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The release of the new M5 official map will be listed on April 23rd.

On April 11th, at the HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Meeting of Huawei, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, announced that the new M5 will be officially listed on the eve of the opening of Beijing Auto Show on April 23rd.

Judging from the official official map, the new M5 in Wenjie is basically consistent with the current model in terms of styling, and the new car has added red paint. We expect that the new M5 and M7 will be the same, and the price threshold will be further lowered while upgrading in terms of configuration and cruising range, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the whole vehicle.


"Temporary Robbery" is finalized. 1.19 Aaron Kwok Richie Jen organized a group to "rob"

1905 movie network news In 2024, the first film in the opening year was shocked! The producer, directed by Albert Kai-kwong Mak, and starring,,, and, announced the file for the absurd crime comedy film officer on January 19th, 2024. On the exposed poster, Aaron Kwok, Lin Jiadong and Richie Jen were huddled in a narrow elevator to plot a robbery, while Lin Jiadong and Richie Jen looked in a panic, while Aaron Kwok dressed up as a gangster and was full of domineering. Guided by "A Quick Guide for Professional Bandits", the simultaneous release of the preview shows the famous scene of Mei Lantian, a gangster played by Aaron Kwok, who taught people to rob with his hands, making people laugh. At the same time, it also explained the origin of the robbery of the three groups by mistake. The three major film emperors were on the same stage, and the teaching of bandits was absurd. The movie "Temporary Robbery" focuses on a serial robbery with an oolong, which will be released nationwide on January 19th, 2024.

The three major film emperors unexpectedly formed a "money-making partner". Aaron Kwok’s buck teeth model subverted the image and premiered the gangster.

"Remember, we are bandits, not killers". In the preview of the movie Temporary Robbery released today, with the introduction of "A Quick Guide for Professional Bandits", in an absurd and humorous style, it tells the scene of how the bandits Mei Lantian (Aaron Kwok) taught A Xun (Lin Jiadong) and Murong Hui (Richie Jen) how to rob: "Don’t hurt innocent people, don’t suffer brothers, and be civilized. Auntie and Murong Hui, who were robbers for the first time, were clumsy in buying guns and throwing bombs. They bluntly said, "Let’s practice first, and then step on the spot", which was in sharp contrast with Mei Lantian, who was comfortable. The poster intercepted the famous scene of three people preparing to rob "a big job" in the elevator covered with advertisements. Unlike the panic of Lin Jiadong and Richie Jen, Aaron Kwok wearing sunglasses was fully equipped and looked very calm.

In the movie "Temporary Robbery", Aaron Kwok broke through the previous image and premiered as a gangster. He appeared in a mix of buck teeth and a Western-assembled T-shirt, which was full of rustic personality. "Whoever is recruited will get a shot", "Thank you" and "Sorry" & hellip; … In a few words, the image of a humorous and reckless but principled gangster jumped to the page. The taxi driver played by Lin Jiadong is timid and timid, and his bangs are lifted, and honesty and cleverness coexist; Murong Hui, played by Richie Jen, was tempered by the heavy pressure of life, and his hair was gray. He had a wicked heart but no thief’s guts. The three bandits had different personalities and were full of tension. Lin Jiadong has cooperated with Aaron Kwok and Richie Jen before, and there are many classic works, but Aaron Kwok and Richie Jen have known each other for more than 20 years, but this is the first time to cooperate. What kind of chemical reaction will the three film emperors collide with each other? Let’s wait and see.

Absurd crime comedy breaks the impression of traditional Hong Kong films. In 2024, the first headstrong film "Go All Out to Be Rich" was launched.

The movie "Temporary Robbery" tells the story of the robbery of a gangster Mei Lantian, a taxi driver A Mo, and a social worker Murong Hui in a nursing home. Three decadent middle-aged people are involved in a storm in order to track down a robbed huge sum, and at the same time, a policewoman detective Jiang Jie (Maggie Cheung) also locks them in. You rob me, I rob you, and at that time, the gangsters have their own ulterior motives, and a bag of money actually caused a shocking robbery … Who robbed who? Different from the traditional Hong Kong films, which emphasize exciting action scenes and black-and-white confrontation between good and evil, the film Temporary Robbery focuses on the concept of "Mang Film" in a different way. On the basis of the classic elements of crime, it incorporates the style of absurd comedy, unfolds the story around the whereabouts of a bag of money, and deconstructs a serial robbery caused by the butterfly effect with a relaxed and humorous style. From the title of Temporary Robbery, we can see that the film is "unconventional" and full of absurd banter.

In recent years, Tung shing Yee, who has supported many potential new directors, is the producer, returning to the familiar crime theme and escorting the film Temporary Robbery. Hong Kong director Mai Qiguang has served as the deputy director of Du Qifeng films for many times, with rich experience and ease of use. This time, he wrote and directed the absurd comedy style on the basis of traditional crime Hong Kong films, which is full of new ideas. In addition to Aaron Kwok, Lin Jiadong and Richie Jen, there are many familiar faces such as Maggie Cheung,, Paw Hee-ching and Wang Minde in the starring lineup. What’s more, Jiang Zhuowen and his son starred in the same stage of drag racing. In recent years, the singer Zeng Bite, who was loved by the public for his variety of Hong Kong music, was even more surprised by the cross-border electric shock screen, and the eye-catching lineup instantly ignited expectations. As the first Hong Kong film to be finalized in 2024, the film Temporary Robbery, with the title of "The First Mang Film in the Opening Year", gathers the strength lineup of the three generations of the old, middle-aged and young, and will present an absurd robbery with all its strength to be "rich" and unique for the audience.

The film "Temporary Robbery" was produced by Tung shing Yee, directed by Albert Kai-kwong Mak, starring Aaron Kwok, Lin Jiadong, Richie Jen and Maggie Cheung, starring Lin Xue, Lu Haipeng, Liang Zhongheng, Bao Qijing, Wang Minde, Sun Jiajun, Zeng Bite, Fu Jiajun, Zhang Songzhi, Jiang Zhuowen, Chen Yizhen and Wang Songyin, starring Jiang David in friendship and Hu Dingxin in special.


13-year-old boy spilled gasoline and burned the teacher’s ward. Confession: I’m sorry.

  Yesterday, Xiaowu, accompanied by his father, came to the ward of Yang Dongling, a female teacher who was burned by his arson, and apologized to her.

  13-year-old Xiao Wu’s letter of apology

  "Dear Miss Yang:

  Sorry, I shouldn’t have hurt you. Besides, you are still a people’s teacher who has never met me and has no holidays. I regret that I hurt you. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do anything illegal, and I wouldn’t hurt you. I’m sorry, Mr. Yang. I wish you a speedy recovery, restore your previous appearance, and go back to your previous education for those students in the mountains, so that they will not follow my example and become pillars of society and talents of the country. Miss Yang, I’m sorry. "

  13-year-old Xiaowu has been kept at home by his father since she burned Yang Dongling, a female teacher, with gasoline. Yesterday morning, Xiaowu followed his father to visit Yang Dongling in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital from Jinchuan County.

  Yesterday morning, in the face of the excited family members of the injured, Xiaowu walked beside Teacher Yang Dongling, kept silent and took out a pre-written letter to express his apologies and guilt. However, it is a pity that although Yang Dongling said "I want to see him (Xiaowu)", she failed to see Xiaowu clearly in the end.


  Father stayed at home with him for two months.

  This time, I took him to Rong to visit the female teacher.

  On the afternoon of August 13th, Li Dong changed a shirt and left home, ready to go to Chengdu to visit Teacher Yang Dongling who had just finished the first skin grafting operation.

  There is a line in the movie "mr. six": "What you have caused will be rounded up by yourself, and what you can’t round up by yourself will be rounded up by his father". This line, as Xiaowu’s father, has no more empathy than him. After the incident, he visited Yang Dongling in the hospital and spent more than 80,000 yuan on medical expenses. Then, he didn’t go out to work again, and stayed at home with Xiaowu almost all day. If he wants to go out, he will chain Xiaowu’s feet. However, unlike the first time he visited Yang Dongling alone, this time he called his son Xiaowu.

  "I kept him at home for two months. I don’t know what to do, only let him watch junior high school textbooks and the legal program of CCTV Channel 12. "

  Li Dong said, let the children take a look at the burned teacher Yang. First, let them see how much harm he has caused others, "let him face everything in front of him"; The second is to express apology and repentance. "If the family members of the injured are emotional, I can understand even if I can’t stand it."

  After changing his shirt, he asked Xiaowu again, "Do you want to go?" Xiaowu bowed his head and said nothing. Li Dong didn’t force the child. Half an hour later, Xiaowu nodded: "I want to go."

  Before going out, Li Dong’s mother stopped him. "Take the 3000 yuan I saved some time ago." Li Dong replied, "I have already taken it."

  During the nearly 9-hour journey, the father and son didn’t say a word. The little military commander faced the window and his eyes turned up and down with the mountains and rivers. The outside world made him curious.

  The last time he went to Chengdu was last year, when he stole thousands of dollars from his grandmother, went to "rush" with several friends for ten days, and finally came back down and out.


  The juvenile ward took out an apology letter

  Regret not reading it to Mr. Yang’s face.

  When I arrived in Chengdu last night, it was already 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, and my father and son stayed in the hotel. At 8 o’clock yesterday morning, the two came to the burn ward of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. The more I went to the hospital, the heavier Xiaowu’s expression became. "My relatives told me that many people on the Internet said they would shoot me, and some even said they would take me to prison."

  When he arrived at the hospital, the reporter of Chengdu Business Daily asked him if he would like to meet the teacher Yang Dongling who was hurt by him. He nodded. "I want to go." As soon as she entered the ward, Yang Dongling’s mother recognized Li Dong, who had been to the hospital. When she saw Xiaowu hiding behind Li Dong, she froze, her face turned black, and she cried and said, "Come and have a look for yourself. What have you burned people to? How can you do it? !”

  Xiaowu was at a loss and stood nervously in the corner. Yang Dongling’s sister and aunt excitedly pushed Xiaowu to the bed with their hands, and uncovered the shroud on the bed, so that the teenager could go to the bed and see clearly the "consequences caused by himself". Opening the shroud, Yang Dongling, who had just finished skin grafting, was covered with medicine on her upper body and had no complete skin on her face. Xiaowu stood by Yang Dongling’s side, maintaining his inherent expression since he was locked at home for two months.

  "You go! You go! " In the face of Xiaowu, the emotional Yang family said. Xiaowu remained silent. He took out a letter and put it on the table beside the hospital bed, and then moved out of the ward step by step.

  Li Dong is still standing at the bedside, facing the accusations of the Yang family alone. "I didn’t ask them to forgive me. I just came to see Teacher Yang, indicating that we don’t care about not coming forward."

  Xiaowu wrote in his letter: "Dear Teacher Yang, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have hurt you. Besides, you are still a people’s teacher who has never met me and has no holidays. I regret that I hurt you. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do anything illegal, and I wouldn’t hurt you. I’m sorry, Mr. Yang. I wish you a speedy recovery, restore your previous appearance, and go back to your previous education for those students in the mountains, so that they will not follow my example and become pillars of society and talents of the country. Teacher Yang, I’m sorry. "

  After coming out, Xiaowu said that the letter was written at home before coming. He is a little regretful that he didn’t tell his faith to Mr. Yang’s face.


  "Where is the doll? I want to see him."

  The teacher read the letter of apology and failed to see the teenager.

  "For more than two months, you haven’t been here, and you haven’t got a phone call." Yang Dongling’s aunt pushed Li Dong and accused him of not educating his son well. After the incident, she even evaded her responsibilities and rarely visited him. Li Dong always explained in a low voice that he didn’t discipline his son Xiaowu, and his family was really difficult. He didn’t raise much money, and his son didn’t come until he needed to take care of him after the accident. As he spoke, he took out the 3,000 yuan in cash he brought. "You get it first, and I will continue to find a way after I go back." However, Yang Dongling’s mother, who was unable to restrain her grief, refused to accept the money, and Li Dong half-kneeled the money into her hand.

  "We all understand that he said it was difficult for him to go back and find a way, but if they were sincere, they wouldn’t wait until today." Aunt Yang Dongling said that in recent months, the three of them have been taking care of Yang Dongling, and Yang Dongling always vomits when she can’t eat, which is worrying. Considering Yang Dongling’s illness and family mood, Li Dong didn’t stay for long.

  Yang Dongling in the hospital bed looks very calm. Because Yang’s family was emotional, Xiaowu couldn’t walk close to the bed, and Yang Dongling didn’t see Xiaowu because of the shroud. After Xiaowu and his father left, Yang Dongling suddenly said to her sister Yang Dongxia, "Where is the doll? I want to see him." The Chengdu Business Daily reporter immediately gave her the apology belief left by Xiaowu. A moment later, she struggled to spit out a sentence: "Show me the words." The reporter held the letter of apology in front of her. She read it carefully line by line, more than 100 words, and read it for nearly 1 minute.

  "Call him, I’ll wait for him." When a reporter from Chengdu Business Daily asked why he wanted to see Xiaowu, Yang Dongling was silent for a moment. "I want to hear him read (apology letter)". At her insistence, the family members also agreed that Xiaowu would come back and said that they were no longer excited. But at this time, Li Dong, who had just experienced the excitement of the Yang family and accused him of being on his way home, took care of his son’s safety and didn’t want to take Xiaowu back. At 9 o’clock yesterday morning, Yang Dongling, who had been lying all night, also needed to turn over with the help of her family, so it was not convenient to see Xiaowu.

  "No, I’ll go to see him." Dong-ling Yang whispered.

  Female teacher

  Where’s the doll? I want to see him

  After Xiaowu and his father left, Yang Dongling suddenly said, "Where is the doll? I want to see him."

  The reporter of Chengdu Business Daily immediately put Xiaowu’s letter of apology in front of her. She read it carefully line by line and read more than 100 words for nearly 1 minute.

  "Call him, I’ll wait for him." When the reporter asked why he wanted to see Xiaowu, Yang Dongling was silent. "I want to hear him read (apology letter)." However, at this time, Xiaowu has set foot on his way home with his father.

  "No, I’ll go to see him." Dong-ling Yang whispered.

  Chengdu Business Daily reporter Yun Wangyi Yu Zunsu photojournalist Liu Haiyun

  A broken family in a remote county leads a astray life.

  Growing fragments of arson teenagers

  Questioning the cause of Xiaowu’s arson, we can see the weakness of a county boy whose temperament changed greatly after his parents divorced, and who was led astray by others because of his weariness of learning and ignorance. Xiaowu claimed to know it was a mistake, but when he was instructed by "Big Brother", he chose to listen.

  At 9 o’clock on the evening of June 14, after hiding in Jinchuan County for 24 hours, he was found by his father, who called the police station: "I found the person and sent it to you." Xiaowu didn’t resist.

  When his family broke up, he became dull.

  On the night of arson and robbery, Xiaowu stayed in a hotel for one night, afraid to go home or tell anyone. He knew that he had made a big mistake.

  Jinchuan County is located in the southwest of Aba. Like many remote counties, teenagers like Xiaowu can be seen everywhere on the street. Xiaowu’s home is in Lewu Township, which belongs to Jinchuan County. Since school, his family has changed, and he has lived with his father and grandmother since then.

  After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, cracks appeared in Kotakeya’s house, and my father and grandmother later built a new house together. But the new home didn’t live for a long time, and Xiaowu’s parents’ feelings broke down. Xiaowu became dull, and his parents didn’t want to communicate with him more. Since the third grade of primary school, Xiaowu has learned to skip classes. "I ran out after school, and my home was full of streets." Xiaowu’s grandmother, Li Yunshu, said that once she went to the street to look for her grandson, a neighbor pointed out of the city and said, "Your grandson goes to that temple every day." She rushed to the temple and saw Xiaowu kneeling in front of the Buddha statue. "He asked the Bodhisattva to bless him. Mom and Dad should not divorce." For a long time, as soon as school was over in the afternoon, he and a classmate ran to the temple. Now that his parents have been divorced for almost six years, he is used to living without his mother. For the harm caused by divorce to his son, Xiaowu’s father, Li Dong, only explained it simply by "not getting along with his wife". Speaking of the disaster of Xiao Wuchuang, the 36-year-old man kept sighing.

  Began to be obsessed with online games and learned to skip class and not go home.

  Xiaowu, who had no parents around for a long time and was only taken care of by his grandmother, began to be fascinated by the online game of crossing the line of fire.

  Grandma Li Yunshu gave him two yuan to buy breakfast every day. At night, she found her grandson in the Internet cafe. For her, the way to discipline her grandson is too limited, and there is no other way but to tell her a few words. In her eyes, the introverted grandson also has a grumpy side. Considering that Xiaowu’s parents are divorced, his relatives are particularly concerned about him. Before he graduated from elementary school, he used his smartphone. "On one occasion, he felt that his mobile phone was slow to respond, so he picked it up and threw it on the ground. In the past few years, I have broken several mobile phones. " In order to prevent his son from surfing the Internet in Internet cafes, Li Dong bought a computer for Xiaowu to play at home. However, the computer was damaged by Xiaowu less than a year after it was bought. Xiaowu’s uncle was going to buy him another one, but Li Dong refused.

  Hanging out with unemployed young people was arrested for stealing.

  Li Dong believes that his son’s troubles have long been buried in his wandering life.

  In Li Dong’s view, he and his son have lived in this remote ravine since they were born. He said that he had always known that his son had been mixed with some unemployed young people in society since he entered junior high school. A neighbor often sees Xiaowu and a group of young people wandering around the square and teahouse in the county. What impressed Li Yunshu the most was that she went to school in the afternoon to send a schoolbag to her grandson. The students had already entered the school gate, and there were two young people with yellow hair at the school gate. "What’s the use of studying? Now I can earn 1800 a month by working." She didn’t expect that Xiaowu, who arrived late, went to the front of two young people and talked for a few words, then left together. She gave a cry and Xiaowu started to run.

  Last year, Xiaowu, who had just entered junior high school, began to steal. He is with his companions. When he runs out of money, he tries to steal. He likes to steal cash and mobile phones. First, it is easy to steal. Second, mobile phones sell well. Li Dong said that once, Xiaowu was caught by the police and brought back for investigation. Wherever he went, it was like parading in the street.

  After setting fire to the female teacher, Xiaowu wrote in a fact sheet that the other party asked him to pay off the debts that everyone usually owed in the restaurant. Because he had no money, the other party asked him to rob him. Except for two of his friends who were apprentices in barbershops, all of them had no proper jobs and lived on credit and theft in the county town.

  After the incident, I left home and wanted to go out to work with my companions.

  Since junior high school, Xiaowu likes to drink beer in a bar in the county with some young people four or five years older than him. The excitement brought by alcohol made him experience the joy of adult life, and it was from this time that he began to understand the outside world.

  Last year, Xiaowu stole several thousand yuan from his grandmother and took a bus with several companions to Longquan, Chengdu, in order to "go to work". As a result, after spending all their money in Chengdu Zoo and Happy Valley, the group took the shuttle bus back to their hometown. In his view, I really want to go to Chengdu to work, but I didn’t find a suitable job. I wanted to "work early to earn money and stop being wronged."

  One afternoon after the incident, Xiaowu left home and trotted along the hillside, trying to find a companion to work in Chengdu and escape from the place where he made a mistake. On the same day, Li Dong arrested him. After that, whenever Li Dong went out or cooked in the kitchen, he chained his son in the house.

  Now, Xiaowu’s family has given up watching TV for entertainment, but only transferred to CCTV Channel 12 every night to let Xiaowu "watch legal programs and study law."

  On the evening of August 13, a suspect in a detention center was broadcast on TV. Xiaowu watched it for a while, looked away from the TV screen and was silent for a long time.

  Dialogue teenager

  When I saw Mr. Yang in the ward, he left an apology letter and never spoke.

  "It’s no use saying sorry when you’re scared."

  "I still want to come." Although he went to the hospital to visit Teacher Yang Dongling and was accused and taught by his relatives, Xiaowu told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter afterwards. On the way home, Xiaowu had a simple exchange with Chengdu Business Daily reporter.

  Chengdu Business Daily: Are you worried that visiting Teacher Yang in the hospital will affect her and her family’s mood?

  Xiaowu: (Nodding)

  Chengdu Business Daily: Why did you promise to come? Do you regret it?

  Xiaowu: No, I just want to have a look at Mr. Yang’s injury and know that I have made a big mistake.

  Chengdu Business Daily: Aren’t you afraid that they will beat and scold you?

  Xiaowu: (silent for a moment) When I saw the fire burning that night, I didn’t want to live.

  Chengdu Business Daily: What are you afraid of?

  Xiaowu: At that time, I knew something was wrong. When I saw Teacher Yang rolling on the ground, I was afraid to go home. Later, relatives came to my house every day to scold me, saying that many people on the Internet said they would shoot me and put me in prison.

  Chengdu Business Daily: You never spoke in the ward. What was the reason?

  Xiaowu: I’m scared. I feel sorry is useless.

  Chengdu Business Daily: How do you feel after seeing Teacher Yang?

  Xiaowu: I have a bad fever. After seeing Teacher Yang personally, I feel that I can feel better for a few days.

  Chengdu Business Daily: What do you want to say to Teacher Yang now?

  Xiaowu: Sorry, I hope she will recover soon. I wrote a letter to her, hoping that she would read it.

  (Father and son are pseudonyms in the text)


  Teenage gasoline burns female teachers.

  Grab his Apple phone.

  At 9: 00 pm on June 13th, in a residential courtyard in Jinchuan County, a 13-year-old boy Xiaowu (a pseudonym) threw a bottle of gasoline at Yang Dongling, a 23-year-old female teacher on her way home, and then took out a lighter. The fire instantly wrapped Yang Dongling. In pain and cry for help, Yang Dongling fainted at the scene, Xiaowu took the opportunity to grab her Apple mobile phone, and the residents of the community then dialed 120… …

  According to the doctor of the provincial hospital, Yang Dongling’s burn reached the third degree standard and was diagnosed as extremely severe burn. At present, she has completed some skin grafting operations, and the wounds on her face and head have gradually healed. However, the deep burns on her chest, back, thighs and neck can only be recovered after continuous removal of dead meat and skin grafting, and most of her fingers may be amputated due to necrosis.

  Xiaowu is a junior one student in a local middle school. He said that he thought of robbery because his playmate asked him to give some money. Two days after the incident, Jinchuan county police blocked Xiaowu. Because the 13-year-old boy did not reach the age of criminal responsibility, Xiaowu was brought home by his father the next day. At present, Xiaowu’s father has paid Yang Dongling more than 80,000 yuan for treatment. Xiaowu’s father said that his son Xiaowu followed him after he divorced his wife five years ago. After the incident, the father and son were basically at home every day. "I stayed at home with him every day."


Big callback! China stock market is two worlds apart.

Huijing Ye Tan finance


Wang Wu threw a philosophical question in the exchange group of the real competition yesterday. Why didn’t the cars collide when we were driving on the road?

People in the group were asked, and they were crazy about asking questions.

Wang Wu continued, because when we are driving on the road, we will stop when we see a red light, turn when we see a curve, and avoid when we see an oncoming car.

People in the group are even more confused. Art Wang Wu, what do you mean?

Wang Wu replied in the group,Why don’t we sometimes "stop", "turn" and "avoid" when doing business? Why is it so hard to do it?

On April 21st, Black Friday was staged in China stock market, and there was a 100-share limit.

Judging from the trend, the Shanghai Composite Index weakened from the opening price of 3,364 points, and unilaterally fell to the closing price of 3,301.26 points throughout the day, with a decline rate of 1.95%, close to 2%.

From the graphic point of view, a big yinxian line of the Shanghai Composite Index reversed the Zhongyang line on April 17, showing a sharp decline.

In this regard, some people may think that the stock market is about to start a wave.Adjustment of midline levelMaybe some people will think that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event.Call back and get on the busOpportunity.

Some people are bearish on the market outlook, and some people are bullish, so there will be differences and there will be transactions.

Personally, I don’t shy away from my own point of view, bearish on the growth track and look at the multi-value track.

March 28EvacuationIn this paper, it has been considered that the concept of ChatGPT with an increase of over 100% presents a largefoamAnd made countermeasures.

At the same time, I also think that the future market of the stock market is mainly in the value track.February 23 rdState-owned enterprises outperformed the national GDP growth rate.April 18thOnce again, the importance of the value track was expounded.

Figure: Net buying status of foreign capital Source: Straight flush

Why does the market have different views of bullish, bearish and volatile?

Because there are a thousand readers, there are a thousand Hamlets.

Everyone’s different growth environment and social experience will inevitably bringDifferent world views, mapped to the stock market, will produce different trading views.

Views are very important, but more important than trading views is to stick to your own ability circle.

Repeat the three stages of ChatGPT market to explain the logic of sticking to one’s ability circle in the structural market in the stock market.

The hazy stage of the market,Some people are optimistic, buying and holding artificial intelligence to make profits. At the same time, some people are not optimistic, and they also make profits by doing other things that they are optimistic about, such asChina Software, Taiji SharesDomestic software sector, etc.

The development stage of the market,Some people began to be optimistic, chasing high and holding artificial intelligence for the first time, and then quickly taking profits and making profits.

The fishtail stage of the market,People who were initially optimistic began to bearish and take profit positions.Profits are safe.

Fish tail market,There are also many funds for flips, such as the funds for buying domestic software in the early days. They are not eager to catch up with the market, but they have made a counter-pumping market after the plunge, that is, Longhuitou Scenic Spot, for example360, Inspur InformationSuch as artificial intelligence plate.

Obviously, everyone has different judgments and opinions on the ChatGPT market, but they all earned profits in their own ability circle in the ups and downs of the market.

That is to say, everyone chooses a different way to go to Rome, but as long as they stick to it and don’t go upside down repeatedly, all roads will eventually lead to Rome.

This truth can also be used to answer Wang Wu’s philosophical questions above.

Trading is analogous to driving. When we are driving on the road, if we are in a hurry to do something, we may run a red light, such as going to the hospital, rushing to work, rushing to the airport and so on.

If you suddenly enter a strange place, you may not turn, such as entering the forest, desert, foggy weather, etc.

If you are not in the state when driving, you may not avoid coming cars, such as fatigue driving, drunk driving, sending text messages, etc.

In fact, these "what if scenarios" are things outside our ability circle, and most of the time we don’t have accidents when driving, because we are doing things within our ability circle.

Further divergently speaking, some people’s ability circle is riding a bicycle, some people are driving a car, and some people are flying a plane. They should guard their own ability circle so that traffic accidents will not occur.

Therefore, the viewpoint of ups and downs in China stock market is of course important, but what is more important than the viewpoint is not to be greedy or envious, to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, to stick to one’s own ability circle, and to earn profits that one can earn.

China’s stock market is a barometer of the economy, and its ups and downs also imply the two worlds of economic inflation and deflation.

On April 21st, the China stock market made a big correction, among which the leading sectors were mainly Chatgpt industrial chain, including big data models and semiconductor chips, which led the gains in the previous period and attracted more funds.

On the other side,The national defense military industry has shown obvious resistance to falling, even rising against the trend.At the same time, the performance of China’s characteristic valuation sector (China Special Valuation) is better than the market average.

In other words, on Black Friday, on the one hand, the value track resisted or even rose against the trend, and on the other hand, the growth track led the decline or even fell to a large limit.

It is worth noting that not only the China stock market has experienced the ups and downs, but also the structural market.

Real estate market,There is a long-lost Xiaoyangchun market in the core areas of first-and second-tier cities, while the third-and fourth-tier cities are still sluggish.

Commodity market,The market of black plate of screw thread and iron ore continued to fall, while the market of energy and chemical industry and live pigs obviously resisted falling or even rose.

In addition, the prices of automobiles, household appliances, photovoltaics and other fields are falling, reflecting the deflationary pressure of the economy; However, the prices of services such as catering, haircuts and oil fees are rising, reflecting the inflationary pressure of the economy.

The deflationary pressure of large-scale enterprises and the inflationary pressure of small and micro enterprises are also reflected in the first quarter of 2023.GDP growth rateGo.

China’s GDP growth rate in the first quarter was 4.5%The growth rate of the secondary industry dominated by large-scale enterprises is 3.3%, which is lower than the average growth rate of GDP; The growth rate of the tertiary industry dominated by small and micro enterprises is 5.4%, which is higher than the average growth rate of GDP (see the figure below).

The whole economic market is half flame and half seawater.

All of the above fully shows that the economic probability of China, including the stock market, has entered a differentiated market.So, the stock marketUnder the general trend that the whole economy is divided, the differentiation will gradually become the norm.

That is to say, the risk of China investors chasing up and down will be further amplified, on the contrary, the cost performance of China investors buying at low prices will be further strengthened.

Figure: GDP growth rate of service industry and industry Source: wind

Finally, I personally think that we can have divided views on the trends of stocks, even real estate, gold and bonds.

However, we all have to implement our own views and realize the realization within our own ability circle.

For example, we all know that Wenzhou real estate speculators are very profitable, but is that our ability circle? For example, we all know that the stock market is very profitable, but is that our ability circle?

For another example,

Just because others can watch more and do more doesn’t mean we can watch more and do more. We can watch more and stay put, and then do more when we trigger our own ability circle signal.

Everyone’s ability circle is different, and these signals are naturally different. It can be that the golden fork is long, the Brin channel breaks up and goes long, and after breaking through the 60-year moving average, it will step back and go long, and continuously pull back to the golden section to buy long.

These signals can also be that the first quarter report is in line with expectations, the price falls to the lower end of the enterprise valuation, and the marginal variables in the enterprise performance are long.

Personally, I feel that the adjustment of China’s economy, including the stock market, real estate, gold, bonds, etc., will also have constant structural differentiation, and the track style will rotate.

We should cherish more what we are good at, persist in fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and stick to our own ability circle. Don’t go astray, let alone join in the fun outside your own ability circle.

What do you think?

(Disclaimer: This article is an objective analysis of the public information of Ye Tan Finance and Economics, and does not constitute investment advice. Please do not use it as the basis for investment.)

How can the public prevent skiing injuries?

  Yang Wenxian of Provincial Institute of Physical Education and Sports

  In the past two years, people have been enthusiastic about skiing, but before that, skiing was still a very minority sport in China. However, nowadays, with the popularity of skiing culture, especially since the successful bid for the Winter Olympics, skiing has entered the public’s field of vision, and there are more and more snow fields in the country. Looking at all kinds of great gods galloping on the snow field on the internet, can’t you help but be eager to try? Let’s go skiing together today. The competition time of the Winter Olympics is coming to an end, and many wonderful competitions have been watched. The skiing events of the 2022 Winter Olympics include: platform skiing, freestyle skiing, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, nordic combined and snowboarding. In order to let you watch the race better and participate in skiing, the author brings you today’s article.

  First, distinguish skiing events to help you watch the race better.

  There are many skiing events in this Winter Olympics. In order to watch the games better, let’s learn about the events first. The names of each event list can’t be clearly distinguished. Skiing events are divided into snowboarding and snowboarding in terms of the number of skateboards. The following is a detailed introduction:

  1. Double board skiing:

  (1) Ski jumping and freestyle skiing-skill events

  In order to fly farther and score higher, the skiers need to have super skills to fly farther.

  The greater the technical difficulty of freestyle skiing, the higher the score. The freestyle skiing in this Winter Olympics consists of seven events: aerial skills, snow skills, obstacle chasing, U-shaped field skills, slope obstacle skills, big platform, and aerial skills mixed groups.

  Gu Ailing’s advantage event is the skill event. She participated in three events in this Winter Olympics, namely, slope obstacle skill, U-shaped field skill and big platform jump.

  (2) Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing-speed events

  There are many flag gates on the track of alpine skiing, and athletes need to cross them.

  Cross-country skiing is like a ground marathon, which requires great endurance and physical strength.

  (3) nordic combined-Comprehensive Project

  This is a competition for men only, which lasts for 2 days. On the first day, I competed in platform skiing and on the second day, I competed in cross-country skiing.

  2. snowboarding

  Snowboarding is divided into racing category and skill category. Racing categories include: parallel slalom, obstacle chase, obstacle chase round group. Skills include: U-shaped court, obstacle breaking skills and big platform jumping.

  Second, how can the public prevent skiing injuries?

  With the east wind of Beijing Winter Olympics, this winter, the atmosphere of ice and snow is getting stronger and stronger, and more and more people are participating in this sport, and this sport has brought a lot of damage to the public. According to relevant surveys, mass skiers have more knee joint injuries, such as tearing and injury/strain of ligaments around the knee joint; In addition, there are many injuries to the head and neck, upper limbs and thumb. If you want to effectively avoid injury, you are advised to do the following:

  Step 1 wear protective gear

  Wear helmet and joint protection when skiing.

  2. Make full preparations.

  Full warm-up can make the body get high-efficiency physiological requirements and reduce the occurrence of injuries. Here are some professional skiing warm-up exercises to help you get into the state as soon as possible:

  (1) Warm-up of lower limbs

  Action 1: Lie on your back and lift your legs

  Lie on your back on the mat, first do hip extension under the condition of leg flexion and straight leg, then do adduction and abduction under the condition of leg flexion, and then do hip rotation exercises under the condition of leg flexion. Finally, under the conditions of supine and prone, the touch exercise of the opposite hand and foot was carried out. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Action 2: Hip flexor stretching

  Stretching hip muscles can reduce hip muscle tension and increase hip flexibility. Kneel with legs apart, keep the trunk straight, slowly move the center of gravity forward, and tilt the upper body to the side of the front support leg. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Action 3: lateral box jumping

  Practicing this movement can improve the control ability of hips and knees. Jump sideways from the box and keep your hips, knees and ankles aligned when landing. Increase the difficulty of action by swinging your arm or jumping a longer distance. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  (2) Warm up the core parts of the body

  Action 1: Static force of split leg side brace

  Practicing this movement can improve core strength and prevent injury. Elbow support, lift your body, keep it straight, raise your upper legs to the limit, lower your body to the starting position, and then do the next exercise. For 30 seconds in each group, practice 3 groups. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Action 2: Start at both ends.

  Lie prone on the mat, lift and extend your arms and legs, tighten your shoulder blades, then put them down and repeat the exercise. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  (3) Turn to warm up

  Action 1: Kneeling and turning

  Turning exercises can help improve the flexibility of the trunk. Kneel on your knees, turn to your sides, and touch your feet on the other side with your hands. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Action 2: Thoracic Spine Rotation

  Hands on the ground, kneeling on the mat. Keep the pelvis still, and one arm drives the upper back to rotate. When practicing, keep your eyes on your arms and swing them. For 20 seconds in each group, practice 3 groups. The schematic diagram is as follows:

  Step 3 learn to fall

  All kinds of accidents are most likely to occur in ice and snow sports. Learn how to fall safely to better protect yourself.

  Double board: When the speed can’t be controlled during sliding, if you want to avoid falling, you can first try to lean forward and make a plow brake (make the tail of the double board open in a "V" shape during sliding); If you can’t brake or if you can’t slow down, you should take the initiative to fall down: throw away the poles, hold your body with your hands, squat down and fall to one side of your body, land with your ass, and remember to forbid hand support! (Hand support can easily lead to wrist fracture)

  Veneer: when sliding on the front edge, it is easy to fall forward. At this time, you should kneel down with your legs, lower your center of gravity, and stretch your hands forward as far as possible. The whole person is kneeling on the ground and lifting the snowboard. When the rear blade slides and falls, you should cross your arms on your chest, squat down with your legs to form a ball, roll back with your back on the ground, and lift the snowboard at the same time. Also remember to ban hand support!

  4. Other precautions

  (1) Avoid skiing due to fatigue or discomfort. Skiing consumes a lot of physical energy, and it is easy to cause injuries under fatigue.

  (2) Skiing should be studied step by step, and there should be no psychology of being competitive and eager for success.

  (3) Choose a suitable ski trail, and don’t blindly climb the advanced ski trail as soon as you learn to ski.

  Third, how to choose ski equipment?

  Step 1 snowboard

  For beginners, it is most convenient to rent ski equipment directly in the ski resort. You should also know the following points when choosing ski gear:

  (1) The longer the length of the snowboard, the greater the speed, the more difficult it is to ski, and the more difficult it is to control.

  (2) For beginners, the length of skateboard should be 20-30cm less than the height. For amateurs, snowboarding is generally lower than the height, easier to operate, more flexible in steering and easier to use.

  (3) You can choose a relatively soft and elastic skateboard. The skateboard with great elasticity will not be too fast, and it is easier to control, so it is safer.

  2. Ski suit

  You should choose a ski suit with the right size, so you can move freely. First of all, choose warm, waterproof and windproof fabrics. Secondly, it is ok to wear a ski suit and a jumpsuit, but when choosing, the pants must be high-waist; Clothes and trousers with adjustable cuffs and cuffs can effectively prevent snow from entering. Finally, it is best to choose eye-catching tones that have a color difference with white to avoid collision accidents.

  It is suggested to adopt the "sandwich" dressing method: quick-drying clothes/sweat-wicking underwear+warm middle layer+windproof and waterproof/professional ski coat to achieve the effect of sweating inside, keeping warm in the middle and waterproof outside.

  Choosing professional ski shoes can effectively keep warm and prevent injuries. When choosing ski shoes, it is best to try them on the spot. The most comfortable state is to let the feet have room to move inside the boots, but the sides of the ankles should not be loose. The back of the shoes should be strong and have certain endurance; Ensure that the calf can bend forward flexibly.

  In addition, ski masks, warm hats, ski gloves, ski socks, etc. should be prepared.

  3. Accessories and protective gear

  Ski pole, the ideal length is that when a person stands upright, the arm holding ski pole can touch the ground vertically at a 90-degree angle. Ski helmets should not be too tight or too loose after wearing. It is best to rent or buy them after trying them on the spot. Ski goggles, it is recommended to choose a fully enclosed ski goggles with thicker frame and anti-fogging.

  In addition, beginners are advised to wear joint protection and anti-fall pads.


@ History

China’s ancient history, the historical dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty.

Hello, everyone, today we are going to talk about the emergence, development and elimination of the Yuan Dynasty. Yuan Dynasty is an important dynasty in the history of China, which arose from the division of Mongolian Empire and a series of subsequent wars and political changes. The Yuan Dynasty covered most of China and became one of the most powerful dynasties in the history of China. The emergence and development of the Yuan Dynasty was closely related to the rise and expansion of the Mongolian Empire.

Mongolian Empire is a nomadic empire with horse riding and archery as its main military skills, and its rise began with Genghis Khan’s unified war. With the passage of time, the Mongolian Empire has gradually become one of the most powerful empires in the world, and its territory includes many parts of Eurasia. The establishment of the Yuan Dynasty marked the end of the rule of the Mongolian Empire and the beginning of the rule of the feudal dynasty in China.

The emperors of the Yuan Dynasty adopted a series of measures to strengthen centralization, stabilize the political situation and develop the economy. They carried out a series of political, cultural and social reforms, including the unification of currency, writing and weights and measures. These reforms have had a far-reaching impact on the history of China.

However, the rule of the Yuan Dynasty was not smooth sailing. With the passage of time, the scope of the rule of the Yuan Dynasty gradually narrowed and the internal contradictions gradually intensified. In particular, the late Yuan Dynasty was finally destroyed by the Ming Dynasty due to political corruption, corruption, bribery and serious military failure. The demise of the Yuan Dynasty marked the end of China’s feudal dynasty and the birth of a modern country. The demise of the Yuan Dynasty also marked the end of China’s traditional culture and social system, which brought new opportunities and challenges to the development of China’s history.


Japanese beauty cosmetics China is cold: affected by the discharge of nuclear sewage into the sea, high-end market giants compete for key points

Japanese beauty brands are facing a new crisis in China market.

In the past Double Eleven, Japanese beauty brands collectively "disappeared" in the TOP10 sales list. According to the research report of Guojin Securities, the top ten brands sold by Amoy beauty shops during this year’s Double Eleven period were Polaiya, L ‘Oreal, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Winona, Mystery of Sea Blue, Olay, Xiuliko, helena rubinstein and Guerlain, and none of them were Japanese makeup brands. According to media observation, this is the first time that the Japanese makeup brand SK-Il has fallen out of the top ten since 2016, and it is also the first time that Shiseido, a Japanese makeup brand, has been out of the list since it entered the top ten in 2017. Both of them have occupied the list for many years.

Bai Wen Xi, chief economist of IPG China, told 21st century business herald that the impact of Japanese nuclear sewage discharge on Japanese cosmetics was an important factor, which led to the continuous fermentation of consumers’ resistance to Japanese cosmetics. In addition, domestic beauty brands performed strongly during the Double Eleven period. For example, brands such as Polaiya occupied the leading position in the beauty category for the first time, which may be another factor affecting the sales of Japanese makeup brands.

At present, the days of Japanese beauty brands are not easy. Take Shiseido, a well-known Japanese cosmetics brand, as an example. Last week, Shiseido lowered its annual profit forecast, and then its share price fell sharply. On November 13th, the share price of Shiseido in Japan once fell by 14%, the biggest drop in 36 years. As of 9: 00 am on November 20th, Shiseido’s share price rebounded to 4,329 yen, and its share price has fallen by 40.07% since the beginning of the year. Shiseido said that the demand from consumers in China slowed down due to the Japanese nuclear sewage discharged into the sea, and the sales in China decreased by about 10% in the third quarter. The company believes that the impact of nuclear sewage discharge will last until the first quarter of 2024. As of the first half of this year, the China market was Shiseido’s largest market.

Shiseido’s situation is just a microcosm of the cold reception of Japanese beauty brands. Judging from the performance of the third quarterly report this year, the performance of Japanese cosmetics on behalf of enterprises is lacking. In contrast, domestic cosmetics brands gradually occupy the mainstream in China market.

Why do Japanese cosmetics brands gradually regress in China market? At present, Kose Group and other Japanese cosmetics brands are still overweight the China market. What are the future development prospects?

Japanese beauty cosmetics encounter waterloo in China

For many Japanese beauty brands, this year’s Double Eleven may be a stress test. But obviously, the result is not satisfactory.

Judging from the achievements of the Double Eleven, Japanese beauty cosmetics not only failed to rank among the top ten beauty shops in Amoy Department, but also lost the list of the top ten brands of GMV in the category of double eleven beauty and skin care in Tik Tok this year. Poor performance in China market has directly affected the performance of many Japanese beauty companies.

Japan’s Shiseido Group released its financial report for the first three quarters of 2023. The financial report shows that its net sales decreased by 5.3% year-on-year to 722.4 billion yen (about RMB 34.752 billion), and its core operating profit decreased by 53% to 8.8 billion yen. Among them, Shiseido’s sales in China decreased by 9% this quarter, which directly offset the growth in the first half of the year. In the same period, China market also retreated to Shiseido’s second largest market. The same situation also appeared in Kao, Polaroid, Kose and other Japanese cosmetics companies.

Kao Group, the parent company of Kerun and Fulifang Silk, released its third-quarter financial report. The company’s net sales decreased by 0.2% year-on-year to 1.13 trillion yen, and its net profit decreased by 44.2% year-on-year. In the third quarter, which was most affected by the nuclear sewage incident, sales fell by 1.6% to 387.4 billion yen. Kao said in the financial report that the group’s cosmetics business lost 1.6 billion yen mainly due to the sharp decline in sales in China. Coincidentally, POLA Polaroid Group also named in its third-quarter financial report that it had to slow down its store expansion plan in China due to the impact of Japanese nuclear sewage discharge into the sea.

Since August this year, due to the nuclear sewage discharge incident, the sales of Japanese cosmetics in China and South Korea have been greatly hindered, which can be described as the "black swan" incident of Japanese cosmetics.

Chen Li, a researcher at Anbang think tank, told 21st century business herald that Japanese cosmetics suffered a brand crisis after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant announced that it would discharge sewage. Consumers in China thought that Japanese chemical products would be affected by nuclear sewage, labeled them as "unsafe" and turned to other substitutes. Whether the quality of Japanese cosmetics will be affected by this incident or not, the action of discharging nuclear sewage has caused negative feelings of China consumers about "Made in Japan", which is a big blow to the Japanese beauty industry.

In addition, Chen Li also believes that Japanese beauty products are cold in China, largely because consumers are increasingly inclined to choose domestic brands.

Since the news that Japan’s nuclear sewage was discharged into the sea came out, online discussions about the safety of Japanese cosmetics have come and gone, which directly affected the export of Japanese cosmetics. According to the data of the General Administration of Customs, since May this year, China’s cosmetics imported from Japan began to show a significant decline. Among them, the import value in June decreased by 8.4% year-on-year; In July, the import value dropped by 30% year-on-year.

Chen Li said that from the product point of view, although Japanese cosmetics brands have always paid attention to R&D, in recent years, domestic brands have also made major breakthroughs in product R&D, which is more cost-effective, more in line with the habits of consumers in China, and has reduced the attractiveness of Japanese cosmetics to the China market to some extent. From the brand point of view, the international influence of Japanese cosmetics is not as good as that of European and American brands. Domestic brands are also expanding their influence with the trend of "cultural self-confidence" and "national rejuvenation", so the brand power of Japanese cosmetics is squeezed.

According to the report of the Capital Securities Industry, China Customs data show that China’s cosmetics imports mainly come from Japan, South Korea, France, Britain, the United States and other places. From 2015 to 2022, China’s total cosmetics imports from Japan increased from US$ 488 million to US$ 4.987 billion, an increase of over 10 times. However, since the beginning of this year, the total amount of imported cosmetics in China has shown a downward trend. The total amount of imported cosmetics from Japan has continued to decline since March, and the total amount of imported cosmetics from Japan in the first quarter fell by 11.73% year-on-year.

Domestic head brands accelerate to occupy the market.

At present, the domestic cosmetics market has ushered in a new round of reshuffle. The most striking difference is that the phenomenon that foreign cosmetic brands dominate the China market is gone forever.

According to Huajing Industrial Research Institute, the market share of China cosmetics market in 2021 will be 28.8%, 16.2%, 30.1%, 8.3% and 4.3% for China, French, Korean and Japanese brands respectively. At a time when many Japanese cosmetics brands are in decline, the rise of domestic brands has become a bright color. According to the data of beauty industry media, in this year’s Double Eleven list, domestic brand Polaiya won the first place in the list of Tmall and Tik Tok double 11 skin care brands. Among them, in the list of Tmall double 11 skin care brands, Polaiya beat L ‘Oreal with a GMV of 2.219 billion yuan.

Chen Li said, "China’s economy continues to recover, consumers are more rational, pay more attention to the cost performance of products, and pursue products with favorable prices while ensuring quality." In addition, Chen Li believes that consumers show enthusiastic concern about the ingredients of products and whether the ingredients of products are safe or not, while domestic cosmeceutical brands start with "biological ingredients and" herbal raw materials "and achieve a sudden emergence, further squeezing the Japanese cosmeceutical market.

Bai Wenxi also holds a similar view. He told reporters that the reasons for the rise of domestic brands may include the improvement of product quality and the effective marketing strategy.

Some analysts believe that in recent years, domestic skin care brands have paid more attention to the concepts of mild conditioning, natural no addition and no stimulation. Take Polaiya, a domestic brand, as an example. In order to meet the demand of whitening, it relies on the concept of "early C and late A" to force L ‘Oré al, Lancome, Estee Lauder and other big brands in sales. In this regard, Bai Wenxi believes that for beauty products, the focus of consumers’ attention now may include the quality, effect and safety of products, as well as the influence and reputation of brands. In this respect, the performance of Japanese beauty cosmetics lags behind other brands, because the popularity and recognition of its products in China market are relatively low, and its marketing strategy and product positioning may not meet the needs and preferences of China consumers. Chen Li also believes that Japan may not be as agile as domestic brands in capturing and responding to China’s hot trends.

In order to seize the China market, Japanese beauty cosmetics bet on high-end beauty consumption. Take Shiseido as an example. In 2021, Shiseido sold popular brands such as Secret Language of Water and Sibeiqi, and put more resources on high-end brands such as Shiseido, CPB and THE GINZA. At the same time, Shiseido focuses on the China market and increases investment in market production and R&D.. Recently, Shiseido also launched a small program of "Watching the United States and Japan", and cooperated with jnto, Hoshino Group, Japan Airlines and other institutions and companies to introduce Japanese tourism and cultural consultation and promote Japanese tourists’ consumption in.

Chen Li said that Shiseido should concentrate on its core business by reorganizing its business resources and reducing its mass brands. In the case of economic recovery, enterprises will give priority to reducing costs and increasing efficiency. This move is in line with the global beauty market as a whole to the "high-end" direction, and is also in line with the strategic layout direction of Japanese cosmetics brands such as Shiseido in China.

However, some analysts believe that the cold consumption of high-end beauty cosmetics in the past two years has become another factor affecting the performance of Japanese makeup brands. According to the data of Tencent Marketing Insight (TMI) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the domestic high-end beauty market has maintained a high growth rate of 20% in the past few years, and the growth rate reached 41.8% in 2021, but there was a slight correction of 2% in 2022.

Nevertheless, the interviewed experts still believe that the fast-growing high-end product track is the key strategy for Japanese beauty brands to increase their market share in China. However, in this field, Japanese makeup brands also encounter great challenges. In March this year, the Japanese cosmetics group POLA announced that it would shut down high-end brands Amplitude and ITRIM, and Shuizhiao H2O Company will also complete liquidation this year. This year, POLA Group will cut off three brands.

According to Euromonitor’s data, since 2017, the sales of high-end beauty cosmetics in the China market have maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 23%, and it is expected that it will completely surpass popular beauty cosmetics by 2025. This means that the competition for high-end market will become the "general battlefield" of the next head beauty enterprises, and it is also the key for enterprises to win the market initiative and voice in the next 10 years.

How can Japanese cosmetics, which have been overtaken step by step, regain the China market? Chen Li believes that "if Japanese beauty companies want to continue to pay attention to the China market, they should pay attention to the competition in the high-end product track, keep up with the demand of the consumer market in China, and create’ efficacy first’ big items according to the skin quality, aesthetics and psychological portraits of China consumers, and constantly expand the matrix of big items."

(21st century business herald)