehicles will be added to allow passengers to get on the bus quickly. On weekdays, after 11 o’clock at night, there are actually no people on the subway.

  Interestingly, you can use the bus card to predict the wage income level of a region. Wang Yueqian pointed out that because Fuxingmen subway station is close to Financial Street, many passengers’ bus cards cost several thousand yuan at a time, and the wages of office workers who get off at this station are not low.

  The "low-headed family" has become a major landscape of the platform. Zhang Yaxin, a post-90s subway driver, said that it was very eye-catching because he had to stare at monitors and screen doors all the time. He found that at night, there were many young people on the platform, most of them were playing with their mobile phones, and occasionally some people were chatting. After zero, people in Chongwenmen and Chaoyangmen are relatively concentrated, among them, most of them are after 90 s and 00 s. Shao Nan, a driver who joined Zhang Yaxin in the same year, also observed that there were some people who just got off work in the subway at night, and they looked a little tired and lazy.

  Different from the scenery seen by subway drivers, people who deal with drivers on behalf of drivers are all people in the wine bureau, especially those who are drunk.

  Fu Cheng observed that most of the guests from 8: 00 pm to 10: 00 pm originated from large restaurants or time-honored restaurants; From 10 pm to 2 am, most customers come from KTV, pedicure shops and so on.

  On one occasion, he took an order at 9: 00 pm. When he first got on the bus, two men were chatting all the time. After one of them got off the bus, the other fell asleep, so he couldn’t wake up. He could only drive to a monitored place and wait, but he didn’t dare to rest. He just sat in the car for a while and then stood on the ground for a while. Seven hours later, the man’s wife finally called and took the man home.

  As a network car driver, Shanghai from Liaoning will meet all kinds of people when driving at night. He often pulls people into nightclubs. In his opinion, there are two kinds of people in nightclubs, one is particularly happy, and the other is particularly unhappy. Most people come to get drunk, some people fall down when they get on the bus, some people talk nonsense, and some people hand him a cigarette when they come up. "Come, master, smoke a cigarette with your buddy."

  For Shanghai, it is the basic accomplishment of drivers to stop at a suitable place and let drunken people vomit. But some guests will throw up in the car and blame the driver for driving unsteadily; However, once he was deeply impressed by an understanding experience. A drunken guest stopped him several times. When he got off the bus, the guest was very embarrassed and gave him a 200 yuan tip. He couldn’t accept the money, but he felt very warm in his heart.

  Nightlife is the epitome of urban development.

  People who return home at night light up the "night capital", and behind it is the invisible waiting of "sleepless people". Working at night has its particularity, because it is often upside down day and night, and it will encounter many "bad worries" and leave some sequelae.

  "This is an industry that looks at luck." Fu Cheng said that when you are lucky, it is easy to earn a few hundred yuan a day, but if you are not, you may lose money. Once, at 7 o’clock in the evening, he received an order to go to a ravine in Fangshan, Beijing. The driving fee was 127 yuan, after deducting 20% management fee, 90 yuan was left. I took a bus to Liangxiang and spent 70 yuan. It took 20 yuan to carpool from Liangxiang to Liuliqiao. It was already 2 am when I got home by bus. "Even if I lose money, the key is that I can hardly come back."

  "The mentality determines the state of a person’s work." Fu Cheng said that the system occasionally randomly distributed some "partial orders", but it also taught him to "hitchhike". On average, one month, he will receive a ticket to Langfang, Hebei Province, and he can earn about 100 yuan on one trip. Whether it’s a private car or a taxi, he waved and stopped, asking the driver to do it conveniently and take it to a place as close as possible to Beijing. In addition, a customer once asked him to send the car to be repaired. On the expressway, the windshield in front of the car suddenly lifted and was completely broken, and finally the customer lost 1300 yuan.

  Fu Cheng is also changing from a "white" driver to an "old slick" in the industry. When a passenger asks him to "stand by for a long time", he will report to the platform first, then call the police and contact the passenger’s family by registering his mobile phone number. Fu Cheng likes the present situation very much, enjoys the freedom of driving, and occasionally goes out to do odd jobs, earning hundreds of dollars a day.

  Because the day shift and night shift are upside down, I often can’t sleep. Wang Jinghui thought of many ways. At first, she read novels, and then she watched the news. It was not really sleepy, but her eyes were too tired to support. Recently, he began to listen to e-books again, and sometimes he woke up and had already played dozens of chapters.

  In Wang Jinghui’s office, there is always a sphygmomanometer. Almost everyone in the team has high blood pressure, which is a "sequela" left by staying up late. In addition, because the maintenance always keeps an action, there are more or less problems in the shoulders, neck and waist of each maintenance staff. When resting, in order to treat lumbar disc herniation, Wang Jinghui will do a massage once a week on average.

  "Compared with when I first started working, the night in Beijing is brighter." Wang Jinghui said that there are more consumers coming out at night. After the extension of the subway, it not only broke the original operation mode of him and his team, but also worked overtime. "As a public service organization, we are duty-bound."

  "From the changes in the subway, we can see the epitome of a city’s development." Wang Yueqian worked in the subway industry in 1986. He remembers that the earliest last bus of the Beijing subway was collected at 9: 00 p.m. At that time, the entertainment activities at night were not very rich, so he went off work with his colleague Kan Kan Dashan. Or at night, neighbors gather in a yard to show movies together. Later, the subway changed to collect cars at eleven o’clock in the evening. Up to now, the flight attendants went to bed after one o’clock in the morning.

  With the increasing demand for people’s consumption at night, the operation hours of shopping malls may be extended in the future, and the supporting traffic may also be extended. At the same time, the driving mode of the subway may also change, from the current automatic driving to unmanned driving. "We are also trying to adapt."

  China Youth Daily China Youth Network Trainee reporter Zhao Limei Li Ruoyi