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The release of the new M5 official map will be listed on April 23rd.

On April 11th, at the HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Meeting of Huawei, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, announced that the new M5 will be officially listed on the eve of the opening of Beijing Auto Show on April 23rd.

Judging from the official official map, the new M5 in Wenjie is basically consistent with the current model in terms of styling, and the new car has added red paint. We expect that the new M5 and M7 will be the same, and the price threshold will be further lowered while upgrading in terms of configuration and cruising range, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the whole vehicle.


Photos: The strongest handsome bodyguards from all over the world in history

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China bodyguards are more charming than stars.
  Of course, the first person to appear is our elite man in China. Military standard crew cut, straight black suit, alert eyes, serious expression, plus young and handsome. It is said that the appearance of these Zhongnanhai bodyguards on the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China has fas cinated the Hong Kong female journalists who are used to Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai, and they are constantly glancing at these "ouchi masters".

Israeli bodyguards who don’t like suits
  In the war-torn Middle East, there is no doubt about the business or appearance quality of Israeli bodyguards. It may be because of the hot climate and the supremacy of practicali ty. Unlike other countries, these handsome Jewish men usually don’t wear black suits when performing tasks. Jackets and cuffs are their favorite, but they can better show their strong figure.

Compatriots of God, Spanish bodyguards
  If you don’t say that God is Spanish, it really makes people feel that there is no way to explain why there are so many handsome guys in Spain. Handsome bodyguards produced in Spain are de finitely among the top three in Europe if they are better than appearance. Charming eyes, sharp edges and corners, even the wrinkles exude charm. Without being an entertainment star, the small universe really feels a little greedy.

Cemetery generator Russian bodyguard
  This eldest brother is said to be the personal bodyguard of Putin, the most attractive man in Russia. Although a little bald, there is only one word to describe his appearance: handsome. A small white face, especially those sparkling eyes, is definitely a "graveyard generator". If I hadn’t been told that this eldest brother was a bodyguard, which star would I have seen?
Bodyguard entertainment edition

Kevin Costner
  In the movie "Bodyguard", he plays a gentle and gentlemanly bodyguard who is full of love everywhere, and the image of a warm-blooded tough guy who is sincere and calm. He reveals a warm life atmosphere from time to time in his strength and courage. He is willing to be accused and snubbed in order to protect his children and a happy family, and stands up in a critical moment, which is touching.

Jet Li
  At the peak of his personal work, the movie "Zhongnanhai Bodyguard" showed his charm to the greatest extent. Lightweight posture, extraordinary skill, and restrained feelings have left a deep "tough guy" image for China’s bodyguards.

Tak Chung Ma
  Before I entered the entertainment circle, I actually worked as a bodyguard, and I was also a member of G4, a Hong Kong police protection VIP group, to protect visiting dignitaries. When Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew and British Crown Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Hong Kong, he was one of the bodyguards.

Editor: Li Erqing


Buy grain (short story)

Text/Sun Changguo
When the neighbor’s chicken crowed for the first time, Geng Changfu got up. In fact, I didn’t sleep much all night. For three days, except for a full belly of boiled water, I didn’t touch my teeth. How can I sleep steadily?
The production team’s warehouse has long been out of food. The eldest brother and the second brother run out to dig wild vegetables every day, and sometimes they can’t dig less than half a basket on the 30-40-mile mountain road. After all, every household’s food is not plentiful. The child’s mother hasn’t had milk since she gave birth to three boys. The child cries with hunger every day. Poor big Ni ‘er is only seven years old, but every day she holds three children in her arms and asks others to find milk to eat. Er Nizi is only five years old, and she sits motionless in the corner like a sick little Yaner every day. That’s hungry …
With the faint light coming through the window, he glanced at the five children lying on the heatable adobe sleeping platform, and his empty heart suddenly became tighter.
At noon yesterday, he heard from the people who came back from Miao Mountain that there was a need for a large number of grass stalks on the construction site where the reservoir was built in Changzhuang, and he was wondering about a handful of grass left at home, which might be sold. Thinking of this, he put on a broken cotton-padded jacket and got up. He went to the kang and said something to the child’s mother, and then he went on his way with a straw.
It’s still a little cold in early spring, and I haven’t eaten for a few days. The 40-50-mile walk from home to Miaoshan feels particularly long. The sun climbed up the mountain and only walked more than ten miles, but the sweat on my face rolled like beans and fell down one by one. The wild vegetables on the roadside, including the tender leaves that are a little green, have long been picked up. At least I saw an elm tree, and Changfu broke off a branch and put it in my mouth to chew, so I felt a little full in my heart.
After barely walking more than ten miles, Changfu only felt that his footsteps were getting more and more stumbling and his head was getting heavier and heavier. He kept telling himself that he couldn’t fall down, and there were still several mouths at home waiting for him to get food back, but a fishy smell came to his throat, and then he didn’t know anything.
When he woke up again, he first saw the face of a People’s Liberation Army, and then fixed his eyes, only to find himself lying in the arms of another People’s Liberation Army. The People’s Liberation Army he saw was looking at him with a kettle.
"Hometown, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?" The PLA man with a kettle asked.
"I’m fine, maybe I just walked too much and was tired." Changfu replied.
Oh, take a sip of water and have a rest.
Looking at the kettle handed over by the People’s Liberation Army, Changfu said with a wry smile: "Thank you, Comrade. To tell you the truth, I haven’t eaten for two or three days, and my stomach is full of water. I really don’t want to drink it."
"I haven’t eaten for two or three days, so what are you?" ……
"There is really nothing to eat at home. I heard that there is a need for straw to build a water reservoir in Changzhuang. I want to try it in the past and stutter at home."
The air seemed to condense in an instant, and Changfu clearly saw the tears rolling out of the determined eyes of the two PLA men. They went to the side and muttered for a while. They came to Changfu and said, "Hometown, it’s still a long way to Changzhuang. Besides, people may not be able to collect your straw after going there. Just because the army needs straw, we will collect it and give you 20 Jin of sticks. What do you think?"
Twenty pounds, this load of straw is put aside at ordinary times, but even five pounds of sticks can’t be exchanged. All of a sudden, I gave twenty pounds, and Changfu didn’t believe his ears. At that time, he stammered. Two PLA men threw straw into the Bucket of the truck, and handed half a bag of sticks to Changfu’s hand, accompanied by two raw sweet potatoes: "Hometown, now the country is in trouble, we have to grit our teeth and get through it. These two sweet potatoes were given to you by us, so you should eat a cushion first." They drove away before Changfu could export the words of gratitude.
When it was dark, Changfu saw the crooked-necked tree at the head of the village and two monkey children waiting under it.
"Dad is back …" Seeing him from afar, the second child trotted over and spread out his dirty little hand: "Today, my eldest brother and I went to the Arnebia euchroma to dig vegetables and found a handful of soft dates for dad to eat." Zicaowa, it’s almost the border of the neighboring county. Looking at the soft dates in the children’s hands, Changfu couldn’t help but have a sour nose: "Good boy, go back and call your mother, say that Dad has bought food and come out to push it …"
When the water was boiling and the noodle was ready to be cooked, Changfu handed the child his mother two sweet potatoes, and one of them took a bite. Looking at the tooth marks on the sweet potatoes, the child’s mother didn’t say a word, and the tears in her eyes were scattered in the boiling water with the noodle, which made a beautiful splash.
About the author: Sun Changguo, pen name Damu, a native of Laiwu District, Jinan City, now lives in Boshan District, Zibo City. Vice chairman of Boshan Writers Association, director of Zibo Writers Association, member of Jinan Writers Association and member of Shandong Writing Society.
Yi Dian Hao da mu
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World Weekly’s "New Strategy" for the United States and Ukraine?

Original title: World Weekly’s "New Strategy" for the United States and Ukraine?
With the coming of severe winter, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has lasted for 22 months, is more and more like a forgotten war. This week, Ukrainian President Zelenski visited Washington again when Ukraine’s counter-offensive failed and US aid to Ukraine was "about to run out". From the outside world, Zelenski’s trip has a strong purpose of "alms". However, the BBC pointed out that Zelenski’s trip was almost "nothing" and the aid to Ukraine remained deadlocked. The New York Times further pointed out that senior US and Ukrainian military officials were holding talks to try to find a "new strategy".

eleven past ten p.m.
December 10th, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Travel-stained Ukrainian President Zelenski flew halfway around the world to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new Argentine President Milo. However, Zelenski, who was in Argentina, had already flown to the United States.
Ukrainian President Zelenski:Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I will go to Washington with my team. We have arranged many meetings and negotiations with President Biden and Congress, which is of great significance.
The next day, Zelenski started his third visit to the United States after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
But unlike the previous two times, this time Washington didn’t greet him with a red carpet.
On the afternoon of December 12th, US President Biden met with visiting Zelenski in the Oval Office of the White House. Then the two held a joint press conference.
In the YouTube live broadcast of the White House, people actually found such an embarrassing scene.
Ukrainian President Zelenski:American leadership is critical to maintaining this unity.
Soon, this video went viral on social media. Some netizens commented: "This is very embarrassing. Why does Biden blow his nose at Zelenski?"
In fact, when two people face reporters together, such embarrassment appears constantly.
Reporter:Many Republicans question Ukraine’s ability to win the war. US Senator Vance even said recently that Ukraine needs to cede some territory to stop fighting. Honestly, have you considered giving up territory to stop fighting?
Ukrainian President Zelenski:This question is not only related to what we say or think, but also whether we are fully prepared. How could Ukraine give up its territory? To be honest, it’s crazy.
In December last year, Zelenski started his first visit to the United States since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
During that visit, he received nearly $1.8 billion in military assistance from the United States and the Patriot air defense missile system.
In 2023, the United States and Europe increased their aid to the Ukrainian army, and even gave the green light to provide main battle tanks and long-range weapons.
This time, however, subtle changes have taken place in the political atmosphere of US domestic aid to Ukraine.
The reason is very simple. Aid is not without cost. However, since the summer of this year, the Ukrainian military has made little progress in its counter-offensive with western-trained personnel and weapons, and the Russian-Ukrainian war is in trouble.
The British "Financial Times" pointed out that Ukraine felt the "aid fatigue syndrome" in the West.
On December 12th, it was not only Zelenski who was pressed by reporters, but also US President Biden.
Reporter:In recent months, Ukraine’s counterattack has stagnated, and Congress has blocked the passage of the aid budget for Ukraine. Putin seems ready to wait until the situation is over. So, what strategies will the United States and Ukraine adopt next year to reverse this situation? If it fails, as a friend, when will you say to Ukraine, "Maybe it’s time to start seeking peace talks"?
US President Biden:We need to ensure that Putin continues to fail in Ukraine and Ukraine continues to succeed. The best way is to pass a supplementary budget.
Biden’s supplementary budget is a package of funding proposals put forward by the White House, including more than 60 billion US dollars in aid to Ukraine.
However, just last week, the budget was rejected by the Senate because of the opposition of ultra-conservative Republican lawmakers and some centrists.
Seeing that the US Congress is about to adjourn before the traditional holiday, Biden is anxious and helpless.
US President Biden:This can’t wait any longer. Congress needs to pass supplementary appropriations for Ukraine before the holiday recess. It’s as simple as that.
The promised 60 billion aid to Ukraine was blocked, and the amount of aid to Ukraine announced by Biden in front of Zelenski was only a fraction: $200 million. Even his words changed subtly: "We will support them as long as we can".
Prior to this, Biden said many times: "We will support Ukraine as long as it takes."
This may be the biggest knot of Zelenski’s visit to the United States.
On the morning of the meeting with Biden, he had just held closed-door talks with US congressmen, trying to persuade them to release the aid funds to Ukraine. After leaving Congress, Zelenski posted on social media that the talks were "friendly and frank".
However, the media noticed that when he walked out of the Capitol, he didn’t stop to answer reporters’ questions, which seemed to be in a bad mood.
Johnson, the Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives, echoed Zelenski’s statement.
Johnson, Speaker of the US House of Representatives:I just had a pleasant talk with President Zelenski, and I reiterate that we stand with him.
But after verbal support, Johnson’s next words will not make President Zelenski feel happy, but will be even more disturbing.
Johnson, Speaker of the US House of Representatives:The Biden administration seems to be asking for billions of dollars in extra funds, without proper supervision, without a clear winning strategy, and without the answer I think the American people deserve.
In fact, in the United States, where the party struggle is increasingly fierce, Republicans have seen an "opportunity" to use the Biden administration’s urgent psychology to help Ukraine.
Johnson, Speaker of the US House of Representatives:Since I took over as Speaker, I have made it very clear that we need to be clear about our actions in Ukraine and how we can properly supervise the valuable taxes of American taxpayers. We need a revolutionary border policy.
This actually means that Republicans will use the $60 billion in new reinforcements to Ukraine as a bargaining chip, forcing Biden’s government to accept the border immigration policy during Trump’s period, including further building the border fence and tightening refugee qualifications.
If the Biden administration accepts these conditions, it will be tantamount to "political suicide."
With the approaching of the 2024 American election, the tearing struggle between the two parties has also intensified.
On December 13th, local time, the day after Biden met with Zelenski, Republicans in the US House of Representatives voted to formally investigate the impeachment of US President Biden.
James Comer, Chairman of the US House Oversight Committee:This is a survey of public corruption at the highest level, and we have accumulated a lot of evidence related to the vast majority of Americans.
As soon as Biden met with Zelenski at the meeting, Republicans threw out the political "nuclear bomb" of impeachment, which was tantamount to hoping to completely destroy Biden’s re-election path.
And Zelenski’s trip to "ask for help" seems doomed to "no gain".
Kirby, spokesman of the US National Security Council:Today, we announced the latest security assistance plan to support Ukraine. This is the 52nd batch of weapons and equipment we sent to Ukraine to help them meet the urgent battlefield needs while continuing their counter-offensive.
On December 6th, before Zelenski’s visit to the United States, the United States announced a new batch of aid weapons, including artillery and ammunition.
On the 7th, when meeting with visiting British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, Secretary of State blinken listed the western aid to Ukraine.
US Secretary of State blinken:The United States has provided more than $70 billion in aid to Ukraine, and our European allies have provided more than $110 billion in support.
The vast majority of these huge funds have become weapons provided to Uzbekistan, but the protracted war has consumed a large amount of American weapons stocks. In July this year, the United States even provided Ukraine with mass destruction cluster munitions that were banned by international law.
This was strongly opposed by the majority of the American people.
In October this year, a poll in Reuters showed that about 35% of Americans now disapprove of US arms assistance to Ukraine. In this regard, the Russian "Viewpoint" commented that the West is now beginning to realize that Ukraine has become an abyss.
On December 7th, US Secretary of State blinken told the truth about aiding Ukraine.
US Secretary of State blinken:90% of the security assistance we provide is actually spent in the United States, on our manufacturers and our production, creating more employment opportunities for Americans and promoting our own economic growth.
Using Ukraine to consume Russia, and American factories can also get weapons orders, which is the real logic of aiding Ukraine.
US Secretary of Defense lloyd austin:During this administration, the output of artillery shells in the United States will not only increase, but also quadruple. At the same time, we launched what the Army called the most ambitious modernization of the national defense industry in the past 40 years.
However, even if the arch fire war can kill two birds with one stone, the United States still has to calculate the "cost-effectiveness ratio".
On December 12th, an article in The New York Times entitled "After the failed counterattack, the United States and Ukraine seek a new strategy" revealed that while Zelenski hopes to continue to launch ground attacks to attract the world’s attention, the Biden administration is promoting a new strategy to be implemented from the beginning of next year, so that Ukraine can turn to the defensive, and at the same time accumulate materials and mobilize troops.
US Secretary of Defense Austin:Today we are working with our allies and partners to help Ukraine build an armed force that can resist Russia in the next few years.
The New York Times also disclosed that the United States has decided to increase its efforts to provide "face-to-face military advice" to Ukraine, and is prepared to send a Samsung general to stay in Kiev for quite a long time.
Some American officials said that if Ukraine does not change its strategy, there may be a situation in 1916 during World War I in 2024, when a large number of soldiers were killed, but the front line has hardly changed.
For Zelenski, this is not good news.
On December 13th, Zelenski made a surprise visit to the Norwegian capital.
According to The Wall Street Journal, this shows that Ukraine turned its hope to Europe after the United States was cold for help.
However, on the issue of aiding Ukraine, cracks have already appeared within Europe.
The French newspaper Le Monde reported that since Zaluzhnyi, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, publicly admitted that the front-line war was deadlocked, a "general sense of helplessness" has always hung over Kiev’s western allies. In Europe, aid to Ukraine has increasingly become the weight of the game for countries’ own interests.
December 13th, Oslo, Norway. Zelenski received "good news" as soon as he arrived in Norway.
On this day, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland held a Nordic summit. The meeting issued a joint statement saying: "The Nordic countries will stand with Ukraine."
Compared with verbal support, real money and silver aid is naturally true and reliable.
The Norwegian Parliament has previously approved a package plan to donate 75 billion kronor to Ukraine within five years, and the first batch will donate 3 billion kronor (about 2.08 billion yuan).
However, in addition to being happy, Zelenski still values another summit in another place.
Ukrainian President Zelenski:First of all, the summit held on December 14th was not easy. We are very satisfied that 99% countries in the EU support Ukraine, and they are ready to start negotiations on Ukraine’s future accession to the EU.
On December 14th, EU leaders gathered in Brussels for the last summit of this year. At this summit, the most concerned issue is undoubtedly Ukraine’s accession to the EU and its aid to Ukraine of 50 billion euros.
Just before the opening of the summit, the European Commission announced that it would unfreeze about 10 billion euros of "cohesion fund" for Hungary.
The BBC said that this move can be interpreted as the EU’s attempt to soften Hungary’s position. Because Hungary has raised objections to the EU’s opening of Ukraine’s accession negotiations and aid to Ukraine, both of which must be approved by all EU members.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban:Ukraine’s rapid accession to the EU is not in the interests of Hungary or the EU.
Zelenski was well aware of Orban’s attitude, and he tried to convince Orban when he attended the inauguration ceremony of the new Argentine president.
Ukrainian President Zelenski:During the inauguration ceremony, I had a talk with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, which was very straightforward and focused on our European affairs.
However, Orban’s position has not changed. Before attending the EU summit, he told the Hungarian parliament: "In Europe, we are the spokesmen of common sense."
Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economy West Jardot:The EU should expand peace and should not accommodate war, and we feel that allowing Ukraine to join now also means including war.
According to EU sources, during the voting on December 14th, Orban temporarily left the voting hall. This absentee voting was not an accident, but was agreed with Orban in a constructive way in advance by the EU.
After the vote on that day, Orban said on social media that it was irrational and meaningless to start accession negotiations with Ukraine.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban:Since the other 26 countries insisted on this decision, Hungary decided to let them go their own way, and Hungary was unwilling to participate in this wrong decision.
In fact, European public opinion believes that as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, the "Ukrainian fatigue syndrome" is also spreading in more and more EU countries. Except Hungary, the attitudes of Poland, Slovakia, Austria and other countries are actually changing.
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fizzo has repeatedly stated that Slovakia supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity and independence, but will not provide it with military assistance.
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fizzo:Because I don’t believe that military assistance can solve the Ukrainian crisis.
On December 11th, Austrian Prime Minister Nehmer said at a government meeting that "Ukraine should not be given any preferential treatment" on the issue of joining the EU. Behind the change of attitude are the different interests of EU countries.
On December 8, representatives of agricultural organizations and food producers from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia held a meeting, calling on the EU to urgently deal with the negative impact of Ukrainian agricultural products exported to the European market.
Because Ukrainian agricultural products were blocked from being transported through the Black Sea, a large number of them entered Europe and hit the markets of Poland and other countries, causing dissatisfaction.
Pavel Lipovski runs a 500-hectare farm in central Poland. He said that the detention of Ukrainian agricultural products had a huge impact on his farm and family.
Polish farmer Pavel Lipovski:Since the conflict of exporting agricultural products in Ukraine, the prices of local agricultural products have been declining. The price of wheat has dropped by a third, and corn is nearly a third cheaper. In addition, our profits are very small. If we continue like this, even if our country has so many hectares of land, I can’t see any prospects.
At the same time, since the European Union lifted the restriction on the number of people entering Europe to help Ukraine in the war, Polish truck drivers have been accusing Ukrainians of stealing their business, and a large number of drivers blocked the border between Poland and Ukraine and launched a strike.
Pavel Ozgra, Chairman of the Strike Committee:We have been supporting Ukraine, but we also need to support our own families. For our company, this is a matter of survival or destruction.
Villager Yolanda in a village near Poland:I don’t support Ukrainians anymore. I’m fed up with them.
The protracted Russia-Ukraine conflict and its spillover effects have made all EU countries consider their own interests.
On December 13th, the German newspaper frankfurter allgemeine zeitung quoted the latest report of the German Economic Research Institute as saying that if Ukraine joins the EU, up to 17% of the EU common budget will flow into Ukraine, of which only the agricultural subsidies to Ukraine will be as high as 130 billion to 190 billion euros in the next few years.
Zimbabwe MP Supa Mandiwanzla:Recently, Europe has also realized that they have not benefited from the conflict. Compared with before the conflict, the economy has fallen into a quagmire. They tried to sanction Russia, but to some extent, they strengthened Russia and weakened Europe and EU countries.
In fact, throughout Europe, the call for a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis has become louder and louder.
On September 21st this year, on the International Day of Peace, several cities in Germany held peaceful rallies, calling for a peaceful settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
German people Wolfgang:Military means is not the solution to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict can only be resolved through diplomatic means.
German people Mishi:Weapons delivery cannot solve conflicts, only peaceful negotiations can.
Even those European politicians who strongly support aid to Ukraine in public may not really think so.
According to the British Guardian, two Russian pranks phoned Italian Prime Minister Silvio meloni in September this year, posing as African leaders. On the phone, meloni expressed his true thoughts on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
Italian Prime Minister meloni:I see that everyone is tired, and I must tell the truth, from all sides.
Under the leadership of the United States, the West continues to send weapons and equipment to Ukraine, and its real purpose is for its own interests.
For Norway, which actively assisted Ukraine, Russian TV today quoted NRK, a Norwegian public broadcaster, as saying that the country earned $31 billion from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which led to soaring energy prices. Last year, Norway’s oil and gas revenue hit a record high.
Brazilian geopolitical scholar Pepe Escobar:First of all, it needs to be clear that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is a war in which the United States uses NATO against Russia. Secondly, this war is not good for Europe, because the initiators of the war began to plan at least eight years ago, and their purpose is to deindustrialize Europe, cut off the economic ties between Germany and Russia, and make Europe an ornament of American hegemony.
Today, compared with last year’s support for Ukraine, there is no prospect of victory in the war, which has caused the EU as a whole to fall into "aid fatigue".
In particular, the European Union, which is in the midst of an economic crisis, is considering cutting its own budget, so it is difficult to bear any new burden.
On December 15th, the EU Summit voted on the much-watched 50 billion euro aid plan to Ukraine. Because Hungary voted against it, it failed to reach an agreement on the plan.
Australia’s "Dialogue" news network bluntly said that in the past week, the aid plans of the United States and Europe have both been frustrated, which makes people feel that the fate of Ukraine is more like being decided by Washington and Brussels than by the battlefield.
Nowadays, for western politicians, Ukraine seems to have become a "hot potato" and a "victim" that can be abandoned at any time.
In the coming year of 2024, both the United States and Russia will hold general elections, which makes the prospect of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict even more confusing.
According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, whether the West can continue to vigorously aid Ukraine, whether Ukraine can continue to endure casualties and inconvenience in life, and who can be elected president of the United States in 2024, these three factors may influence the outcome of this war.
Source: CCTV news client

The war empire created by lies


  Author: Hong Yuan (researcher, American Institute, China Academy of Social Sciences)

  Making and manipulating public opinion is an important tool for hegemonic countries to shape ideology, and it is also a powerful weapon to fool the public and overthrow a regime. Artificially guiding and creating public opinion, and repeatedly propagating the opinions of specific people, can often create a false public opinion field that is universal and contrary to the will of the public. This is also the usual trick of the German Nazis during World War II, in order to achieve the goal of "repeating a lie a thousand times is the truth". In the Internet age, through unilateral information feeding, the party who has the right to speak can often compile an "information cocoon room" and spread false information to achieve the purpose of shaping public opinion and mastering the public. It is the privilege of a few ruling classes to promote and shape public opinion by controlling the right to speak. The wave of public opinion it has set off does not represent the will of the country and the people, let alone reflect the truth. It is only a few classes and forces that have the right to speak deliberately to achieve special goals. Looking back at history and shaping public opinion with lies is a universal and important pre-war preparation for the United States to launch wars overseas.

  Powell vial — — Make war with lies

  It is the usual practice of the United States to create lies and wage war. On February 5, 2003, the famous "United Nations Night", then US Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, accusing Saddam Hussein’s regime of possessing weapons of mass destruction that threatened global security, and showed the so-called anthrax vials to the participants in an attempt to convince the world that the United States was going to war against Iraq. Powell, who once held an important position in the US military, did not lack the ability of military judgment, but joined forces with the US military-industrial complex to deceive the world, including the American people, and launched an invasion war with lies. After the American occupation, the rebellion in Iraq gradually turned into sectarian violence, killing countless Iraqi civilians, and the war lasted much longer than predicted by the Bush administration. In 2011, after the withdrawal of the Obama administration, the terrorist organization "Islamic State" swept through and occupied a large part of Iraq. The war has brought turmoil, chaos and violence to Iraq for more than ten years. According to incomplete estimates, the number of Iraqis who died in the war is about 1 million or more, not including the 500,000 infants who died because of lack of medical care and medicine, but a country in ruin may never find out the real number of deaths in the war. Similarly, the United States has suffered more than 60,000 casualties and 4 trillion US dollars in direct and indirect costs. However, the US military did not find weapons of mass destruction and "Biological laboratory trailer ",Powell’s lies became a permanent stain on his career.

  Powell ignored the warning of the intelligence department, deviated from the facts and "fabricated evidence" in an attempt to convince the world with lies, and finally launched the Iraq war. According to the information of American intelligence department, Powell cited "irrefutable and undeniable" evidence, which showed that Iraq still hides a large number of terrorist weapons. Powell’s chief of staff once pointed out that Powell privately indicated that it was unlikely to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In addition, Powell used the information of American intelligence agencies about Iraq’s purchase of aluminum tubes to fabricate accusations that Iraq was restarting its nuclear weapons program, but it was later proved that the aluminum tubes were only materials for manufacturing conventional rocket weapons. Similarly, Powell deliberately distorted the conversation between Iraqi officers about the UN inspection, turning it from evidence of Iraq’s compliance with UN resolutions to evidence of Iraq’s violation of UN resolutions. In the end, the United States used Powell’s fabricated evidence to flagrantly launch the war of invading Iraq. Obviously, Powell’s loyalty to American military interests made him willing to deceive the world until he died, let alone be responsible for launching the Iraq war.

  A guarantee of the persistence of lies. The boastful "embedded interview" is also one of the ways for the US military to create lies in order to win the war in Iraq. In September 2003, American generals and some journalists who had participated in the Iraq war held a meeting at the American Army Military Academy in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, to discuss the role of "embedded" interviews of journalists in the Iraq war. The U.S. military admitted that the purpose of arranging journalists from all over the world to "embed" interviews with combat troops is to hope that Iraqi commanders can realize the speed of the U.S. military from news reports and achieve a shocking effect. As David Perkins, commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division, said, "I just want them to report what happened. If allowing the media to accurately report is to use them (journalists), then they are used by (us) … … The main purpose is to get these reports out. " "Embedded interview" can ensure the persistence of the lies woven by the ruling group, ensure self-justification, ensure that journalists do not contact each other and ordinary people, and ensure the controllability of what journalists think, see, think and report. By limiting the time, space and information sources of journalists, we will create a one-way indoctrination "information cocoon room" and force journalists to cooperate with themselves.Publish war reports that are beneficial to you.

  "Zero Casualty" and "Highway of Death" — — A lie covered up in the war

  The title war is one of the means by which the United States uses its discourse power to blur the attribute of the place where the war took place and create international public opinion. People are familiar with the "Gulf War" led by the United States, and its factual name should be "Persian Gulf War". "Gulf" is only a geographical term at best. There is no such place as "Gulf" on the world map, but the Persian Gulf really exists and the US military fought a real war here. "Gulf War" or "Persian Gulf War" is not a name dispute, but the United States is using the right of discourse to substitute flowers for trees, blurring the name of the place where the war took place, trying to ignore the existence of Iran, a major country in the region, and creating international public opinion for its unjust war around Iran. This can be called a textbook case for the naming right of world history.

  In order to achieve the purpose of war, the lies of the US government will also appear at home. The use of depleted uranium bombs in war often leads to the exposure of soldiers to radioactive environment, which in turn leads to the illness of combatants. However, the US government has tried its best to cover up the truth and fabricated the vague concept of "Gulf War Syndrome". It was a long time after the end of the Gulf War that the western media exposed the amazing inside story that the US and British troops used depleted uranium bombs in this war. The U.S. Central Command also publicly admitted that the U.S. and British forces did use depleted uranium bombs, saying that this was the first time that this new weapon was used in the war. Subsequently, the media in various countries reported that the officers and men who participated in the war in the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries caused by depleted uranium bombs suffered from long-term fatigue, fatigue, insomnia, depression, arrhythmia, renal failure, memory degradation, muscle pain, central nervous system injury and mental illness, and severe cases suffered from malignant diseases such as leukemia, lung cancer, liver cancer and skin cancer, which were collectively called "Gulf War Syndrome". According to incomplete statistics, more than 200,000 of the 700,000 officers and men directly involved in the fighting in the multinational forces have fallen ill, and thousands of them have died. Many of their newborn children suffer from severe deformity, congenital leukemia, lung cancer and kidney injury.

  A Pentagon document also admitted that in the "Desert Storm" military attack in 1991, the multinational forces led by the United States used air strikes as the main form, and used depleted uranium bombs to attack armored targets for the first time. When it hit the target, it would burn, smoke and fog, and it could penetrate armored and solid targets. The US military used 3.944 million depleted uranium bombs with a diameter of 30 mm and 14,000 depleted uranium bombs with a diameter greater than 30 mm in Iraq and Kuwait, and the total weight of depleted uranium materials reached 315 tons. According to the British Sunday Times on January 14th, 2001, citing a confidential document of the country’s IAEA, it was confirmed that during the Gulf War, the United States alone dropped at least 5,000 earth-penetrating bombs with depleted uranium cores, and 50,000 pounds of materials containing depleted uranium were left in the Gulf region in the form of shrapnel or smoke. If the smoke from these depleted uranium bombs is inhaled, it can theoretically cause 500 thousand deaths. The resulting nuclear radiation and toxic substances have caused incalculable pollution and harm to human body, natural environment and biological chain. The illegal production and use of depleted uranium bombs has aroused widespread concern in the international community and been severely condemned by public opinion all over the world. The United Nations Environment Programme, IAEA, and international peace and humanitarian organizations have visited the Gulf region to make an objective assessment of the great harm of depleted uranium bombs. Similarly, during the Vietnam War, the US military used chemical weapon "Agent Orange" defoliant to destroy the famous North Vietnam.Ho Chi Minh Trail ",the hereditary lifelong disease caused by it, also won the title of the American government — — Vietnam War Syndrome.

  Contemporary American military-industrial complex — — The source of war lies

  American President Eisenhower, who once commanded more than 3 million troops in the amphibious landing campaign of Operation Overlord in World War II, had in-depth insights into the political, military and economic operation of the United States. On January 17, 1961, Eisenhower delivered a famous "farewell speech" at the White House, exposing the close collusion between American arms and military groups. "In all government departments, we must be alert to the improper influence of the military-industrial complex, whether it pursues it this way or not." Eisenhower pointed out that there is a huge military-industrial complex in the United States, and its powerful energy and influence are the real dominant foreign policy of the United States. Eisenhower reminded the American people that "its existence is a trampling and deprivation of individual freedom rights". Sure enough, the military industrial group created lies to manipulate public opinion at home and abroad, which made the United States launch foreign wars endlessly to satisfy the military industrial group’s pursuit of profits.

  After the collapse of the Bretton Woods system in 1972, the dollar was decoupled from gold. Without the gold standard, the dollar almost lost the restrictions on issuing banknotes, and the United States entered the era of financial hegemony and imperialism. Financial oligarchs and military industrial oligarchs have merged with each other, creating lies like a duck to water in the Internet age, manipulating public opinion, provoking conflicts on a global scale, prospering the weapons and equipment market through war and war intimidation, and then gaining huge profits, and using financial means to hunt and "harvest leeks" to make ill-gotten wealth. In a sense, the contemporary military complex composed of American military enterprises, the Pentagon and financial oligarchs really dominates the United States like the shadow government.

  "We lie, we cheat" — — The way the United States continues to maintain hegemony

  From mass production of unconfirmed false information to providing Washington with an excuse to invade other countries, to participating in assassination, abusing prisoners, eavesdropping and manipulating public opinion, it will still be the choice for the United States to maintain its hegemony in the future. In April 2019, Mike Pompeo, then US Secretary of State and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, admitted in a speech at Texas A&M University: "When I was a student, what was the motto of the students at West Point Military Academy? You won’t lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do. After I was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, we lied, we cheated, and we stole. " Covert actions, overthrowing other governments, inciting rebellion and supporting multinational corporations are the daily actions of the CIA. According to the declassified information of the US government in 2019, the "Condor Operation" launched by the United States against Central and South American countries in the 1970s was estimated to have killed 60,000 people, and 30,000 people were killed in Argentina alone. In 2018, under the banner of "human rights" or "democracy", the National Endowment for Democracy in the United States allocated more than $23 million to seriously interfere in the internal affairs of major Latin American countries.

  A column in The Economist magazine in Britain rudely defined Pompeo as a "long-standing blabbermouth". The article pointed out that "even American spies could not produce evidence, Pompeo still insisted that Covid-19 was from the China laboratory". Facts have proved that these shameful and sad lie records of the US military and intelligence departments have already shattered the credibility of the United States, but they have also exposed the essence of serving American decision makers, that is, they continue to promote Washington’s hypocritical power politics regardless of the truth, facts and human conscience, and will continue to seek to maintain the unfair hegemonic position of the United States in the world.

  Guangming Daily (16th edition, March 22nd, 2022)