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Funbox | Can the super women’s group makeup of plmm in the creation camp be done for tens of dollars?

  Author: Sina original fashion

  From the beginning of the year to the summer, the draft style of the women’s team is getting hotter and hotter. Soon after the end of Youth with You 2, everyone started the mode of crazy pursuit of Creation Camp 2020 (hereinafter referred to as "Chuang 3"), and so many plmm are too feast for the eyes.

  Recently, the second ranking of Chuang3 has also been released. Xilina Yigao, Zheng Naixin and Chen Zhuoxuan are in the top three, followed by Akira, Zhang Yifan, Sally Liu and Wang Yijin. Come to Kangkang. Do you have your sister pick?

  The editor found that Chuang 3′ s sisters not only lost their beauty, but also had a better sense of sweetness. They may be impressed by their beautiful creation of the castle, and always feel that they are all small public works.

The legendary Chuang 3 Castle

  For example, the powerful and lovely Xilina Yigao inherits the advantages of Xinjiang’s mother in her dancing skills and face value. She is not a female group face in the public sense, but she is very beautiful and cool and sweet.

Curley Gao

  Beautiful girl hair bands are always so beautiful!

Xi Lin na yi Gao hair band

  Nene Zheng Naixin, a Thai Britney Spears, also left a deep impression on everyone. Her Chinese, which is not fluent but she is trying to express, is so sweet.


  Nene on the stage is also full of vigor and vitality. My sister’s makeup is also a sweet girlish style, jelly makeup with butterfly hair accessories, a proper little cute one, the kind that I can’t bear to vote for her!


  Akira is also an all-around player with both strength and face value, mainly because her short hair is cool and rustling, so charming!


  Xu Yiyang, a fresh fairy, looks delicate, has a sweet makeup, and her temperament is the standard of the women’s team.

Xu Yiyang

  There is also Wang Yijin, who combines beauty, temperament and field control strength. The private photos are also so beautiful.

Wang Yijin's private photo of Weibo

  After ripping off so many pictures of my third sister, the editor found that the three essential makeup methods for girls’ group makeup are: blingbling’s mermaid eye shadow, pink blush and misty lip makeup. In fact, the makeup of women’s group style is not only suitable for the stage, but also suitable for transforming into daily girl makeup. The bright and fresh makeup is very suitable for summer, so don’t follow it quickly!

Wang Yijin

  Get Chuang 3 sister’s sweet makeup must first enrich her cosmetic bag, but it is the shopping season in 618. What should I do if I want to buy too many things and lose my wallet? Don’t worry, I recommend to you some super easy-to-use and affordable make-up good things, less than 100 yuan to get 3 women’s groups with the same paragraph.

  Never mermaid sequined eye shadow-

  If you want to shine beautifully on the stage, you must create a blingbling mermaid eye makeup. Looking closely at Chuang San’s sister’s stage makeup, I found that they often use shiny elements around their eyes to make their eyes more shiny and charming. For example, Sun ZhenNi’s makeup, pearlescent eye shadow around the eyes and diamond sequins, shines under the stage lights, which is beautiful and moving.

Sun ZhenNi

  There is also Chen Zhuoxuan’s gold foil eye makeup, which is decorated with gold foil-like silver bright powder at the bottom of the eyes and turns into a mermaid princess in minutes.

Chen Zhuoxuan Chen Qing made Thailand meet.

  In daily life, plmm people also like to use slightly shiny eye shadow to brighten their colors. For example, Hillina’s high star eye shadow is smudged with pink and earth tone eye shadow first, and then embellished with big flash eye shadow, so that the eyes are like stars, and the crystal clear makeup feeling is good.

Xi Lin na yi

  In addition to glitter and sequins around the eyes, the shiny pearlescent lying silkworm is also a favorite of my sisters. The main tone of eye shadow is matte and soft, and only some pearlescent eye shadow is used to brighten the lying silkworm, creating a delicate makeup feeling and super charming.


  Editor’s recommendation:

  3CE Sanxi Yuchuchu Stars Bright Pearl #DOUBLE NOTE

3CE Sanxi Yuchuchu Stars Bright Pearl #DOUBLE NOTE

  RMB105/4.5g (online shopping price)

  Get the same women’s group flash, the elastic soft brush head is applied accurately, the makeup is moisturized, and the eyes are gently cared.

  Orange seven-color fun combination plate #11 starlight coral plate

Orange seven-color fun combination plate #11 starlight coral plate

  RMB69.8/8.5g (online shopping price)

  A plate of eye shadow, blush, highlight, repair capacity, versatile and friendly colors, easy to create charming makeup.

  Kazilan soft fantasy star yarn ten-color eye shadow tray #06 other shore sweet cherry (limited color)

Kazilan soft fantasy star yarn ten-color eye shadow tray #06 other shore sweet cherry (limited color)

  RMB79 (online shopping price)

  Bright star purple, reflecting the tenderness of cherry blossoms, four textures, mineral powder, smooth and smudged.

  Sweet peach powder blush-

  The second biggest makeup method for girls’ group is the explosive pink blush, which doesn’t need to be too thick. As long as it is lightly smudged on the cheeks or at the moment, the sweetness can be greatly improved, and it is also a must for stage makeup!

Xu Yiyang

  You can choose a pink blush that is similar to the skin color, and hit it in a large area from the cheekbone to the edge of the cheek to create a natural sense of shyness when you laugh. It is very sweet with the lip makeup of the same color.


  The orange blush is more suitable for younger sister whose skin is slightly darker than Huang Lue’s, and has more temperament on the basis of sweetness. However, nene’s orange blush in the picture below is really heavier, so it is ok to go on stage, and it is a daily necessity.


  What is more popular now is actually this kind of blush at the moment by Hilina Yigao. The blushing position is between the eyes and the cheekbones. If you want to make the makeup feel natural, you can use the eye shadow of the same color to create a pink eye makeup, and then extend it to the present position and gently smudge the blush. In this way, the focus of makeup will move upward, and risorius’s position will look youthful and energetic, his eyes will be more agile, and his face will be small.

Curley Gao

  Editor’s recommendation:

  HEDONE Inner Play Two-color Blush #Rosy Latte Small Heartbreak

HEDONE Inner Play Two-color Blush #Rosy Latte Small Heartbreak

  RMB89 (online shopping price)

  Small emotions on the cheeks, inner drama that can’t be hidden, Q-bomb powder ball that fingers can bully, transparent and zero powder feeling, super-lasting obedience, and two-color powder ball.

  ETUDE HOUSE Edie House Sweet Cookie Rouge #OR202 Sweet Coral Sugar Color

ETUDE HOUSE Edie House Sweet Cookie Rouge #OR202 Sweet Coral Sugar Color

  RMB68 (online shopping price)

  The delicate powder cake is soft and tender, not easy to float makeup, and the color holding effect is excellent. Pop, puff and pat two or three times, and the sweet girlish makeup full of fresh vitality can be completed.

  CANMAKE flowery rouge #04 strawberry hibiscus color

CANMAKE flowery rouge #04 strawberry hibiscus color

  RMB98 (online shopping price)

  The powder is smooth and durable, creating a natural and shining moving blush.

  Girlcult Emotional Blush Series # Spoil-Dry Rose

Girlcult Emotional Blush Series # Spoil Dry Rose

  RMB59 (online shopping price)

  Soft waxy silky, hemp potato texture, containing fine gold flash, fine luster primordial muscles. Add avocado, calendula and nut seed oil to relieve dry skin.

  Soft and foggy cherry lips-

  Finally, let’s take a look at the lip makeup of the younger sister of the women’s group: misty lips. Compared with the watery glass lips, foggy lips are rich, full, light and silky, and look more advanced and retro. They can not only hold the strong light of the stage, but also add texture to daily makeup, which is sweet and sexy, and very unique.

Sun ZhenNi

  If you want to talk about foggy lips, you still prefer positive red, retro and atmospheric, showing white and showing advanced.

Curley Gao

  This summer’s popular cherry juice color is also very suitable for creating a velvet-textured matte lip, which is white and bright. Even if the makeup of other parts is weakened, it will look good, and light makeup is a must.

Sally Liu

  Editor’s recommendation:

  PERFECT DIARY Perfect Diary to Perfect Soft Color Velvet Lip Glaze Mini Set 4 Pack Velvet Lip Glaze

PERFECT DIARY Perfect Diary to Perfect Soft Color Velvet Lip Glaze Mini Set 4 Pack Velvet Lip Glaze

  RMB99.9/1.5g*4 (online shopping price)

  4 sets of best-selling color numbers, high-definition velvet and foggy lips, rich color, smooth texture, and unyielding obedience, as gorgeous and comfortable as velvet dresses.

  Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin Hua Kiss Velvet Ink Print Lip Glaze #13 Crimson Sunset Rose

Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin Hua Kiss Velvet Ink Print Lip Glaze #13 Crimson Sunset Rose

  4g/RMB85 (online shopping price)

  Charming matte makeup, rich and moist when applied, presents matte texture after application, which keeps the lips full of color when just applied for a long time and is not easy to faint makeup.

  Hua Xi zi Hua Wu fan dish lipstick

Hua Xi zi Hua Wu fan dish lipstick

  RMB89 (online shopping price)

  The lip color is rich, the lip feeling is light and thin, the upper lip is silky, the lips are nourished by flowers, and the matte and silky feelings are taken into account, which is not only elegant in temperament, but also comfortable in lip feeling.

  After learning about dry goods and good things, let’s get the same summer girl makeup for the women’s group!


Only 2 yuan! Natural mineral water takes turns to "force the palace" Nongfu Spring Wahaha

Image source: Ipoh "Benyou"

The price of new mineral water products continues to drop, and the bottled water market may usher in a new pattern.

Ipoh has recently made new moves in the field of mineral water. Ipoh official Weibo shows that Ipoh recently launched a brand-new mineral water brand "Benyou", which includes two specifications of 350 ml and 555 ml. At present, it has been officially listed and priced in the most mainstream 2 yuan range of bottled water.

According to reports, the positioning of "Benyou" is a simple and fashionable drinking natural mineral water that satisfies consumers’ daily thirst quenching and has a sense of closeness. On the consumer side, not all consumers can know the difference between mineral water and pure water. However, Ipoh dropped the price of mineral water to 2 yuan market after Master Kong, which means that the price boundary between mineral water, natural water and purified water is blurring.
Image source: Ipoh Guanwei

As early as 2018, the retail price of Master Kong’s packaged drinking water terminal increased from 1 yuan to 2 yuan. At this point, the water age of bottled water in 1 yuan has completely ended, and the mainstream price of domestic bottled water has entered the 2 yuan range, but within this range, mineral water products are rare. For natural aquatic products, enterprises are required to lay out water sources in advance, and natural mineral water is required to obtain mineral water mining licenses at the same time, and mineral water categories have higher requirements for water sources and mineral water mining licenses.

However, in March this year, in March this year, Master Kong introduced a new bottled water product called "Drinking Mineral Springs", which was priced at a bottle of 2 yuan. It can be seen that the mineral water brand "Benyou" recently launched by Ipoh is also breaking through the 2 yuan water track. This means that mineral water products, which were originally priced higher than pure water, are exploring the market price boundary.

Ipoh and Master Kong have successively launched 2 yuan mineral water. In the price belt market in 2 yuan, the competition for drinking water will be more intense.

With the debut of pure water, Ipoh’s bottled water business has always been mainly based on pure water. Since last year, Ipoh has launched the high-end mineral water "Ipoh Dew" for the first time at a price of one bottle in 15 yuan, which can be said to be a luxury in drinking water. The mineral water brand "Benyou" launched this time is priced in 2 yuan and has the characteristics of "being close to the people".

Specifically, this time, "Benyou" launched different specifications of PET plastic bottles, including 555 ml and 350 ml, which were priced in 2 yuan and 1.5 yuan respectively. Among them, the 350 ml mini bottle is mainly portable when going out to meet the female group with a small amount of disposable drinking.

In the direction of supply chain, Ipoh has also increased its efforts. It is understood that in February this year, the commissioning ceremony of China Resources Ipoh East China Production Base was held in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. After all the production, it will become the first all-product factory of China Resources Ipoh, covering 8 mainstream drinks such as packaged water, near-water drinks, sports drinks, milk tea, coffee, fruit juice, tea drinks and lactic acid bacteria drinks, with an annual production capacity of nearly 200 million cases.

From pure water to mineral water, Ipoh launched "Benyou" in 2 yuan, which continued to open the price war in the mineral water market.

In fact, mineral water prices in 2 yuan are rare.

First of all, the 2 yuan price band is the main product price range of Ipoh Pure Water. However, in bottled water, the price range of brand products represented by ice dew, Wahaha and Master Kong pure water is usually within 1.5 yuan, and natural water is in 1.5 yuan, while the price of natural mineral water is usually higher than that of 2 yuan.

At present, among the domestic mineral water brands, Jinmailang’s Jinmao, Yuanqi Forest’s Mined, Changbaixue, Tongyi Aikua and Baisui Mountain are all above 3 yuan and 3 yuan, while 2 yuan’s mineral water brands are few.

At the same time, the market size of mineral water market is larger than that of pure water. Packaging drinking water is divided into natural water, natural mineral water, drinking pure water and other drinking water according to the different water sources. Because there is no restriction on the source of drinking pure water, according to Jost Sullivan’s report, drinking pure water is the largest market at present, which is 119.1 billion yuan in 2019, accounting for 60.4%.

According to Jost Sullivan’s data, from 2014 to 2019, the compound annual growth rates of natural water and natural mineral water were 24.8% and 18.4% respectively, and the CAGR of retail sales was 29.1% and 19.0% respectively. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rates of natural water and natural mineral water will be 15.4% and 14.2% respectively from 2019 to 2024.

The sales growth rate of natural water and mineral water is expected to be faster than that of pure water. According to the Annual Report on Mineral Water Consumption Trends in 2022, the sales growth rates of mineral water, drinking natural water and purified water were 43%, 35% and 31% respectively, and the growth rate of purified water was the lowest.

Judging from the domestic bottled water market share, the head brand has a high market share and market concentration. The market share is the highest, followed by China Resources Ipoh. The bottled water market share of the top six enterprises has exceeded 80% of all domestic markets.

Since the beginning of this year, in the bottled water market, most brands have not made large-scale new moves for mineral water tracks, but the new products and brand upgrades for this are very lively.

Zong Qinghou once said that the beverage industry is out of date and will always be a sunrise industry. Bottled water companies also want to use mineral water to make a "turnaround" of water.

From the price point of view, the average price of natural mineral water is above 4.5 yuan /500ml because it is rich in natural substances, while the average price of drinking pure water is around 1.5 yuan /500ml, and the prices of mineral water products promoted by major brands this year are mostly above 3 yuan.

It was Master Kong who started the price war and launched "Drinking Mineral Springs" in March 2023. The Tmall platform shows that Master Kong’s "drinking mineral spring" that has been sold at present includes four kinds of packages, the specification is 550ml, and the price is 23.9 yuan /12 bottles, about 2 yuan/bottle;

In April, Yuehuo, a high-end drinking water brand owned by COFCO, announced the launch of "Yuehuo Changbai Mountain" natural mineral water, which is another mineral water that takes water from local water sources after "Yuehuo Emei Mountain" natural mineral water, and will focus on home life scenes. The packaging is 500ml specifications, and the terminal will implement the price of 3-4 yuan in different regions;

In mid-May, Evian also launched a brand-new aerated natural mineral water with 330ml and 750ml specifications. At present, the reference price is 300 yuan /12 bottles *750ml, which is about 25 yuan/bottle;

In early June, Yuanqi Forest also launched a new evaluation activity. However, unlike the mineral water with the price of 3 yuan, this evaluation object is the newly-launched pure water of Yuanqi Forest, with the specification of 520ml. At present, the test link has been launched in Yuanqi Forest Member Center, and 0 yuan has experienced 9.9 yuan /3 bottles.

In mid-June, Wahaha launched a brand-new upgraded drinking natural mineral water, highlighting the water source of Wulongquan in Changbai Mountain, and the price is 3 yuan/bottle. Zong Qinghou, the founder of Wahaha, mentioned at the 2023 national distributor conference that the status of water market should be "restored" in 2023, especially focusing on 3 yuan water market. Last year, Wahaha began to develop natural mineral water.

In July, the Arctic Ocean also launched a new product "natural mineral water with gas" with a specification of 330mL, which is aimed at middle and high-end consumers. JD.COM shows that the price of 330ml*12 FCL is 139 yuan, about 11.5 yuan/bottle. According to reports, the gas-bearing natural mineral water in the Arctic Ocean is obtained from natural water sources, which is rich in natural gas of carbon dioxide and various minerals such as metasilicic acid and strontium, which are beneficial to human health.

In fact, when Evergrande Ice Spring first came out, it once priced mineral water at five yuan. In the following years, its price dropped to 2 yuan /500ml. A year and a half ago, Jiaduobao’s high-end mineral water "Kunlun Mountain" took the initiative to lower its profile. The retail price of Jiaduobao Kunlun Mountain mineral water products has dropped from the previous range of 5~6 yuan to 4 yuan, and Evian has also lowered its products to the price belt of 5 yuan.

It can be seen that in recent years, the underwater exploration price of natural mineral springs has become the general trend, but whether the price reduction to the level of 2 yuan can be sustained or not is worth further observation.

In addition, it is understood that in 2021, Ipoh signed contracts with four major drinking water production bases, namely Changbai Mountain in the northeast, Wuxi in east China, Wuyishan and Heyuan in south China. Jin Mailang’s "drinking mineral spring" has two water sources: Qinglongquan in Changbai Mountain and Bishanquan in Huangshan Mountain.

Comparatively speaking, there are about 12 water sources mainly engaged in natural water and mineral water, and Baisui Mountain, which also focuses on mineral water, has 7 water sources.

For enterprises that want to play low-priced mineral water, such as Ipoh, whether they can get more water sources will also be the key to their future development.

Will the mineral water market start a comprehensive price reduction war in the future? On the one hand, lowering prices means that enterprises have to deal with the risk of product profits being compressed. On the other hand, whether consumers can form a more stable consumption mentality is also the key to whether the mineral water market can break through. This bottled water war has just begun.

(This article is the first titanium media APP, written by Liu Dafang, edited by Fang Yu)


Beijing’s real estate market sales are still sluggish, and house prices have loosened.

Information picture

  BEIJING, Nov. 19 (Xinhua)-The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics announced on its official website today the operation of Beijing’s real estate market from January to October. In October, Beijing’s real estate development activities resumed, but under the background of overall economic slowdown and strong wait-and-see mood of buying houses, the main indicators of the real estate market are still running at a low level.

  First, development investment has rebounded, but the overall trend is still downward.

  From January to October, the city’s investment in real estate development was 131.53 billion yuan, a decrease of 7.3% compared with the same period of last year, and the decrease was 0.8 percentage points lower than that in the previous three quarters. Among them, the construction in August and September was restricted, and the investment in development was 6.87 billion yuan and 11.16 billion yuan respectively, down by 56.8% and 36.7% year-on-year; The investment in development completed in October rebounded to 17.84 billion yuan, down 1.8% from the same month last year.

  The progress of the project construction has not been significantly accelerated.In October, the progress of project construction was not accelerated on a large scale, and the number of projects with construction activities has not recovered to the level before the Olympic Games. The investment in Jian ‘an project was small: only 5.66 billion yuan was completed in October, down 36% from last October. From January to October, the investment in Jian ‘an project was 61.76 billion yuan, down 17.9% year-on-year, and the decline was 2.5 percentage points higher than that in the previous three quarters.

  Second, the pace of market supply slowed down, and the completed residential area fell by over 30%.

  The construction area and new construction area continue to decline.Since July, with the limited construction and the slowdown of land acquisition by enterprises, the growth rate of development area has dropped significantly. In October, affected by subjective and objective factors, the construction and new construction area continued to show a downward trend. At the end of October, the construction area of commercial housing in the city was 90.159 million square meters, down 5.7% from the same period of last year, and the decline was 3.4 percentage points higher than that at the end of September. Among them, the residential construction area was 49.829 million square meters, down by 7.9%. From January to October, the newly started area of commercial housing in the city was 17.087 million square meters, down 8%, and the decline was 6.5 percentage points higher than that in the previous three quarters. Among them, the newly started residential area was 11.398 million square meters, down 3.9%.

  The completed area continues to decline.Since December of last year, the completed area has been declining continuously. From January to October, the completed area of the city was 14.237 million square meters, down 8.3% from the same period of last year. Among them, the completed residential area was 7.692 million square meters, down 32.1%.

  Third, the market sales are still sluggish, and the role of affordable housing is obvious.

  The wait-and-see mood in the real estate market is still strong.In late October, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank jointly issued a package of policies to encourage housing consumption. However, under the background of economic slowdown, the price of commercial housing is still beyond the affordability as a demand for self-occupation or improvement, and as an investment demand, the wait-and-see mood in the sales market is still strong when the expected risks outweigh the benefits in the future. From January to October, the sales area of commercial housing in the city was 8.308 million square meters, down 49.6% over the same period of last year, of which the sales area of residential housing was 6.175 million square meters, down 54.2%. In October, the residential area sold was 1.124 million square meters, down 45.7% from the same month last year.

  Policy-oriented housing sales have become the main factors driving market sales, with price-limited housing and affordable housing accounting for about two-thirds of the total number of residential sales in that month.From January to October, the city sold 56,115 sets of commercial housing, of which 13,042 sets were sold in October, which is the month with the largest number of sales since this year. From the perspective of selling houses, it is mainly that a large number of contracts were signed between price-limited houses and affordable houses in October, which boosted the sales volume of houses. The data shows that in October, 8766 sets of price-limited houses and affordable housing were sold, accounting for about two-thirds of the sales in that month. After deducting the above factors, the actual sales of pure commodity houses are still hovering at a low level.

  Four, the real estate sales price has loosened, and the funds in place of enterprises have declined overall.

  The year-on-year growth rate dropped, and the chain price continued to fall.In October, the year-on-year increase in housing sales prices in our city continued to fall, rising by 5.2%, which was 1.7 percentage points lower than that of the previous month; After the decline last month, the chain price continued to decline this month, falling by 0.2%, which was the same as last month. Among them, the price of new residential buildings continued to fall, down 0.1% from the previous month, and the decline slowed down. The sales price of second-hand houses decreased for three consecutive months, and decreased by 0.4 percentage points in October.

  The funds put in place by real estate development enterprises this year have declined in an all-round way.From January to October, the source of funds for real estate development enterprises in our city this year was 237.55 billion yuan, down 23.2% from the same period of last year, and the decline was 8.9 percentage points higher than that in the previous three quarters. Among them, financial loans were 70.93 billion yuan, down 17.9%; Self-owned funds were 35.11 billion yuan, down 6.7%; Deposits and advance receipts were 70.48 billion yuan, down 36.1%.

Editor: Li Dan


If the population decline is "irreversible", there will be three major changes in the education industry from 2024.

The ancients said, "Rise and fall are due to people’s livelihood". People’s livelihood is the key to the rise and fall of a country. In recent years, the number of newborns in China has dropped sharply, which indicates that a population crisis is coming quietly. Experts predict that if this trend continues, China will enter a period of serious population decline after 2024. This is undoubtedly a huge impact on all walks of life, especially the education industry. Facing the severe population situation, there will inevitably be three major changes in the education industry.

First, teachers will face the dilemma of increasing their tasks and not raising their salaries. The decrease in the number of students means that education funds are tight, and it is difficult for schools to continue to recruit more teachers. The cruel reality is that teachers in the editorial department are not only difficult to get a salary increase, but also face more work pressure. In order to improve the teaching quality, the school requires teachers to provide more after-school counseling. In order to take care of parents’ work and set up after-school care classes, teachers need to take extra care of students. It is conceivable that in the case of tight manpower, a teacher will undertake teaching tasks of multiple grades, and even need to take over non-professional courses such as physical education and music. The workload has greatly increased, the salary is still standing still, and the living conditions of teachers are comparable to "stretched".

Second, kindergartens and schools will generally face operational crisis. The number of newborns has dropped sharply, and the "blood" of educational institutions is shrinking. Take Shenzhen as an example, more than 120 public and private kindergartens have fallen into operational difficulties. The decline in fiscal revenue and the loss of teachers will inevitably damage the quality of teaching. Once the evaluation of a school by parents and society declines, the number of students will further shrink, and eventually face the risk of bankruptcy. This situation, from kindergarten to primary and secondary school system, can not escape bad luck. A kindergarten in a district is unsustainable, and the prospect of the whole education industry can be called "chaos."

Third, the phenomenon of involution in education may gradually weaken. In the past, it was a compulsory course for parents to fight for school districts and schools. In the booming education market, the demand for famous teachers is in short supply, but parents do not hesitate to fight for a chance. However, it is expected that by 2024, the situation of serious decline in students will be reversed. At that time, parents will lose the motivation of "buying a house at a high price for a prestigious school", and the price of the school district will return to rationality. Famous schools will no longer be overcrowded, and educational resources will be more balanced. All kinds of disadvantages accumulated in the process of "volume" will disappear in the cold winter of this education market. Students and parents will eventually have a breathing space, and education will return to the essence and return to "teaching and educating people".

The population problem is a national event. The grim population situation is bound to hit all walks of life hard, and we must face up to this hidden danger. The future development of education also faces many challenges. Let’s join hands to tide over the difficulties, turn the crisis into a turning point and create a new situation in education.