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Funbox | Can the super women’s group makeup of plmm in the creation camp be done for tens of dollars?

  Author: Sina original fashion

  From the beginning of the year to the summer, the draft style of the women’s team is getting hotter and hotter. Soon after the end of Youth with You 2, everyone started the mode of crazy pursuit of Creation Camp 2020 (hereinafter referred to as "Chuang 3"), and so many plmm are too feast for the eyes.

  Recently, the second ranking of Chuang3 has also been released. Xilina Yigao, Zheng Naixin and Chen Zhuoxuan are in the top three, followed by Akira, Zhang Yifan, Sally Liu and Wang Yijin. Come to Kangkang. Do you have your sister pick?

  The editor found that Chuang 3′ s sisters not only lost their beauty, but also had a better sense of sweetness. They may be impressed by their beautiful creation of the castle, and always feel that they are all small public works.

The legendary Chuang 3 Castle

  For example, the powerful and lovely Xilina Yigao inherits the advantages of Xinjiang’s mother in her dancing skills and face value. She is not a female group face in the public sense, but she is very beautiful and cool and sweet.

Curley Gao

  Beautiful girl hair bands are always so beautiful!

Xi Lin na yi Gao hair band

  Nene Zheng Naixin, a Thai Britney Spears, also left a deep impression on everyone. Her Chinese, which is not fluent but she is trying to express, is so sweet.


  Nene on the stage is also full of vigor and vitality. My sister’s makeup is also a sweet girlish style, jelly makeup with butterfly hair accessories, a proper little cute one, the kind that I can’t bear to vote for her!


  Akira is also an all-around player with both strength and face value, mainly because her short hair is cool and rustling, so charming!


  Xu Yiyang, a fresh fairy, looks delicate, has a sweet makeup, and her temperament is the standard of the women’s team.

Xu Yiyang

  There is also Wang Yijin, who combines beauty, temperament and field control strength. The private photos are also so beautiful.

Wang Yijin's private photo of Weibo

  After ripping off so many pictures of my third sister, the editor found that the three essential makeup methods for girls’ group makeup are: blingbling’s mermaid eye shadow, pink blush and misty lip makeup. In fact, the makeup of women’s group style is not only suitable for the stage, but also suitable for transforming into daily girl makeup. The bright and fresh makeup is very suitable for summer, so don’t follow it quickly!

Wang Yijin

  Get Chuang 3 sister’s sweet makeup must first enrich her cosmetic bag, but it is the shopping season in 618. What should I do if I want to buy too many things and lose my wallet? Don’t worry, I recommend to you some super easy-to-use and affordable make-up good things, less than 100 yuan to get 3 women’s groups with the same paragraph.

  Never mermaid sequined eye shadow-

  If you want to shine beautifully on the stage, you must create a blingbling mermaid eye makeup. Looking closely at Chuang San’s sister’s stage makeup, I found that they often use shiny elements around their eyes to make their eyes more shiny and charming. For example, Sun ZhenNi’s makeup, pearlescent eye shadow around the eyes and diamond sequins, shines under the stage lights, which is beautiful and moving.

Sun ZhenNi

  There is also Chen Zhuoxuan’s gold foil eye makeup, which is decorated with gold foil-like silver bright powder at the bottom of the eyes and turns into a mermaid princess in minutes.

Chen Zhuoxuan Chen Qing made Thailand meet.

  In daily life, plmm people also like to use slightly shiny eye shadow to brighten their colors. For example, Hillina’s high star eye shadow is smudged with pink and earth tone eye shadow first, and then embellished with big flash eye shadow, so that the eyes are like stars, and the crystal clear makeup feeling is good.

Xi Lin na yi

  In addition to glitter and sequins around the eyes, the shiny pearlescent lying silkworm is also a favorite of my sisters. The main tone of eye shadow is matte and soft, and only some pearlescent eye shadow is used to brighten the lying silkworm, creating a delicate makeup feeling and super charming.


  Editor’s recommendation:

  3CE Sanxi Yuchuchu Stars Bright Pearl #DOUBLE NOTE

3CE Sanxi Yuchuchu Stars Bright Pearl #DOUBLE NOTE

  RMB105/4.5g (online shopping price)

  Get the same women’s group flash, the elastic soft brush head is applied accurately, the makeup is moisturized, and the eyes are gently cared.

  Orange seven-color fun combination plate #11 starlight coral plate

Orange seven-color fun combination plate #11 starlight coral plate

  RMB69.8/8.5g (online shopping price)

  A plate of eye shadow, blush, highlight, repair capacity, versatile and friendly colors, easy to create charming makeup.

  Kazilan soft fantasy star yarn ten-color eye shadow tray #06 other shore sweet cherry (limited color)

Kazilan soft fantasy star yarn ten-color eye shadow tray #06 other shore sweet cherry (limited color)

  RMB79 (online shopping price)

  Bright star purple, reflecting the tenderness of cherry blossoms, four textures, mineral powder, smooth and smudged.

  Sweet peach powder blush-

  The second biggest makeup method for girls’ group is the explosive pink blush, which doesn’t need to be too thick. As long as it is lightly smudged on the cheeks or at the moment, the sweetness can be greatly improved, and it is also a must for stage makeup!

Xu Yiyang

  You can choose a pink blush that is similar to the skin color, and hit it in a large area from the cheekbone to the edge of the cheek to create a natural sense of shyness when you laugh. It is very sweet with the lip makeup of the same color.


  The orange blush is more suitable for younger sister whose skin is slightly darker than Huang Lue’s, and has more temperament on the basis of sweetness. However, nene’s orange blush in the picture below is really heavier, so it is ok to go on stage, and it is a daily necessity.


  What is more popular now is actually this kind of blush at the moment by Hilina Yigao. The blushing position is between the eyes and the cheekbones. If you want to make the makeup feel natural, you can use the eye shadow of the same color to create a pink eye makeup, and then extend it to the present position and gently smudge the blush. In this way, the focus of makeup will move upward, and risorius’s position will look youthful and energetic, his eyes will be more agile, and his face will be small.

Curley Gao

  Editor’s recommendation:

  HEDONE Inner Play Two-color Blush #Rosy Latte Small Heartbreak

HEDONE Inner Play Two-color Blush #Rosy Latte Small Heartbreak

  RMB89 (online shopping price)

  Small emotions on the cheeks, inner drama that can’t be hidden, Q-bomb powder ball that fingers can bully, transparent and zero powder feeling, super-lasting obedience, and two-color powder ball.

  ETUDE HOUSE Edie House Sweet Cookie Rouge #OR202 Sweet Coral Sugar Color

ETUDE HOUSE Edie House Sweet Cookie Rouge #OR202 Sweet Coral Sugar Color

  RMB68 (online shopping price)

  The delicate powder cake is soft and tender, not easy to float makeup, and the color holding effect is excellent. Pop, puff and pat two or three times, and the sweet girlish makeup full of fresh vitality can be completed.

  CANMAKE flowery rouge #04 strawberry hibiscus color

CANMAKE flowery rouge #04 strawberry hibiscus color

  RMB98 (online shopping price)

  The powder is smooth and durable, creating a natural and shining moving blush.

  Girlcult Emotional Blush Series # Spoil-Dry Rose

Girlcult Emotional Blush Series # Spoil Dry Rose

  RMB59 (online shopping price)

  Soft waxy silky, hemp potato texture, containing fine gold flash, fine luster primordial muscles. Add avocado, calendula and nut seed oil to relieve dry skin.

  Soft and foggy cherry lips-

  Finally, let’s take a look at the lip makeup of the younger sister of the women’s group: misty lips. Compared with the watery glass lips, foggy lips are rich, full, light and silky, and look more advanced and retro. They can not only hold the strong light of the stage, but also add texture to daily makeup, which is sweet and sexy, and very unique.

Sun ZhenNi

  If you want to talk about foggy lips, you still prefer positive red, retro and atmospheric, showing white and showing advanced.

Curley Gao

  This summer’s popular cherry juice color is also very suitable for creating a velvet-textured matte lip, which is white and bright. Even if the makeup of other parts is weakened, it will look good, and light makeup is a must.

Sally Liu

  Editor’s recommendation:

  PERFECT DIARY Perfect Diary to Perfect Soft Color Velvet Lip Glaze Mini Set 4 Pack Velvet Lip Glaze

PERFECT DIARY Perfect Diary to Perfect Soft Color Velvet Lip Glaze Mini Set 4 Pack Velvet Lip Glaze

  RMB99.9/1.5g*4 (online shopping price)

  4 sets of best-selling color numbers, high-definition velvet and foggy lips, rich color, smooth texture, and unyielding obedience, as gorgeous and comfortable as velvet dresses.

  Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin Hua Kiss Velvet Ink Print Lip Glaze #13 Crimson Sunset Rose

Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin Hua Kiss Velvet Ink Print Lip Glaze #13 Crimson Sunset Rose

  4g/RMB85 (online shopping price)

  Charming matte makeup, rich and moist when applied, presents matte texture after application, which keeps the lips full of color when just applied for a long time and is not easy to faint makeup.

  Hua Xi zi Hua Wu fan dish lipstick

Hua Xi zi Hua Wu fan dish lipstick

  RMB89 (online shopping price)

  The lip color is rich, the lip feeling is light and thin, the upper lip is silky, the lips are nourished by flowers, and the matte and silky feelings are taken into account, which is not only elegant in temperament, but also comfortable in lip feeling.

  After learning about dry goods and good things, let’s get the same summer girl makeup for the women’s group!


The "Hot Search" roadshow in Xi ‘an was praised by the audience as "the sense of reality hits the soul directly"

1905 movie network news The film directed by, starring, and starring is being shown. The film was released for six days, with a cumulative box office of 53.95 million, with 9.2 points for Cat’s Eye Platform and 9.3 points for Taobao Film Platform. Yesterday, "Hot Search" opened the second round of national roadshow of "Sound All the Way" and came to Xi ‘an. Director Xin Yukun and actor Song Yang came to the roadshow to communicate with the audience after the show. The director said that Xi ‘an is the place where his movie dream started, and this time he came back here to have a kind of "feeling of going home with a movie".

"After watching the movie, my heart rate soared to 130", "I was very worried by the weakness of reality" and "I was moved by the power of women’s mutual help" …… After watching the movie, the audience praised the movie and said that it was "a direct stab at people’s hearts". Han Xiaojiu, a media practitioner, shared his experience of receiving malicious comments at the scene and said that he felt "empathy" after watching the movie. There are also audiences who sent their own wooden seals to the main creator, saying that "the film is very good and I want to engrave it in my heart". The director said frankly: "I hope to tell you the complexity behind public opinion through a movie, so that when you return to life and become a part of the network, you can look at these problems more rationally."

The realistic topic resonates "moved by women’s mutual help"

The audience praised the film: it presented the dilemma and strength of women.

The realistic topic in the film aroused the discussion of the audience. Some viewers said that "as a girl, she has special resonance with the events in the film" and encouraged girls to "bravely say no when encountering sexual harassment and take legal weapons to protect themselves". The director admits that he has paid attention to the injuries suffered by some underage women in recent years, and hopes to tell everyone through movies that "there are many different women’s dilemmas that need to be paid attention to in different classes of our society, and some women’s mutual help needs to be passed on."

At the scene of the road show, female entrepreneurs came to support the film, saying that "the film hits the soul directly". In Chen Miao’s body, "I was very moved to see that women in the new era are not afraid of power, are not instigated by interests, and speak for justice". The director said that Zhou Dongyu tried a "role with a sense of age and strong energy output" this time, and Chen Miao had the power of women. "She was not influenced by family of origin, and she worked hard to achieve her career. When she encountered problems, she had the special strength to help more vulnerable victims."

The public opinion confrontation is shocking, and the role contrast is surprising.

The audience praised the film and woke themselves up "to make a brave voice of justice"

In the movie, Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin launched a fierce public opinion game around the "industrial chain of choosing a concubine on campus" caused by a girl’s jumping off a building. The audience called "the bloody reality is shocking" and "the public opinion confrontation is very enjoyable again and again". Among them, He Yan, played by Song Yang, is hard to distinguish between good and evil in the film, and the audience lamented "being cheated by acting", saying that "it was a special surprise to see the reversal after shaking with anger". When it comes to He Yan’s role design, Song Yang said frankly, "We should put him in the social animal state of middle-aged crisis", and even sometimes the audience will "ignore He Yan’s existence", which is exactly what is needed to shape the role, so as to "hide the last gorgeous turn".

The film not only unveiled the back of public opinion, but also brought more rational thinking to the audience. Some viewers said that the movie woke me up, "let me rethink the current network reality and social phenomenon", and "make a brave voice of justice" when facing similar incidents. The director said frankly: "In this era, the Internet is all around us. In case of any injustice, online public opinion may help everyone." Song Yang also said: "It is not Chen Miao’s team that finally defeated Peng Yue, but countless everyone. Everyone stands together and a single spark can burn out."


Young people’s first AI mobile phone: one plus Ace 3V leads the popularization of mid-range mobile phone AI era.

On March 19th, Yijia Mobile announced that Zhou Hongyi, the founder and chairman of 360 Group, would appear at the conference of Yijia Ace 3V to witness the release of "Young People’s First AI Mobile Phone" and bring an AI-themed open class. One plus Ace 3V, as an AI popularizer, realizes full AI empowerment from the bottom of the system to the scene application, and improves daily performance, games and endurance experience in all aspects. In addition, one plus Ace 3V also fully popularized the flagship core AI capabilities, and launched a number of new AI functions in the world, realizing the leap of one plus Ace series from the popularization of flagship functions to leading the popularization of AI mobile phones.

Li Jie, president of Yijia China District, said: "AI is not exclusive to high-end mobile phones, but can popularize Pratt & Whitney. Everyone should enjoy the innovation and efficiency brought by AI equally. One plus Ace 3V not only fully popularized a series of flagship core AI capabilities for the first time, but also launched a number of new AI functions, bringing the most cutting-edge AI technology to everyone and bringing the AI experience of mid-range mobile phones into a new era. "

Fully popularize the AI capabilities of mobile phones, and strong performance is an indispensable foundation. One plus Ace 3V is the world’s first third-generation Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform, which not only inherits the core advantages of the third-generation Snapdragon 8 in terms of performance specifications, but also matches the third-generation Snapdragon 8 in terms of experience. Based on the flagship performance of the third generation Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform, One Plus Ace 3V is also equipped with an exclusive self-developed "Tidal Architecture" for the first time, which further drains the chip’s potential, achieves a balance between high performance and low power consumption, and achieves unprecedented performance in the mid-end market.

AI has further broken through the hardware shackles and achieved a longer battery life breakthrough with the same battery capacity. One plus Ace 3V has three key endurance weapons: the same benchmark 5500 mAh battery, which solves the endurance anxiety at the source; The ultra-low power consumption of the third generation Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform gives consideration to performance and battery life; The first introduction of AI battery life management technology combined with SUPERVOOC S power management chip makes global intelligent allocation of power resources. With the blessing of three sharp weapons, one plus Ace 3V can achieve a lasting use time of more than 1.86 days. One plus Ace 3V also has a smarter and faster blood-returning ability. On the basis of experiencing the best 100-watt flash charging scheme in the same gear, one plus Ace 3V can intelligently choose the most suitable charging strategy with the help of AI smart charging engine, while charging. It can also maintain efficient and fast charging. One plus Ace 3V completely solved the industry problem of flagship performance and long battery life, and challenged the mid-range battery life champion.

As the first AI mobile phone for young people, AI not only fully empowers performance, but also brings a number of scene experiences with Ace 3V, making Ace 3V the most reliable mentor and friend. Based on the AndesGPT, one plus Ace 3V is the first AI creativity artifact: the small cloth interviewer, which helps the younger generation to become a veteran of workplace interviews from Xiaobai; Xiaobu English teacher, real-life simulated foreign teacher, one-on-one oral sparring; Xiaobu paper assistant, comprehensively check and correct the paper, and fully stimulate your academic creation inspiration.

In addition, Ace 3V also popularized a number of flagship AI experiences to the mid-end market: the AI ? ? elimination function can easily complete the identification, elimination and natural filling of unnecessary elements in the picture; "Xiao Bu Q&A" turns into "Zhi Duo Xing" according to different life scenes, and AI generates social platform copywriting, travel planning and so on; Xiaobu comments, easily generate rich comments with one click, and instantly turn you into an Internet generalist.

One plus Ace 3V will be officially unveiled on March 21st. Based on the ultimate hardware performance and global AI capability, one plus Ace 3V not only challenges the "eight crowns" of mid-range mobile phones, but also popularizes AI, bringing unprecedented flagship product experience.


The outline of the long-term mechanism of the real estate market in the next city is gradually emerging.

  "Rent and sell the same rights" to the next city. On the 17th, Beijing issued the Notice on Accelerating the Development and Standardized Management of the Housing Rental Market in this Municipality (Draft for Comment). According to the notice, children of eligible tenants, including Beijing residents and non-Beijing residents, will enjoy compulsory education in their districts.

  In 2017, the real estate market in China ushered in a drastic change. Hot cities have stepped into the "five-limit" era with restrictions on purchases, loans, sales and businesses as the core, and the excessive rise in housing prices has been curbed. At the same time, with the expansion of the leasing market and the adjustment of land supply policies, the long-term mechanism of the property market has begun to break the ice and the outline is gradually emerging.

  Promote the "simultaneous purchase and rent" and land one after another.

  Beijing’s New Lease Policy released on the 17th pointed out that those who rent public rental houses and public houses directly under Beijing’s household registration can apply for registered permanent residence’s registration and relocation procedures according to the information registered on the housing rental supervision platform.

  For non-Beijingers, school-age children can receive compulsory education in the same district if they meet the conditions of continuous single lease and actual residence for more than 3 years, registration on the housing lease supervision platform, and legal and stable employment of one spouse in the district for more than 3 years.

  At the same time, a unified housing lease supervision platform and online trading platform will be established in the city. The leasing supervision platform will provide background data support for the online trading platform by linking the online trading platform, and the online trading platform will provide external services such as housing lease information release, online signing of housing lease contracts, housing lease registration and filing applications, transaction fund supervision, credit information inquiry of market entities, credit evaluation, etc.

  "In the past, both Beijing-born and non-Beijing-born people could only choose to receive compulsory education in their domicile or real estate. The new lease policy in Beijing is ‘ The same right to rent and sell ’ The best embodiment. " Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said.

  Beijing’s New Lease Policy also proposes that the people’s governments of all districts should strengthen the land security of rental housing according to the actual situation of each district, and increase the supply of rental housing by building rental housing on industrial parks and collective construction land according to the plan.

  At the end of 2016, the 14th meeting of the Central Leading Group for Finance and Economics emphasized that it is necessary to accurately grasp the residential property of housing, take meeting the housing needs of new citizens as the main starting point, take the establishment of a housing system with both rent and purchase as the main direction, take the market as the main direction to meet multi-level needs, take the government as the main source to provide basic protection, give priority to local areas, and take multiple measures, such as finance, taxation, land and market supervision, to form a long-term institutional arrangement, so that all people can live and live.

  In May this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development publicly solicited opinions on the Regulations on the Administration of Housing Leasing and Sales. In July, nine ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, issued the Notice on Accelerating the Development of Housing Leasing Market in Large and Medium-sized Cities with Net Population Inflow, and selected 12 cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Foshan and Zhaoqing, to carry out housing leasing pilot projects in the first batch.

  At present, in addition to Beijing, Guangzhou, Foshan, Wuhan, Shenyang, Shandong, Henan and other places have issued pilot programs to accelerate the development of the housing rental market. Take Wuhan as an example. At present, the city has chosen Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone and Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone as the pilot areas for housing leasing. The Wuhan Housing Security and Housing Management Bureau takes the lead in organizing relevant units, and according to factors such as enterprise operation scale, financial strength, operation ability and credit, no less than five state-owned enterprises, five private real estate development enterprises and ten housing leasing enterprises are selected as pilot enterprises for large-scale operation of housing leasing, so as to achieve the landing of housing leasing projects by the end of 2017, with 7,000 newly leased houses with an area of not less than 300,000 square meters.

  Adjustment of land supply mode has changed.

  From initial purchase restriction and loan restriction, to price restriction, sales restriction, and then to business restriction, the hot city property market has entered the era of "five restrictions". According to statistics from the Central Plains Real Estate Research Center, since the fourth quarter of 2016, there have been more than 60 large and medium-sized cities in China, and more than 160 binding real estate control policies have been introduced.

  In this context, the property market has turned from hot to stable, and the regulation policy has also shifted from restricting demand to increasing supply under the overall idea of "policy stability" and "checking for leaks and filling gaps".

  In Beijing, increasing the supply of land for 70-year-old residential property rental will provide nearly 20,000 suites. In Shanghai, two low-priced "rent only but not for sale" plots were launched, requiring the transferee to hold the leased housing property as a whole and continue to rent it out during the transfer period.

  The "Several Measures for Accelerating the Renovation of shantytowns (Draft for Comment)" issued by Shenzhen shows that Shenzhen will accelerate the promotion of "the implementation mode of shantytown renovation project led by the government+the implementation of state-owned enterprises+public housing" and support the construction of talent housing and affordable housing.

  The "Several Policies and Measures on Supporting Millions of College Students to Stay in China for Entrepreneurship and Employment" issued by Wuhan proposes to ensure the realization of the goal of "retaining 1 million college students in five years". It is understood that in the future, Wuhan will build apartments with talents of more than 500,000 square meters every year, and within five years, it will reach the total scale of apartments with talents meeting the rental needs of 200,000 people.

  "The land supply model has changed." Zhang Dawei predicts that the land supply in first-and second-tier cities will become more and more "price-limited+residential" in the future. Taking Beijing as an example, all residential land sold in 2017 will be price-limited or self-occupied. In this case, starting from the land supply, housing will be promoted to return to the residential property in an all-round way.

  In addition to increasing the supply of rental housing land, accelerating the entry of land into the market is also one of the policy directions. Previously, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Notice on Handling Pre-sale Permits for Commercial Housing Projects, and published a list of 389 in-transit projects, emphasizing that "13 million square meters of land has been acquired but not started, and 9.5 million square meters have been started but not entered the market". The in-transit commercial housing projects need to speed up the development progress and form a supply of commercial housing as soon as possible.

  Exploring the prototype of the long-term mechanism of the property market is gradually emerging.

  After two rounds of intensive regulation and control since September 30th last year, the real estate market in first-tier and hot-spot second-tier cities has entered a stage of "stable price decline", and the momentum of excessive price increase has been curbed. Mao Shengyong, spokesman of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that after this round of regulation and control, the current overheating situation of China’s real estate market has been cooled to a certain extent, and the overall operation is stable. The situation of excessive housing price increase in first-tier cities and hot-spot second-tier cities has been controlled, and the demand for speculative and investment housing has been greatly reduced; Real estate destocking in third-and fourth-tier cities has been effectively promoted.

  Mao Shengyong believes that in the later stage, we will increase regulation and control and pilot a long-term mechanism. He said that in the context of the pressure of rising housing prices in first-and second-tier cities and the high inventory in many third-and fourth-tier cities, especially county-level cities, it is time to strengthen the main responsibility of local governments and implement classified regulation according to local conditions. With all kinds of long-term mechanisms being tested and studied in various places and further expanded, the real estate market will usher in a more benign development in the future.

  "China’s real estate regulation and control ideas have moved from short-term to long-term." Kang Junliang, director of the Legal Department of China Real Estate Association, said that from the perspective of the real estate industry itself, a long-term mechanism is on the way. Including the nationwide networking of housing registration information and land registration information, the establishment of a sound and market-oriented housing rental system, the establishment of a classified and regulated land supply mechanism and land supply structure, and the real estate tax system under legislation.

  Kang Junliang said that information networking and real estate tax are basic systems. Through information networking, we can grasp the base and improve the pertinence and effectiveness of future policies. Real estate tax has a direct regulatory role in curbing excessive investment and speculation; Under the premise that the land supply and lease system will establish the dual-track system of market and security, the effective integration of housing market and housing security will be realized.

  Kang Junliang said that in the future, the long-term mechanism of the property market will be gradually improved and formed, and localities will conduct pilot projects according to their own conditions. For example, it is the general trend for the pilot of residential leasing to expand from the previous 12 pilot cities.


UFIDA and Xiamen National Accounting Institute deepen exchanges and seek common cooperation and win-win future.

  Ruixue paved the carpet to welcome the distinguished guests and talked about the wisdom of the new future. On December 18th, Mr. Ding Yougang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Xiamen National Accounting Institute, visited UFIDA Industrial Park, visited UFIDA Digital Intelligence Enterprise Experience Hall with great interest, and got an in-depth understanding of UFIDA’s innovative achievements and advanced technologies in the field of digital intelligence. We also conducted full and friendly communication on executive training and experiential teaching, and jointly discussed how to integrate the cutting-edge concept of digital intelligence into academic research and practical application of teaching.

  Wan Qiong, Deputy Director of the First Division of Educational Administration of Xiamen National Accounting Institute, Zhou Fang, Deputy Director of Finance and State-owned Assets Management Department of Jinan University, Du Yu, Senior Vice President, Huang Zhenfa, General Manager of Intelligent Accounting Division of UFIDA’s Large Enterprise Customer Group, Jia Daming, Vice President of Xindao Technology, Assistant President Qian Zhaoqiang, and Chen Tonglei, Deputy General Manager of UFIDA’s Government Education Promotion Division, participated in the exchange.

  Du Yu, Senior Vice President of UFIDA Network, warmly welcomed Dean Ding and his party to discuss cooperation opportunities in the era of digital intelligence. He said that in the new historical period, UFIDA is looking forward to deepening cooperation with Xiamen National Accounting Institute, making full use of professional resources, deeply promoting the industry changes brought by new digital and intelligent technologies, and providing more professional and cutting-edge training and support for financial personnel to help them better serve their enterprises and promote the process of digital transformation in the new era.

  Ding Yougang, vice president of Xiamen National Accounting Institute, pointed out that with a pragmatic attitude, UFIDA and Xiamen National Accounting Institute quickly landed the first training course for high-end managers of industrial and financial integration after the strategic signing. This training course has obtained highly satisfactory evaluation from the participants, laid a solid foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the two sides, and is regarded as a very successful start. It is hoped that both sides will continue to deepen their research and devote themselves to developing higher-end, comprehensive and in-depth training courses, so as to cultivate talents with more practical ability for financial management and inject more innovation into enterprise development.

  He emphasized that UFIDA and Xiamen Congress have joined hands to form a strong cooperation model of "famous enterprises+prestigious schools". In the era of digital intelligence, we will carry out in-depth research in areas of common interest and devote ourselves to doing something forward-looking, insightful and leading. Ding Yougang said that the goal of cooperation between the two parties is to create an ecological circle, which aims to benefit high-end financial talents, enterprises and society, and jointly promote the development of the accounting industry, which has far-reaching significance.

  Since the initial establishment of cooperative relationship in 2017, UFIDA and Xiamen National Accounting Institute have been adhering to the common concept of cultivating high-level financial talents and working together. In the fields of professional courses, professional exchanges and joint major activities, the two sides have continuously expanded cooperation, integrated the essence of production and research, and reflected practical knowledge from professional theory. The deep cooperation between the two sides not only resonated in concept, but also achieved remarkable results in practical actions. Up to now, the two sides have achieved some phased positive results in many aspects. Among them, on October 30th, 2023, UFIDA signed a new round of strategic cooperation agreement with Xiamen National Accounting Institute, aiming at jointly promoting education, research, practice and personnel training in the field of corporate accounting management in China. The signing of this strategic cooperation has laid a more solid foundation for the future in-depth cooperation between the two sides. On December 1, 2023, the two sides successfully held the first training course for high-end managers focusing on the integration of industry and finance. The training was held in the picturesque campus of Xiamen National Accounting Institute, attracting more than 100 managers from large enterprises. The training content includes not only cutting-edge theoretical study, but also leading practical study tour experience, providing students with a high-end academic feast. In the future, the two sides will continue to work closely together to launch more high-quality courses, jointly create a new chapter in the training of high-level financial talents, and contribute more to the development of accounting management in China enterprises.

  The two sides ended the exchange in a warm and friendly atmosphere and once again expressed their confidence in future cooperation: continue to give full play to their respective resource advantages, strengthen the training of high-end talents through multi-dimensional thematic training, create a joint venture between industry and learning, provide more experiential learning scenarios and training opportunities for accounting talents, and jointly promote the continuous advancement of financial management. This is not only an exchange between enterprises and academic circles, but also an active and effective exploration for both sides to actively respond to the development needs of the times and strive to build a blueprint for the future of financial intelligence. We look forward to achieving more remarkable results in future cooperation and jointly leading the new wave of digital intelligence finance.