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The performance version of Shanhai Gun will be unveiled at Chengdu Auto Show, and 2023 black bombs will be launched simultaneously.

  eightmoon25The Great Wall Gun Full Performance Family will land soon.2023Chengdu auto show. As the leading model of the full-performance family, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition, a large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck under Great Wall Gun, is the world’s first show, shining with the ultimate product strength of "bigger, stronger and more luxurious". Personalized co-creation of vehicle crown sales-2023Black bomb, synchronous rejuvenation listed.

  Besides,2023Cross-country gun-50Full-performance products such as 10,000 commemorative editions and single-row firebombs will also make a strong debut, and help the brand to move up with the innovative strength of high-value pickup trucks.

  Shanhai Gun Performance Edition locates a large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck, which is a brand of Great Wall Gun.2.0Time is another masterpiece of leisure products, with three hard-core strengths of "bigger, stronger and more luxurious". The performance version of Shanhai Gun has a larger vehicle size and the widest in its class. It is a real wide-body pickup truck to improve the comfort of driving space. pick up3.0T
V6+9ATPower combination, equipped with Borg Warner4A+MLOCKIntelligent four-wheel drive system,K-MANNitrogen shock absorption,12500poundT-MAXHard-core off-road equipment such as front and rear winches meet the off-road needs of high-end outdoor players; With an ultra-luxury smart cockpit,NVHExcellent performance, equipped withL2+High-level intelligent driving assistance system brings users the ultimate car experience of enjoying outdoor and vertical and horizontal worlds.

  Coming soon2023This black bomb was jointly created by Great Wall Gun and Yunliang off-road. On the basis of continuing high value and high performance, the new car has comprehensively upgraded its power performance, intelligent safety configuration and interior design. The original factory is equipped with fever-grade off-road equipment, which has become a favorite "wilderness weapon" for off-road enthusiasts.

  The legend of pickup truck began with the Great Wall.eightmoon18The fourth anniversary of the Great Wall Gun brand, ushered in the first50Ten thousand vehicles rolled off the assembly line, becoming the first breakthrough.50China high-end pickup truck brand. from0arrive50Ten thousand units is a new achievement of China pickup truck initiated by Great Wall Gun, a result of globalization, and another milestone achievement created by Great Wall Gun and global users, which accelerates market expansion and opens a new chapter of global intelligent luxury pickup truck.

  In the past four years, the Great Wall Gun has continued to exert its efforts to take advantage of two major categories: leisure and fashion business, leading the innovation of pickup truck categories, the development of pickup truck culture and the co-creation of users. At present, the Great Wall pickup truck has been continuous.25The annual sales volume is the first, and the global cumulative sales volume breaks through.245Wan. this year1-7The domestic terminal market share of the Great Wall pickup truck in June is close.50%For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one is the Great Wall. The great wall gun has been accumulated35Last month, the sales volume exceeded 10,000, and it was the champion of pickup truck sales.

  It is believed that under the blessing of the hardcore strength of the all-round family of Great Wall Gun, Great Wall Gun will continue to lead the value of pickup trucks in China to jump upwards, and make China pickup trucks popular all over the world.


For the first time, female generals were arranged to be read in the trekking team. Cai Zhijun responded to the number of senior commanders.

       CCTV News:The press center celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China (PRC) held the first special group interview in the press room on the second floor of the Media Center. Major General Cai Zhijun, deputy director of the Military Parade Leading Group Office and deputy director of the Operations Bureau of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission, Major General Tan Min, executive deputy director of the Military Parade Joint Command Office and deputy chief of staff of the Central Theater of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and Senior Colonel Wu Qian, director of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense and spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, were invited to introduce the arrangements for the military parade and answer questions from reporters.

       Central TV reporter:As mentioned just now, the number of senior commanders who have been read in this military parade arrangement exceeds that in previous military parades. My question is, what is the consideration for this arrangement and design? Thank you.


       Cai Zhijun:Thank you for your question. No matter in wartime or peacetime, senior commanders of the army are always the key to rallying troops, directing troops’ actions and leading troops’ construction, and are always the backbone that our party attaches great importance to training experience and entrusts with heavy responsibilities. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, especially after the Gutian Army Political Work Conference, the people’s army has regrouped and started again, and its overall appearance has taken on a new look. The ability, quality and style image of senior commanders have been greatly improved, which has played a very important role in implementing the goal of strengthening the army and promoting preparations for war.

       The senior commanders who arranged more military parades were read, and they focused on establishing a clear orientation of leading troops to fight and striving for victory, showing a good image of taking the lead and being above the rate, and declaring a high degree of consciousness of absolutely listening to the party’s command and courageously taking responsibility. As Major General Tan Min said just now, senior generals in their 60s are trained and read together with young officers and men. It is worth mentioning that the female soldier team arranged for two female generals to be the team leaders and appeared in the parade ground in a cool and heroic manner. This is also the first time that all previous military parades have arranged for female generals to be read in the trekking team. Thank you.


Issue 121: Didn’t you have breakfast at work? Eating snacks is also healthy.

Nowadays, urban congestion is serious, air pollution is getting worse and worse, coupled with staying up late, working overtime and frequent socializing, children living in cities are beginning to have a serious crisis and become high-risk groups of obesity, fatty liver and hyperlipidemia, and they are getting younger and younger. Young people in their thirties are suffering from these diseases everywhere.

As teachers, we have been thinking about how to solve this problem. From the perspective of dietary structure, we find a very serious phenomenon, that is, the "unbalanced proportion of three meals a day" of office workers. Today, less than the teacher, I will discuss with you how to balance nutrition for office workers’ three meals a day.

First, breakfast

Taking Beijing as an example, in the face of traffic jams and long-distance troubles, office workers rarely cook their own breakfast, but most of them buy it at street breakfast shops. The ingredients are mostly convenient and fast, and nutrition collocation is rarely considered. Most people hold an attitude of "eating" even "eating a good morning", and a large number of office workers do not eat breakfast in the morning. As a result, the most important meal of the day is "made do" in this way.

Second, lunch

Most office workers choose take-out or fast food for lunch, and the ingredients are generally rice and meat. Even if there are plants, they are basically high-calorie cooking foods such as oil eggplant, fried beans and shredded potatoes. Moreover, because breakfast is not eaten well, the amount of lunch will increase, and the calories will increase inadvertently. After eating a lot of lunch, under the thermal effect of food, people will feel seriously sleepy after meals, which not only affects efficiency, but also does great harm to health.

Third, dinner

I finally got off work. After enduring a long traffic jam, you got home very late. For office workers, this is the most relaxing time of the day. When we thought of cooking two "decent dishes", we unconsciously got close to you with high heat. After dinner, tired and not exercising, falling asleep with a feeling of fullness has become an important hidden danger of obesity.

Having said that, how to solve the nutritional balance problem of office workers? Less than the teacher to give you a few tricks.

First, choose several foods to take to work in the morning.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, kiwis, apples, carrots, pomelos, pears, pineapples and other fruits and vegetables are all good choices. You can take one or two kinds every morning and eat them between 10: 30 and 11: 00 in the morning. Pay attention to changing varieties frequently.

Second, buy some healthy snacks and put them on the table

In the drawer of your desk, you can put some snacks such as nuts, jujubes, yogurt, air-dried beef, milk, etc., eat some properly when you are hungry, or mix them with the fruits and vegetables above for 1 hour before lunch (before work).

Third, choose a good lunch and eat slowly.

There are many choices for lunch around the office, but the ones that are applauded are basically meat covered rice, etc. If you want to eat healthily, don’t choose meat lunch, and don’t choose high-calorie cooking such as eggplant and shredded potatoes. You can choose some fungi, leafy vegetables and aquatic products. In addition to food choices, you should also pay attention to the speed of eating. You should keep telling yourself to slow down and slow down again. Don’t underestimate slowness, but it has a great effect on health.

Fourth, dinner should be simple and exercise more every day.

Dinner should be simple. Drinking some soup, eating some, steamed fish and boiled shrimp are all good choices. In view of the fact that office workers have little exercise, it is suggested that you can go to the gym for moderate exercise after work, which will not only make your muscles more elastic, but also relieve your work pressure and give you a good one.[Review of past highlights]

The author introduces:Yu Liang, self-media nutritionist, columnist of Health Channel "Less than Nutrition Knowledge Hall", member of Beijing Nutritionist Association, top ten national gold medal nutrition lecturer, member of Baidu Encyclopedia Academic Committee, and special guest of many domestic mainstream media such as CCTV.

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You can’t wipe the tears of history.

(Kangxi’s biological mother, empress Xiao Kangzhang, Tong Jiashi)

When Emperor Kangxi was a child, life was very bad.

When his mother Tong Jiashi gave birth to him, she was just an ordinary princess, and her status was quite low. Even if her status was low, she was not very popular at ordinary times.

Kangxi’s father is Shunzhi.

As the whole world knows, brother Shunzhi was a favorite of Dong Hubei Princess, and later Dong Hubei Princess died. That Shunzhi was uncomfortable, and it was not fragrant to eat or sweet to sleep. He was in a trance all day, Lacrimosa.

Moreover, we know that during these years when Shunzhi became emperor, his uncle Dourgen was in charge for the first half of the time, and then Dourgen died in a traffic accident. In the second half, he was bound by his mother, Empress Xiao Zhuang. The emperor was depressed politically in his career, and finally he was accompanied by such a confidante as Dong E Fei. As a result, Dong E Fei also died. Shunzhi really couldn’t stand it, and once wanted to.

To sum up, we can draw a conclusion that the emperor shunzhi has been in a huge psychological crisis during his short imperial career.

He can’t even control himself, and he can’t take good care of himself, let alone how much care he has for a son born to an ordinary princess.

Moreover, the child suffered from smallpox shortly after birth.

Smallpox is a severe infectious disease, which is very old. It appeared about 4,000 years ago. It has a rapid onset and strong symptoms, and it is contagious, and the mortality rate is even higher.

According to some data, smallpox was rampant in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and other places. In Europe in the 18th century, 400,000 people died of smallpox every year. In the past 1000 years, the number of people who died of smallpox in the world accounted for one tenth of the world’s total population.

In 1980, the World Health Organization announced that smallpox virus had been eliminated, but the problem is that although smallpox virus has disappeared, people have not yet found a specific drug for this disease.

Therefore, smallpox is still an incurable disease for human beings, and it can only be prevented by vaccination.

(The wax figure of Emperor Shunzhi in the Summer Resort)

Modern medicine has not completely conquered this virus, not to mention ancient times, and even the emperor shunzhi later died of smallpox virus.

Adults can’t resist smallpox, not to mention Kangxi, who was still in infancy.

Generally speaking, when the prince is suffering from such a serious disease, the father must be in a hurry, and more importantly, he must be concerned and cared for. But in fact, as soon as Kangxi was diagnosed, he was immediately taken out of the Forbidden City with arms and legs and sent to the palace for raising.

To put it mildly is to raise, but to put it mildly is to abandon Kangxi’s children.

Since you have smallpox, it is tantamount to a critically ill notice, so don’t worry about whether you are a prince or a prince, you can only live and die, and you are rich in the sky.

Between life and death, it is so cruel.

People will cheer for the birth of Kangxi, but people will not make more efforts for Kangxi infected with smallpox.

Generally speaking, such a small child must have died of smallpox, but it seems to be God’s help. Apart from leaving some spots on his face, Kangxi did not have any serious problems and miraculously recovered.

Everything is often lost in the east corner, and everything is harvested. After Kangxi recovered from smallpox, he gained permanent immunity to this terrible virus, and this factor became a key point for Kangxi to become an emperor in the future.

Shunzhi did not have a crown prince before his death, because he was only twenty-four years old when he died. No one thought that the first emperor after the Qing army entered the customs should die so young.

On his deathbed, Shunzhi consulted a missionary named Tang Ruowang on the question of who to pass the throne to.

(Tang Ruowang)

This Tang Ruowang, a German, came to China when he was in the Ming Dynasty. After the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, he has been serving in the imperial court, and his relationship with Shunzhi is quite good. They are both teachers and friends, and they have deep feelings. In Tang Ruowang’s view, smallpox is rampant, and there is a danger for everyone. In this case, the first factor to inherit the throne is no longer whether Chu Jun is wise or not, but whether he has fresh vitality.

Shunzhi is about to die of smallpox, so the new owner of this empire in the future must not die of this terrible disease, so Kangxi was pushed out.

When Kangxi ascended the throne, he was only eight years old. At the age of eight, he lost his father. At the age of ten, he lost his mother.

When he was a child, he was kept outside the palace when he was able to enjoy himself. Now he is a little older and wants to find a father and mother, but his parents have already driven the crane to the west.

He didn’t feel much when his father died in Shunzhi, but when his mother Tong Jiashi was seriously ill, Kangxi was quite sad.

When he waited on his mother, he accompanied him before bed in the morning and evening, personally gave medicine, and stayed in his mother’s palace for several days, without even changing his clothes. For several days and nights, he was out of his eyes.

When Kangxi was ill, there were only a few little eunuchs waiting on him outside the palace. He didn’t get the care of his relatives even for a day. However, at this moment, he just wanted to give his mother unlimited care, just to keep her by his side.

However, mother still left.

For Kangxi, this was a great blow. He arranged a grand mourning hall for his mother, and he stayed awake all night, crying and wailing, and couldn’t get in all day.

(Portrait of Emperor Kangxi in his later years)

Later, when Kangxi recalled these years in his later years, he couldn’t help but leave such a sigh:

Parents’ knees, not a day trying.

However, Kangxi didn’t know that he would experience such pain again in the future.

When Kangxi was a child, his only impression of his relatives was his grandmother, Empress Xiao Zhuang.

As the wife of Emperor Taizong of Qing Dynasty, the mother of Emperor Shunzhi of Qing Dynasty and the grandmother of Emperor Kangxi, Xiao Zhuang’s life is legendary.

Because, Xiao Zhuang took two generations of kings, he began to reign as a child, so in the early years of Shunzhi, Xiao Zhuang had to pick up the outline to assist Shunzhi, and when Kangxi began to reign, she had to play the role of listening to politics.

Just like Lv Wu, just like Liu Chu, just like Feng Taihou in the Northern Wei Dynasty, Xiao Zhuang’s life was closely blended with the Qing Dynasty, and also projected with her son Shunzhi and grandson Kangxi.

To support the emperor, it will inevitably be contaminated with power. However, Empress Xiao Zhuang is not in power, especially for Kangxi, who has always shown a kind of broad-minded, loving and peaceful emotion.

At that time, she assisted Emperor Taizong to achieve great achievements, and even there was a story about her surrender to Hong Chengchou. However, at the last step of great achievements, Huang Taiji fell in front of Shanhaiguan.

Later, she raised her toddler son Shunzhi, but who expected that a white-haired man would end up sending a black-haired man.

Now, Xiao Zhuang devoted all his life’s efforts to his grandson Kangxi.

For Xiao Zhuang, Kangxi is a summary of her life memories, and for Kangxi, his grandfather Xiao Zhuang is one of the few close relatives in this world.

(Xiao Zhuang’s casual portrait in his later years)

Xiao Zhuang, who is full of political mind, pays attention to the cultivation of Emperor Kangxi since she was a child. She often holds Kangxi in her arms and tells him about the hardships of Emperor Taizong’s starting a business and keeping his job, and constantly urges Kangxi’s studies, royal laws and etiquette rules … It can be said that Xiao Zhuang directly or indirectly taught Kangxi how to be an emperor, how to develop his own personal habits and even his usual hobbies. The emperor will be influenced by Empress Xiao Zhuang.

Under such an experience, this pair of grandparents and grandchildren formed an extraordinary friendship.

When Kangxi was in his prime, he went out to fight. Every time he went to a place, he would write to the Empress Dowager to greet him. When he met the delicious local seasonal fruits and vegetables, he would immediately send them back to the palace to ask the Empress Dowager to taste them, so as to learn about the local customs and the emperor’s own experiences. He would even tell them in a letter and present them to the palace from time to time.

Emperor Kangxi once said: Without the grandmother, the Empress Dowager, it would never have been established today.

If there were no Empress Dowager (referring to Xiao Zhuang), there would be no me today, let alone the prosperity of the Qing Dynasty.

However, after three dynasties, the strange queen mother couldn’t survive the prime of Kangxi, and soon she died suddenly.

Everyone in this world is actually like this. Everyone you meet can only accompany you for a period of time, whether parents, brothers, lovers or friends. They can only accompany you for a while, and sooner or later they will be separated.

Kangxi likes reading history books and understanding culture. He understands a lot of truth, and standing in this position of the emperor, he can feel many feelings that ordinary people can’t taste.

However, philosophy is, after all, a superstructure. When you have nothing to do, reading it can be beneficial to your body and mind and exercise your brain. However, when illness comes, all knowledge seems to be useless to Kangxi.

After Xiao Zhuang’s death, Emperor Kangxi set up a spiritual shed outside the Queen Mother’s bedroom, and for many years, he stayed awake, forgot to sit on his shoes, and lay down without a seat, only to be persuaded by ministers to come out.

Since Xiao Zhuang’s death, the emperor can’t mention the deeds of the Empress Dowager, but whenever he does, he always bursts into tears. This yearning has affected the emperor’s body, making him dizzy all day and his health abnormal to some extent.

(Statue of Emperor Kangxi)

After a lifetime of chaos, his father, mother and grandmother finally left, and he finally became a real loner.

The yearning for my grandmother was so painful that it accompanied the emperor’s life.

It was recorded in A Record of Emperor Sheng Zuren of Qing Dynasty:

In the fifty-sixth year of Kangxi, Ding You’s birthday was celebrated in December … That is, it has been thirty years since the Empress Dowager visited the sky, and the emperor spoke to the courtiers the day before yesterday, crying like rain, and his grief was overwhelming.

The 56-year-old Kangxi experienced many vicissitudes. His face was haggard and his figure was rickety, but he still often dreamed that his grandmother, Empress Xiao Zhuang, was holding his hand in his dream, pacing slowly in the ancient and magnificent Imperial Palace Forbidden City, one step, two steps and three steps, just walking slowly, as if the road would never end.

Kangxi was born in the capital and grew up in the capital. He never went outside Shanhaiguan to feed horses or catch fish, but he knew that his grandmother had left a dashing posture on the Horqin grassland.

The moon sets and the stars are sparse and the sky is unclear, and the solitary lamp shines alone.

It’s hard to get together in a dream, but when I wake up, I’m full of tears.

That beautiful past has been a snap of fingers for thirty years.


The eight games with the highest scores this year are the first two faults. Which ones have you played?

This year is a very happy year for all players. Quite a few excellent games have been launched one after another this year, and their favorite games will be released almost every month. Even the founder of TGA lamented some time ago that this year is the biggest game year in the past 20 years. There are more than 20 games with 90 points or above, and each game can compete for the best level of the year 2 or 3 years ago. However, it is hard to get a nomination this year. The following eight games are the most popular and rated games this year, and the top two are ahead of all opponents. Let’s take a look at what you have played this year.

1. Mind killer 2

Average score of MC: 87.

Alan wake was a classic horror survival game in those days. The story tells that a writer named Allen Wake and his wife came to a town called Liangpu for a holiday, during which they encountered various paranormal, such as the disappearance of his wife, and embarked on a strange adventure to save his wife Allen. The name of the game was also named after the male host, and the excellent brain-burning plot and pictures and novel gameplay were well received at that time.

The production team of the game also produced some impressive works in the following years, such as Quantum Breaking, Control, etc. This year’s "killer 2 of Mind" is even more full of players’ expectations. Facts have proved that the sequel to this classic game 13 years ago did not disappoint the players. The game continues the first generation’s high-level narrative and environmental shaping, and the screen is completely the next generation’s level. After many years, players once again experienced the original satisfaction.

2. spider-man 2, Marvel Comics

Average score of MC: 90.

Insomnia group is a model worker in Sony’s first studio. From the first generation of Marvel Comics Spider-Man in 2018 to later Miles and this year’s Marvel Comics spider-man 2, three works with online quality have been produced in just five years. This efficient mode also makes Spider-Man fans enjoy it.

Compared with the first generation, the main story is excellent, and the branch lines and exploration parts are lacking. This time, Marvel Comics spider-man 2 can be said to have made a great improvement in the weaknesses of previous works. First of all, compared with the first generation’s high repetition and slightly perfunctory side tasks, the second generation’s side tasks are a lot of heart. Many tasks have independent plots and animation performances, which is equivalent to watching a short story after completion. Compared with the first generation, the exploration part has also increased a lot of content, and the patterns of spider silk swinging have also enriched a lot.

As for the main plot, not to mention, the performances of various big scenes bombard the players’ eyes from time to time in the game. Whether it is the plot party or the picture party, there are only two words: enjoyable.

3.street fighter 6

Average score of MC: 92.

Fighting games, as a game type with high difficulty in getting started and high learning cost, have always been relatively small, and many players have been dissuaded by its high threshold. Even the best-selling real-life quick-play series in fighting games, most players go for its plot and animation. As for the number of real people playing against it, it can be said that it is terrible compared with other types of games.

This time, "Street Fighter 6" has attracted many new players to a certain extent. First of all, it has joined the exploration gameplay for the first time. In fact, to put it bluntly, it is an RPG model with nurturing elements. Players can explore all parts of the world to complete tasks and get experience rewards and various equipment to enhance the strength of characters. For light players who are not good at fighting, the exploration mode can also let them better understand the world view and plot of Street Fighter. For the old players of fighting games, they can still enjoy the better pictures and animations of the new generation of street fighters.

4. Super Mario Brothers Surprise

Average score of MC: 92.

Although the Super Mario Odyssey of that year made many players who had never been exposed to Mario series know this 40-year-old IP, to say that the foundation of Nintendo is 2D Mario. Just over ten years after the previous generation of 2D Mario was working, at the end of the NS game console’s career, Super Mario Brothers Surprise came.

Personally, as a platform jumping game, I always stay away from 2D Mario. However, this time, the cancellation of time limit and the reduction of difficulty attracted me to into the pit. My personal feeling after the overall play is quite interesting. Every level seems to tell me how big Nintendo’s brain hole is. The unique surprise flower design is also my biggest motivation, because I just want to see what the next surprise flower can do for me.

Another highlight of the game is asynchronous online. Players can see other players who are playing at the same time while playing the level through online mode. They will not interfere with your actions, but after you die in the process of breaking through the barrier, you can turn into a soul state to find them to resurrect, and you can also look at the action routes of other players when looking for some hidden props. This kind of linkage that keeps a sense of distance can be said to be the most perfect online mode in my mind.

5. Resident Evil 4 remastered version

Average score of MC: 93.

The name of Resident Evil 4 must have been heard by even non-biochemical players. Whether it was the honor won in that year or the number of various versions reset over the years, it became a legend. Players can’t count the strange platforms on which they can play this game, but no matter what kind of reset, it can only be regarded as a small optimization, which can’t achieve the qualitative change effect.

This year’s Resident Evil 4 Remastered Edition is a real re-production of this classic game with modern technology. Excellent pictures, smooth optimization, more silky character movements and plot animation all make players unable to find fault. The plot comparison of the game was originally modified, and new play elements similar to the shooting range design in the remastered version were added. The Ada DLC that was subsequently launched further completed the plot of this work. It can be said that these two Biochemical 4 films of different times are legends of their own times.

6. Prime replica of Mitterrand

Average score of MC: 94.

Many players may be unfamiliar with the game Mitterrand, but I believe many players know it by another Chinese name, which is the Galaxy Warrior in the Galaxy Demon City type.

Galaxy Warrior has always been famous for its superb level design. This replica version not only retains the original excellent level design, but also enhances the image quality, and greatly improves the original clumsy operation feel, making it reach the operational level of truly modern FPS games. It also allows many players who are in contact with this game for the first time to better adapt to the gameplay, so as to experience this classic game that is still amazing even after 20 years.

7. The Gate of Bode 3

Average score of MC: 96.

Although this year’s masterpieces are piled up and all kinds of excellent games are crowded together, only two of them really stand out from this pile of masterpieces, and Bode Gate 3 is one of them. The average score of MC of 96 points also makes him stand in the highest position this year.

Speaking of the Bode Gate series, the last Bode Gate 2 was played by me when I was at school 20 years ago, so the decline of CRPG for many years led to the lack of a sequel to Bode Gate. Even when Larian, who had already produced Original Sin 2, took over the sequel of Bode Gate, many players said they were not optimistic.

However, this year’s full version of Bode Gate 3 gives everyone the best explanation. Excellent pictures and animation performances, massive content, interlocking plots and strategic battles together constitute this perfect fantasy world. It can easily devour hundreds of hours of game time of players unconsciously, and when I found this, I started a new day’s game while complaining that one day was wasted on the game. It can be said that the birth of Bode Gate 3 also shows that it is not that the current players don’t like CRPG, but that the previous ones were not fun enough.

8. Tears of the Kingdom of the legend of zelda

Average score of MC: 96.

Apart from Bode Gate 3, another outstanding game this year is Tears of the Kingdom of the legend of zelda. As a sequel to the Wilderness Breath that swept all the awards that year, many players once thought that the Tears of the Kingdom might not make much breakthrough before the release. After all, the previous work was too excellent. The Tears of the Kingdom tells the players with actual quality that the Zelda series has not stood still, but has gone further.

Compared with the breath of the wilderness, Tears of the Kingdom has added a new construction method, which is not only independent of the construction mode outside the game, but can really interact with all the elements in the whole world. In addition, Wang tears abandoned the four abilities of the previous game and adopted four brand-new abilities, which made the gameplay fundamentally different from the previous game. It can be said that there is no height between the tears of the kingdom and the breath of the wilderness. They are two parallel ways of playing in the same world, but they are both excellent enough.

In fact, this year’s excellent games are far more than the above eight models, and there are many excellent games such as the legacy of Hogwarts, the remake of dead space, Traveler 2, Pinocchio’s lies and so on. In previous years, they all had the qualification to participate in the competition for the best of the year. However, in this year’s situation, they may not even be nominated. This unprecedented game event is also a happy worry for players this year. Even if you try your best to play in your spare time, you will find that most games are too late to play. So, players, how many games have you played this year? Who is your best of the year?