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The magical dance of "Subject III" caused a heated discussion. Many people were jumping, and the doctor reminded them: be careful of spraining your ankle.

  The magical dance of "Subject III" caused a heated discussion. Many people were jumping, and the doctor reminded them: be careful of spraining your ankle.

  □ Jinling Evening News/Purple Mountain News reporter Wang Guojun

  "Subject three, at first I thought we were talking about the topic of driving test. Later, when my little brother came on stage, I found out that it was a magical dance." Guo Shilan, a citizen, was a little surprised. "This dance called’ Subject Three’ is really too hot."

  The dance of "Subject III" suddenly burst into flames in the streets, and many people in Nanjing also learned to dance "Subject III". Why did the dance of "Subject III" suddenly explode? What should we pay attention to when jumping "subject three"? The reporter conducted an interview a few days ago.

  Many people in Nanjing jumped up to "subject three"

  On November 28th, Guo Shilan ate in a restaurant in Qinhuai District. Shortly after sitting down, she heard a cheerful scream "Want to see, want to see" not far away. She turned her head and found that a customer had a birthday at a table not far away, wishing to see "Subject 3", and loudly solicited the opinions of consumers in nearby seats. Everyone said "Want to see".

  Soon, the younger brother, a waiter in the restaurant, danced the "subject three" dance in public, waving his hands and playing happy music in small steps. In a blink of an eye, men, women and children took out their mobile phones to take pictures. "The young man said that he had just learned and was not particularly familiar with it, but he danced very seriously and was very happy." Ms. Guo thinks it’s interesting to watch such a dance while eating hot pot.

  According to reports, "Subject III", as the full name of dance, is called "Guangxi Subject III", which originated from the scene of many people singing and dancing at a wedding scene in Guangxi. Since then, it has begun to spread among the people. "Guangxi people will experience three exams in their lives. The subject is singing folk songs, the subject is rice noodles, and the subject is dancing." It is the hot pot restaurant that really brings the fire dance. It is reported that a waiter in a hot pot restaurant in Shandong accidentally tried to dance this dance, which set off a craze for the hot pot restaurant to dance "subject three". In a famous brand hot pot store, as long as you say "I want to see subject three", a waiter will give you a magical "subject three" dance.

  As a dance, "Subject 3" has been popular all over the streets recently, and even related topics have been searched many times. On the social platform, some people have gained 200,000 yuan for jumping this two days, and "Subject III" has also traveled all the way across the ocean and spread overseas. In Nanjing, there are also many people who learn to jump up to subject three.

  Wang Haidong, a native of Nanjing, once performed on CCTV, is the local break dance king in Gaochun and the head of the dance champion street dance club. He has been busy these days. "Many students and parents told me to learn the dance of’ subject three’, which has been popular recently." He told reporters that from his point of view, this dance has a variety of jumping methods, which are easy and lively, easy to learn for people with a little dance foundation, and easy to learn even without dance foundation. "Because many people want to learn, after this dance became a hit, I learned it and then taught everyone to jump." Wang Haidong said.

  On the social platform, from the pictures and videos uploaded by netizens, there are "Subject III" dance performances in many hot pot restaurants and commercial districts in Nanjing, and many people are learning to dance "Subject III".

  Warm up before jumping and pay attention to sports safety.

  However, while "Subject III" became popular, there were also many voices of spit. A mother in Hangzhou took her baby to dinner, and it was uncomfortable to see the waiter jump "subject three". It was really uncomfortable to take the child to see the waiter wriggle around.

  Shake your hands, twist your waist, swing your hips, and have half-twisted feet, with the music with distinct rhythm … Some people feel very happy and have a sense of atmosphere, while others feel "spicy eyes", "too vulgar" and "very rustic". Experts believe that although it looks "earthy", the popularity of "subject three" reflects the rise of Internet consumer culture. "Earthy taste" has become a traffic password and has been recognized by young people. Offline, it has indeed improved the consumption atmosphere of hot pot restaurants, bringing a unique experience of consumption, but it also brings confusion to other consumers.

  In any case, the explosion of "subject three" has its objective demand, but dancing this dance may also bring some sports safety hazards because of its large body swing. Recently, a post-00 boy from Zhejiang went to the hospital because of unbearable knee pain after jumping "Subject III", and found that the tibial plateau bone contusion. The doctor reminded that the dance requires higher knee and ankle joints, and the movements are difficult. In severe cases, fractures may occur. Therefore, warm up before exercise. Once you sprain your ankle while dancing, stop dancing immediately. If your ankle is swollen badly, you should seek medical advice in time.


Can selling scripts live become a "life-saving straw" for screenwriters?

  This article contributes to the author, which is the author’s personal opinion, and the opinion does not represent the position of poisonous eyes.

  Wen | Pu Juan

  In recent months, the wave of goods carried by the whole people has risen.

  First, Luo Yonghao settled in Tik Tok with high profile, and held several live broadcasts to sell goods and pay off debts. Later, Liu Shishi, Yang Yang, Victoria Song and other stars appeared in the live broadcast room to recommend products to fans together with well-known online celebrity such as Li Jiaqi. Later, even CCTV celebrities Zhu Guangquan and Ouyang Xiadan and Gree Chairman Dong Mingzhu also joined the wave.

  In the last month or two, the fire of live broadcast with goods has finally "burned" into the film and television circle, and screenwriters have joined the ranks, but the goods they bring are not lipsticks and food, but scripts.

  In April, the Writers’ Gang held three online "live selling scripts" activities, and organized 15 writers to bring goods online, including Yu Geng, the original author of the recent hot film "I am Yu Huanshui", and Run Nian Dong, the screenwriter of "My heart is blooming" and "Crazy Alien". People who usually bury themselves in writing suddenly turned into anchors with goods, which attracted the attention of many people in the industry and people who eat melons. The number of views of the third phase of the event accumulated about 13,000 times.

  As of May 2, four "live screenplay selling" activities have been held.

  (Screenshot from the screenwriter to help Weibo)

  Selling scripts live is essentially an online venture capital meeting. Each screenwriter first conducts a 10-minute roadshow to explain his creative experience and script outline to the audience. Then there is a 5-minute interactive question-and-answer session, in which the audience directly asks questions and the screenwriter personally answers them. Although it is somewhat different from the common live broadcast, the audience can also reward the screenwriter or brush comments according to their own preferences, and the producer can also contact the screenwriter to learn more about the script by rewarding 168 yuan.

  The writers’ gang publicized the first phase of the event as "The World’s First Live Screenplay Selling Conference", which also attracted well-known screenwriter Song Fangjin and others to open the platform in Weibo. However, from the feedback of the third phase of the event, it seems that writers, producers and other people in the industry did not fully buy it, and the comment area was polarized.

  Song Fangjin sells scripts for live broadcast in Weibo.

  In the author’s opinion, the reason why the live broadcast of scripts will encounter unsatisfactory feedback is that on the one hand, it has just begun to try, and all aspects still need to be improved and improved; On the other hand, it has something to do with China’s "awkward" position in the industry.

  Why is there a live broadcast selling scripts?

  On the surface, the appearance of selling scripts live is because many aspects of the film and television industry have come to a standstill under the epidemic, so film and television people take this opportunity to launch a self-help. But in fact, apart from self-help, the writer’s weak right to speak in China and the lack of appropriate channels for safeguarding rights and assistance are very important internal causes.

  The film and television industry is a huge social system engineering, which is not only a long industrial chain, but also a "cosmic planet"-like existence, radiating and blending with many related industries. From the perspective of modern enterprise operation, production, distribution and projection in the film and television industry chain correspond to the production, promotion and sales of goods respectively.

  Nowadays, the United States, South Korea, Japan and other major film and television countries have formed a mature industrial value chain of "upstream development, midstream expansion and downstream extension". The production, distribution, marketing and screening of film and television works are closely linked, while the film and television industry chain in China is still in the process of gradual improvement.

  The script development link is a relatively immature one. Script is the starting point and the core soul of a film and television work. As the creator of this soul, the importance of screenwriter is beyond doubt. But compared with other countries, China’s screenwriters are marginalized.

  According to "Hollywood 2017 Salary Report", the top film writers in the United States can earn $3 million to $5 million, while gold-medal TV writers often have the opportunity to enjoy the same treatment as executive producers. Ordinary film writers can also get about $500,000, and TV writers can earn $5,000 to $10,000 for a single episode. At the same time, there is also a Writers Guild ofAmerica in the United States, which has the right to speak in the industry, helping writers to protect their rights and providing notarization of their works and some legal basis.

  In South Korea, top screenwriters can get 100 million won for a single episode, and ordinary signed screenwriters are worth 20 million won, which is basically the same as that of big-name stars. Excellent screenwriters are not only well paid, but also have a high status. Directors can’t modify their scripts without authorization. It is also disrespectful for actors to modify their lines. Even TV stations will make decisions according to their status as screenwriters.

  In contrast, China screenwriters seem to have "long lost their names" in the industry.

  According to an industry insider, there are generally about one million top film writers, and it is not bad for newcomers to reach 150,000. The number of online screenwriters is about 100,000-100,000, and the number of TV dramas is 10,000-30,000. Only the top big coffee can reach 6 digits, and the number of online drama writers will be lower. In theory, scriptwriting is the freest, but in fact, I write scripts almost all the time, and I feel guilty even when I go out for dinner.

  Wang Hailin, a well-known screenwriter, once mentioned: "Basically, children from the planning department come to you, and then put out a bunch of data to tell you that the market needs this and that, and even teach you which are popular writing methods." He also pointed out that the excessive voice of capital and stars makes the screenwriter’s control over the script weaker and weaker.

  In addition, screenwriters also face difficulties such as weakening the right of signature, being paid in arrears, the script being stolen, and the difficulty in safeguarding rights. The Report on the Ecological Investigation of Young Screenwriters in China Film and Television Industry from 2019 to 2020 shows that 75% of the interviewed screenwriters have been cheated. However, due to the overlord clause, weak power and other reasons, even with the protection of relevant laws and associations, screenwriters can not safeguard the most basic rights of works.

  Source "2019-2020 Ecological Investigation Report on Young Screenwriters in China Film and Television Industry"

  In the already weak situation, this year’s epidemic situation can be described as making the screenwriter industry worse. At this stage, the film and television industry is in a state of suspension, and many companies have closed down or laid off a large number of employees. Although screenwriters are relatively safe jobs, many people have said that their income will be greatly reduced this year due to the collateral effect. For screenwriters, especially newcomers with meager income, it will undoubtedly bring many uncertainties to their future development.

  Being in trouble and encountering a black swan, the live broadcast of the script seems to be an attempt by the screenwriter to save himself. Du Hongjun, the founder of the writers’ guild and deputy secretary-general of the China Film Literature Society, said that he hoped to help writers build a good stage for script trading in the form of live broadcast, and then he would help outstanding writers to promote projects and provide legal aid for writers’ rights and interests.

  High opening and low walking, live broadcast with goods unacceptable?

  Since entering Tik Tok to live broadcast and bring goods, Luo Yonghao has not only satisfied the curiosity of all spectators, but also made all brand sellers addicted to the focus of the crowd. Let’s not comment on the rate of goods, but people really brushed up a wave of popularity. It is understood that after seeing Luo Yonghao’s debut show with goods, the screenwriter Run Nian Dong felt in the circle of friends that he also wanted to sell the script live, which was recognized by many well-known screenwriters.

  In April, the live broadcast of the script really came. In the film and television industry, stars, producers, directors and so on often do roadshows to publicize the films that have been completed in the later stage, and never involve the original script. The venture capital clubs specially for screenwriters are generally offline salons or small forums, and there are few online activities.

  Under the epidemic, many new formats have been born, and selling scripts live is one of them.

  Many screenwriters, producers and people in the industry are curious about the "World’s First Live Screenplay Selling Conference", and some of them are melon-eating people attracted by the "live screenplay with goods". Therefore, on April 3, the first activity of the screenwriter gang won more than 7,000 views. Du Hongjun revealed that most of the audience are insiders, many well-known screenwriters and production companies are among them, and some people also participated in the discussion.

  Screenshot from CCTV6 program China movie report

  During the live broadcast, the writers "do as the Romans do", like online celebrity, came to the screen, used different narrative methods, roadshowed their scripts in turn, and answered questions from the audience. It can be seen that these "literary veterans" are still novices when they become online celebrity. The face is simple, there is no filter, and the speech is still one-sided. However, it is this contrast that has aroused the curiosity of the outside world, and the comment area is very lively.

  These screenwriters have different backgrounds and different working years. They come from professional classes, have changed careers, and have won film festival awards. The types of works they create are also different, involving suspense, science fiction, war and other themes. For such diversity, some producers affirmed: "If there is a lack of projects or screenwriters, I will come here to dig well, and it should be no problem for good screenwriters to reach cooperation."

  However, with the live broadcast, the doubts from the producers became more and more obvious.

  The first is the way to bring goods. Many people I have come into contact with don’t quite buy it: "The script is a matter that requires many parties to participate and communicate many times. It is very difficult to make a deal immediately after watching the live broadcast."

  It is reported that during the live broadcast, if the producer wants to know more about the script, he can be rewarded with 168 yuan, and the screenwriter will help to match and communicate with the screenwriter. If the two sides reach an agreement, the script can be traded. The writers’ gang should set up such delivery rules to shorten the length of the script supply chain and eliminate the risk of second-hand dealers. However, judging from the producer’s attitude, the writer’s road to realizing the goods may still have a long way to go.

  Users can further communicate by rewarding and unlocking (source "Screenwriters")

  The scriptwriter’s explanation is also the hardest hit by the producers. Some screenwriters only talk about the content of the script, so it is difficult for producers to raise interest and judge the quality. Some people jokingly call it "trying to sell but hiding". Some screenwriters have no primary and secondary explanations, which makes people unable to find bright spots. Other screenwriters are immature, perhaps out of self-protection, but basically no one wants to know more about them.

  Producers are more worried about too much creative disclosure. "Now people are too smart to read the whole script at all, just one core idea is enough." A senior person said that a good core idea has been borrowed, and after the film and television company buys this script, there may be risks in copyright and it will also affect the film release.

  Feedback from fellow screenwriters is also mixed. Some people are eager to try and comment on social platforms after watching the live broadcast, saying that this has opened a channel for mutual communication and is also a resource channel. Some people think that the platform needs to establish better processes and copyright protection mechanisms, and continue to wait and see. Some people are not optimistic about this model, and think that public shouting is beneath the dignity of cultural people.

  "Li Jiaqi sells lipsticks and Viya sells rockets, all of which are in kind, just like painters sell paintings and sculptors sell sculptures. Commodities are traceable, and it stimulates your desire for consumption. However, the script is a creative work, which will involve the way of copyright purchase and whether it will be revised subsequently, which is different from a one-time transaction of buying lipstick. " Screenwriter Chen Lu said more directly, "it is better to sell scripts live than to sell screenwriters live."

  In the hot discussion of the main trading objects, the popularity of selling live scripts declined. On the 14th, the second activity was only watched more than 2,000 times, and on the 25th, the third activity was only watched more than 4,000 times. The total cargo volume of the third phase of the event is still unclear, but after the second phase of the event, Du Hongjun mentioned that there are about 10 producers who want to know more about it.

  From much attention to the decline in heat, is it unacceptable for live broadcasts to go so high and low in the screenwriter circle? Not necessarily.

  A painted skin without drawing bones may turn into a paper tiger.

  The screenwriter brings the goods with him. The audience can enjoy 6.66 yuan if they like it, 2.22 yuan if they don’t like it, and 168 yuan if they want to place an order. On the surface, this is the standard of live broadcast, but strictly speaking, selling scripts live is not a real live broadcast.

  The definition of live broadcast with goods is to sell goods by live broadcast, activate and transform users. Under the catalysis of capital, Taobao, Aauto Quicker and Tik Tok have already developed rapidly, forming a "three-legged" pattern in the field of live broadcast. Each platform has a huge user base, a large number of online celebrity anchors, all kinds of commodities, and a perfect supply chain.

  At present, in the mature industrial chain of live broadcast, these factors are indispensable: platform, seller, MCN and user. In the live broadcast of selling scripts, the writers’ gang is the platform, the writers play the dual roles of sellers and online celebrity, and the users are the producers.

  The screenwriter helped the founder Du Hongjun respond to the transaction of the first live broadcast.

  First, from the platform point of view, compared with Taobao, Aauto Quicker, Tik Tok and other pan-entertainment live broadcast platforms, the writers’ gang is more vertical, focusing only on script products. The quality of users of the platform is high, but the volume can’t compete with the big platform at all, and there is no perfect drainage mechanism, so the live broadcast viewing volume is generally low.

  Let’s look at the screenwriter who integrates the seller and online celebrity. The screenwriter is a creative seller, and his written skills outweigh his oral skills, but he may not be able to sell, which is still difficult for some people to accept. "It is a kind of sorrow that the products of wisdom are going to be sold intelligently. The onlookers are just curious, which makes the sales more tragic."

  In this regard, a Buddhist screenwriter said: "The quality of the script is the most important thing. Now I am only worried about whether my writing is good or not, and I don’t care about anything else." However, some screenwriters want to try to sell their own scripts. Although they have not signed up for the event, they have already started to discuss the speech lines with their friends.

  Finally, watching the audience, the screenwriter has been in a weak position in the industrial chain for a long time, with less publicity, weak fan base and poor appeal for bringing goods. At the same time, the marketing skills are not as good as those of online celebrity who came out of the professional system. The live broadcast process is easy to make people bored and can’t afford to buy. As the leader of the upstream link of the industrial chain, producers can decide which screenwriter will write the script, how the screenwriter will write the script, and which director and star will shoot and star in the script, but the overall number is small. The users of the general live broadcast platform are the general public with a large base.

  Display in the live broadcast of selling scripts (new Jingwei in the source)

  Therefore, the live broadcast of scripts is a kind of deformation of live broadcast with goods. Du Hongjun proved this point in the opening remarks of the event: "I hope this attempt can give some inspiration to the industry, rather than simply live broadcast e-commerce replication."

  Based on the above reasons, it is reasonable that the popularity of "live selling scripts" is low, the transaction rate is low, and the scope of influence is limited. Du Hongjun also realized the shortcomings of the activities and accepted everyone’s opinions with an open mind. He said that in the future, the form will be improved, and roles such as "venture capital tutor" or "special observer" will be added to the live broadcast, so as to guide the screenwriter to write and tell good stories and be more capable of improving stories.

  Live broadcast with goods, a possible perfect self-help

  The emergence of venture capital tutors, special observers, screenwriters and script brokers has indeed filled the gap in the "MCN plate" of live broadcast selling scripts, shared the sales tasks before scriptwriting, and made live broadcast selling scripts closer to the mature live broadcast delivery mode. If these people are big coffee in the industry, they naturally have weight in the users, that is, the producers, but now most of the film and television industry advocates "capital success", and it is still a question mark whether they can successfully bring goods in the end; And if these people are stars, the platform may have to be prepared to spend money for a long time.

  A screenwriter mentioned that similar platforms have done similar things before, but it basically didn’t work, and finally it can only be abandoned. It can be seen that increasing the number of venture capital tutors and special observers may not necessarily solve the problem of selling scripts live.

  The writers in trouble seem to have reached a dead end again, so is selling scripts live the right solution for writers to save themselves?

  Anxiety of young screenwriters, source of "2019-2020 Ecological Investigation Report of Young Screenwriters in China Film and Television Industry"

  The author believes that the landing of live e-commerce in the film and television industry can break the boundaries of interpersonal relationships, so that new screenwriters can also be exposed to the same resources as mature screenwriters and get more opportunities. Therefore, even if the current experiment is more meaningful, selling scripts live can also be a self-help for writers. If possible, it is still a perfect self-help.

  With regard to improving the live broadcast of scripts, the author tries to find the answer from the live broadcast industry chain, not that this proven business system is a panacea, but that he wants to get some suitable and effective solutions from it.

  After analysis, the author thinks that there may be traces in the following four aspects-

  First, expand the influence of the platform.

  Under normal circumstances, producers will independently develop scripts, but sometimes they will "cast a wide net, collect more fish, and choose the best ones", such as searching for good projects at major film festivals, salvaging IP online to adapt them, holding some solicitation competitions, and obtaining scripts from similar platforms such as writers’ gangs.

  At present, there are some platforms in the industry that are similar to writers’ gangs, such as script supermarket and Yunlaiwu. Expanding the influence of the platform itself and establishing the credibility of the industry are the best ways to attract the attention of producers.

  In addition to providing high-quality script content, reasonable trading mechanism and good after-sales service, the platform can cooperate with authoritative people to discuss and effectively solve some industry problems. At the same time, follow the example of the live broadcast platform, establish a perfect drainage mechanism by using communities and new media, attract more film and television companies to pay attention, create an active communication atmosphere, and thus enhance the influence of the platform.

  Second, improve the strength of screenwriters.

  Live broadcast with goods can’t turn bad stories into good stories, so the strength of screenwriters is very important.

  For mature screenwriters, the platform can provide an attractive cooperation model, and the two sides will benefit each other for a long time; For potential screenwriters, the platform can provide systematic and comprehensive training courses, such as screenwriter colleges launched by some platforms, to help screenwriters grow and improve, and then feed back the platform. Like live delivery, a good content production relationship is the key for the platform to build a high-quality supply chain.

  Tuyuan vision china

  Third, improve the marketing level.

  Song Fangjin commented that selling scripts live is a new creative form in the new era: "scriptwriters are players and their values are visualized. Stories are luxury goods, and the highest price wins them. This is different from Luo Yonghao, Viya and Li Jiaqi. "

  As said, the script is a special creative product, which is different from the main categories of live broadcast goods such as cosmetics and clothing, so the marketing methods will be different. If the screenwriter’s self-marketing ability is insufficient, the platform can be recommended by the script or screenwriter agent, star, industry expert, well-known director and screenwriter.

  In Hollywood, screenwriters basically sell scripts through brokers. "It is difficult to cultivate excellent script brokers in the domestic environment." The writers’ gang once said. But it is hard not to mean impossible, and practice is the best proof.

  Stars bring their own popularity. If they can stand for the works of screenwriters, it should be more likely for producers to consider bringing goods. Well-known directors, screenwriters and big coffees in the industry recommend scripts, which may also increase trading opportunities.

  In addition, the platform can also assist scriptwriters to display scripts through technical means and creative methods, such as script advertisements, real-life interpretation of scripts, VR/AR, applets and so on. 5G is the biggest variable of live broadcast, and it is also a live broadcast to sell scripts. The improvement of video clarity will create a better story experience.

  Fourth, expand the types of users.

  Producers tend to be market-oriented when they control the content of the script. Jing Wong, a well-known Hong Kong director, has publicly stated that the standard of his film is that the audience likes it. Although this statement may not be accurate, it can really inspire the platform.

  At present, "selling scripts by live broadcast" is mainly aimed at producers, but the scope of communication and influence is limited, far less than that of live broadcast platform. The platform can expand the targeted user types to the general public, and in turn change the minds of a few people by influencing the minds of most people. Because the producers know the public’s preferences, they may trade, then make a film and reshape the audience’s preferences.

  Of course, we can’t ignore the scriptwriting. At the beginning of the event, the platform required that the script must be a complete script with copyright, and the TV series should have at least 5 episodes. Although in theory, scriptwriters occupy the advantages of time and public opinion, there are many people who exploit the loopholes, and the legal team of the platform still needs to make emergency plans for the protection of scriptwriters’ rights and interests.

  As screenwriter Yu Fei said, it is a blessing for the industry if the live broadcast of scripts can form a new industrial model and make the best scriptwriters and scripts go to the market from here, but it is very difficult. But even if it is difficult, it is worth trying.


The "Hot Search" roadshow in Xi ‘an was praised by the audience as "the sense of reality hits the soul directly"

1905 movie network news The film directed by, starring, and starring is being shown. The film was released for six days, with a cumulative box office of 53.95 million, with 9.2 points for Cat’s Eye Platform and 9.3 points for Taobao Film Platform. Yesterday, "Hot Search" opened the second round of national roadshow of "Sound All the Way" and came to Xi ‘an. Director Xin Yukun and actor Song Yang came to the roadshow to communicate with the audience after the show. The director said that Xi ‘an is the place where his movie dream started, and this time he came back here to have a kind of "feeling of going home with a movie".

"After watching the movie, my heart rate soared to 130", "I was very worried by the weakness of reality" and "I was moved by the power of women’s mutual help" …… After watching the movie, the audience praised the movie and said that it was "a direct stab at people’s hearts". Han Xiaojiu, a media practitioner, shared his experience of receiving malicious comments at the scene and said that he felt "empathy" after watching the movie. There are also audiences who sent their own wooden seals to the main creator, saying that "the film is very good and I want to engrave it in my heart". The director said frankly: "I hope to tell you the complexity behind public opinion through a movie, so that when you return to life and become a part of the network, you can look at these problems more rationally."

The realistic topic resonates "moved by women’s mutual help"

The audience praised the film: it presented the dilemma and strength of women.

The realistic topic in the film aroused the discussion of the audience. Some viewers said that "as a girl, she has special resonance with the events in the film" and encouraged girls to "bravely say no when encountering sexual harassment and take legal weapons to protect themselves". The director admits that he has paid attention to the injuries suffered by some underage women in recent years, and hopes to tell everyone through movies that "there are many different women’s dilemmas that need to be paid attention to in different classes of our society, and some women’s mutual help needs to be passed on."

At the scene of the road show, female entrepreneurs came to support the film, saying that "the film hits the soul directly". In Chen Miao’s body, "I was very moved to see that women in the new era are not afraid of power, are not instigated by interests, and speak for justice". The director said that Zhou Dongyu tried a "role with a sense of age and strong energy output" this time, and Chen Miao had the power of women. "She was not influenced by family of origin, and she worked hard to achieve her career. When she encountered problems, she had the special strength to help more vulnerable victims."

The public opinion confrontation is shocking, and the role contrast is surprising.

The audience praised the film and woke themselves up "to make a brave voice of justice"

In the movie, Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin launched a fierce public opinion game around the "industrial chain of choosing a concubine on campus" caused by a girl’s jumping off a building. The audience called "the bloody reality is shocking" and "the public opinion confrontation is very enjoyable again and again". Among them, He Yan, played by Song Yang, is hard to distinguish between good and evil in the film, and the audience lamented "being cheated by acting", saying that "it was a special surprise to see the reversal after shaking with anger". When it comes to He Yan’s role design, Song Yang said frankly, "We should put him in the social animal state of middle-aged crisis", and even sometimes the audience will "ignore He Yan’s existence", which is exactly what is needed to shape the role, so as to "hide the last gorgeous turn".

The film not only unveiled the back of public opinion, but also brought more rational thinking to the audience. Some viewers said that the movie woke me up, "let me rethink the current network reality and social phenomenon", and "make a brave voice of justice" when facing similar incidents. The director said frankly: "In this era, the Internet is all around us. In case of any injustice, online public opinion may help everyone." Song Yang also said: "It is not Chen Miao’s team that finally defeated Peng Yue, but countless everyone. Everyone stands together and a single spark can burn out."


Gome notified and punished employees who "fished" at work, and announced videos, music-listening apps and traffic.

"Source of this article: Jiupai News"
On November 16th, a "Notice on Punishment for Violation of Employees’ Code of Conduct" issued by Gome triggered a heated discussion on the Internet, and it was posted on Weibo Hot Search on the same day.
According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, Gome’s response is true at this time.
On November 17th, the topic was ranked first on the Zhihu Hot List, which once again triggered a hot discussion among netizens.
According to the report of national business daily, according to the data, from August 30th to September 3rd, 2021, Gome notified and punished employees who watched videos, listened to music and brushed news during working hours.
The bulletin lists the things that employees in various regions are engaged in in in the office area that have nothing to do with their work, such as computer games, chatting online, listening to music and so on.
This penalty book contains the departments and names of employees, and even the non-work traffic in the background. The situation shows that most employees spend the most time "fishing" on Tencent Video and Tik Tok. The most conspicuous one is the employees of the Planning Audit and Asset Safety Center, who listened to 22.5 G’s on Netease Cloud Music, which is more than the traffic of watching videos on other floors.
According to the relevant provisions in the Code of Conduct for Employees and Management Standards for Office Places, the document stated that 10 non-outsourced employees were given a warning and 2 administrative penalties; For outsourced personnel, clear the field and do not outsource the site for the second time.
Reviews from netizens
Most netizens believe that it is difficult for normal people to achieve long-term high-intensity concentration, and it is normal to relax and adjust appropriately.
"Normal humans will be distracted and absent-minded when they do something. You can’t ask employees not to be people. "
"It is not a false demand to touch the fish at work. Even if it is the screw of the assembly line, it can’t produce high-intensity and uninterrupted work."
"Employees use company equipment to engage in non-work entertainment during working hours, which is definitely a violation of the relevant provisions of the company’s employee manual. The way the company publicly exposes names and traffic violates the procedures of personal information collection, processing and publicity. The handling method of this big-character poster is actually to hit the face of Gome managers. "
Some netizens also believe that fishing at work is a mistake, and it is correct for enterprises to punish according to rules and regulations.
"When did fishing at work become justified?"
"Enterprises hire people to create profits. It is normal to go to work and fish in violation of rules and regulations."
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UEFA has cooperated with the parent company of French football, and will jointly hold the Golden Globe Award from 2024.

On November 3rd, UEFA and media company Groupe Amaury (the owner of French football magazine and team newspaper) announced today that they will jointly organize the famous Golden Globe Award from 2024. The common goal of UEFA and Amauri Group is to enhance the status and global influence of the award, and at the same time cultivate the sense of unity and cooperation in football.

Since 1956, the Golden Globe Award has been awarded by the French football magazine every year, which is the most prestigious honor that a football player can get in recognition of the outstanding achievements and extraordinary talents of the award-winning players. As part of the agreement, Amauri Group remains the owner of the Golden Globe brand and will continue to supervise the voting system, which will remain unchanged and independent. UEFA will contribute its football expertise, market global commercial rights and organize the annual awards evening.

In addition, the plan will add two new awards, the Men’s Football Team and the Women’s Football Team Coach of the Year Award, which will recognize the valuable contribution of coaches. The current trophy lineup will keep the same names as before, namely, Golden Ball Award for Men’s Football Team, Golden Ball Award for Women’s Football Team, Copa Award (U21 Best Player), Yaxin Award (Best Goalkeeper), Gade-Mueller Award (Top Shooter last season), Club Award for Men’s Football Team, Club Award for Women’s Football Team and Socrates Award (Humanitarian Contribution).

UEFA President Cheferin said: "In the past 70 years, the Golden Globe Award has been the most prestigious personal honor in football, a proof of the extraordinary skills, dedication and influence of football legends, and an immortal mark left by them in the history of football. The competitions between UEFA clubs and national teams, such as the Champions League and the European Cup, are considered to be the highest stage for elite players in the world, and usually play a key role in the candidates for major honors and their position in the football temple. UEFA and Golden Globe are synonymous with sports Excellence, so our cooperation will be a natural integration of Excellence and synergy, which will be unparalleled. "

Jean-étienne Amaury, CEO of Amauri Group: "The Golden Globe Award is the dream award of the greatest players in the world. We hope that the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony will become a global event to showcase and highlight the individual and collective performances of top football players, inspire all football talents, and aim to gather the passion and enthusiasm of fans from all over the world. "

This cooperative relationship has further consolidated the relationship and historical ties between UEFA and Amauri Group, which can be traced back to more than half a century ago, when Team Newspaper contributed to the idea of creating the European Champions Cup, which has become the world’s top club competition, that is, the current European Champions League.



There is a new outlet in the make-up track: "pure beauty" with high unit price

Interface journalist | Zhou Fangying

Interface News Editor | Lou Qinqin

According to the investment community, the pure makeup brand "RED CHAMBER Zhu Zhan" has recently completed tens of millions of yuan of financing, led by Xinyi Capital, followed by Shuiyang shares, and the old shareholder Pullman Venture Capital continued to chase after the investment. Sky-Eye Survey shows that in September, 2021, the brand received angel round investment from Pullman Venture Capital, and the specific amount was not disclosed.

This round of financing is alleged to be used to accelerate the research and development of pure formulas, stabilize the supply chain, and continue to drive brand building and promotion.

The parent company of RED CHAMBER was founded in 2020, but the brand was officially unveiled in 2021. The first tweet of RED CHAMBER’s official micro-signal shows that the brand will focus on natural and pure characteristics.

According to its tweet, RED CHAMBER eliminated 2,800 risky and controversial ingredients, such as talcum powder, alcohol, essence, and cyclic silicon, according to the China Cosmetic Safety Technical Specification (2015 edition) and the EU EC(2020 edition) list of prohibited substances in cosmetics, and then screened out less than 600 pure ingredients from more than 10,000 cosmetic ingredients that were allowed to be added, so as to ensure that the risks of product sensitization and pore blockage were reduced.

As RED CHAMBER said in its introduction, due to the limitation of available raw materials, the research and development time and cost of pure beauty cosmetics are several times higher than those of ordinary products, and the research and development process is tantamount to "dancing with shackles".

This has led to a corresponding rise in product prices. The price of a single-color blush eye shadow multi-purpose cream in RED CHAMBER is 119 yuan, and the price of 15ml liquid foundation is 218 yuan, which is equivalent to that of Estee Lauder liquid foundation. In addition, RED CHAMBER also has makeup items such as powder cake, loose powder, high-gloss repair, makeup brush, makeup remover and so on.

Different from the idea that general beauty brands choose lipstick, eye shadow and other low acceptance thresholds to open the market, RED CHAMBER’s first product is "liquid foundation for small bottles". The brand has said that it hopes to take the products with good makeup foundation as the origin and then present the possibility of other makeup effects. Its first product series also includes loose powder, powder cake, air cushion and other makeup products.

But perhaps beyond RED CHAMBER’s expectation, the series of makeup products it invested heavily in did not become an explosion, but a multi-purpose cream for lip and cheek eye shadow to make the brand remembered. Searching for RED CHAMBER in Xiaohongshu will find that many users are sharing how to apply a full-face makeup with a multi-purpose cream to simplify the makeup process and achieve a more natural makeup effect.

The monthly sales volume of RED CHAMBER Tmall Ship Store also shows that its sales volume of multi-purpose cream ranks first, with the purchase data exceeding 10,000, while the number of pre-makeup gel cream buyers ranked second is only over 800.

Although pure beauty is still a new concept in China, it has gradually gained capital attention in recent two years. Local beauty brands such as Yiyi, Lanlan, MOJA and YOKIA all received financing.

However, compared with the grand occasion of frequent financing news of beauty track in the previous two years, it is not easy for RED CHAMBER to refinance this time as the beauty market as a whole is recovering from weakness.

Clean Beauty first emerged from European and American markets, and its concept gradually evolved from the safety and non-toxicity of ingredients used to all aspects of the whole industrial chain, such as requiring brands to be animal-friendly, zero cruelty, environmentally friendly and sustainable development.

At first, the dilemma faced by some pure beauty brands in China is that market education is very difficult, because there is no clear definition of the concept and controversial components of pure beauty in the market. But now with the introduction of group standards, more standardized pure beauty brands will usher in spring.

On July 10th, 2022, the General Rules for Pure Beauty of Cosmetics initiated by MCL Huaxi Kou brand was certified by Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department and published by Guangdong Cosmetics Society on the national group standard information platform.

"General Principles of Pure Beauty Cosmetics" officially defines pure beauty cosmetics for the first time: pure beauty cosmetics are cosmetics whose life cycle should be open, transparent and traceable, responsible for human health and safety, environmentally friendly and animal-friendly, and bear social responsibility and humanitarianism. This is also the first standard document for pure beauty in China.

But for pure beauty brands, standardized industry norms are only the first step. What is more difficult is how to make consumers accept the concept of "purity" and the high price that matches it.


The eight games with the highest scores this year are the first two faults. Which ones have you played?

This year is a very happy year for all players. Quite a few excellent games have been launched one after another this year, and their favorite games will be released almost every month. Even the founder of TGA lamented some time ago that this year is the biggest game year in the past 20 years. There are more than 20 games with 90 points or above, and each game can compete for the best level of the year 2 or 3 years ago. However, it is hard to get a nomination this year. The following eight games are the most popular and rated games this year, and the top two are ahead of all opponents. Let’s take a look at what you have played this year.

1. Mind killer 2

Average score of MC: 87.

Alan wake was a classic horror survival game in those days. The story tells that a writer named Allen Wake and his wife came to a town called Liangpu for a holiday, during which they encountered various paranormal, such as the disappearance of his wife, and embarked on a strange adventure to save his wife Allen. The name of the game was also named after the male host, and the excellent brain-burning plot and pictures and novel gameplay were well received at that time.

The production team of the game also produced some impressive works in the following years, such as Quantum Breaking, Control, etc. This year’s "killer 2 of Mind" is even more full of players’ expectations. Facts have proved that the sequel to this classic game 13 years ago did not disappoint the players. The game continues the first generation’s high-level narrative and environmental shaping, and the screen is completely the next generation’s level. After many years, players once again experienced the original satisfaction.

2. spider-man 2, Marvel Comics

Average score of MC: 90.

Insomnia group is a model worker in Sony’s first studio. From the first generation of Marvel Comics Spider-Man in 2018 to later Miles and this year’s Marvel Comics spider-man 2, three works with online quality have been produced in just five years. This efficient mode also makes Spider-Man fans enjoy it.

Compared with the first generation, the main story is excellent, and the branch lines and exploration parts are lacking. This time, Marvel Comics spider-man 2 can be said to have made a great improvement in the weaknesses of previous works. First of all, compared with the first generation’s high repetition and slightly perfunctory side tasks, the second generation’s side tasks are a lot of heart. Many tasks have independent plots and animation performances, which is equivalent to watching a short story after completion. Compared with the first generation, the exploration part has also increased a lot of content, and the patterns of spider silk swinging have also enriched a lot.

As for the main plot, not to mention, the performances of various big scenes bombard the players’ eyes from time to time in the game. Whether it is the plot party or the picture party, there are only two words: enjoyable.

3.street fighter 6

Average score of MC: 92.

Fighting games, as a game type with high difficulty in getting started and high learning cost, have always been relatively small, and many players have been dissuaded by its high threshold. Even the best-selling real-life quick-play series in fighting games, most players go for its plot and animation. As for the number of real people playing against it, it can be said that it is terrible compared with other types of games.

This time, "Street Fighter 6" has attracted many new players to a certain extent. First of all, it has joined the exploration gameplay for the first time. In fact, to put it bluntly, it is an RPG model with nurturing elements. Players can explore all parts of the world to complete tasks and get experience rewards and various equipment to enhance the strength of characters. For light players who are not good at fighting, the exploration mode can also let them better understand the world view and plot of Street Fighter. For the old players of fighting games, they can still enjoy the better pictures and animations of the new generation of street fighters.

4. Super Mario Brothers Surprise

Average score of MC: 92.

Although the Super Mario Odyssey of that year made many players who had never been exposed to Mario series know this 40-year-old IP, to say that the foundation of Nintendo is 2D Mario. Just over ten years after the previous generation of 2D Mario was working, at the end of the NS game console’s career, Super Mario Brothers Surprise came.

Personally, as a platform jumping game, I always stay away from 2D Mario. However, this time, the cancellation of time limit and the reduction of difficulty attracted me to into the pit. My personal feeling after the overall play is quite interesting. Every level seems to tell me how big Nintendo’s brain hole is. The unique surprise flower design is also my biggest motivation, because I just want to see what the next surprise flower can do for me.

Another highlight of the game is asynchronous online. Players can see other players who are playing at the same time while playing the level through online mode. They will not interfere with your actions, but after you die in the process of breaking through the barrier, you can turn into a soul state to find them to resurrect, and you can also look at the action routes of other players when looking for some hidden props. This kind of linkage that keeps a sense of distance can be said to be the most perfect online mode in my mind.

5. Resident Evil 4 remastered version

Average score of MC: 93.

The name of Resident Evil 4 must have been heard by even non-biochemical players. Whether it was the honor won in that year or the number of various versions reset over the years, it became a legend. Players can’t count the strange platforms on which they can play this game, but no matter what kind of reset, it can only be regarded as a small optimization, which can’t achieve the qualitative change effect.

This year’s Resident Evil 4 Remastered Edition is a real re-production of this classic game with modern technology. Excellent pictures, smooth optimization, more silky character movements and plot animation all make players unable to find fault. The plot comparison of the game was originally modified, and new play elements similar to the shooting range design in the remastered version were added. The Ada DLC that was subsequently launched further completed the plot of this work. It can be said that these two Biochemical 4 films of different times are legends of their own times.

6. Prime replica of Mitterrand

Average score of MC: 94.

Many players may be unfamiliar with the game Mitterrand, but I believe many players know it by another Chinese name, which is the Galaxy Warrior in the Galaxy Demon City type.

Galaxy Warrior has always been famous for its superb level design. This replica version not only retains the original excellent level design, but also enhances the image quality, and greatly improves the original clumsy operation feel, making it reach the operational level of truly modern FPS games. It also allows many players who are in contact with this game for the first time to better adapt to the gameplay, so as to experience this classic game that is still amazing even after 20 years.

7. The Gate of Bode 3

Average score of MC: 96.

Although this year’s masterpieces are piled up and all kinds of excellent games are crowded together, only two of them really stand out from this pile of masterpieces, and Bode Gate 3 is one of them. The average score of MC of 96 points also makes him stand in the highest position this year.

Speaking of the Bode Gate series, the last Bode Gate 2 was played by me when I was at school 20 years ago, so the decline of CRPG for many years led to the lack of a sequel to Bode Gate. Even when Larian, who had already produced Original Sin 2, took over the sequel of Bode Gate, many players said they were not optimistic.

However, this year’s full version of Bode Gate 3 gives everyone the best explanation. Excellent pictures and animation performances, massive content, interlocking plots and strategic battles together constitute this perfect fantasy world. It can easily devour hundreds of hours of game time of players unconsciously, and when I found this, I started a new day’s game while complaining that one day was wasted on the game. It can be said that the birth of Bode Gate 3 also shows that it is not that the current players don’t like CRPG, but that the previous ones were not fun enough.

8. Tears of the Kingdom of the legend of zelda

Average score of MC: 96.

Apart from Bode Gate 3, another outstanding game this year is Tears of the Kingdom of the legend of zelda. As a sequel to the Wilderness Breath that swept all the awards that year, many players once thought that the Tears of the Kingdom might not make much breakthrough before the release. After all, the previous work was too excellent. The Tears of the Kingdom tells the players with actual quality that the Zelda series has not stood still, but has gone further.

Compared with the breath of the wilderness, Tears of the Kingdom has added a new construction method, which is not only independent of the construction mode outside the game, but can really interact with all the elements in the whole world. In addition, Wang tears abandoned the four abilities of the previous game and adopted four brand-new abilities, which made the gameplay fundamentally different from the previous game. It can be said that there is no height between the tears of the kingdom and the breath of the wilderness. They are two parallel ways of playing in the same world, but they are both excellent enough.

In fact, this year’s excellent games are far more than the above eight models, and there are many excellent games such as the legacy of Hogwarts, the remake of dead space, Traveler 2, Pinocchio’s lies and so on. In previous years, they all had the qualification to participate in the competition for the best of the year. However, in this year’s situation, they may not even be nominated. This unprecedented game event is also a happy worry for players this year. Even if you try your best to play in your spare time, you will find that most games are too late to play. So, players, how many games have you played this year? Who is your best of the year?